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Coupled with the other changes going on in my on-going re-write of the rules, i wanted to update/change the way the rules work on how you learn new skills.

Keep in mind this also goes in-hand with characters receiving 3-6 skills from a background package (That are treated as secondary skills, or provide a one-time skill bonus if the skill is later repeated as an OCC/Schoolastic skill or chosen as an OCC related skill)

[ ill probably do a post on this later, to get feedback, but for the most part, itll be a set of skills that are simply life-skills for the characters' pre-adventuring/Professional career - so, for a wilderness character, 1-3 wilderness survival type skills, a transportation skill (like horse riding, or motorcycle, etc nothing military or fancy), a literacy skill (doesn't mean they are literate, just defines their literacy pre-OCC - so, can be Truly Illiterate, Functionally Illiterate (Techno-Can is going to be changed to a hieroglyph/emoji-like "written" language that explains how people can be illiterate in a high-tech society but still get the info they need), a literacy skill, etc) and potentially (depending on the background) a basic profession (like cooking, sewing, etc). ]

Primarily, characters will no longer have to wait until a certain level to learn new skills… they simply have to find a teacher and spend the time to learn the skill (time TBD; im thinking longer to learn an OCC related skill than a Secondary skill).

Instead, characters will simply be limited in the total number of skills they can learn; if, say, a class formerly got new OCC Related skills at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12 (Headhunter, in this case)... they can now learn 4 more OCC Related skills at any time, provided they find a teacher and take the time to learn the skill.

Instead of gaining a new skill at levels 3, 6, 9 and 12, at those levels, he can learn a skill (provided he has skill slots remaining) without a teacher.

Secondary Skills will be similar; instead of learning them only at specified levels, your previous total possible become a pool you can spend to learn skills at any time provided you have a teacher and spend the time. At levels where you previously gained new Secondary Skills, you can learn one without a teacher (but only one, even if you previously got 2 or more Sec. Skills at that level).

In this case (Headhunter), they get 8!

Its currently in my thinking that this number will also be increased by an attribute. (Possibly IQ using the slow-progression bonus line - I.E. half the IQ % bonus).

This can be spent on either OCC Related skills OR Secondary skills (as some skills are available as Secondary skills but not as OCC related to some classes).

This also brings things more in line with where Palladium itself seemed to be going with the AT courses in Heroes of Humanity.

Thoughts/feedback? Things i missed?

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I treat skills learned at levels as things they find out how to do from life experience. It should be related to things that happen in game.

I do not treat skills learned from in game teachers against those. Learning from a teacher in game is a free bonus skill. There are several examples of being able to learn skills from a teacher on its own.

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