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Comment: The Dark General of the Apocalypse and the right hand man to the Horseman of Death
After getting the new Atlantean book, I had been trying to come up with a new clan. I wanted something unique, like a clan similar to that of South America, where they have a unique class all their own, but I also wanted to keep the flair of the area I wanted to work with. Being an anime fan, I gravitated to Japan and China and thus, the Kusekabe Clan was born. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciative, as I am still trying to balance the clan and the new classes with the area.

Kusekabe Clan

The Kusekabe Clan of Atlanteans were proud explorers who, after the great ley line storm that took Atlantis from Earth, found themselves transported to one of the large islands of Japan. This was roughly at the end of the new Dark Ages. The Ley Line Storm did more than transport the clan though. It rendered all magic users and spell casters inert, permanently. Because of this major shift in power, the clan found themselves with very little to protect them, except for their tattoos. How this happened, even the clan elders are not sure, but one this was for sure, they were cut off from all magical abilities, leaving only their tattoos and the local chi/ki based talents they learned from the locals. Ironically, they were still blessed with psychic abilities, although no more than a usual Atlantean.

Marks of Heritage: On the right wrist is the traditional heart impaled by a wooden stake (protection from Vampires). On the left wrist is a Katana enveloped by orange flames with the hilt often times having a dragon head. The dragon head often has the words “Atorantisu no hogo-sha” written below, roughly translating to “Protector of Atlantis”, given that this clan has survived in the general area for hundreds of years. The flaming sword is an M.D. weapon in Mega-Damage settings.

Clan Estimated Size: Lord Haru estimates the total clan population to be roughly 1.3 million. Most live in the small island chain off the north-east of Japan, while others have ventured to other areas of the world, with China and Australia being the two most head to. Only a handful have ventured to North America and fewer have gone adventuring in the Megaverse.

Clan Status: Unknown, as many clans have dedicated themselves to traversing the megaverse, the Kusekabe clan focuses on their small part of the world. Many lead simple lives, and without stone masters and a dimensional pyramid, the clan’s influence on the world and the megaverse does not look to be expanded any time soon.

Clan Notoriety: The Kusekabe Clan is hardly known to the Atlantean clans. They disappeared when Atlantis disappeared. Other minor families within the clan that did not vanish were absorbed into other clans and as such do not bear the clan name. Unlike the Skellion Clan, they did not live among the humans and while they do see themselves as superior to the humans on the larger islands, they are blocked by the Oni lands which prevent them from exploring the island further.

Clan’s Primary Homes: The Kusekabe have a single large island they hide the bulk of their clan, the island of Chunju. Even without a dimensional pyramid, the land has been obscured from the world by a series of natural barriers including rocky reefs and dangerous sea creatures. A smaller Island, Kurikanai, has a bustling town and some farm land, although much of the food acquired by the residents is from the sea. Kurikanai is many Tattooed warriors first stop before heading into Oni infested lands.

Alignment of the Kusekabe Clan: Any, but the typical is Principled (15%), Scrupulous (25%), Unprincipled (25%), and Aberrant (13%). The rest can be of any other alignment, but even those of other alignments have a semblance of honor, even Diabolic.

Clan Outlook on Rifts Earth: Japan is their home and while they would like to expand and hold additional territory, they feel that taking over the world, especially one covered in dimensional rifts, would be too much work and could cost more lives than necessary. If the Clan does find out about Atlantis’s return, they would join the Aerihman in liberating it.

Bonuses for Clan Kusekabe: Kusekabe Clan members are the only ones with access to the Tattooed Monk, the Tattooed Ninja, and the Tattooed Samurai classes. Also, members of this clan can select Hand to Hand combat from Japan or China (See list below).

Given that the clan is from the Far East, they can also select other Japanese or Chinese classes, although many select either Scholars and Adventurer style classes such as the Body Fixer or Operator or one of the Tattooed Classes. Magic is not used (the clan has no Stone Masters or Crystal Mages) and as such, other than tattoos, the clan has very little in the way of magical weapons and tools. Most are stolen from bandits, warlords, and pirates.

Those that select a Chinese class that allows for a mystic form of Martial arts can only select 4 additional tattoos other than the Marks of Heritage. Any more destroys the spiritual bond needed for the martial arts. In addition, the Atlanteans cannot be Spirit Hosts as their immunity to transformations prevents a bond.

