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this may be too powerful for your campaign
Ironic Justice.

Sentient "power" Sword(note when she described this the sword part is the part pronounced with Capital letters, she also pronounces the Quotes on Power), Note the sword thinks its amusing to be refer to as a Rune weapon, That's not a rune on it, its basically just art, she knows about Rune weapons, she just doesn't see herself as one. She will at most say(Privately)well there clearly Delusional but hey so am I! She also had odd views about "Magic" and other "Beings". She can communicate clearly with anyone she "belongs to" but anyone else....Well she does know 11 different languages beyond her own, (none of them the player characters if she ends up with(being Owned is slavery, but someones got to show a gall a swinging time) one of them she will learn their language in a few months) besides her own. besides that happened years ago. (to her a year is roughly 413(Her scale) or 437 (21st century earth) days long. and that happend (She thinks) 128 years 48 days(her time) ago.

Basically in other words, she thinks she's a "Breakthrough" that turned into a insanely powerful sword. According to her things like that basically just happen, and No she does not have any memory from before realising oh Im a sword that can do things, what was I before? oh probably a normal person. as far as shes concerned shes a sword, she's used by someone else to take down Criminals, (and the occasional bloody idiot, that's what she called them, because there often quite bloody when she takes them into custody) she has no idea who or what (or even where) she was before she "woke up".

Literally her first memory is waking up falling from a upright position in the middle of a gunfight between local police and a Jerk firing exploding balls and his crime gang. the police still don't know who she might have been just that at the end of the fight said she needed to get to a jail and a hospital because she had scum and victims in her!

In other words she's Nice about it but she treats them(other sentient rune weapons) as if they were somewhat delusional. and really how is anyone going to prove to her that they are anything besides another dilutional breakthrough?

"Her" name is as a word pun that can also mean
Attempted Valor. or,
Wild house. or,
And a kind of small(around .8-1.4 kg of usable flesh) fish that is tasty when deep fried.

Note this Fish dish is also what she "serves" from time to time (its basically deep fried white "Fish" something that resembles Dirty rice, but kind of reverse the colors on it, and a weird corn meal like brisket that is colored blue and green) Oddly this is a nutritionally complete and balance meal. Basically people have the same reaction to is as they would a serving of deep Fried fish Dirty rice and weird colored corn muffins. she also has other things she can serve, but you have to "dine in" unless your her owner. He gets it hot Fresh and Fast and when it wants it, The food that is, shes aware of the joke.

as for the rest,

Executioner's sword was what I used as the starting point, see SHADOVERSITY

3D6(+special)(Base damage)and 3D6 "Stun" damage/ Note if you don't want to hurt them you can just do "Stunning" Damage!

+ 1D6 (Pick one) fire, Ice, Silver, Holy, or sunlight(Resistance or immunity applies to the target, and she takes 1D4 hits to change to something else if you guess wrong) Double damage ONLY if Evil Aligned, a wanted criminal, or Excessively powerful supernatural, Triple if two apply, all three if all three apply. it takes 3 Melle actions to change.

+ Bonus damage from supernatural str, with a slight note, All MDC damage is automaticaly reduces to SDC damage against non MDC people, but not SDC structures.

Note damage includes stun damage, but stun damage is only semi temporary(Recovers 1 point per min AFTER the fight), also the stun damage applies to Equally to PPE ISP and Chi, but is a disruptive effect meaning the points are lost not absorbed by the blade,

Damage has a feedback effect on the Target and anyone "linked" to the target on impact

Any being "linked" to the target also takes 1D6 backlash damage per hit, (Ie Familiars, anyone under the effect of a charm or Geas, Vampire servants, Master Vampires or Vampire intelligences and so on) Also when Stun damage Exceeds the ME of the target every unwilling link gets a new save vs however the link was made, even Voluntary links. Note that this damage is regardless of alignment, although bonus damages to that damage does apply if the linked person is Supernatural, Link is only temporarily disrupted, and if voluntary can be reestablished a number of min after the target recovers, IF THEY SURVIVE, anyone who faints risks being tossed into the extrareality pocet.

