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I've read through the players guide and also bionics but I don't see how you figure out what the AR of a partial cyborg is? Like at what point would you hit the fleshy meats instead of the bionic arms or legs? It seems like you should still be able to hit a cyborg in the SDC spots unless they are wearing armor right?

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Partial borgs do not have A.R. unless they posses cyber armor (RMB. and Bionics SB), and even then it applies to the torso predominantly. In Rifts (and Palladium in general, I believe), all attacks are assumed to be against the main body unless a called shot is made or there are other extenuating circumstances. If you want to use hit locations, you’ll have to house rule something. Off the top of my head, I would probably go with 60-80% of shots are to the main body, otherwise roll 1D4 and assign a number to each limb.

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