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I think we all have our own methods of how to change one's character classes, but I felt the need to share mine seeing how a character I have is changing from Ley Line Rifter to Necromancer.

Changing OCCs

Every once in a while, a character may want to change professions. Thus, new rules are created to allow for characters changing classes.

1) Characters can change classes at any time.
2) All OCC and OCC Related skills are frozen at the level the original class. Secondary Skills are NOT Frozen. All class specific special abilities (Ley Line Walker skills and powers, Operator’s special abilities, Psi-Druid special psychic abilities) are also frozen at the level they were stopped at.
3) Character class becomes a level 0 of the new class. EXP is -2000 X the number of new classes (changing to a third class means they have to earn 4000 EXP to become a level 1 of the new class, fourth class needs 6000 EXP, etc)
4) At level 0, spell casters gain 1D4 new spells based on the new spell caster class.
5) At level 0, psychics gain one specialized psychic ability or 2 new psychic abilities (Healer, Physical, Sensitive, super, or mind bleeder if applicable)
6) At level 0, new skilled classes (Men at arms or scholars or adventurers) gain 4 OCC Skills and/or special skills at BASE level. They do not gain OCC Bonuses until they become a level 1 character.
7) When a class becomes level 1, they gain all additions to ISP, PPE, and secondary skills levels (they do not GAIN additional skills, just the levels of current secondary skills) as if they just gained a new level (do not reroll new PPE or ISP).
8) The character does gain new skills from OCC Related at level 1, but can choose OCC Skills or unlock previously frozen skills instead of new related skills. They gain secondary skills at later levels based on new OCC.
9) Races can not be changed unless a Gene Splicer or Gene Tech get involved.

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