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(Feed back wanted, I'm working on things for my house to submit to the rifter, this is my first attempt so be forgiving but honest)
House Silver Rose was looking for a war mount to supplement its archangel’s. A war mount that was fast and maneuverable and has enough firepower and range to engage the machines sky fighters and other air units, also be a close air support unit. House Silver Rose loves the griffin from House Artemis however House Silver Rose has also noticed that a lot of war mounts rely on being up close and personal and wanted something with range and speed. Speed was the key factor they were looking for even if it was only maintained for a short while. Dog fights generally only last for a few minutes right.
The Idea for the Peregrine came from a falconer joking with Engineer Athena about the damage a group of giant sized black talon war hawks could do. Rumor has it that the first Peregrine was a modified black talon. After consulting Librarian Stien and several archangels the Peregrine was born. So far it has proven its worth time and time again. When Athena was able to create the bio-energy thruster it only added to the strength of the Peregrine. Her goal now is to get the secret to creating the ceramic like wing that is used on the griffin war mount. She believes that with it the speed of the Peregrine would be even greater.
Class: Attack Aerial War Mount
Crew: One Pilot
M.D.C by location:
Wings (2) 200
Bio-Energy Thrusters (2) 75
Legs (2) 150
Feet (2) 80
(Optional) Seed Pod Launcher 100 each
(Optional) Casting Cannons 100 each
(Optional) Light Cell Cluster Cannons 100
Streakier Pod 120
Streakier Pod Bio-Force shield 120
* Head 150
War Saddle 100
*Main Body 300

Running: 80 mph maximum, but normal cruising speed is only 40 mph. The act of running does tire out the War Mount, but not the rider. The Peregrine can run at top speed for two hours straight before needing to rest for 1D6X10 + 30 minutes. However, it can trot along at cruising speed almost all day (20 hours) without needing a rest
Leaping: 50 feet high or across, increase by 50% with a short running start. Thruster assisted leap can propel the Peregrine 200 feet high and 500 feet across.
Digging: Not possible, the Peregrine is meant for flying not digging.
Swimming: 40 mph. Maximum depths is only 300 feet
Flying speed: 700 mph maximum, cruising speed is 350 mph (With wings alone). The Peregrine can reach a speed of Mach 1.5 in a power dive. Maximum wing speed can be maintained for 4 hours before needing a rest for 1 hour. Cruising speed can be maintained all day.
With the powerful yet small Bio-Energy Thrusters the Peregrine can reach a speed of Mach 1.5 for Melee rounds equal to its P.E. attribute dived by 5, Rounded down Plus one melee round per level. (So a first level Peregrine with a P.E. of 23 can maintain the Flight speed of Mach 1.5 for 4 melee rounds)
Statistical Data:
Height: 12 feet from the tip of hits head to the bottom of hits feet
Width: 6 feet from shoulder to shoulder, with a wing span of 30 feet.
Length: 15 feet from the tip of its beak to the end of its tail feathers.
Weight: 1 ton
Physical Strength: 26+1D6, Supernatural
Production cycle: 1.5 year gestation period plus a 2 year growth cycle
Operational Life Time: 40 years
Bio Regeneration rate: 6D6 M.D.C per hour for the main body, 3D6 per hour for all other locations.
Horror factor: 12 against humans not familiar with the peregrine. None against machines
Feeding: The Peregrine is a Carnivore. It needs to eat 50-70 pounds of animal matter a day; it may gorge its self on up to 400 pounds at one time. After gorging it can go 2D4+1 day without feeding.
Sleeping Requirements: As an artificially created organism, the Peregrine only needs 4 hours of sleep/Rest a day

