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i am looking into a character concept of analytical genius and robotics character. the purpose of this character is to find and track enemies and provide support from a distance. but i can't seem to find the rules for it. i know they exist as i have done this before and i believe it is in rifter 37 but i can't seem to find them online in pdf form. any ideas?

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The Hardware Analytical is already allowed to build a robot, as noted on page 130. If you're looking for a digital version of Rifter #37 for the expanded Mega-Hero fan created material, you'll find it here: Rifter #37

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In general Palladium frowns on, and makes it extremely difficult to dual class.

The Hardware categories can sometimes pick two categories, and there's a few other end runs

Alien Mutants for example, Alien Super Soldiers, etc.

But by and large palladium HATES Dual classing and the rules on it are the fuzzy end of the lollypop


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