CURSED: Known only to the Clan, the ley line storm that took them from the beginning of the disappearance of Atlantis to the end of the New Dark Ages cursed every member of the clan. This curse renders all knowledge of magic from the users. As such, there is a mental block in all clan members that prevents the use of diabolism, shifting, or incantation magic. It also prevents bonding with elementals for Warlock magic or Witch magic. It can not be broken with a normal Remove Curse and even a deity’s Remove Curse has only a 1% chance of working. This curse has filtered into the genetics of the clan and every child born of a Kusekabe Clan member receives this curse. Reduce all base skills for Operating Pyramids by half.

Classes available for Kusekabe Clan Members

-Tattooed Defender
-Tattooed Monk (NEW)
-Tattooed Ninja (NEW)
-Tattooed Samurai (NEW)
-Undead Slayer

-Bishamon Fighting Monk
-Mystic Ninja
-Samurai or Ronin
-Sohei Warrior Monk

-Chun Tzu (Philosopher Martial Warrior)
-Fu Yao Da Chia (Great Demon Catching Hero)
-Jian Shih (Warrior of the Celestial Court)
-Mo Di Mu Yang (Goblin Wrangler)
-Nei Chia Wu Shih (Meditative Martial Warrior)
-Wai Chia Wu Shih (Open Hand Martial Artist)

Rifts Ultimate Edition
-Any Scholar or Adventure
-Any Psychic
-Any Man at Arms that does not require magic/mechanical enhancements

Prohibited Classes

-Mechanically enhanced classes (Juicers, Cyborgs, etc)
-Practitioner of Magic, including Stone Masters and Crystal Mages
-Psi-Ghost (this is a human only class)
-Tattooed Voyager (Dimensional Tattoos are not known to this clan)

New Tattoos

Caged or Leashed Animal (Suppressed Tattoos) (POWER)
P.P.E. to activate: None, always active
Duration: Permanent
Power: Often used as a form of punishment or for those who study the art of Chi/Ki, this tattoo prevents the user from gaining more than 6 active tattoos. For criminals with tattooed abilities, this allows for the marks of heritage and 3 tattoos to be retained while the rest of the tattoos become depowered. This turns the criminal into a S.D.C. being and reduces the amount of P.P.E. they currently have. As this tattoo curse is permanent, the owner can never gain another magical tattoo for as long as they live.

No matter if it is voluntary or forced, the pain and penalties for receiving this tattoo are much more debilitating. Damage is 1D6X10 (Either to M.D.C. to a criminal or S.D.C./Hit points to the volunteer) and causes severe pain for 1 week, suffering from the same penalties as one would gaining a Dimension Tattoo. This does count as a single tattoo so the owner does gain additional P.P.E. for said tattoo. Once gained, those with more than 6 tattoos find that the magic that powers their tattoos disappears at a rate of 1 tattoo per hour until they have 5 tattoos that are still empowered. Other than the marks of heritage, 3 tattoos at random (Players can be allowed to choose if the GM allows it) remain powered but every other tattoo (if any) is depowered and can never be activated again. This can be devastating to Undead Slayers and Defenders who were caught doing criminal acts. Finally, this tattoo as a form of punishment is never used unless there is no doubt that the criminal was going to do harm either to the clan or the world. A petty thief will not get this tattoo, but a serial murderer would.

Note: This can be used on Atlantean Slaves as well, in which case, only a total of 5 tattoos are retained although the nature of the magic will allow for a single weapon and the staked heart, if it is a tattoo, to remain untouched. As removing the powers of the Marks of Heritage is considered a death sentence, the tattoo was designed to not interfere with these two tattoos. If the staked heart or weapon are not on the tattooed warrior (such as an Atlantean Slave), a random tattoo is selected to remain empowered.

Explosion (Self Destruct) (POWER)
See Sunaj Tattoos. The Hara family which specializes in Tattooed and normal Ninja created this tattoo independent of the Sunaj. This tattoo is only given to Ninja and Tattooed Ninja to prevent capture, but only as a last resort.

