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As these can be hard to find, I thought I'd toss these out there for those whom might not know where to find them (As I've only ever found them in one book.)

Rifts Main Book. 12th printing, has a paragraph inserted on page 44 (not present in earlier editions, or the collector's edition of the RMB. I can't speak to editions after 12th)

Jump/Leap Rules
For humans figure that normal untrained characters can leap 4 feet(1.2m) high and 5 feet (1.5m) long. Characters with either the acrobatics or gymnastics skills increase their distance by 2 feet (0.6m) per level of experience. (Note this is 2 feet for either skill. Having both skills will NOT increase the distance beyond the 2 feet) Modifying a character's leaping distance for physical attributes (i.e. Speed, strength, and or prowess) is an option for the individual GM. If so applied, characters with Superhuman/Supernatural Strength would leap twice the normal distance (I.e. 8feet/2.4m and 10 feet/3m plus 4feet/1.2m per level of experience) increasing leaping height and distance 50% with a good running start.


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