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Origins® Game Expo 2004 – June 24-27 –
is the place for Palladium Fans to Gather

Palladium has worked to make the Origins 2004 Game Expo (June 24-27) the ultimate hang-out for Palladium fans from around the country. The convention organizers have helped us to make Origins “the” hot spot for Palladium gamers to gather, game and have fun.

The Palladium Booth & Guests

● Palladium will have an exhibitor’s booth selling the newest products, tons of back stock product, T-Shirts, limited edition prints and portfolios, out of print items, original artwork and convention specials.
Kevin Siembieda will be available throughout the entire convention to sign autographs, chat with fans, and talk about the latest happenings at Palladium Books (hopefully, including movie news he can finally reveal).
Erick Wujcik, author and game designer, whose works include Rifts® China 1 & 2, Ninjas & Superspies, Mystic China, Ninja Turtles, After the Bomb®, Amber Diceless and many other game titles, will also be available to talk, sign autographs and have fun.
● Other “guests and creators” at the Palladium Booth should include Wayne Smith (editor of The Rifter® and most of Palladium’s titles), Steve Sheiring (the guy who created and played “Lord Coake”), Carmen Bellaire (writer of Powers Unlimited 1 & 2, and the upcoming Splicers RPG), Carl Gleba (author of the Three Galaxies™ Phase World® Dimension Book and Megaverse® Builder sourcebook), Todd Yoho (a frequent contributor to The Rifter® and author of the upcoming Rifts® Dinosaur Swamp World Book) and probably others!
● Artists will include Ramon Perez and with a little luck, Scott Johnson and maybe Freddie Williams, some of the guys from Drunken Style Studio and possibly others. All will have original artwork for sale and be available to sign autographs and chitchat.

Palladium Gaming Events Galore!

For the first time ever at a major game convention, Palladium Books has coordinated more than 25 “official” gaming events! Many are being run by Palladium creators and freelancers as well as longtime fans.
Never before has Palladium Books done anything on this scale. NEVER!
● Two games run by Kevin Siembieda: A Palladium Fantasy game set in the Northern Wilderness on Thursday night, and a Beyond the Supernatural Two game on Friday night. Up to 12 players in each.
● Six Rifts® gaming events.
● Two Rifts® Chaos Earth™ gaming events.
● Two Rifts® Phase World® games.
● Six Palladium Fantasy RPG® gaming events (one by Siembieda himself).
● Five Heroes Unlimited® gaming events.
● Five Robotech® gaming events.
● One Beyond the Supernatural™ Two game, by Kevin Siembieda.
● And that does NOT include Palladium games that may be run by other people we don’t know, games that may be added to the program after the convention pre-reg book, or impromptu game sessions that may be run. Erick Wujcik and Carmen Bellaire are famous for running games till they drop.

Why Origins? Because it is big, but not so big that Palladium Books and its fans will get lost.
It’s big, but not so big that the show is no longer fun or that gamers have to wait 3-5 hours in the registration line.
It’s also close to Palladium’s Michigan home base, and centrally located for easy access to lots of gamers across the country and in Canada. Plus, the Origins folks appear to be very accommodating and assure us we will all have the time of our lives.
Will we see you at Origins? We hope gamers and fans of Palladium Books will come from around the country to enjoy the fun and festivities. Make a splash, meet creators, artists and fellow fans and online buddies, and just have fun, fun, fun.
Yeah, let’s make this summer simmer, Palladium style.

Palladium convention news and updates will be found here on Palladium’s website ( and the pages of The Rifter®.

Other Conventions to be
attended by Palladium Books

Kevin Siembieda and other Palladium people plan to attend and have exhibitor booths at the following conventions.
Gen Con® – August 19-22, Indianapolis, Indiana
U-Con – November, Ann Arbor, Michigan on the U of M campus
However, Palladium will only be hosting gaming events and making its biggest splash at Origins. Our hectic 2004 schedule prevents us from attending many other conventions this year, so Origins is where we’ll have the greatest presence and be going all out to have fun.

Origins® Convention Information

To Register for the Convention and Gaming Events you’ll need to contact the Origins people – and make sure that you tell them “Palladium sent you,” or that you’re coming “mainly to see Palladium Books,” or “you heard about the convention from Palladium Books” – really, they want to know if that’s the case.
Origins® Game Expo 2004
June 24, 25, 26 & 27 (Thursday thru Sunday)
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Contact Info:
Call (303) 635-2223 for more information, to register, or get the pre-registration book of events.
Or check out the Origins website ( and pre-registration information online.

Origins® convention website:

Origins® Mailing Address:
Origins Game Expo 2004
80 Garden Center, Suite 116
Broomfield, CO 80020-1735

© 2004 Palladium Books Inc, all rights reserved, world wide. ® & ™ are owned by Palladium Books Inc. and Kevin Siembieda.

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