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Why does a Nightbane have roughly 70% Native language skill but a Character in Rifts or Dead Reign have a Base Native Language of 88%? Did the Nightlords screw with the education system before Dark Day? Or is this just a typo?

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not 100% sure, but i believe the basic assumption is that a typical nightbane gets stuck in the war at a younger age, and likely is more worried about things other than literacy and language skills once they've got those skills to an adequate level.

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It looks like there is actually no Native language skill in Nightbane. Also I suppose that makes a sort of sense but then why does the base skill of Language start at 50%. Even characters who are potentially 30+ years old or even centuries old have that issue.

Unread postPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:29 pm

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Nightbane is one of the older systems, Rifts under the old RMB had about the same percentages, even lower in some cases. The older games just had languages with no distinction between native or otherwise except for OCC bonuses.

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Language problems would be more understandable in post-apocalyptic isolationist settings. That said, some of the Rifts OCCs seem to be written with the assumption of there being a default language skill, even if we're not able to find it.

Pg 80 the Rogue Scholar for example, after Literacy +50% has "Two additional languages of choice +30%"

In addition to what?

P 79 the Rogue Scientist has no Language skill at all, but does have Literacy +40%. I guess you could assume they're only capable of writing a language like American but can't speak it...

Pg 31 of Rifts says "Characters with a language skill can understand and speak in a language other than their own native tongue".

This seems to imply that everyone can speak in their native tongue without needing a language skill. This concept of course got muddled once OCCs started listing native languages at 90-98% in subsequent books.

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