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I recently got my hands on a copy of Rifts Ultimate Edition after decades of sideways glances at it but never pulling the trigger. My group is pretty stuck on pathfinder 1.0 so I will probably be playing this solo and using Mythic Game Master Emulator. I have used Mythic GME to play other RPG's mostly fantasy stuff and Traveller.

I noticed in the RUE there are no random tables for pretty much anything which is how you mostly solo. Plot points, items, encounters, locations etc.

I usually use Don-Jon for fantasy generators and Wizarddawn for dungeon and monster generators and items.

I cannot find anything that might work with Rifts after searching all morning. Are there supplements that have some random tables that I could pick up on drivethru rpg?

As a side note:
It took me all day Friday with a few breaks to generate a juicer. The process to generate a character is "interesting" to say the least. After backtracking in the steps a few times and rereading parts three or four or five times I think I got a guy figured out, but hooo-leee-sheeeit it was complicated, and I used to play AD&D 1st and 2nd ed way back in the day and had no issues. My body was finally ready for Rifts but I guess my mind is not, heh.

Both VPN services I use are blocked so probably wont post much, so thanks in advance.

Unread postPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 10:54 pm

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Unfortunately, while a Juicer is more difficult than a typical guy with a gun, there are far more complicated OCC's out there. Welcome to the stupidity.

I let my wife play rifts once....................she shot me in the back of the head with a naruni plasma pistol, gaffa taped a type 4 fusion block to my nether regions, and kicked my ass off the apc travelling at 100 MPH

gimme a break, my pc is a playa, not me.

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well, here's one that has a few tables: ... =4816_5190

unfortunately, a lot of the information in that book is going to be redundant/obsolete, because that's the core book from before unlimited edition.

but anyways, it has some tables that are normally used to generate some background information about your character; height, weight, family, disposition, where you're from, what you think of the coalition states or non-humans, possible mutations, that sort of thing. it would probably be useful for generating random NPCs if they need a bit more detail.

it also has random tables for finding out what insanities you have, but i think RUE has that already and really, unless you're playing a crazy it probably doesn't come up very often.

it has tables for randomly generating ley lines. that may also be in RUE, i can't recall.

at the back, in the GM section, it has a set of tables for generating random monsters, broken down into animalistic predators, intelligent supernatural creatures, and dinosaurs.

it also has some rudimentary stat blocks for CS grunts, CS SAMAS pilots, and headhunters, with a some equipment loadouts you could use for each (note: these characters will have two fewer attacks than an unlimited edition equivalent would have. there would probably be some other minor differences, but that is going to be the most visible change).

again, i would stress that this book is mostly going to be overlap with what you already own, and that the stuff that isn't the same is going to be heavily weighted towards being information that is no longer up to date, but it *does* have some of the things you would need. but not a ton of them.

of probably much greater value to you, there are a few random tables on these forums that might be of use to you. they are, of course, fan-generated, but they may still be useful. if you search for posts by taalismn (yes, spelled like that), he has a few different threads with tables for randomly generating things you might find while travelling the wilderness in rifts. here's a quick search result for you that may find several of his:


and according to one of those, the rifts adventure guide has random tables for rolling up communities. he may very well have some other things along the same lines, perhaps he'll chime in at some point; i don't know if he keeps the original documents sorted in a way that might help him in knowing what he has or hasn't done, and he has by this point written so much stuff i'm sure he occasionally discovers he's done the same thing twice by this point =)

and i suspect you may be very interested in this post by hotrod: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=154206

anyways, i hope that has helped. good luck!

(and be prepared to make some judgment calls, the rules are notoriously written with the intention that you are going to decide what you want them to mean, and in some cases with the assumption that you will fill in the blanks on your own)

edit: oh, and uhh... for generating plots, you may wish to try a search for the words "hook, line, and sinker"... like this one! search.php?keywords=hook+line+sinker&terms=all&author=&fid%5B%5D=8&sc=1&sf=all&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&st=0&ch=300&t=0&submit=Search

hook, line, and sinker is what palladium books uses to describe simple ideas for adventure plots (each one will have three fairly short sentences/paragraphs giving the basics; you'll need to fill in some details). i can't recall which published books have them, but that search should bring up some forum posts with a few ideas for you. again, fan-made, but maybe enough to get you started.

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