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Unread postPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:40 pm

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Dead Boy wrote:
Killer Cyborg wrote:
Six .22 rounds would inflict 6d6 damage if each shot were made as a separate attack. Otherwise, Palladium would count it as a burst, and it would only do 2d6 damage.
So if you count a .33 cal pellet as doing the same damage as a 9mm round, then a burst of those pellets would end up doing 2d6x2 damage, which would come out to 4d6 damage.
Which happens to be the damage they came up with.

Apples and oranges. A burst has worse grouping because the weapon fires each round individually in rapid succession, and each individual shot moves the point of aim from the recoil. A shotgun would deliver all its pellets at the same time, unspoiled from the effects of recoil, (unless we're talking about an automatic shotgun, but let's not go there), hence why the burst rules are inapplicable. If they were allowed to use the burst rules, then a 3-1/2" shell of #4 Buckshot, firing a pattern of fifty-four .24 caliber pellets at 1,100 fps would qualify them to follow old machinegun burst rules and do 1D6x20.

Since the burst/spray rules counted with laser weapons as well, and lasers have no recoil, it's pretty clear that they're not too picky about when and where the burst rules apply.
Basically, you make a decent argument for what the damage should] be, but if we want to start talking about that, we might just never stop.
The whole HP/SDC/damage system kinda needs an overhaul.

Hmmm... maybe I'm writing myself into a direction I don't want to go here given the possibilities with a shell like that; however, since we're talking SDC and not MD, so I don't care all that much. :)


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