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Where can I find some specialty arrows? I know After the Bomb has some, but I've looked out of Ninjas & Superspies, Heroes and TMNT and still can't find many...

Could a Hardware: Mechanical make specialty arrows? Like miniturize the effects from tear gas, flares and other things into arrow bolts?

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Unread postPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:43 am

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maybe some sort of arrow that's been bloodied from a mutant ( in other words you shot a mutant with it and did damage to it ) can now do certain super powers (a form of super-invention, but with a twist). Keep it simple and narrow for a bit. Maybe the arrows need to be constructed of a special material then some sort of ritual or process applied to them to hold the effect.

if that's too bizarre or too much like magic, maybe use any type of grenade launcher effect.

also the smart micro-missiles in the Phase World Sourcebook should be doable in arrow form. +4 to hit and if they miss they come around for a 2nd attack. I believe they have a range of ~2 miles or so.

Cyberpunk 2020 has micro-missiles that follow the targets around in a 45-degree arc or less IIRC.

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The Hardware section does include explosive arrowheads. I would assume that many of them could make other forms of specialty arrows as well... I seem to remember the Ancient Weapons Master (missile) having a skill specifically for making gimmick weapons, so no doubt they could also pull it off (although in a more limited expertise).

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Perhaps it's been too long since I looked at the section, but wouldn't the hardware category best suited to making special arrows be Weapons or Analytical (weapons for incendiaries, gas attacks and the fact that it's arrows, analytical for chemistry expertise)?

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Unread postPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 3:08 pm

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Mega Gear Max wrote:
Where can I find some specialty arrows? I know After the Bomb has some, but I've looked out of Ninjas & Superspies, Heroes and TMNT and still can't find many...

you can also try the weapons compedium for some if you have that.

Could a Hardware: Mechanical make specialty arrows? Like miniturize the effects from tear gas, flares and other things into arrow bolts?

Yes. Depending how much you want to go into the fantastic, you could probably build powers into arrows like some of us have done at a small penalty.

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Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 1:47 am

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You could pick a handful of Minor powers, and treat the character like a Devices.... If you limit the scope of each power significantly, say, one or two uses per battle and a significant cost to recharge your quiver, I'd let you take the powers at half-price or less.

I've always liked the jack-of-all trades aspect of Archer heroes.... As many possible uses as you can squeeze in, and as long as the fun overpowers the munchkinism.

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Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:50 am

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I got nothing on the easy way sorry. I type at work nowadays and so don't have book access while here.

The hard way: Hardware: weapons for all your realistic or trick arrows. Flares, mini nets, Magnetically charged, Curving, blunt, arrow cutting, grapple line...the list goes on.

As soon as the arrow starts doinng things arrows shouldn't do, then call in the hardware analytical: Boomerang arrows, Sonic screamers, Turning in flight, large nets, parachute arrows, ink cloud...

if something straddles the very fine line...then flip a coin.

Of course, for super arrows, you may wish to switch to super invention, and have a lot of unconnected minor abilites attached to arrows. Imagine a bow with enhanced targetting and KE control and arrows with cahrage objects (self) harmonic ressonence (self) any of the EE powers etc...

In fact you could have a whole array of archers. (Hmmm...methinks I have an idea for a new villain ancient master archer, one ancient weapons master, a hardware analytical, a mutant and a superinventor. maybe a Hunter /vigilante to establish a baseline)


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Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 3:57 am


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I just remembered that VU has the 'electronet arrows' from Fabricators, Inc, so there's a good start for net arrows.

Many arrows can be created just using modified 'specialty guns'. For example, a 'sonic arrow' that is meant to disorient an opponent might be similar in function to a sonic disrupter (AU), but with greater range, and likely a small area effect as opposed to one target. As a matter of fact, AU and VU likely have tons of firearms that can be adapted to a comic-style archer's arrowheads (the explosive strap gun is first and foremost in my mind). In addition, a 'grappling hook arrow' could be a simple modified spike and towline (Robotics).

You can certainly make arrows imbued with super abilities (tons of applicable ones- Power Bands, anyone?), but there is definitely enough adaptable tech in the books that you can go either way or do a mix of both.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 11:54 am


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I'll just list stuff that isn't repetative.

Arrows with hollow shafts releasing tear gas or clouds of acid. Its a bit gritty but arrows coated in anti-coagulants with blood grooves and triangular heads(triangular wounds don't close right.) Big arrows attack penalty in exchange for a higher base damage. flash bang head arrows. My blunt arrows were made of hard rubber allowing richochet shot to be used they also caused knockout 18-20 as per a boxer's punch. Either the bow itself of one set of arrows should be enhanced as per the hardware weapons experts superior weapons(depending on the power level of the game.