Note also a "Death blow" will happen only AFTER the total of Base, (Basically the next non dodge action will be this( special and stun damage, Basically this is more or less an execution maneuver, anyone who is of good alignment, or "Neutral but not a Criminal, will find that they have been deliberately spared by the blow, but anyone Evil or a criminal will apparently have there head cut off. and then seemingly disappear. in fact anyone NOT used to the sword will think the target was beheaded.... and can Graphically describe what happened to the body and head, (both the ones who disappear and the ones who who are just stunned, Anyone used to the sword will see the person fall to the ground, and MAYBEE disappear or maybe just lay there with their head attached,

Not anyone who is Evil and or a criminal will find themselves seemingly in a circular gem like prison in individual cell, basically an extra dimensional pocket/prison. they can "See" out but the view is from the viewpoint of a facet at the base of the hilt of the sword
this may cause some surprise as the last thing they remember is there head falling to the ground. and maybe rolling on the ground. Basically its a micro dimension, they are trapped(comfortably) and unable to do much of anything. they will be dressed on a loose, coton like outfit with bright orange and green dayglow stripes

the same will happen to anyone who was neither a Criminal or Evil, only they will be revivable where they fell, only confused as they and everyone around them will think there head was cut off, in fact it may have seemingly bounced and rolled away... but any mechanical recording will indicate that did not happen.

Damage is SDC or MDC depending on the target, a Human in MDC body armor will only take Stun(HP) damage until the body armor fails, Power armor takes Base damage, but do note stun damage, because any accumulated stun damage if combined with the normal damage done exceeds the MDC of the part its in will cause that part to apparently shut down, but not otherwise be damaged and can recover from the "Stun" effect.

and yes, any drones controlled by the target or anyone subordinate to the commander of that unit in communication will take 1D6 damage or accumulate 1D6 stun damage,

Base str converted (slowly) to supernatural strength(this takes as many days to happen as you have Str points

Other Benefits/Powers

Light-Globe of Daylight at will

Access to the pocket dimension both for holding your current prisoners and some guests, note that if you have more than 9 prisoners the Prison will not take in any extras despite having space for another 7 guests, (16 in all if she has no current prisoners)

Basically you have enough life support for 9 prisoners and 7 non prisoners. also basic healing of any guests not a prisoner will be 1D6 points per hour in addition to any healing power they may have. Prisoners only get 1 point per hour. but yes she will feed them. automatic bonus recovery role per hour for anything needing an endurance save, the pocket will keep you alive in a kind of stasis until you can get to qualified medical helo

Note prisoners are basically powerless, and in a leach field that will drain any powers they may have. there functionally embedded in a unknown material that may or may not be diamond.The last time they tested it the result was we don't know what the heck it is, and we now doubt the validity of our testing methods.

Guests will be able to act normally(the space inside is quite large) and contains a fully stocked(non Rifts earth) library.

she has 2 " semi permanent" Residents bond that, but there more like old friends(to the current owner) and jail wardens (and amature researchers/gardeners). Basically there not combatants. they can store any recovered loot for you but not much in the pocket dimension, Collectively they have a thing about returning stolen property, and may be"out" to return things or do research. at most they seem to be Ghosts that are more solid and real unless they need to go away outside, and seemingly carved from living stone inside.

At best you can use the sword as a base for a small party if anyone in your group ends up with it, there personal space will remind you of a small RV. but only if your not a Criminal! The Ghosts in the sword will figure you out sooner or later.(no seriously they figured out a Sunji assassin that was in the previous owners party within literally hours, and tossed him in a "cell". you need to figure out what to do with him before he eliminates himself. not that he actually knows anything useful to you. and no they will not allow "interrogations" beyond very strict limits, as none of them are lawyers...they think. (if you ask they will say "hey At Best Im one delusional Breakthrough" at worst three. so if we were Lawyers we or I or they either forgot or I-We-They are the thought projections of one or more breakthroughs,

Collectively they tend to be known as Blue(the swords primary personality hey she liked the name), A ghost name that will change to something like Casper if they stay on earth is the "younger one", and the third will be know as probably Lilly because of all the plants she takes care of in the pocket.

the "Owner's" Endurance is also converted to supernatural endurance,but slowly, the Rate is basically 1 point each per day. Sword will NOT do MDC to anyone not basically MDC but will damage structs as if a MDC weapon.


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