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 Post subject: Zentraedi x100 P.S.?
Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2004 10:40 am

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I just recently picked up a, believe it or not, new copy of The Robotech RPG Book Three: Zentraedi in Winnipeg.

I have only recently gotten the itch to play the Robotech RPG. I think I need a change of scenery (campaign setting) and have been coming up with some cool or at least interesting Robotech ideas.

Anyway, moving to my question. In the rules it states that you multiply a Zentraedi's P.S. by 100. Sheesh, you have to be kidding me!?

Do any of you do this differently?

I was thinking about just giving them a supernatural P.S.

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Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2004 10:54 am


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the rules as stated are 100% correct... the Robotech RPG was written WAY before "Supernatural PS" was even thought of. Also, if you read the rules about Zent PS, you will realize that even then, they dont inflict much MD from a punch or kick.. not nearly as much as if you gave them Supernatural Strength.

Leave it the way it is, is my suggestion.. the Robotech rules are a much earlier, WAY more streamlined version of the Palladium system... dont screw it up by adding all that Rifts crap.


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Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2004 12:16 pm

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I have been working on a revision of the RPG for a decade, but had it sitting on the back burner in 2000-2003 due to time constraints from a job.

It's a variation on the Supernatural PS rules from the SDC & MDC games., and factors in some of the Macross II treatment of full-size Zent strength. Parts I didn't write myself are Palladium's of course. I've edited out references to human PS for brevity. Sorry about the table - I couldn't figure out how to do preformatted text (such as courier font) in this type of Message board. Copy it and paste it into a word processor, and change its font to Courier or Courier New, to read.

Different Applications of Physical Strength


Most Zentraedi are even stronger than extraordinary humans. Weak Zentraedi (P.S. 16 or less) are treated as exceptional humans (20 times their P.S.). Zentraedi with a P.S. of 18 or higher can carry 50 times their P.S. Thus, a Zentraedi with a P.S. of 24 can actually carry over half a ton, 1200 pounds!

Lifting weight is a little different than carrying weight. The simple rule is that a character can lift TWICE as much as he/she could carry.
a Zentraedi with the P.S. of 24 can lift over one ton (2400 lbs.).

Throwing Heavy Objects: A character can not throw more than he can carry.

Zentraedi characters can hurl their maximum carrying weight one foot (0.3 m) per P.S. point. So a Zentraedi with a P.S. of 24 can hurl an incredibly heavy object (up to 1200 pounds / 544 kg) a whopping 24 feet (7.3 m).

P.S. for Full-sized Zentraedi:

The base statistic is rolled as stated for the sex & rank variant in question. All the rules for Zentraedi stated above apply. However, due to the slightly different makeup of Zentraedi (due to their genetic engineering done by the Robotech Masters), they are capable of inflicting much more damage than a normal human. Also, when full-sized, their P.S. attribute is 10 TIMES the micronized attribute. While the strongest human born on Earth may be able to bend metal bars and lift great weights, he would not be able to punch through a metal door or tear through a brick wall. Zentraedi can do these and other incredible feats. Instead of simply adding the P.S. bonus to damage, Zentraedi use the damage table below to determine base hand to hand damage, and then add P.S. bonuses.

Zentraedi and hand weapons: When wielding a hand weapon, such as swords, clubs and knives, the Zentraedi rolls both for its base hand to hand damage and the weapon's damage. Example: A Zentraedi with a P.S. 24 is wielding a sword (1D8 damage). His base hand to hand damage is 3D6+9, so when using a sword he will roll 3D6+9 plus the 1D8 sword damage and add the results.
Optional Rule: Normal weapons may break when wielded by a Zentraedi making full use of his/her strength. A good rule of thumb is to assume a weapon is in danger of breaking whenever total damage inflicted exceeds three times the weapon's maximum base damage in the case of the 1D8 sword, more than 24 points of damage might break the sword. Every time that much damage is inflicted, there is a 01-30% chance that the weapon will break.

