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 Post subject: Random Items Combined...
Unread postPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:23 pm

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I combined the two different radom item table "posts/threads" into one topic and making this one sticky. I will be "unsticky" the other two.

I will be providing the links to the two other topics here, this way you can follow the links and reply on them at your leisure. This is just a means to reduce the number of sticky topics here in the Rifts forums.

randomer item table - fan birthed and still growing!

Even more random tables!!!!

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Unread postPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:49 pm

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That's very kind of you, thanx!

Eyes without life, maggot-ridden corpses, mountains of skulls... these are a few of my favourite things.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 3:00 am

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Awesome! I love those threads!!! :-D

Have a nice day! -Mankind
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Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:30 am

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I wonder if anyone would dare to use them in their game.....

Unread postPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:30 pm

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im working on compiling it so i can use it in my zombie game for random loot found in stores and peoples houses and what not

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 Post subject: Re: Random Farm table...
Unread postPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:48 pm

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.How successful is the farm
001 Rediculously successfull
002 Successfull,(can send the kids to Colledge without strain and retire at 55)
003 Successfull (Can send the kids to colledge and retire at 65)
004 Successfull (Can retire at 65 and give the kids the farm)
005 Successfull but more or less cant retire without sufering a major loss of income
006 Poor farm family, can keep up the farm and everything, (Waltons level)..
007 Poor farm family, Equipment is worn out and seemingly one bad crop from loosing it all
008 Shockingly poor farm family
009 Farm is not the primary source of income, Roll 1D8
010 Farm is subsided by other jobs, roll 1D8 (you wonder why he does not just throw in the towl and keep the job)
011 Farm is subsided by a "personal fund" that is more or less safe (roll on following table)
012 Farm is subsided if not outright owned and actualy controled by another source that can be cut off
000 001 Inheritance
000 002 Pension
000 003 Black market"
000 004 Freindly goverment
000 005 Hostile goverment"
000 006 Neutral Goverment
000 007 Corperation
000 008 Buisness
000 009 congloerate, Coop, Trust or cartell
000 010 Game winning
000 011 landlord
000 012 Stolen money.
How old is the farm?
001 1D4 months
002 1D4 Seasons
003 1D4 years
004 1D4 Decades
005 1D4 Generations
006 1D4 centuries
Type of farm(roll 1D10 times below, duplicates just mean they have proportionaly more of the land as indicated by duplicate rolls
001 Food crops
000 001 Mix Garden crops
000 002 Vegitable
000 003 Fruit
000 004 bulk starch/grain
000 005 Bulk Starch, roots
000 006 Greenhouse
000 007 Coolhouse(see notes)
000 008 underground (usualy mushroom)
000 009 Alien" foodtypes
000 010 Roll twice on this table
002 Trees/bushes/shubs(1D8)
000 001 Hardwood
000 002 Softwood
000 003 Fruit
000 004 Sugar
000 005 Rubber or simular compounds or resins
000 006 Oil
000 007 Bark products sutch as cork
000 008 Core wood Products
000 000 001 Used as Alternate fuel type
000 000 002 Food oil Extract
000 000 003 Wood treatment or simular
000 000 004 food source
003 Livestock, used for
000 001 Cattle, note that this is a primary product and the others are "benifits" from producing the primary proudcts
000 000 001 Dairy
000 000 002 meat
000 000 003 Eggs/Veil
000 000 004 Leather
000 000 005 Other animal products(Bone, Ivory, Blood, Glands)
000 000 006 Fertilizer"
000 001 Mount
000 002 Draft animal
000 003 Pets
000 004 Trained work animal(Assistance, farm or industrial work animal, hunting)
000 005 Attack
000 006 Breeding
000 Size:(species reference is for aproximate size)
000 001 Tiny (Squirel) size
000 002 Dog sized (1D4 to see it Small, medium large, or Mastiff sized)
000 003 poney sized
000 004 Normal horse sized,
000 005 Giant" horse sized,
000 006 Small to large Eliphant sized
000 007 Medium Dinasaut size
000 008 Large Dino size(Movie scale TRex)
000 009 Giant Dino Size (Apatosaurus)
000 010 Extremly Giant sized Dino (Argentinosaurus) or Larger
000 Type
000 001 Rodent(or GM choice if you dont want a Squirel or rabit thats larger than a Argentinoraurus)
000 002 Feline
000 003 Canine
000 004 Bovien
000 005 Horse
000 006 Rhino-Eliphant
000 007 Reptile
000 008 Snake
000 009 Dino
000 010 Mythological
004 fish" or "seafood"
005 Herbs
006 Medicianal herbs
000 001 Not usefull if taken as directed
000 002 Symtom releif only
000 003 plants used by Biomancers or druids or (real)(alechemists)
000 004 Exotic usefull plants
000 005 Drugs and herbs from Paladium
000 006 Drugs and herbs from Rifts earth or other sources
007 Alien plants
000 001 Source of proteen
000 002 source of starches
000 003 Source of Vitamins
000 004 Dietary source of minerals
000 005 1D4 of the above
000 006 Medicinal pants,
008 Decorative plants
Roll to see what farm food/herb/drug product(s) are (note you can roll more than once on this table to interesting results)
001 fit in with the pre rifts region (Kansas Wheat feilds for example or Texas Cattle)
002 fits in with a nearby region, but most will not even notice the diference
003 Mutant earth species(again most non farmers will probably not even notice...then again ...
004 From another time but from earth (Dino cattle, or other extinct species)
005 Evolved earth lifeforms from the future.
006 Alternate foods (Dandilions, Rosehips, and so on)
007 Dont seem to fit the local enviroment that your in but are from the same planet (Coffee in Missouri for example)
008 your sure this is from this planet?(but yes it is)
009 Human compatable but more or less normal seeming
010 Looks more or less normal/is human compatable but is not
011 Alien but human compatable(for example a tree that has fruit that when deep fried tasts and has the food value of deep fried steak)
012 Earth type plants/animals that are not normaly used by humans but by some non human species(for example Poision Ivy Salad, Deadly nightshade berry pie and so)
013 Alien, non human compatable
014 Plastic... looks and tastes and probably is almost entirely plastic. and with just as mutch food value as well.
015 Edible plastic, dont ask how or why but its perfectly healthy for you
016 Crystal, yum! Glass!
017 Crystal, yes you can eat it. Blame it on the Rifts. or Some demented Sufficently Advanced species who found out that we eat Rocks(salt and Calcium cloride)
018 Metal. well mother always said you needed more Iron in your diet....
019 Metal, yum, just like Billygoat used to eat....
020 just have them roll Vs Horror factor (3D6) then coin flip to see if its "food"

Coolhouses are a variation on greenhouses, in that they tend to mimic cooler climates or shorter/day-night cycles.

the farms current crops/Livestock may not be the historical heard/livestock, the time rolled up is more or less for the farm has existed not how old the current ownership is or how long hes been raising whatever., after all I suspect that a 400 year old Draft and Rideing Dino breeding farm is going to be too unbelivable if the guy running it has suposedy had it in the family since a century before the RIFTs, however finding out that "Gramps" tamed his First Alosaurus way back around oh 12 or 13 PA but the farms been in the family since some guy named Garfeild was ok....


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Unread postPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:13 pm

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Drakenred®™© wrote:

WOW!!! I had never thought of that before!!! That first part would solve all of the world's energy problems! Although I'm not sure that Hugh Grant would appreciate the insinuations of the second part...

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Unread postPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 11:00 am

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Canadian eh?
I love Random Lists as well.

