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Comment: The silent thief of Rozrehxeson.
I'm trying to understand and envision how some combat actions which use multiple attacks work. For the most part, anything that uses two or three actions I'm fine with. The idea that the characters spend an action to queue or prep the move, and then it goes off on the later action makes sense to me.

But I have some issues with ranged weapon rules. Specifically, bursts and area attacks. When someone does a long burst or a full-melee burst, how should that impact the combatants being targeted or even just in the area? In those cases it seems like the attack should happen on the first action, but then for the rest of the actions the characters are free to ignore it after that attack roll is dealt with, while the character is "stuck" completing their action?

I'm trying to figure out how to envision this all properly in melee rounds where characters have 5-8 attacks per melee and it's causing me grief.

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My group has been using counters or coins to keep track of actions per meelee.
We generally allow the players to use up to 2 actions per turn.

So a burst will take effect on the first action (and cost 2 actions), but the character will be able to do other things on their next turn so long as they have Actions left.

For a Full Meelee effect, it's come up once, and we played it as the character basically couldn't do anything else that round, but rolled for damage each action that the power was in effect. (It was an electrical field).

I admit that we're playing a very houseruled version of the game.

But we generally err on the side of telling the story rather than being literal to the mechanics.

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