Hunter/Vigilante gives you all hardware weapon expert's skill with a gun and the modify ammunition skill it should be all you need to be a badass on your own. I played a archer in a few pickup games that were often semi pvp and he came to be highly feared among my group for his ability to take almost anyone out.

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Unread postPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 12:26 am

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Steve Conan Trustrum wrote:
Gimmicked Arrows
The first cost given is for making it oneself and the second is to buy ready-made.

Utility Arrows
Smoke: Creates a smoke screen covering a 10 foot (3 m) area. Penalty to Make: -5%, Cost: $8/35; comes in yellow, red, gray and black.
Tracer Bug: Transmits a radio signal that can be followed up to 8 miles (12 km) away.
Battery powered, with a limited life of 72 hours of constant transmission. The arrow must stick into the target or fall on top of the object (without falling off). There is always a chance that the tracer bug will become dislodged and fall off (roll once for every half hour; 132% chance). Penalty to Make: -5%, Cost: $275/500. Inflicts normal arrow damage.

Whistle: A aerodynamic hole is carved through the arrowhead, causing it to emit a high-pitched whistle when fired. This can be used to distract an opponent or draw its attention in a specific direction. Penalty to Make: -2%, Cost: $2/3.

Microphone: The arrowhead is equipped with a miniature microphone and transmitter that can pick up sound in a 30 foot (9.1 m) radius and relay it up to 2,000 feet (610 m) away. The microphone has a life of five hours and needs a receiver that is set to the correct wavelength in order to hear the transmission. Penalty to Make: -5%, Cost: $10/60.

Fire Fighting: Impact causes this bulky arrow to spread a fire fighting foam over a 5 foot (1.5 m) diameter circle. The foam has an 85% chance of extinguishing most fires. Penalty to Make: -10%, Penalty to Strike: -2, Cost: $10/35.

Weapon Arrows
Light Explosive: 1D6 or 2D6 S.D.; 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 cm) blast radius. Penalty to
Make: -15%, Cost $10/50 each.

Medium Explosive: 3D6 or 4D6 S.D.; 12 to 16 inch (30 to 40 cm) blast radius. Penalty to Make: -15%, Cost $15/75 each.

Heavy Explosive: 5D6 S.D.; 20 inch (50 cm) blast radius. Penalty to Make: -15%, Cost $25/100 each.

High Explosive: 6D6 S.D.; 2 foot (61 cm) blast radius; range is reduced by -10%. Penalty to Make: -15%, Cost $30/150 each.

Ultra-High Explosive: 1D6x10 S.D.; 3 foot (91 cm) blast radius; range is reduced by -25%. Penalty to Make: -15%, Cost $50/200 each.

Gas: The arrowhead shatters on impact, releasing a toxic gas that fills a 10 foot (3 m) area. Tear gas costs $20/50, tranquilizer gas (sleep/knockout for 1D6 minutes) costs $60/150, paralysis gas (a nerve toxin, causing temporary paralysis for 1D6 minutes) costs $90/200 each. Everybody in the gaseous area must roll to save versus harmful drugs (15 or higher). Penalty to Make: -25%.

Neural Disrupter (Alien/Ultra-Tech): Releases an energy charge that plays havoc with a person's nervous system. Save versus non-lethal poison (16 or higher) or be -8 to strike, parry, and dodge for 2D4 melees. Body armor or insulated clothing provides a +4 bonus to the target's saving throw. Penalty to Make: -50%, Cost: $500/750.

Armor Piercing: Sharpened to a fine point and made with a depleted uranium core, doubling the arrow's damage, reducing the maximum range by 10%, increasing its penetration value (P.V.) to 5 and effectively reducing a target's Armor Rating by 2. Penalty to Make: -45%, Cost: $75/120 each.

Blunt: This arrow does a measly 1D4 S.D. but an attack against someone's head will knock them out on an unmodified roll to strike of 16 or higher. Penalty to Strike: -1, Penalty to Make: -5%, Cost: $2/5.

Concussive: Causes a fragment-free explosion of 1D4 damage but doing the equivalent of 2D4x10 damage for the sake of determining the chance of a knock-down to a 3 foot (91) radius. Penalty to Make: -20%, Cost: $20/60.

Flash: -6 to strike, parry and dodge for those who look at the instantaneous flash. Penalty to Make: -5%, Cost: $5/12.

Riot: Upon impact, the round head of this arrow fires small rubber pellets in all directions, filling a 10 foot (3 m) area. Everyone in this area is struck for a stinging 1 or 2 points of damage and will be knocked unconscious on an 18 to 20 on a roll of 1D20. Penalty to Make: -10%, Penalty to Strike: -1, Cost: $10/30.