Weapon Impaling or Smashing a Goblin Head (MAGIC WEAPON)
P.P.E. to Activate: 25
Duration: 15 minutes per level of experience or until canceled.
Power: This tattoo of a melee weapon does its usual damage to most creature. As a Goblin/Oni Slayer, it does the weapon’s usual damage +8 damage to all types of demons, including Deevils and Demons from Hades, but inflicts double the weapon’s usual damage +12 to Demons, Oni, and Goblins of Japanese or Chinese Origin.

Animal/Monster with unnaturally large eyes (ENHANCEMENT TO MONSTER OR ANIMAL TATTOOS)
P.P.E. to Activate with this enhancement: 15 for animal, 25 for Monster
Duration: The same as the creature being activated
Power: This enhancement allows for the Tattooed user to see through the eyes of his tattooed animal or monster. The user can not see through his own eyes and must remain still to maintain his connection. This is particularly helpful for Tattooed Ninjas or Mystic Ninjas with minor Tattoo Enhancements. Unfortunately, if a monster or animal is destroyed with this enhancement, the user suffers an additional 2D6 damage to Hit Points or M.D.C. The damage will heal as normal or can be restored by Magical or Psionic means.

Hand to Hand Notes
All classes that are from the main book have the following additions
-Hand to Hand Basic can gain Hand to Hand Judo (Japan) or Hand to Hand Tai Chi (China) at the cost of one OCC Skill.
-The following Hand to Hand Combats can be selected at the cost of one OCC Skill plus the cost of Hand to Hand Martial Arts: Hand to Hand Eighteen Weapons Kung Fu (Shih Ba Bau Wu Yi) (China), Hand to Hand White Jade Fan (Chi Hsuan Meu) (China), Hand to Hand Sha-Lin Kung Fu (China), Hand to Hand Akido (Japan), Hand to Hand Jujitsu (Japan), Hand to Hand Karate (Japan), or Hand to Hand Kendo (Japan). Any bonuses gained in any of these Hand to Hand combat are M.D.C. for M.D.C. beings and S.D.C. for S.D.C. beings.

Tradition for Tattoos
If the character gains more than 6 tattoos while as one of the following classes, the following modifications occur.
Bishamon Fighting Monk: Loses Chi-Gung, Chi M.D. Death Blow, all mystic Martial arts powers, reduce I.S.P. by half and retains only 3 psychic abilities

Chun Tzu (Philosopher Martial Warrior): Loses all abilities associated with the Mystic Martial Arts they select, including starting I.S.P.. Is no longer able to sense and manipulate Chi

Fu Yao Da Chia (Great Demon Catching Hero): Loses all Demon Queller Body Hardening abilities, all abilities associated with the Mystic Martial Arts they select, including Starting I.S.P.. Is no longer able to sense or manipulate Chi. Can retain Demon Entourage.

Jian Shih (Warrior of the Celestial Court): Loses Gui Long Kung Fu and all bonuses applied to the martial arts, including starting I.S.P.. Is no longer able to sense and manipulate Chi.

Mo Di Mu Yang (Goblin Wrangler): Loses Demon Hunter Body Hardening exercises, the ability to sense and manipulate Chi, and all I.S.P..

Mystic Ninja: Loses Mega-Damage Transformation, all Mystic Arts of Stealth, and half of all Mystic Ninja Psionics. Reduce all I.S.P. by half. Ninjutsu/Tai-Jutsu training is frozen at the level the tattoos are attained.

Nei Chia Wu Shih (Meditative Martial Warrior): Loses Gui Long Kung Fu and all bonuses applied to the martial arts, including starting I.S.P.. Is no longer able to sense and manipulate Chi. One Hand to Hand combat, either eighteen weapons Kung Fu or the empty hand martial art selected is frozen and reduces by one level each level of experience due to not being practiced.

Samurai/Ronin: Loses Chi M.D. Death Blow and Zanji Shinjinken-Ryo is frozen at the level all tattoos are attained. Reduce Samurai Horsemanship, Bowmanship, and Daisho bonuses and skills by half (Double penalties for parry arrows/energy blasts) and lose the extra attack per melee round when using a pair of swords.

Sohei Warrior Monk: Loses Chi M.D. Death Blow, all Mystic Martial Arts abilities and Jodo bonuses are reduced by half (Penalties are doubled for parry arrows/gunfire)

Wai Chia Wu Shih (Open Hand Martial Artist): Loses Chi Healing, I.S.P., and all psychic abilities. Can continue with Xian Tai Chi Chuan Hand to Hand combat but cannot sense or manipulate Chi.

