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Ok, I admit, I am a bit new to Palladium, and we are playing original version of Robotech with the books bought back in the late 80's.

The write-up for the attacks for the Raidar X Destroid rate of fire has me stumped, and honestly, it has the GM grasping at straws as well as he has only run VT campaigns.

"Rate of Fire: This is the only mecha that has more energy/weapon attacks than its hand to hand capabilities."

I understand that it has two arms, and each arm has 2 barrels, but exactly how many dice should be I be rolling here? Especially since it has more attacks than it is capable of and is written that way. Is it possible to make a full 8 short bursts, each with a die roll even though I only have 5 attacks as a pilot?

Any help would be appreciated.


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