Subjugator wrote:
I got my first job at age 12 (maybe 11, but I think 12) and worked more or less continuously until today. I had to so I could eat properly. Doing so as a kid detracted from my educational experience, which was bad enough to begin with . . .

Gingrich is wrong.


Unread postPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:15 pm

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Arcanus wrote:
Awesome! I love those threads!!! :-D

I have :-)

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Unread postPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:09 am

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Thanks! I am using this stuff!

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Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:20 am

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LordVarandus wrote:
I wonder if anyone would dare to use them in their game.....

Oh, anyone who would allow the level 1 group of D&D characters they were running through a dungeon find a Deck of Many Things...

I stopped doing that. Most of the time it turned into a deadlier trap than anything Grimtooth could devise...

If I am going to be accused of misdeeds and treated accordingly, then I am going to actually earn the treatment I get. Period. There is no need to hold back when I am treated with one standard and others are treated according to another standard.

Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:21 pm

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LordVarandus wrote:
I wonder if anyone would dare to use them in their game.....

I use the Randomer list in my games. And I've already compiled it and offered it to anyone that PM's me with their e-mail. I also offer a spread sheet that pulls random items from the list.

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Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:39 pm

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Ooh, I'd love a copy of those! Two of my players just walked into the Shack of Antiquities in the Splynn Dimensional Market. It would be perfect for that.

PM sent.

I'd seen these threads before and wondered what I would ever use them for. I guess now I know. :D

Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:06 pm

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kmspade wrote:
Ooh, I'd love a copy of those! Two of my players just walked into the Shack of Antiquities in the Splynn Dimensional Market. It would be perfect for that.

PM sent.

I'd seen these threads before and wondered what I would ever use them for. I guess now I know. :D

I started using them for something for the players to do while I got food or went to the restroom. It had become a tradition for me when leaving the room to just say "While I'm gone" and they'd start rolling a d20 and percentile (this was before I made the generator) to this day one of the characters looks like he is right out of an anime and received a curse where he can see everyones health and energy bars and their agro. Another player found the Gobinator's accent so no one can understand him.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:42 pm

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Well, I've been wondering for a couple weeks now, and I can't seem to find any clues searching around the board, so I have to ask:

What happened with the Even More tables? Pretty much the whole thing has been [REDACTED] out of existence!
Used to love making use of those tables in particular, the gap in me noticing can be chalked up to a gap in our Rifts activity- Which is picking up again, so I had been really hoping to start hitting our friendly neighborhood random roll tables, only to find a large chunk of this missing. :-(
What's up with that?
And more importantly, anyone know where to find a copy of the Even More tables? :D

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Unread postPosted: Wed May 01, 2013 3:17 am

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LordVarandus wrote:
I wonder if anyone would dare to use them in their game.....

I have! :)

Have a nice day! -Mankind
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Unread postPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:09 am

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Armorlord wrote:
Well, I've been wondering for a couple weeks now, and I can't seem to find any clues searching around the board, so I have to ask:

What happened with the Even More tables? Pretty much the whole thing has been [REDACTED] out of existence!
Used to love making use of those tables in particular, the gap in me noticing can be chalked up to a gap in our Rifts activity- Which is picking up again, so I had been really hoping to start hitting our friendly neighborhood random roll tables, only to find a large chunk of this missing. :-(
What's up with that?
And more importantly, anyone know where to find a copy of the Even More tables? :D

i'd like to know too why all the posts here seem to have been removed at least by one poster presumably where the bulk of the random tables were

i own but am less well versed in RUE, and my memory is ... lackluster at best keep that in mind if my posts contradict canon lol

Unread postPosted: Mon May 05, 2014 4:02 pm

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The randomer item tables I have, mostly, compiled. If your talking about the even more random item table list... I don't know. But if you'd like the randomer compilation or generator let me know at

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Unread postPosted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 6:32 pm

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The Random Tables are also good mental practice...going over them, reading, and wondering "Okay, what WOULD I do if we encountered THAT, provided some chucklehead in my party doesn't jump ahead and bone us all?"
Kinda like a successful pre-emptive Genre Awareness Roll(or reading the Evil Overlord Lists)*

(*Provided your PC is both smart enough and educated/experienced enough in-game to justify such behavior in-character).

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Unread postPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:24 pm

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Links to all of the Lists:
(This time I check them and they go to the right postings :frust: )

List 01
List 02
List 03
List 04
List 05
List 06
List 07
List 08
List 09
List 10
List 11

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Because I have no idea what it will bring back with it.

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Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:30 pm

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Zer0 Kay wrote:
The randomer item tables I have, mostly, compiled. If your talking about the even more random item table list... I don't know. But if you'd like the randomer compilation or generator let me know at

File updated with list 10-12.
Random item generator now updated to automatically include new lines in random roll and in index search.
Roll button added.

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Unread postPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:46 pm

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Random Item Tables boiled down to just items. Inspired (Not a copy) by the two links at the top of the page.

Table 1: Toolshop & Gardening

01: Clawhammer, broken handle
02: Nylon Rope, 20m.
03: Entrenching Tool
04: Screwdriver, Flat
05: Hacksaw with Blade guard
06: Screws, box, 80 assorted sizes
07: Metal Shears, Large
08: Adjustable Wrench, rusted
09: Nails, box, 70 assorted sizes
10: Garden hose, 8m.
11: Wire Cutters
12: Nuts, bolts and washers, box, 100 assorted
13: Screwdriver, phillips
14: Ice Scraper
15: 3/4" Socket Ratchet
16: Can of WD40
17: Vice Grips (Set of 3 sizes)
18: Box Cutter, orange
19: 15 Gallons Latex Paint, 3 colors
20: 5 Gallons Wood stain
21: Paint Brushes, 2 broad, 2 trim
22: 3 Paint rollers, trays and 3 extra rolls, new.
23: High Performance Paint sprayer w/2 wheel cart
24: Fiber Glass Ladder, 36' Extension, 300lbs max
25: Polycarbonate Safety Glasses, 4 pair in seal package
26: 1 Gallon of Paint Thinner
27: Portable Sandblaster, no sand.
28: Paint Scrapper
29: Duct Tape, Camo, 50'
30: 10' Wooden Pole
31: 1 gallon air compressor, oil.
32: Box of assorted Hammers
33: Block and Tackle, 1:6
34: Double sided tape, 4" wide x 250'
35: Knee Pads
36: Gloves
37: 1 Gallon Silicon Grease
38: Sham-wow!
39: Wood Axe
40: Lawnmower, ridable
41: Robot Lawnmower. Still tending a dried out field.
42: Fertilizer in Plastic container
43: Boson Tree
44: Box of Seed Packets, 10 assorted
45: Garden Gnome
46: Power Armor Suit (Destroyed) turned into a planter with Flowers
47: Field of Poppies
48: Bouquet Flowers and a Card. Belated Anniversary…
49: Potted Aloe Plant, 1' wide.
50: In-ground Water Sprinkler System---Pre-Rifts system with computer control, designed to draw upon local watershed, powered by solar power(solar cells hidden in local trees) and was last set in 'intruder detection mode', but has been acting quirky due to system deterioration over the centuries. The PCs will be well within the field when the sprinklers pop up and thoroughly soak them.
51: Grass Seed in Plastic Bag
52+: Subtract 50 from your roll, min 1