Other Data on the Peregrine:
An unmanned Peregrine is able to operate independent of a rider using its animal-like intelligence and instincts to respond to any given situation. The Peregrine feels a close kinship with its rider and other caregivers it is familiar with and will come to their aid if threatened, but it will not come to the aid of unknown humans unless ordered to do so by a Packmaster, Outrider or Archangel, The exception to this rule the Archangel’s. Peregrine feel a special bond with their “little flying brothers” and will take to the skies to help any Archangel in need.
Alignment: Anarchist. Peregrines are usually calm and relaxed. They generally only fight when commanded to do so or when directly threatened.
War Mount Attributes: I.Q. 1D6+4, M.E. 2D4+8, M.A. 1D6+10, P.S. 26+1D6, P.P. 2D6+10, P.E. 2D6+10, P.B. 3D4+4, Spd. 100 mph on the ground, 700 mph in flight
Number of Attacks Per Melee: 5.
Combat Bonuses: +5 on initiative, + 5 to strike in hand to hand combat, + 7 to strike when attempting to grab onto an opponent, +3 to parry ,+ 2 to dodge, + 4 to auto dodge while flying (does not include possible bonus from high P.P.), +6 to roll with punch, +3 to pull Punch, + 3 to disarm, pin/incapacitate on a natural 18-20, cannot be surprised from behind, and impervious to Horror Factor, disease, and poison.
Equivalent (Instinctive) Skills of Note: Land Navigation 90%, Track by Scent 55%, and understands the Native Language of the Great House that created it and two other common languages at 70%
Combat Capabilities:
Bite: 3D8 M.D.
Restrained Talon Strike: 1D8 M.D.
Talon Strike: 4D8 M.D.
Power Talon Strike: 1D6X10, but counts as two attacks
Dual Talon Strike: 1D6X10, counts as one melee attack but can only be done while in flight.
Dual Talon Power strike: 2D6X10, counts as two attacks, but can only be done while in flight.
Senses and Features: Standard for Warmounts plus the following:
Resistance to Physical Attack: Beneath the skin is a layer of thick tissue filled with an impact resistant fluid that cushions the War Mount from blunt attacks like punches, kicks, falls, and explosive concussions (all of which inflict half damage.
Resistance to Kinetic Energy/Attacks: Below the surface of the War Mount Skin is a weave of tough fibers that are very similar to Kevlar. This weave of natural internal fibers serves to cushion and slow down stabbing, cutting and piercing weapons and attacks enough to minimize damage. Bullets, arrows, knives, swords, Vibro-blades, other sharp implements and even rail gun rounds, shrapnel and impalement do half damage.
Concealed set of second eyes Lower Back: Located on the lower back of the Peregrine is a set of Advanced Armored eyes used to see behind the Peregrine in flight.
Peregrine Bio-Weapon Systems:
1. Sonic Screech: The mouth, throat and lungs of the Peregrine have been modified to allow the Peregrine to emit a load Sonic Screech.
Primary Purpose: Assault
Secondary Purpose: Defense/ Ant-Missile Defense
Mega-Damage: 4D12 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Same as attacks per melee
Effective Range: 40 foot cone from the front of the Peregrine head
Payload: 20 screeches per hour
Bonuses: +4 to strike, but is the only bonus that applies to the attack.
2. Under Wing Mounted Weapons Point: The Peregrine is unique in that the Outrider can choose between three different weapon systems that are mounted under the Peregrines wings by what would be considered the arm pit. Most of the time the same type of weapon is mounted under each wing; however some Outriders will mount two different weapons. Whichever weapon the Outrider chooses in already as the Omni Upgrade.
(Option A.) Omni-Casting Cannon(s): These casting cannons are meant for air to air combat and close air support.
Mega-Damage: 6D8 M.D. per individual round fired, or a burst of four rounds that inflict 2D8X10 ( 12D8 for a dual single around fired, 4D8X10 for a dual eight round burst)
Rate of fire: Each Shot or burst counts as one attack (even if dual Casting cannon are fired)
Maximum Effective Range: 6000 feet (1828.8 meters)
Payload: 60 rounds per weapon, Casting Cannon(s) are automatically reloaded after every meal (replenishing as many as the payload for two casting Cannons 2D10+20 minutes after every meal)
Bonus: +2 strike on an aimed shot; no bonus for burst attacks
(Option B.)Omni-Pod Launcher(s): They Fire a burst of seed pods that explode on impact and shower the blast area with razor-sharp shrapnel. These weapons can devastate large concentrations of ground forces during high-speed strafing runs.
Primary Purpose: Assault
Secondary Purpose: Defense