New Tattooed classes
Tattooed Monk
The Tattooed Monk is unique for Atlantean classes. Aside from being the class that can give out tattoos (at later levels), the Tattooed Monk is known for being the most passive of all the new Tattooed classes. They do not like to engage in combat if they can avoid it and are often blessed with spiritual abilities (Sensitive Psionics).

A standard T-Monk will often be a mediator between villages during their travels. They are often greeted with compassion when they are found in the wild. Seeing one on the road is a good sign. They typically travel alone or in small groups of 2-4. They travel wherever they can to learn more about the world. They arbitrate, they study, and they teach. But do not take their passive nature as a sign of weakness. Under their robes are an arsenal of tattoos that can spell doom to anyone who wishes to combat them. While passive, they are hardened warriors.

Also, a good number (85%) of all Tattooed Monks are vegetarians.

Tattooed Monk O.C.C. Abilities:

These are abilities and areas of expertise in addition to those common to all True Atlanteans, like Sense Ley Lines, Sense Rifts, and Operate Dimensional Pyramids. See the True Atlantean R.C.C in World Book 2 Atlantis or Dimension Book 15 Secrets of the Atlanteans.

1. Magic Tattoos Denote Heritage: Stakes Heart and Flaming Sword as discussed under the R.C.C. and described in the Clan information.
2. Increased P.P.E. from Magic Tattoos: Base P.P.E. is 1D4X10+20 for all Tattooed Monks. Add 10 P.P.E. points for each additional level of experience and +6 P.P.E. for each additional tattoo. Note: The Tattooed Monk can also draw energy from Ley Lines and Nexus Points, up to 20 P.P.E. per each activation of a magic tattoo or 15 P.P.E. per melee round for power or use a magic device.
3. Increased P.P.E. recovery: The Tattooed Monk’s P.P.E. replenishes itself at the rate of 20 points for every hour of meditation, rest or sleep; 30 P.P.E. when meditation is performed on a ley line.
4. M.D.C. Tattooed Monks have a base M.D.C of 1D6X10 +10 M.D.C. per each additional level of experience and another 11 M.D.C. for males and 13 M.D.C. points for females for each additional tattoo after the initial six. Due to the number of magic tattoos, they are considered supernatural beings with Supernatural P.S. and P.E., so their physical attacks inflict M.D. and hurt supernatural beings and Mega-Damage creatures.
5. O.C.C. Bonuses: +3 to Perception, +2 parry, +2 Dodge, -1 Strike with any weapon, +2 Initiative, +4 Disarm with hands (no bonus to disarm if the T-Monk uses a weapon), +5 Vs Horror Factor, and +2 Vs Possession. Attribute bonuses from physical training and magic are +4 M.E., +1D4 P.B. and P.P. Make sure you include the True Atlantean R.C.C. bonuses too.
6. Magic Tattoos: The Tattooed Monk starts with the following Magic Tattoos:
The Two Marks of Heritage (Standard)
Eyes of Knowledge
Eyes: Three
Horse with Military Saddle (Counts as one tattoo)
1 Magic Weapon of Choice (Often a dagger or a staff crushing or impaling a goblin, demon or deevil head)
2 Simple Weapons
2 Animals
1 Monster (Minor)
2 Power Tattoos
Each new level of experience, the character’s Clan elder of Master Tattooed Monk (12th level or higher) can add two simple tattoos (animal or simple weapon) or one major tattoo (Power, monster, or magic weapon. Note: Receiving one or two new tattoos will require traveling back to Chanju, so the character may have to disappear for a few days from time to time. It is possible that circumstances do not allow the character to get the tattoos immediately after attaining the next level of experience. The most tattoos any T-Man can get at any time is two. There must be at least six months between the acquisition of another pair of tattoos.
7. Psychic Abilities: T-Monks are often selected from youths who have high psychic potential. Most are Minor or Major Psychics. This is subject to the approval of the Game Master and the desire of the player. For example, if the player does not want to play a Master Psychic, they can decline to do so and take the next step down to give the character Major Psionic abilities.
01-20%: No psychic abilities
21-40%: Minor Psychic abilities: Select 2 Physical or Healing Psionics (Select one category)
41-60%: Minor Psychic abilities: Select 2 Sensitive Psionics
61-75%: Major Psychic abilities: Select 6 Sensitive Psionics
76-90%: Major Psychic abilities: Select 6 Physical and/or Healing Psionics
91-95%: Major Psychic abilities: Select 3 Minor Psychic abilities (Healing, Sensitive, or Physical) and 1 Master Psionic ability (Super or Mind Bleeder)
96-00%: Master Psychic abilities: Can select an O.C.C. such as a Mind Melter, Mind Bleeder, Burster or Zapper. If a Master Psychic is selected, the number of tattoos reduce to the following: Marks of Heritage, Eyes of Knowledge, Horse with Military Saddle (Counts as one tattoo), 2 Simple tattoos (Simple weapon or Animal), 2 Major tattoos (Monster, Magic Weapon, or Power).
8. Tattooed Mastery: At level 12, the Tattooed Monk has the opportunity to settle down for a life of study and contemplation. If selected, at level 12, the Tattooed Monk returns to Chanju and can never leave. However, by doing so, they are taught the secrets of Tattoo Magic and can place Tattoos onto other Atlanteans. Monks at this level tend to form friendly factions on the island, taking pride in the warriors they place tattoos on. Note: If any player selects this option, the character is retired and can become a NPC.