Table 2: Parts & Random Stuff

01: Bicycle Reflector
02: Bicycle, no seat or tires
03: Bicycle Helmet, no strap
04: Vacuum Cleaner, no motor
05: Small Plastic box, empty
06: VW hubcap, dented
07: License Plate, expired and damaged
08: Door Knob and Shank
09: Garbage can, rusted and holes
10: Plastic bottle, can of motor oil
11: Copper Pipe, 4m.
12: Zippo Lighter, empty
13: Zippo lighter fluid, 12 oz bottle
14: Battery Charge, car adapter
15: Bumper sticker, Air America
16: Street Sign, Colorado Blvd.
17: Crate of 6 canisters of fluid (Sealant, Penetrating oil, paint, etc…)
18: Bolt of denim, 8m.
19: 4 motor pistons
20: Fluffy Dice for rearview mirror
21: Wanted Poster
22: Plastic Flamingo
23: Horse inside a Stasis Chamber. It's just a demo model…
24: Winning lottery ticket for $50 mil, from year 1999
25: Floor Mosaic of the United States of America
26: Hula Dancing Doll for dashboard
27: An Oscar! Label is blank…
28: A human eyeball preserved in a jar of formaldehyde.
29: Airwolf armpatch
30: Orante Dagger and 4 crystal & pewter goblets.
31: PKE meter (Ghostbusters). It seems to work…
32: Box of blue colored rocks
33: Bottle of Poison, Rat.
34: Dashboard Radar Detector
35: Time capsule from 1984! What ever did they put in it?
36: Compass, points towards….
37: Box of Fire Crackers
38: Broken Upright Vacuum Cleaner, fixable
39: Box of 100 15mm ball bearings
40: Stop Sign, bullet holes in it.
41: Box of Arts & Crafts Supplies
42: Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Needs Batteries.
43: Tesla Coil, 12 feet tall.
44: Yellow Merge Sign, to the Left
45: Rocks laided out on the ground in a 5' tall S.O.S.
46: Wrapped package, bow tie, no label, ticking when ear is put to it…
47: Slot Machine. Still works.
48: A relic! Pick one from history.
49: 6' Tall Cardboard Cutout of Edward Cullen, Twillight Movie Promo. He Glitters…
50: Lobster Statue. 10' Tall and Concrete. Restaurant crumbled a long time ago…
51: Pointy Stick
52: Rock Shaped like a Gecko
53: Robot Butler. Refuses to perform tasks outside of Butlering, it's beneath him.
54: Smart Phone. Battery dead. Belonged to a Celebrity (Pick one). Map App is open and destined to a location in the wilderness?
55: Flea Collar, for cat or small dog.
56: 5 gallons of green slime?
57: A pager. Broken
58: Claw Trimmer for something really big? Bigger than a bear.
59: Tooth Necklace. T-Rex sized teeth and they are real.
60: Moth/Fly traps
61: Box of random keys, 79.
62: Giant tire from Caterpillar 777 Dump Truck. Good condition.
63: Ashs in a tin. Masking tape label says "Keith Richards"
64: Door Mat with pressure plate. Automatically rings door bell.
65: Lemonade Stand
66: T-Rex Skull. Made of bone, not a fossil…
67: Children's slide, 12' long
68: Folding Bicycle
69: Electric Switch
70: Big Knockers! For a door, brass.
71: Magic 8 Ball
72: Photo Booth
73: Human sized Hamster Ball
74: Al Gore in a Cyrochamber. Alive.
75: Wooden Podium with Microphone stand. No mic.
76: Soda Vending machine. It is robotic and follows you around offering refreshing beverages.
77: Dog collar, sized for an Elephant?
78+: Subtract 20 from your roll. Nothing if over 99%.

Table 3: Bed, Bath & Clothing

01: Plastic Coat Hanger
02: Fire Alarm, no batteries
03: Flashlight, no batteries
04: Padded Handcuffs
05: Black Leather Jacket, female small
06: Godzilla rubberized costume
07: Santa Costume
08: Easter Bunny Costume
09: Turkey Costume
10: Grim Reaper costume
11: TV remote, universal
12: Size 4 Black Dress, poor fitting.
13: DVD player, portable.
14: Cocanut Bra, adjustable
15: 2 Left Shoes, unworn.
16: Rocking Chair
17: Battered and sun-faded poster from the movie 'Double Team', starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman. The poster is the double-sided one with both taglines. When held up to a light, there is a map that appears...
18: Carton of Red Apple Cigarettes
19: Inflatable Doll, Female, human sized
20: Ash Tray, 20 cigarette butts
21: Incense Sticks, 20 Vanilla
22: 2 Left socks, argyle
23: Wooden carving of Cucumber?
24: Box of condoms, 7 left
25: UPS uniform, 5 with armpit stains
26: Pack of Lucky Strikes
27: Wheel Chair
28: Foamy the Squirrel T-Shirt, XXL
29: Lazlo Society T-Shirt, 100 assorted sizes
30: "I'm with Stupid >" T-Shirt XL
31: Black Rabbits foot with key ring
32: Silver Necklace with locket inscribed "Luck"
33: Elvis Presley Boxer shorts
34: Fireproof racing suit, NASCAR
35: Vintage Air Jordan sneakers
36: Fashionalbe Long Coat, womans
37: picture frame of a bald man with a heavy stubble and a paternal, joyful smile, who is holding a paper bag with a baby in it sucking on a pacifier. Behind the child is a caged parakeet.
38: Rose Colored Glasses
39: DVD/CD player. New in box.
40: Pants, mens. Hair stuck in zipper.
41: Safari Hat, Khaki
42: Flip Flops, size 15
43: Sunglasses
44: Alligator Handbag
45: T Shirt, "Hell was full… So I came back!" XXL
46: Chia Cat! Unopened package
47: Drivers License
48: Hatter's Hat. Caution, contains mercury in the felt…
49: Cell Phone Sock, knitted, Hello Kitty
50: Mink Stole
51: Black Stove Top Hat
52: Plaid Waistcoat with Pocket Watch
53: Goofy Hat, Disneyworld
54: Jewelery Box. Glowing Red Gem inside.
55: Plastic Rain Coat
56: Sequined G-String and matching bra
57: Sequined glove. Only one. It's a Thriller…
58: Packet of Viagra. Expired.
59: Hair Gel, Justin Bieber Brand
60: Leather Halter Top
61: Luggage, packed and ready to go.
62: Bath robe with lots of pockets
63: Red feathered Boa
64: Baby Rattle
65: Little Black Book. Womens names and contact info.
66: Wrist watch. Cheap. Stops working in a few weeks.
67: Menthol Cigarettes
68: 7 assorted leather purses. One for each day of the week.
69: Pink Fluffy Pillow
70: Black Leather Pillow
71: Insect Repellant, case of 8 bottles
72: Mascara bottle
73: Toilet Paper dispense, 2 rolls.
74: Man's razor, no blades
75: Can of Scrubbing Bubbles
76: Disposable Latex Gloves, 1 box of 500
77: Bottle of nail polish remover
78: Surgical Mask, cheap paper one
79: Bottle of pain killers, 50 tablets
80: Ear Plugs
81: Back Scratcher, bamboo
82: Manican Head with price tag on bottom
83: Shaving Gel, half a can
84: Bag of Kitty Litter, 5 lbs
85: Towel
76: Bar of Soap
87: 3ply toilet paper roll, new
88: Wooden toothpicks. Some looked used.
89: Tweezers
90: Electric Razor, Bikini and Bottle of Tequila
91: Syringe and bottle with clear liquid for injection???
92: Sponge
93: French Perfume
94: Bath Towel
95: Tampoons
96: Dentures and Denture Cream
97: Giant Wig
98: Electric Tooth Brush
99: Q-Tips
100: Hearing Aid

