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Here is my latest creation, a custom power armor created from a modified NEMA Mastiff robot using a new automated system soon to be employed in our groups mechs and shared with the N.G.R.. I hope you all enjoy it. 8)

Tiger Shark
Custom Robot Armor

The Tiger Shark power armor is a heavily modified Mastiff, which was originally used as a heavy search and rescue armor, which has now been converted as a somewhat more agile combat and anti-supernatural mecha.

The more obvious changes from the original design were the increase in each leg height by 4 feet, which was done to increase speed and agility of the mecha. The increased leg size also allows a small cargo compartment to be added to each leg with survival gear if the pilot much abandon the robot. The huge forearms of the mecha have been reduced in size in order to mount their new weapons.

The large searchlights on top of the mech have been removed in order to mount the mech’s new primary weapon system, a triple mini-gun
system, which was inspired by a similar weapon in the CS rocket bike. Unlike the CS version though, this weapon can be either fired by the pilot or by a separate automated weapons computer system which ties into the new C.A.D.A.S. system which is described below.

The chest retains its mini-missile system, as well as a pulse laser system.

Like its little “brother” the Maverick, the Tiger Shark is covered in the new thermo ceramic armor that causes ANY type of fire or plasma weapon / natural ability to do ½ its usual damage.

Tiger Shark Armor

Model Type: TS-42 (TC)
Class: Anti-robot, anti-supernatural armor
Crew: One Pilot

M.D.C. by Location:
NW-42 Triple Mini-gun Housing – 150
NG-E15 Pulse Plasma Ejector – 120
.50 Caliber GECAL Mini-gun -120
Hands (2) – 140
Forearms (2) – 180
Upper Arms (2) – 180
Legs (2) – 320
Feet (2) – 240
Mini-Missile Launchers (4) Chest Mounted -
120 each
*Belly Gun Pulse Laser – 75
* Sensor Eye (Chest) – 80
*Cameras and Electronic Eyes (4) – 8 each
Chaff and Flare Launchers (4) – 60 each
**Leg Landing Jets (2 per Leg) – 100
***Main Body – 700
Reinforced Pilot’s compartment – 150
New Ultimax Force Field – 150

* A Single asterisk indicates a small and difficult target to hit requiring a “called shot” and even then the target is -4 to strike, except the very small camera eyes which are -8.

** Destroying the leg landing jets will reduces the mech’s leaping ability to only small hops. Jumping down from heights becomes almost impossible.

*** Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut down the mecha rendering it immobile and useless.


Running: 60 M.P.H. maximum. The act of running does not tire the pilot and can be maintained for as long as desired.

Leaping: Minimal, can “hop” 4 feet up and 10 feet across. Using the landing thrusters, the mech can enable the mech to fall from up to 50 feet without damage.

Underwater: Can walk along the bottom of the sea at 25% running speed, and at a maximum depth of 6800 feet.

Flight: You have to be kidding…….right????

Statistical Data:

Height: 19 feet, 21 when triple mini-gun is slung into place. Width: 9 feet. Length: 8.5 feet.

Weight: About 16 tons.
Physical Strength: Robotic P.S. 50

Cargo: Little storage inside with room for 1 rifle, 1 pistol, survival pack and 2 extra clips / e-clips for the weapons.

Leg Storage: Left leg has 1 ak-47 loaded with silver rounds, 2 spare 45 shot magazines, 1 folded, “armored” jumpsuit (15 M.D.C.) and 1 field radio.
Right Leg: 1 Wilks 457 Laser Pulse Rifle, and 2 spare extended e-clips, 1 case of 12 meal bars,1 gallon water, 1 weapon cleaning kit, 1 mallet and 4 wood stakes.

Power System: Nuclear with a 20 year life.

Cost and Availability: Still being tested. If the C.A.D.A.S. system works as expected the mecha and all its systems and weapons should sell for about 45-50 million credits.

Weapon Systems:

1. Nw-42 Triple Mini-gun
(World Book 12, page 170)

The weapon systems is stored behind the back of the mecha, similar to a Glitter Boy boom gun and it raises itself onto the mech’s right shoulder when it is ready to fire. The pilot can choose to fire the weapon directly and it can be controlled by a separate automated system in which case the gun can fire up to 4 times per melee with a +2 strike bonus.

Primary Purpose: Anti-robot, anti-vehicle
Secondary Purpose: Anti-aircraft and part of C.A.D.A.S. defense system.

Mega-Damage: 1d6x10 M.D. per 40 round burst from 1 cannon, 2 guns are 2d6x10, and all 3 guns are 3d6x10 M.D.

Maximum Range: 4000 Feet.

Rate of Fire: Equal to combined hand to hand attacks of the pilot (usually 4-6) or automated fire.

Payload: 4000 Rounds per gun for 100 bursts per each rail gun, 12000 rounds total.

2. NG-15 Pulse Plasma Ejector
(Merc Ops Book Page. 92)

This is Northern Gun’s hand held pulse firing plasma rifle adapted and attached to the Tiger Shark’s right arm. As a hand held weapon it has a nasty kick to it, even to those with supernatural strength. Fortunately when attached to a multi-ton robot that problem goes away.

Primary Purpose: Assault System
Secondary Purpose: C.A.D.A.S. defense and vampire cooker.

Mega-Damage: 5d6 per single shot and 2d4x10 M.D. in a triple pulse burst.

Effective Range: 1600 Feet

Payload: Unlimited when linked to the mech’s power supply, but a secondary power pack is carried in the mech which provides 48 single shots or 16 pulse bursts.