Atlantean Tattooed Monk O.C.C. Stats
Alignment Restrictions: Any but most atlanteans tend to be of good alignment with a few exceptions.
Attribute Requirements: None, although a high M.E., M.A. and P.E. are all suggested.

O.C.C. Skills
Art (Drawing and Painting, Professional) (+20%)
Brewing (+5%)
Carpentry (+10%)
Land Navigation (+10%)
Language: Japanese and Chinese (+25%)
Literacy: Japanese and Chinese (+25%)
Lore: Demons and Monsters (+15%)
Lore: (Select one) (+10%)
Play Musical Instrument (Select one) (+10%)
Wilderness Survival (+15%)
Climbing (+10%)
Swimming (+15%)
Weapon Proficiencies: Choice of any two ancient weapons
Hand to Hand Akido or Shao-Lin Kung Fu

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 7 skills starting at level one, and two additional skills at levels 3, 7, 10, and 13. All new skills start at level one proficiency
Communications: Any
Cowboy: Breaking/Taming Wild Horses and Herding Cattle (+10%)
Domestic: Any (+10%)
Electrical: None
Espionage: Detect Ambush, Detect Concealment, Intelligence, and Tracking (people) (+5%)
Horsemanship: General or Exotic Animals
Mechanical: None
Medical: Any except Medical Doctor, Juicer Technology, or Cybernetic Medicine
Military: Military History only (+20%)
Physical: Athletic General, Juggling, Gymnastics, Running, Prowl (+10% to Prowl)
Pilot: Bicycling, Boats (Sail types or Paddle/Canoe types)
Pilot Related: None
Rogue: Gambling (Standard)
Science: Any (+10%)
Technical: Any except Computer Programming (+10%)
W.P.: Any ancient only
Wilderness: Any (+10%)

Tattooed Monk Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select three secondary skills from the Secondary Skill list. They gain one additional skill at levels 4, 8, 10, and 12. All Secondary Skills start at the base skill level.

Standard Equipment: Starting weapons are a simple quarterstaff and a knife. Simple but sturdy traveling clothes, made of cotton, wool, and leather, including a hooded cloak, boots, hat, and gloves, with a set of heavy winter/cold weather clothing. 100 page notebook, 1D6 pencils, 1D4 pieces of charcoal, solid ink and ink block, traveler’s tea bottle, kettle, two sets of chopsticks, cooking knife, a medium sized satchel with shoulder strap, large duffle bag with shoulder strap, a belt with many pouches, small mirror, 2 canteens for water.

Money: 6D8X100 in gold coins

Experience Table: Same as Atlantean Nomad

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Nice! If you got any more info or come up with more info, please add it!

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1.3 million is HOOJ for an Atlantean Clan.

Not a complaint, really, as much as an FYI.

Im loving the Foes list; it's the only thing keeping me from tearing out my eyes from the dumb.

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