Table 4: Office Supplies and Decor

01: Pencil, Broken tip
02: Stapler, Red
03: Scissors
04: Magnifying lense, missing handle
05: Telephone, push button lan-line
06: World Globe, 1975.
07: Colored Pencils, broken tips
08: D batteries, 2
09: AA batteries, 4
10: Keyboard, missing letter "S"
11: I-Phone X, original packaging, marked clearance.
12: CD-RW. Blanks
13: CD Windos OS
14: AOL CD, 1150 free hours
15: Electronic Key Card, Labeled "A5 Primary"
16: Card Board Cut, life sized, out of Donald Trump, Making America Great again 2016!
17: Marcellus Wallace's brief case.
18: Mechanical pencil, no lead
19: Box of pencils, 20
20: Deck of Poker Cards, missing the jokers
21: Box of light bulbs, dropped? All broken
22: Tarot Card box. 3 cards only, World, Tower & Magician
23: Pack of 3x5 index cards, 100 unopened
24: A cigar box with old ticket stubs, unused stickers, and faded photos inside, with several rubber bands wrapped around the outside to hold it closed
25: Keys to a Jaguar XJ220 with Alarm Fob
26: Ball of string, 200'
27: Ornamental Letter opener
28: A cardboard box, with a Fed Ex label addressed to Detective David Mills. It's sealed and has dried blood around the corners.
29: Staple remover. Pinches fingers.
30: Fancy Ball point pen
31: Caligraphy Pen
32: Ship in Bottle, Star Trek Enterprise
33: Singing Trout on the Wall
34: Western Spitoon
35: Abacus and slide rule
36: Cup with 37 Chucky Cheese Coins
37: Glass Sliper. A paper weight?
38: Crystal Radio & Ear plugs. Homemade and works!
39: Monkeys Paw
40: Crystal Skull
41: Plastic Apple, "#1 Teacher"
42: Broken office chair
43: Commodore 64 computer
44: 16 meg flash drive, "Atlas6shot's Memory". Drive is blank
45: Blueprints
46: 260 Colors Crayons
47: Tax Records from the year 2016 to 2060, boxes of them.
48: Photo Albums from the 1970's
49: Box of wires for devices, but no matching devices in sight.
50: Box of devices, missing all their external wires
51: Uncashed Check from 2061. For $500K
52: Computer with Red Eye. AI? Responds to verbal commands. Often does not comply, "I can't do that… Dave."
53: Blank Journal, 500 pages
54: Map of Austrailia
55: Picture of Red Headed Girl in US Flag Bikini and Red Triangular Barrettes.
56: Box of 1000 Pamphlets on controversial political topic.
57: Persian Carpet
58: 3 Chairs
59: Thumb tack
60: Thumb Drive. Virus, Screen locked. Image of troll that hates Disney.
61: Envelope, empty
62: Gift Card, 100 credits. Starbucks
63: I-pad
64: Roll Twice, discard next roll over 64.

Table 5: Kitchen and Food

01: Donut Maker, homemade
02: Salt Shaker, ceramic
03: Glass Shaker, Red Peppers
04: Spice box, 24 spices in jars
05: Electric Knife Sharpner, no cord
06: Food coloring, 1 small bottle
07: Plastic knife
08: Jolt Cola Bottle empty
09: Tea Kettle, Copper base
10: Vegetable oil, plastic bottle
11: Spoon, Stlss steel, bent handle
12: Unlabled bottle, vinegar
13: Unlabled bottle, 100 proof whiskey
14: Plastic Dinnerware, 1 fork, knife, spoon and napkin in a bag.
15: Pastry
16: Peanut Butter Jar, empty
17: Jolt Cola Bottle, 6 unopened.
18: Can Tomato Soup, no expiration date?
19: Half-eaten Peanut butter and jelly sandwich in tupperware.
20: Bottle Jack Daniels
21: Napkins
22: Bottle Don Perrion 1978
23: Bottle Aunt Jamima's Syrup
24: Box Uncle Ben's Rice
25: 20 Packets of Iodized Salt
26: Lifesavers, butterrum flavor
27: Chocolate covered Coffee beans, 1 lbs
28: Child's drawing, clown
29: Rice Crispy treats, 1 case of 12.
30: Bottle Jim Bean
31: Power Bar
32: Dog Food, 25 lbs.
33: 20 lb case of Pop Rocks
34: 2 Wine Bottles, Vintage 1832. Gone bad…
35: Tongs
36: Twinkies, 1979, edible
37: Turnip
38: Soylent Green Cereal
39: Strawberries
40: Heinz steak sauce
41 Heinz Ketchup
42: Can opener, mechanical worn
43: Spoon and a bent fork
44: Cocopuffs
45: Box of IKEA stainless flatware!
46: Jar with a Cow Brain
47: Partially eaten sub sandwich
48: Victorian Silverware, made of real silver! Complete set for 16 people
49: Can of Spam
50: Pretzels
51: Cheese Burger, old.
52: Complete set of cooking knives
53: Chewing Gum
54: Box of Bavarian Wild Berry Tea
55: Garlic Press
56: Soda Foutain
57: Hibachi, a Japanese charcoal proof container for heating
58: Squeezed Lime Slices
59: 12" cast iron skillet
60: Gummi Bears, dry and tough, but still edible
61: 12" wide chocolate shaped like a starfish
62: Case of 64 rolls of Saran Wrap
63: McDonald's Restaurant with working Kitchen!
64: Teapot Samurai
65: Cookbooks
66: Bottle Elderberry wine
67: Cornell Dishes, None are broken!
68: Babies High Chair
69: Scooby Snacks with free toy
70: A Straw, the bendy kind.
71: Buffalo Wings, spicy
72: Apple Pie
73: Mug Root Beer, 2 liters
74: Really long Dinning Table. Seats 24.
75: Can of Sardines
76: Beer, light beer.
77: 1/4" rod with one end shaped into a spoon
78: Blender with Red Liquid inside
79: 10 Spatulas
80: Roadkill Cookbook, could be useful in the apocalypse!
81: Box of Stale Donuts. Still edible
82: Brownies with a secret ingredient. You want to eat more afterwards…
83: Tomatos, rotton
84: Yogurt, cherry flavored
85: Dixie Cup Dispenser, full.
86: Pez Dispenser
87: Waffle Iron
88: 4 Bowls of Cereal
89: Large Copper Pot
90: Cotton Candy
91: Can of Spinach
92: Cheese sandwich in paper bag
93: Rolling Pin
94: Porcelin Plates of Famous American Presidents (Pick 8)
95: China, complete dish set
96: Case of 5000 McDonald's Napkins
97: Toaster Oven. Burns toast every time.
98: Canteloupes
99: Coconut. How did it get here?
100: Wood Alcohol, might make you go blind…

