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 Post subject: Power Bands in combat
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re Powers Unlimited 1 pg 36-37

Nekira's icon made me think of this, despite the the image of DSS artist Liz Refuss (LAR) not exactly corresponding to the text description. Arm-Warmers-Lad appears to just have an energy binding around his wrists, not around the entire body, pinning the legs and arms... although I think if a char wanted to bind LESS a GM could probably allow it as a house rule... might be useful if you wanted to prevent someone from whipping their arms about but still have them walk under their own power.

Apparently when you try to put these on a target you are "casting" them. It mentions ALL the creator's strike bonuses applied, which seems a little odd... I mean one would assume you would not add WP bonuses...

Should you get HTH? Initially I thought it might be a close-range attack (it mentions "Grabbing/Pinning") until I noticed "Range: Up to 300 feet" which sounds like perhaps you throw them, ie "casting a fishing line".

If not HTH, perhaps applying Targeting skill?

One other important thing... the power creates "a set"... there isn't an explicit mention of being able to make a 2nd set. Would that mean you need to dispel the 1st (unless it got destroyed) to get them back in your hands to cast at a new target?

As for dispelling... what would be good mechanics for that? Perhaps you should need to touch them to make them go away? Or be within 300 feet?

If you couldn't create another until getting rid of the previous then a range limit would make it interesting since then you would have to track down your previous prisoner to un-imprison them.

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