Boomerang: 2D4 S.D.; After being fired from the bow, the arrowhead unfolds into a boomerang shape, causing the arrow to return as would a normal boomerang. This arrowhead can be used to perform the Back Shot and Bounce Shot maneuvers. Penalty to Make: -15%, Penalty to Strike: -3 to have the boomerang change directions when desired, -4 if a line is also attached to the arrowhead, Cost: $10/35.

Tranquilizer: Instead of a conventional arrowhead, the shaft is tipped with a needle and container that releases a powerful sedative upon impact. 1D4 damage plus save versus non-lethal poison (16 or higher) at -4 or be knocked unconscious for 4D4 minutes. The dosage is meant for a man-sized target and so larger targets will have a lesser penalty (none to -3) while smaller targets will suffer a greater penalty (-5 to -8). Furthermore, unless the saving throw succeeds with a total roll (bonuses included) of two points higher than is required, the victim will be -2/-10% to all actions, -1 attack and -4 to initiative due to grogginess. Penalty to Make: -15%, Cost: $15/60.

White Noise Generator: This arrow produces white noise, making it impossible for microphones to pick up any other sound within 3 feet (91 cm) of the arrow. This arrow will also annoy animals (and superbeings) with sensitive hearing. Penalty to Make: -25%, Cost: $170/570.

Acid: The arrowhead is a glass bulb that breaks on contact, splattering its contents over a 6 inch (15 cm) radius. The bulb can be filled with any acids. Penalty to Make: -5%, Penalty to Strike: -1, Cost: $6/20; the acid must be bought separately.

Adhesive: On impact, a soft, extremely sticky putty is splattered over a 1 square foot (9.29 cm square) area. The putty will adhere to just about anything, be it organic or not, requiring a normal or extraordinary P.S. of 24 or more to break (or superhuman P.S. of 20 or Supernatural P.S. of 16). Penalty to Make: -10%, Cost: $15/45 ; the price includes that of the adhesive.

Freon/Freezing: A burning cold spreads over a 1 foot (30 cm) radius upon impact, causing 4D6 damage and possibly even making weak metals and other materials even weaker because of their sudden brittleness. Penalty to Make: -20%, Penalty to Strike: -2, Cost: $50/125.

Electrical Discharge: The arrowhead discharges an electrical discharge upon impact, causing 2D6 damage and duplicating the effects of a hand held stunner (see page 215 of the Heroes Unlimited G.M.'s Guide T), Penalty to Make: -25%, Penalty to Strike: -2, Cost: $150/1,000.

Sabot: 3D6 S.D. and Penetration Value of 4; When the arrow impacts the target, the hollow arrowhead fires a bullet, thereby increasing damage as well as armor penetration. Penalty to Make: -7%, Cost: $3/12.

Net Carrier: Moments before reaching the target, a strong, wire net is released. The weighted tips of the net will wrap around a man-sized target with a 60% chance of entangling him and bringing him to his knees. A normal P.S. of 35, a Superhuman P.S. of 25 or a Supernatural P.S. of 20 is needed to tear off the net once entangled. Penalty to Make: -10%, Penalty to Strike: -2 to have the net open when desired, Cost: $8/40.

Incendiary: Spreads burning phosphorous over a 3 foot (91 cm) radius upon impact,
causing 1D4x10+5 S.D.C. in burning damage. It will burn for 1D4+1 full melee rounds. Penalty to Make: -15%, Penalty to Strike: -2, Cost: $20/50.

Multi-Warhead: Rather than a separate arrow unto itself, this is a carefully balanced attachment that allows the arrow to carry three special arrowheads at once. The three arrowheads can then be set to spring forward and lock into place upon contact or to be launched from the arrow after a set distance or time has elapsed, spraying all three over either a wide (5 foot/1.5 m diameter) or tight (1 foot/30 cm diameter) circle. Range: Reduce by 25%, Penalty to Make: -15%, Penalty to Strike: -3, -5 to have the arrowheads launch over a specific area, Cost: The price of the three warheads plus $100.

Tangle Line: 1D4 S.D. if used as a weapon instead of to entangle. A specially curved weight opens up on the arrowhead, causing the arrow to return like a boomerang and then release a thin cable while continuously fly in a spiral, wrapping the line around the desired target. Once entangled, the line has a chance of tripping up a moving target as though he had been hit by an impact causing 2D4x10 damage (optional Knock-Down rules. The target does not actually suffer damage). A normal P.S. of 25, a Superhuman P.S. of 20 or a Supernatural P.S. of 15 is needed to tear off the bonds once entangled. Penalty to Make: -7%, Penalty to Strike: -4 to have the line entangle the desired target, Cost: $3/15.
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