Table 6: Games, Toys & Sports

01: Chinese Checkers in Plastic box
02: Board Game, missing pieces
03: Water Skis, like new.
04: Giant Box, Hang Glider kit
05: Plastic Baseball
06: Nylon Fishing line, 50m
07: Vinyl Patch Kit, 6 patches
08: Toy laser pistol, no batteries
09: Toy Megablocks, 50 in plastic box.
10: 2 sets of polyhedral dice, leather bag.
11: Action Figure, still in original package
12: Magic 8-ball
13: Yo-yo, works
14: Plastic ball, red and small
15: Teddy Bear
16: Metal Slinky
17: Rubber Super Ball
18: Silly Puddy, hard as a rock
19: Camping Tent, 2 person
20: Cherry 5000 Android
21: Board Game, Jumanjii
22: Boxing Gloves, 2 pair
23: Rock em' Sock em' Game
24: X-Game console, 4 Controllers and 15 games
25: Super Mario plush doll
26: Blank Rubix Cube
27: Teddy Ruxbin. Still talks.
28: Loaded Quarter, lands on it's side
29: Chucky Doll. Eyes follow you…
30: Complete set of UNO cards
31: MTG set of cards. Mostly commons.
32: Old gamer's computer. Has Half-Life, Doom and Kotor
33: Furby. Turns on by itself?
34: Optimus Prime, 4' tall Convention Model. Walks and Talks. Not intelligent, but has remote with microphone and view screen.
35: Bart doll. Talks when string is pulled, "Eat my shorts, Cowabunga and Do the Bartman"
36: South Park Doll, "OMG! You killed Kenny!"
37: Plastic Baseball bat
38: Barbie doll
39: Star Trek, Kirk/Shatner doll in original package, 1980.
40: Fishing Fly Kit and tools.
41: Sony Play Station X?
42: Hotwheels Steering Wheel (Plastic box). 12 collectable cars inside.
43: Stretch Armstrong. Stretched out…
44: Two man inflatable raft
45: Catchers mitt
46: A Lionel train set. 1 engine, 2 tankers, 2 coal cars, 2 box cars and a red caboose with a 6-foot oval track.
47: Etch-A-Sketch
48: Pinata
49: 14' Tobaggan
50: Transformers, Beast Wars
51: Ouija Board
52: Vampire Teeth. Glow in the dark too!
53: Magic Kit!
54: Box of sports trophies
55: TMNT Doll, plush
56: Pound Puppy
57: Flute. Smells like band camp?
58: Trombone
59: Super Soaker
60: Small chest of Plastic toy soldiers
61: Graphite Fishing rod with Reel, rated at 25-40 lbs
62: Climbing Rope, 100'
63: Portable Amp and Microphone w/Stand
64: Wet Suit, Large Sized (6' tall) and Scuba Gear
65: Speech Transmorgifier
66: Box. Springloaded Punching Glove inside.
67: Spongebob Squarepant's TOY!
68: 99 Red ballons
69: Large Conch Shell. Summons Merman and Aquaboy from Spongbob. No it's just a toy…
70: Bob Dylan Figurine with Tambourine
71: My Little Pony
72: Yamato Toy Robot
73: Star Trek Phaser. Looks like a real energy weapon. It's a model.
74: Robot dog. Hind legs broken. Had a mini wheel chair attached to hind quarters.
75: Model Rocket Kit
76: Tickle me Elmo
77: Roll 3 times. Rolls over 77, move over to Music, Movie & Lit Table.

Table 7: Music, Movies & Literature

01: News Magazine
02: Comic book
03: Book (story primer)
04: Book, Sci-Fi, last page missing.
05: 8-Track tape, Black Sabbath
06: Dictionary
07: Western Novel, missing cover
08: Encyclopedia, Volume B.
09: Telephone book, 2016 (Local)
10: Book, Gothic Horror
11: Small Arms Manual
12: CD, Pink Floyd's "the wall"
13: RPG, Pick your favorite Palladium book
14: Toy, Transformer Jetfire
15: DVD "Dirty Dozen"
16: DVD "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"
17: Erotica
18: Encyclopedia set, US history 1765 to 2030.
19: Bible
20: DVD Erotica
21: DVD Twillight Zone Series
22: DVD Old Yeller
23: DVD Starwars, all 15 movies!
24: VHS Documentary of Reagans Starwars Program
25: Comic, Captain Marvel #1!
26: Cassette, Eddie Murphy "Party all the time"
27: CSI computer game, mini-disk
28: Toy, Action Figure Exo-Squad, doesn't work
29: Toy, Action Figure, GI Joe Shadow Storm in original package
30: UFC 25, mini-disk
31: Book, US-Mexican War
32: Book, Biography of George Washington
33: VHS tape. Blank.
34: DVD "Atomic Café" US Dept of War training film on construction of Nuclear arms, 1950's
35: CD Game Fallout, 2 disc set
36: DVD Rocky Horror Picture Show
37: Erotic magazine with pictures cut out. All the pictures.
38: Laser Disc, "Tank Girl OKAY"
39: Book Idiots guide to Reading Comprehension
40: Case of Vanilla Ice CD's, 25 Greatest Hits.
41: Complete works of HP Lovecraft.
42: Video Game, World of Warcraft. No one is online.
43: VHS Ghostbusters
44: Complete works of Edgar Allen Poe. A raven is nearby.
45: Newspaper dated 2057, head line, "They did it again?!"
46: 5 CD set of the Spice Girls
47: Novel, War and Peace
48: Childrens math workbook, pages 51-99 torn out.
49: DVD 2001 Space Odessey
50: Recruiting Poster for the CS
51: DVD set, 1st season Biggest Loser
52: Coloring Book
53: DVD Monty Python's The Holy Grail
54: DVD collection of Carrot Top
55: DVD Emeril (Cooking Show)
56: CD New Kids on the Block
57: Advertisement for Rx drugs from Canada
58: DVD set Macross & Minmei Plush toy
59: Vynil Record: Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney
60: Book Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy
61: Tuning Fork
62: Movie Reels: Loney Toons Movie
63: Monsterous Manual of Demonic and Devilish Creatures. It's fiction right?!
64: 1970's British TV: VHS Space: 1999
65: Collectors DVD, the original DUNE
66: DVD Battlefield Earth, autographed by John Travolta
67: VHS Clockwork Orange
68: Boyscout Handbook
69: History of Freemasons, copyright 1966
70: Field Manual 7-8, "Squad and Platoon Infantry Tactics"
71: Book, 1862 Hardees's Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics
72: CD Black Eyed Peas Greatest Hits
73: English/German Dictionary 1999
74: Book, Chuck Norris Euphamisms, approved by Chuck Norris
75: DVD Princess Bride
76: DVD Blazing Saddles
77: Tattered Parchment, Constitution of US. It's a gift store copy in plastic wrapper.
78: Complete Collection of Comic Books, select series
79: DVD Missile Silo conversion for underground homes! Reestate infomercial
80: Juke box with 1980's Hairband music
81: Guns and Ammo Magazine, 2011
82: Death Metal CD. Label is removed.
83: Ipod with 100 GB memory. Broken on repeat, David Bowies, "Safety Dance"
84: CD single, Brittany Spears "Toxic"
85: Laff Tracks on a 8-Track
86: DVD-R: Bill Clintons speech, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman…"
87: CD Lancers Rockers!
88: DVD Battle of the Bands, 2058.
89: Newspaper, 2024, Sarah Palin President of United States
90: CD, Milli Vanilli. You can lip sing along too.
91+: Look at your own collection and pick one fast!

