The astrological implications of October 2023.

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The astrological implications of October 2023.

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October is the month of spooky, and this October has more than it's fair share of occurrences available to the scheming arcanist looking for a power boost. Nexus points all over the world are going to see a lot of activity.

First and foremost, we have All Hallows' Eve/All Saints' Day. This one-two combination may not have canon power in BtS, but it sure does culturally. These two holidays are dedicated to remembering the dead and departed:

Second up with have a Friday the 13th. While also lacking any canon power, Friday the 13th is almost as significant to pop culture as this season is to religious culture. One occurring in October, before Halloween, resonates even stronger.

Thirdly is October's hunter moon on 28 October. Full moons have no canon power in BtS, but they are regular astronomical occurrences. The hunter moon is not specifically special. But given it occurs three days before Halloween this year and two weeks after Friday the 13th, there has to be a use for it. ... er's_moons

Fourth up is a lunar eclipse 28 October. There's all sorts of canon power you can utilize here. It won't be visible in the US, but it sure will over Africa and Eurasia! You probably still have time to book tickets to the exotic locale for nefarious purposes. You kept your passport handy, right? ... ar_eclipse

Fifthly, the full moon is during the lunar eclipse. Come on! I don't need to spell that out for you, do I?!

And finally, there's a solar eclipse back on 14 October. This has even more oomph than the later lunar eclipse. This one is visible from the States, so you don't need that passport to track down a location for nefarious dealings.

Bonus round! There's a solar eclipse on 8 April 2024, too. Nothing special in-and-of itself; but its path crosses the path of the 28 October 2023 solar eclipse. In Texas. Need a repeat of that nefarious purpose? Here you go!
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Re: The astrological implications of October 2023.

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Cool! Those could all add to a spooky game. Thanks! :)
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