Consult the following table for Hand-to-Hand combat damage by P.S. for Zentraedi; add the P.S. damage bonuses to all these attacks. This table lists the the most common, base forms of attacks. If an attack form has a stated damage in it that differs from the human normal base, adjust the following numbers by a similar step. For example, a normal kick does 1D6 S.D.C. The Zentreadi character with P.S. 28 has a normal kick that inflicts 4D6. If the character gains a kick ability that would do 2D4 for a human, it would do 4D8 or 8D4 (GM's call) for the Zentraedi. A kick that does 1D10 (from some specialty Martial arts training) would do 1D4x10 S.D.C., etc.

Zentraedi Physical Attacks, by P.S. range.

Punches Kicks
P.S. Range | Res. | Normal | Power | Normal | Jump | Body Block or Flip/Throw
under 16 | 1D4 | 1D6 | 2D6 | 1D6 | 2D6* | 1D6
16 to 20 | 1D6 | 2D6 | 4D6 | 2D6 | 4D6 | 2D6
21 to 25 | 2D4 | 3D6 | 6D6 | 3D6 | 6D6 | 3D6
26 to 30 | 2D6 | 4D6 | 1D4x10 | 1D6 | 1D4x10 | 4D6
31 to 35 | 2D6 | 5D6 | 1D6x10 | 5D6 | 1D6x10 | 5D6
36 to 40 | 3D6 | 6D6 | 2D4x10 | 6D6 | 2D4x10 | 6D6
41 to 45 | 4D6 | 1D4x10 | 2D4x10 | 1D4x10 | 2D4x10 | 1D4x10
46 to 50 | 5D6 | 1D6x10 | 2D6x10 | 1D6x10 | 2D6x10 | 1D6x10
51 to 60 | 6D6 | 2D4x10 | 3D6x10 | 2D4x10 | 3D6x10 | 2D4x10

* Note this is an automatic critical strike against non-mecha, but takes all actions for the round. When not an automatic critical (such as a full-sized Zentreadi attacking mecha), it is not a critical strike, and takes only two actions.

Full-Sized Zentraedi Damage: When Full-Sized, Zentraedi attacks do Mega-Damage equal to the Dice above, but DO NOT get any bonuses to the dice roll, except when a skill says "adds +(x) to damage", in which case "x" is added to the damage. Attacks with Melee Weapons meant for such Zentraedi or human mecha add the weapon damage to the P.S.-based damage. Such weapons generally inflict 1 M.D. per S.D.C. point that their Micronian counterpart weapons normally inflict; for example, a Zentraedi-sized version of a sword that does 1D8 S.D.C. as a Micronian weapon will do 1D8 M.D. (plus the combat damage above).

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Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2004 12:39 pm


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This is interesting. Since I am not familiar with the Supernatural PS system from Rifts (and by the looks, it is kind of complicated for Robotech), I think this proposal is very useful.

Now, this also brings to mind damage inflicted by several mecha like Veritech, Gladiator and such...

In specific cases, with this table, a full sized Zentraedi can massacre any Mecha (the table proposed by Basara will explain how Breetai was able to tear apart Rick's veritech with his hands), but that mecha will only scratch the most puny Zentraedi. Besides, the veritech will be able to destroy a metal SDC door, but a metal MDC door? That veritech will not be able to "punch" his way through the door of a detention cell inside a Zentradi ship?

Does that make any sense? Is a similar table for Mecha needed?


Unread postPosted: Sat Jul 17, 2004 3:35 pm

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Robotic P.S. progresses slightly slower than Supernatural P.S., in terms of damage, but it would probably be simpler to use the same chart for both in Robotech (say, the chart above).

Now, if everyone here familiar with both Robotech (especially in TV terms) and Rifts would pitch in, we could try to figure out what P.S. Scores to assign to the various mecha. one would assume that since the mecha get smaller, but stay as tough, over time, the strength levels would stay about the same rough area despite reduction in size. The Actual "Damage" P.S. and "lift/Carry" P.S. can be different, but the first should be an even fraction of the second (example: how the full-sized Zentraedi have a lift/carry P.S. ten times their combat P.S. above)

Let's start with a list (Using Robotech name, not Macross/ name). Pick a few and discuss....

Super Logan
Guardian VTOL
Cyclones (have listings, IIRC, but may need revisited)

Raidar X:

Insurgence Battloid:
ASC Battloids*:
Micronian PA

REF Excaliber:
REF Gladiator:
REF Raidar X:
REF Spartan:

Recovery Pod

Invid - Scouts
Enforcer PA

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