Table 8: Military & Transportation
01: .22 Cal Pistol, 9 shots.
02: Alum Arrow Shafts, 7
03: 12 gauge buck shot, case of 150 rds, water damaged
04: Brick of .22 Long Rifle ammo, 500 rounds.
05: Broken Katana, cheap reproduction.
06: Pear tree saproling in a pot.
07: Damaged firing circuit for CS energy rifle
08: Lancer Laser Pistol, 1d4 MD, doesn't work.
09: 12 Gauge Shotgun, 6 shots pump
10: Super VF, perfectly stored.
11: Bo Staff and Purple Eye Mask
12: Hatori Hanzo katana
13: Colt 1908 .380
14: Stonehendge made from ICBM's. Warheads and fuel removed.
15: Boomer rang
16: CS Deadboy Military boots. Skeletal feet inside…
17: Hummer, military, keys in ignition
18: Crate of 6 C10 Rifles. Neon colored. Inflict no damage-Training or Toys?
19: Horse Saddle and Saddle bags w/Oats
20: Eclip, charged. Fits Northern Gun Laser Pistol
21: An Aperture Science Laboratories Portable Portal Device. It might work…
22: A Kit Car waiting for donor parts.
23: 1970 VW Beatle. Runs, good condition.
24: Lamborgina Diablo, missing the motor and driver door.
25: 454 Casull Revolver, loaded, engraved "Big Mama"
26: Two matching Cutlass Auto Pistols
27: One very large Dagger Auto pistol
28: Bull Whip
29: Destroyed suit of power armor. Beyond repair, but some parts salvagable.
30: Delorean with a Flux Capacitor. Does it work?
31: Cinderblocks… under your vehicle.
32: Fighter Pilot Helmet, Name: "Star Buck"
33: 1970's Oldsmobile 4-4-2 in mint condition!
34: Power Armor, MEDIC variant!
35: 1909 Model T, fully operational
36: Full EV Body Armor, single hole in chest. Corpse inside.
37: Cargo Container with Power Armor disassembled. Instructions available, but confusing and poorly worded.
38: Franken'-Laser Rifle, made of multiple different parts. Turns on, but is it safe?
39: Baby Stroller
40: Cat Carrier. Fur inside and smells. No cat
41: Flame Thrower, WWII style
42: M1 Rifle with 4 boxes of ammo, 80 rounds
43: Thompson Submachine gun with loaded drum
44: Jousting Lance, 14'
45: Police .38 Special with 3 speed loaders and belt
46: Land mine. Don't step on it…
47: Ninja Shurkin
48: Silencer bored for 9mm
49: Zentraid Body Armor. Bare foot steps leading away…
50: Rubber Batons, one case of 12. For Riot Control
51: Wilks Laser Scapel
52: Movie Prop Energy Weapons. No Damage, but Laser Lights and Sounds are much more DRAMATIC than the real thing!
53: Brass shell casings, 300 7.62mm x 39
54: Pistol 1911 .45 ACP
55: Helmet, RDF style. Goes to the Destroid hidden in a nearby mountain bunker. Excalibur.
56: CS MRE's. Still good for another 5 years.
57: Claymore sword.
58: CS plasma Grenades, 6.
59: Body Vest, 30 MDC
60: Laser Sword by Wilks
61: Gas Mask with 2 new filters in box.
62: Berreta Pistol .22 LR, silencer and 144 rounds in used box.
63: Boeing 747, servicable.
64: Burned out remains of a 55 Chevy Bel Air. Tragic.
65: GPS maps. GPS no longer connects, but maps downloaded from 2060 are in the memory. Battery missing. Need to plug into car outlet.
66: Swiss army knife, military grade.
67: Personal Communicator, long-range walkie talkie.
68: Storm Trooper Armor. Fully Functional EV with 100 MDC. Looks homemade/modified from something else.
69: Lasers Blaster, attached to large diameter strap. Instructions for how to attach to a shark.
70: White Van. Ice Cream Truck. Music plays when ignition is on, can't turn it off.
71: Black Van with Red strip and tail fin. 4 AK-47's and crate of ammo inside.
72: Kawasaki Ninja Motor Cycle. Transforms into a robot droid. Friend or foe?
73+: Open the nearest Palladium Book to that page. They find an weapon or vehicle found on that page.

In compiling these list I learned that gamers think about Entertainment Media and Food the most. And Gardening the least...

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A still working, highly detailed Death Star propane fire pit with a grill inside for cooking.

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Dont post items here. Do that at the randomeer item thread

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Awesome! i love that thanks.

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taalismn wrote:
Random Roll Warrior Societies
“This is the -ankest-, the ancient weapon of our people! It was so feared by the governments of the time that they banned it, and forbid any mention of it even! But here, within these walls, we keep the art of the -ankest- alive! Here we practice how to use it, women of Vest, so the art never be forgotten! Until the -ankest- need be bloodied again in the service of our people!”

“We Ride! We ride under the banner of the Hawk and the Bull! Forward, Men of Iron! The War Drums call us to do our Duty this day in the service of the King of Aeglan!”

“Farmers! Bah! Little better than suckling priests! All they are good for is to feed Men of the Sword! Rooting and grubbing in the dirt for a living is not for my tastes! I am a harvester of men, not weeds! With my Brothers beside me, and my warcat beneath me, we are the ones for whom the world truly exists! I want! I hunger! Let us go forth and feast!”

“Walymbe set upon us the task of defending His beloved wife, Alsylo the earth, to protect her from those who would take from her without respect! He gave onto us the arts of the axe, the rope, the staff, and the strength of the winds to mae us her defenders! Let us till the soil in times of peace, let us cut evil in times of war!”

“Welcome to the table of aces, captain! Not many living men can claim to have successfully fought in the Voidstream. We are a decidedly unique group, to which you may now claim membership! Bring the good Captain here a drink!”

Call them mercenary guilds, or soldier clans, or whatnot, Warrior Societies are organizations that promote a certain martial mindset, combat style, or tradition. Some are founded to bind political ties among a certain social class, while others are created in response to changing social circumstances. Others have ties to the ancient past and traditions, while others seek to endow modern technological advances with a missing romance.
Many Warrior Societies operate as mercenary bands or assassin guilds, and their field organization can be rolled up using those tables. Others operate as government agencies, and can be rolled up accordingly with the appropriate tables. Others act as independent troubleshooters, like demonhunters. Some are simply founded to promote a warrior mindset and lifestyle, be it preserving the ways of swordsmanship or the practice of rapine and pillage.

The Sunaj, the GunBrothers, Mystic Knights and the Cyberknights are all good examples of Warrior Societies. Some Shemarrian sub-tribes or Fringe Tribes may be considered to be Warrior Societies in and of themselves. In real life, New Zealand Mauri and Native American warrior lodges, European knight orders and Japanese samurai societies or dojos can be considered these.

“I swear, you can’t go a block in Central City without running into one of those Vekat Guard fanatics! You know, those primped-up guys in the gold uniforms who are dotty about rocket launchers?”

How large and extensive is the Warrior Society? This can indicate how prevalent they are and how much manpower they can command.

01-25% Small---About the size of a small gym club: 2d4x10 members
26-50% Modest---1d4x100 members
51-85% Large---3d6x100 members
86-98% Huge---1d6x1,000 members
99-00% Sprawling---This massive organization boasts over 3d6x1,000 members and can likely take on regular armies by itself.

Sponsoring Group:
“I admit, having Krispi-Biskit sponsoring our local warrior-lodge sounds like a downer, but they’ve faithfully provided money and land for our Great Hall and they don’t insist on putting their company logo in any of our totems or on our traditional uniforms.”

Who, if anyone, backs the Warrior Society?

01-20% Extended Family---The society is backed by a family concern, likely descendants of the founding members.
21-40% Religious Organization---The Warrior Society acts as the enforcers or armed extension of a church.
41-60% Corporation---A private company is backing the society, in return for security, to operate the members AS mercenary security, or to test new weapons. Or perhaps to promote good relations with the locals, by sponsoring a group with ties to local traditions.
61-80% Organized Crime----A criminal organization, such as a terrorist society or black market is backing the warrior society, most likely to train enforcers and operatives. The ‘warriors’ may be little more than gang members given an upgrade in training and material, or may be a far more intense and sinister group, like narco-guerillas.
81-95% Government---- Though the society may be effectively a private-run/operated organization, it enjoys the sponsorship of the government. This could be a matter of ex-society members going on to political careers, or the government may see the society as a useful part of its security and armed forces(or a plausibly deniable asset). Support may take the form of financing, access to military surplus to special equipment, legal immunity, etc.
96-00% Secret---The society is backed by secret sponsors. Perhaps it’s another secret society, aliens, Alien Intelligence, or a War God with their own(usually dark) agendas.