3. .50 Caliber GECAL Mini-gun
(Merc Ops Book Page. 121)

This S.D.C. level mini-gun created by GAW is one of the best weapon designs to use as an anti-demon and anti-vampire weapon when loaded with silver or wood rounds.
Primary Purpose: Anti-demon and anti-vampire assault gun.
Secondary Purpose: C.A.D.A.S. defense and anti-were beast weapon

Damage: 2d6x10 S.D.C. single shot, or 2d6x100 S.D.C. per 10 round burst. Silver rounds do double damage to demons and were beasts.
Wood rounds do 5d6 S.D.C. to vampires single shot or 5d6x10 S.D.C. to vampires per 10 round burst .

Range: 8000 feet

Payload: 2 ammo drums, usually 1 silver and 1 standard or 1 wood. Standard drums used for police patrol or overzealous hunting.
Each drum holds 1200 rounds.

4. Mr-66 Mini-Missile Launchers (4)

Located on both sides of the chest are a pair of mini-missile launchers.

Primary Purpose: Anti-aircraft, Anti-robot
Secondary Purpose: C.A.D.A.S. defense

Missile Type: Any mini-missile type can be used

Mega-damage: Varies with missile type.

Range: 1 mile

Rate of Fire: one at a time or volleys of two, three, four, or six.

Payload: 48 total, 12 in each launcher of player’s choice.

5. Forearm Silver Coated Vibroblades.

Each forearm has a concealed large silver coated vibroblade suitable for anti-demon and were beast slicing and dicing.

Primary Purpose: Anti-supernatural
Secondary Purpose: C.A.D.A.S.

Mega-Damage: 5d6 M.D.

6. NW-87 Duel Barrel Pulse Laser Turret (1)

Mounted on the bellow, below an exhaust fan is a medium power variable frequency pulse laser turret. (Can do full damage to Chromium armor after the first 2 shots.)

Primary Purpose: Anti-personnel and small vehicles.
Secondary Purpose: C.A.D.A.S. and chromium mecha defense.

Mega-Damage: 1d6x10 M.D. per dual pulse bursts. (Can only fire bursts).

Range: 3000 feet.

Rate of Attack: Equal to the hand to hand attacks of the pilot using it.

Payload: Unlimited as it’s tied to the mecha’s power plant.

7. Force Field System:

Due to a partnership with Triax, the Tiger Shark is equipped with the force field system from the latest version of the Ulti-Max Mecha. (150 M.D.C.)

Also note all weapons can fire through the force field without affecting its operation.

8. C.A.D.A.S. (Computer Assisted Defense and Avoidance System.)

This experimental system is the next step in automated mecha operation. While some mecha produced today have the ability to fire and track a weapon independently of the pilot or gunner of a robot, this system takes it one step further.

When the pilot is rendered unconscious or manually activates the system it assumes complete control of the mecha with an emphasis on returning the pilot back to several pre-programmed locations at its best possible speed. Weapon use during this time is used in a defensive manner only. At the same time the system has a built in medical scanning system, equal to a paramedic skill of 92% that notifies the nearest triage station as to the pilot’s present medical condition and con inject a selection of drugs, or even an I.R.M.S.S. nano robots to help stabilize the pilot.

Also as mentioned earlier only the triple mini-gun can fire in partial C.A.D.A.S. mode as it has its own secondary combat computer. All of the other weapons can only be automated when the full system takes over and only for defensive purposes. If something or someone gets in the way and is not a friendly, its gets shot at, with super natural creatures getting first priority.

If the system proves to be a success in the continuing testing there are plans to retrofit it to the Maverick Armor as well as several Triax robots and power armors, as well as future creations from both companies.

9. Hand to Hand Combat: For full benefits the players must take Robot Combat Elite: Tiger Shark, otherwise the basic bonuses from robot combat basic apply.

Also, note when the Full C.A.D.A.S. system is active you only apply the bonuses from it, not the player’s own bonuses as well, since the computer system is handling all tasks then.

+2 attacks per melee plus those of the pilot at level 1. Add one additional attack at levels 3, 5, 9, and 13.

Critical strike is same as the pilot.

+1 on initiative
+2 strike with weapon systems.
+2 strike in hand to hand combat.
+2 parry in hand to hand combat.
+1 dodge bonus.
+4 to pull punch
+2 to roll with impact, punch or fall.

(In full C.A.D.A.S. mode bonuses are as thus):

+2 strike with ranged weapons
+3 strike with hand to hand
+2 dodge
+3 pull punch
+3 roll with impact, punch or fall.

Punch Damage: 2d6 M.D. restrained punch and 5d6 on full strength punch.

Power Punch: 1d6x10+20 M.D. , but counts as 2 melee attacks.

Tear or pry with hands: 4d6 M.D.

Kick Damage: 5d6 M.D.

Power Kick: 2d4x10 M.D. , but counts as 2 attacks.

Body Block/Ram: 4d6 M.D.

Full Speed Running Ram: 2d6x10 M.D., but counts as three melee attacks.

Stomp: 3d6 M.D.; effective only on targets less than 6 feet tall.

10. Sensor Systems: Standard systems mentioned on page 81 of main Chaos Earth book as well as the C.A.D.A.S. mentioned above.

For those interested the next two items I have in mind include a new custom heavy flying power armor as well as a custom heavy artillery hover tank.

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I gotta say, I love seeing people posting home game creations to the boards :D

Keep up the good work!

A good friend will help you hide a body. A best friend will lend you the P.P.E. you need to resurrect the body as a loyal zombie servant.

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