Mega-Damage: 5D8 M.D. per burst with a blast Radius of 30 feet (9.1 m). If two launchers fire at the same target, damage is 10D8 to a 50 foot (15.2 m) radius.
Rate of Fire: Each burst counts as one melee attack. A dual attack from both launchers counts as one melee attack.
Effective Range: 4000 feet (1219.2 m)
Payload: Pod Launchers grow enough seed pods for 32 burst per launcher per hour
(Option C.) Omni-Super Light Cell Cluster: This cannon mounted under each wing are cluster of Super Light Cells, each cannon containing six cells. When activated all six cells of the cannon fire in unison to unleash a devastating blast. (Two cannons can engage the same target simultaneously for even greater damage.
Primary Purpose: Assault
Secondary Purpose: Defense
Range: 4000 feet (1219.2 m)
Mega-Damage: A blast from a single Super Light Cell Cannon inflicts 1D6X10 M.D. A simultaneous blast from two cannons inflicts 2D6X10
Rate of Fire: both single and dual blasts count as one attack per melee
Payload: Effectively unlimited
Bonus: +1 to strike on an aimed shot only
Note: If both hard points are mounted with the same type of weapon system they can both be fire at the same time. If a deferent type is mounted on each hard point they CAN NOT fire at the same time (The engineers have not been able to figure this little flaw out).
3. Streakier Missile Pod: Streakiers get there name from the blue bio-energy trail the leave behind. Without this pod the Peregrine looks as if in as a concaved opening that runs along its chest down its belly. This missile pod is meant to be removable do too the nature of the Streakier Missiles. Streakier missiles about 10 inches long and with a thin body and rounded head with what looks like a chitins spike sticking out of the top. It also has two sets of what look like dragon fly wings. It also as a single Bio-Energy thruster vent at the back end. The streakier missile uses a unique combination of an organic electromagnetic vision/senor and Radar to track its target and avoid obstacles. The damage that the streakier can do at close range is great because not all of the Bio-energy is spent in flight. However when fired at a target that is within a mile the missile still packs a bit of a punch. At mile or more the missile does about as much as an armor piercing mini-missile
Primary Purpose: Assault/Anti-Armor
Secondary Purpose: Defense
Range: up to two mile
Mega-Damage: if fired at a target that is under 4000 feet (1219.2 m) 2D4X10, 1D6X10 when fire at a target between 4000 feet (1219.2 M) and one mile, 1D4X10 for targets greater than one mile a way to a max of two miles.
Rate of Fire: one at a time or volleys of 2, 4, 6.
Payload: Each pod as 6 launch tubes, each tube holds 4 streakier missiles, for a total of 24 missiles
Bonus: +6 to strike, +3 to Auto-Dodge, each missile have two attacks per melee round for two rounds then it detonates even if it doesn’t hit a target.
Regeneration Rate: each missile takes 4D6+12 hours (48 hours for a new pod with full Payload)
Important note: Do too the nature of the Bio-Energy stored for the thruster vent of the Streakier. Should the missile pod sustain too much damage there is a chance that the pods remaining payload could detonate. Should the missile pod get down to 25% of its total M.D.C there is a 15% Chance that the missile payload will explode. Damage is 2D4X10 per missile remaining. The Missile pod will automatically detach if it gets down to 10% of its M.D.C. This is very painful for the Peregrine (1D4X10 Damage), plus it loses two attacks and is a -2 strike, parry, and dodge for the rest of the melee round the -2 strike, parry and dodge last’s for 1D4 melee rounds after the pod is detached.

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a few notes:

- warmounts don't have levels. or at least, none do that i've seen.
- you should probably indicate the size of the cone from the scream. you've got length, but not how big across the cone is.
- warmount weapons that are better than the basic model are actually fairly standard, you don't need to call them out as being omni, nor do you need to restrict them from having omni added to them.
- this may be a bit of a sensitive topic for you, but... would you appreciate proofreading, or would you prefer that i just keep it to myself?

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Knock your self out, It's a rough draft after all.

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alright, i sent it in PM. most of it isn't really discussion of the actual warmount, so I didn't think I needed to post spelling corrections and such for all to see ;)

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