“Does the Light shine inside you? Do you have what it takes to carry the Light into the Dark places, even knowing that your soul may be snuffed out in the Doing of it? Are you willing to sacrifice for the Cause?”

What is the general alignment of the Warrior Society? This goes towards how the warriors interact with others, and how the society carries out its goals and objectives.

01-05% Diabolical--- The society embodies true evil; power to do whatever one wants, whenever it is wanted.
06-15% Aberrant--- The society has high-minded goals and agendas, and has a code of honor(albeit a twisted one) with some lines it will not cross. Make no mistake, though, these people put their own wants and ambitions before anything else, and inflicting suffering on others, while regretable, remains a viable tool to achieve their ends.
16-25% Miscreant---- The society promotes training to plunder and profit. Whatever it takes to make money and acquire loot.
26-35% Anarchist---- Every man for himself outside the Society’s halls.
36-45% Unprincipled--- Honor among thieves? Certainly, with this bunch. They may occasionally steal each others’ glory, but they exercise some self-restraint.
46-90% Scrupulous--- Honor is fine by these people, but a certain pragmatism holds true. War is a bloody business, and sometimes you have to bend and break whatever rules may exist to get the job done. That may mean shooting, without trial, the bastards who murder innocents in cold blood, or, conversely, accepting that sometimes innocents are killed as collateral damage.
91-00% Principled---- The warriors of the society stand by their honor and their principles, even if it hurts them. Every transgression of their principles, even accidents, hurts their moral code.

“Our government has grown soft and weak, our traditions sullied by foreign crassness, and our people have been corrupted by outsiders! It is time to expunge our land of foreign corruption! Let the Brotherhood of the Sword take back the halls of parliament and re-light the fires of the soul of the land, so our people may rediscover their true heritage!”

What is the general focus of the warrior society?

01-20% Assassins---The members are trained as shadow-warriors, killing from the shadows. If Good-aligned, they may be freedom fighters, striking terror into the hearts of tyrants(the early peasant-ninja may be considered these).
21-40% Holy Warriors---Members are trained to serve as soldiers in a holy cause, such as fighting magic users, demons, or members of another religious creed. Indoctrination in the tenets of the sponsoring religious organization is a given for this type of Warrior Society.
41-60% Social Activists---The society is dedicated to revolution(such as a peasant’s rebellion or counter-reformists), or to curbing the excesses of government. They can be terrorists or social advocates, with combat skills to back their idealism up.
61-75% Gladiators----The society acts more like a gym or stable, producing warriors who fight for others’ entertainment. The society may get, in return for offering training and promotion, a cut of the gladiators’ prize moneys.
76-80% Sport----The society regards combat as sport, and fighting as its own reward. This includes dueling societies, where members may spar, joust, and fence for pleasure. The worst of these societies may go out on murder sprees or hunts of intelligent beings.
81-90% Bodyguards----The society trains personal protectors for clients.
91-98% Special Forces----The members of the Society are trained as elite special forces(at least in their minds). They may be the only ones trained in certain forbidden martial arts, or in the use of certain weapons(such as firearms or giant robots).
99-00% Party---It’s not about combat, it’s not about profit, or idealism; the society is just an excuse to play war on weekends, hang around together drinking booze, and swap ******** stories(a lot of British Commonwealth colonial and territorial units wound up becoming these, essentially glorified country clubs). The Calcutta Light Horse is a good example of just such a unit...that then came out of retirement during WW2 to serve God and Country again by sinking Nazi spyships. Valhalla’s a good mythical example of a god-level post-mortem warrior society dedicated to boozing and feasting.


“Five generations of men of our family have sworn the Oath and carried the Totenkarf badge on their blades! And now, times have changed, and it is time for a daughter to carry on the legacy! And HOW! Never before has anyone in the living generations of our order seen such mastery of the blade as exhibited by this one person! That she is my very own daughter fills me with indescribable pride!”

Where does the society get its members?

01-20% Family---Only members of certain bloodline lineages are allowed to join. It may be one extended family or a number of them, but anybody not born into the society cannot join.
21-40% Orphans---The Society scours orphanages for candidates to their society. 50% chance of having the No History Quirk
41-65% Open Door---Anybody can join the Society, provided they pass the physical or philosophical requirements.
66-97% Elite By Invitation---Only top-rated(8th level of higher) or ex-soldiers/veterans are invited to join.
98-00% Raise the Dead---Maybe they just pluck terminally wounded or written-off people(especially soldiers) from death’s door, or maybe they do resurrect the recently dead. 75% chance of having the No History Quirk

“I know how much you wanted new attack helicopters, Garl, but we can’t afford to buy new power armors AND new choppers after that fiasco with the cops! ”

How much money does the Society have on hand at any given time for special purposes?

01-02% Impoverished--- However adept their skills at combat, the Society is losing its battle with economics and is barely making ends meet, and is living day to day. They have their pride and their skills, but not much else. The Society can make loans of -0-(zip, zilch, nil) on a monthly basis.
05-08% Penny Pinchers/Coupon-Clippers---- In an emergency, or for special purposes, the Society could maybe scare up a paltry 1d4x100 credits for loan.
09-15% Depressed---They can get up enough for 3d6x100 credits on a loan or two.
16-30% Reasonably Well-Off--- The society can make loans of 2d4x1,000 credits.
31-60% Prosperous---They can make available 2d10x1,000 credits in loans or gifts.
61-80% Wealthy--- 1d6x10,000 credit range.
81-90% Rich--- 1d10x10,000 credits.
91-95% Super-Rich--These people can part with 2d4x100,000 credits for gifts or loans.
(96-99% Filthy Rich---The Society is wallowing in wealth. They can throw 1d6 million credits at problems and projects.
-00% Obscenely Wealthy---These people are drowning in money. 2d10 million credits.

“This is the Three-Zero-Two Nightmare Phasic Combat Suit, the stealthiest and deadliest battlesuit in the galaxy! Very few were made and none currently exist in the hands of any government! Only we of the Darkest Dawn possess them, and we are rightly feared for that!”

The Warrior Society has some sort of advantage that makes them unique and is often a signature of their special nature.

01-10 % Augmentation----The society provides members with some sort of physical augmentation, such as Juicer conversion, cybernetics/bionics, supersoldier power-up or magical transformation.
11-30% Special Training----Members receive some sort of special skill training, such as paranormal knowledge, or giant robot piloting, not normally available to the regular military.
31-50% Combat Style---Members are trained in an exotic or particularly devastating martial arts style. Or, if the GM doesn’t want/can’t come up with a crazy new combat system, give the members a +1d6 to damage rolls, hand to hand bonuses, or an attribute or two.
51-60% Discount Armor/Armament---- Members of the society get free or discount-price equipment from the Society’s arsenal.
61-70% Special Weapons/Armor---Members have access to special or unique weaponry, such as magic blades or energy weapons, perhaps keyed or bonded to them. Or maybe the society has access to giant robots or power armor. If the weapons./armor themselves are not unique, society members may receive special training in them(GM’s discretion; members may get +1d4 levels of experience in the chosen weapon/equipment)
71-80% Fire Support---If a society member is in trouble, other members will rally to their rescue. With a call, reinforcements may be as soon as only 1d6 minutes away. Or perhaps the society, if too late, will hunt down the late member’s killers and bring them to justice.
81-97% Network Clout----Members of the society benefit from social networking. This can prove useful in a variety of ways, such as preferred customer discounts as member-owned businesses, information, references, career assistance, loans, and political support. Even members who retire/resign, as long as they left under good circumstances, will be able to call upon active or other retired members for favors, recommendations, and information.
98-00% Clones----The society replicates members by some means. Perhaps the clones are androids/golems downloaded with members’ mental engrams, or are magic doppelgangers. Those members who fail lose this pseudo-invincibility/immortality privilege.

“Heidelberg dueling scar? Nah, that’s just a thornbush injury. My REAL bloodmarks are the flamer burns on my shoulders.”

Many Warrior Societies have special conditions that they operate under that impose some sort of sacrificial cost on members, the better to keep their edge.

01-10% -Ritual Scarification----Members receive distinctive scars or tattoos that mark them as belonging to the society; -1d4 to P.B.
11-20% -First Blood---Before they can become full-fledged members, recruits to the society are expected to take a life under special circumstances. This may be the killing of a family member, fellow recruit, or traditional enemy of the warrior clan. Under cretain circumstances, this may cause recruits of Good alignments to downshift a level in alignment if they carry through with the First Kill.
21-30% -Vow of Silence--Society members are not allowed to speak of what goes on in the society; they cannot discuss training, missions, history or the names of members to outsiders. Some societies enforce this through the use of magic curses, costume helmets that prevent sound from escaping, cybernetic implants, or simply removing members’ tongues.
31-40% -No History---Members are expected to give up their past identities and all previous personal ties. The society is their new family, and whatever new identity assigned them is their new name and history. Extreme cases may have members have prsonal identifying features eliminated surgically, or they may be obliged to wear masks all the time.
41-50% -Cannot Fight for Personal Profit---Society members are not allowed to use their fighting skills for personal profit; any earned moneys must go to the society. Gladiator society members cannot arrange their own fights to profit from them. Loot taken in battle must be submitted for sorting by the society before being distributed to members.
51-60% -Humorless----Society members are not permitted to publicly display any frivolous or emotional behavior. This may also be extended to in private, and may be enforced by magical gaeas, neurological implant, or chemical means.
61-70% - Cannot Be Taken Alive---Society law states that members cannot be taken alive to be questioned or paraded in defeat. This may be enforced by hypnotic suicide imperative or implants. The more squeamish societies may substitute some sort of mindwipe protocol, or deny any knowledge of the captured (ex) member.
71-00% - Cannot Kill Certain Targets----Certain types of target are forbidden from the Society. These may be women, priests, children, members of certain sects or species. Even accidentally killing one of the prohibited types will get the person responsible ejected from the Society, if not executed outright.
81-90% -Vow of Chastity----Cannot engage in sex or romantic relationships. Members of the Warrior Society are expected to maintain a purity of mind and body, and are encouraged to avoid/not allowed to have emotional entanglements. The more extreme societies may enforce this through temporary(chemical or magical) or permanent (surgical) castration/sterilization.
91-00% -Must Always Leave a Mark----The society has a combat tradition that tells others that they’ve been there; scarring a fallen opponent in a certain way, leaving a calling card, defacing nearby structures with their society symbol, finishing off a foe with a signature move, or, conversely, removing certain types of items as trophies(may not be valuable, but are distinctive). The more whimsical societies may steal panties, the nastier ones may take heads.

(Optional) Facilities
“That’s Kastle Kroake, the not-so-secret ‘headquarters’ of the Magnificent Republik Knights of Golgah. Come the weekend that lake will be covered in floating empty kiwa bottles and the occasional Magnificent Knight as they reaffirm their sacred oaths.”

Where does the society meet and where does it store its assets?

01-15% None---Members gather in the open when called, or meet in rented facilities or member homes. If government-sponsored, they may have use of government lands and facilities, but the society owns no properties of its own, and assets are stowed in members’ homes.
16-50% Training Hall(s)----The warrior society maintains one or more training halls to teach its members and allow them to hone their skills. These can be athletic complexes like gymnasiums or stables and riding fields.
51-70% Safehouses----The warrior society has secret hideouts for members to take shelter or recuperate.
71-90% Shrine---The society has a holy shrine or ritual house for special ceremonies or rituals. Or it could be a memorial hall to celebrate past members of the society.
91-00% Fortress----The society can hole up in a location reinforced to keep out outsiders and resist attempts to storm the society by force.

(Optional) Reputation:
“I am sorry, sir, the earlier report was in error. We have not encountered Ghurkas in our advance-”
“Excellent! We take the objective the-”
“-we have encountered ONE Ghurka, sir, and he is murdering the hell out of us!”

How well known is the Society?

01-25% Obscure/Secret---Either because of its lack of publicity, or deliberate effort to remain unnoticed, the society is unknown outside a few individuals.
26-50% Known----The society is known for having a few notable victories or actions, or maybe a few incidents on the police record, but is generally not seen as having any great impact.
51-75% Noticed---- The name of the society is publicly known and commands attention. The authorities have taken notice of them and have compiled dossiers on them. They may have adoration like the Guardian Angels or fear, like the Crips and the Bloods.
76-00% Feared----The society and its members have a well-known name and history that invokes respect and/or fear in those who go up against it. The society enjoys an effective Horror Factor of 9+1d4 if they are identified.

(Optional) Twinks
“Those ninja that suddenly attacked us...they seemed to know you. Care to explain why?”

What other unusual features might distinguish the society and give it color?

01-25% Nemesis---- This is an organization or group of opposition alignment to the society, that opposes them regularly. The two groups will, given the chance, seek to destroy the other.
26-50% Rivals---- This is another organization of the same general alignment and business as the society, but, for some reason, the two are in competition with each other. The rivals will seek to steal glory and recognition from each other, outdo each other, and generally goad and provoke each other. Gladiatorial stables are a good example of this.
51-75% Secret Treasure---The society hides certain relics important to its existence. This can be a holy artifact, scrolls containing secret martial arts techniques, magic weapons, historical relics, or a secret cache of valuables they are charged with protecting.
76-00% Costume Fetish---The society has a certain dress code that members follow; it might be fighting in monks’ robes, bare-chested, animal skins, skintight black bodysuits, or in the nude.

(Optional) Secret Agenda
“-I thought we were supposed to be hunting for the Holy Grail? What are we doing off on an ice cream run? Last week it was a ‘dangerous mission’ to pick up silk shirts, and the week before then it was a visit to a tobacco shop in Paris! Anybody seeing a pattern here? ”

What is the real reason the society exists for? Knightly Orders may claim to uphold chivalric values, but they’re really for God and Country, or serve individual kings. The ninja clan leadership may claim they want to limit the power of the shogun, but are maneuvering to put themselves in charge of the country.

01-50% None---What it sez on the box; the society has no secret agenda. It just exists to do whatever it does.
51-80% Profit---- Somebody stands to make money from the actions or existence of the society. Maybe the collateral damage they do supports the local contracting industry, or the leadership has insurance policies on members with high mortality prospects.
61-70% Private Army---However noble the ideals the society claims to defend, or however it claims to beenfit members as a whole, the fact is the society is really at the beck and call of one person or a handful of high-placed individuals who really direct the lower ranks to do whatever they want. At best, the society acts as an expanded bodyguard or ablative meatshield for the leadership. At worst, the rank and file may be expendable ammunition in a private vendetta.
71-80% Political/Social Change----The backers and leaders of the society seek to use its members to affect some political change or, alternatively, to PREVENT political change(by stamping out heresy, hunting down enemies of the current regime, etc.).
81-00% Tradition-----The society seeks to keep some ancient martial tradition alive, be it a family name, martial arts style, or social class.

Some gave all.
Love your neighbor.
Know the facts. Know your opinion. Know the difference.

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