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List of talents that are (or effectively are) translations of invocations.

Anti-arcane (AMC) Same core idea but can not be made directly from the AMC via the DD canon text.
doorway (mystic portal)

Nightbringer (Darkness, cloak of darkness)

Reshape Facade (meta-human) If the number of activations to make a full transformation is counted to be 10 and the mage casting the invocation is at L3. Then the initial activation cost is right there at +50%. But the continuing costs is only equal to the invocation cost. Thus if the invocation was evaluated with a L6 caster then the talent usage costs would be 25% low.

Shadow Blast (fire bolt, Shadow Bolt): from firebolt: This is ether just right or too low depending on how much weight is on the omitting of the bonuses to strike and increasing the range by x5.

Shadow Shield (AoI): The cost for SS is 100-200% too low for being made from as a invocation conversion.

The Shroud (invisibility sup.) Outside considering the upgrade and the limitation in the shroud and the invocation is evaluated at level One, the activation cost is right on +50%. However, how much the selectivity and activation limitation are weighed within the DD text could change that. However, once the invocation is anything more then Level 1 the PPE cost of the talent becomes many times that of the invocation because leveling bonuses.

Storm Maker (Summon and control storms)

Air Grab (TK)

Air Swim (Air Swim [Underseas])
Fire Breather (Dragon Fire)
Shadow Pockets (D-Pockets)
Shadow Weapon (Lightblade, Shade sword)
A face in the crowd ( mask of deceit)
Abduction (void, rift to limbo, bottomless pit)
Commanding Presence (charismatic aura)
Gorgon’s touch (Petrification)
nightshade (cloud of Slumber)
True Reflection (Wall of Revelation [Library of Bleth.])

Blast Wave (Shockwave)
Bypass (Escape)
Chain Lighting (Chain Lighting [Library of Bleth.])
Chrono-sphere (speed of the snail, Time Warp: slow motion)
Dark Edge (Frost Blade)
Earthworks (Great Wall [Library of Bleth.])
Flurry (Speed Weapon)
Frightener (Fear)
Ghost tag (magic mark [MoM1])
Inferno Fist (Fist of Fury)
Launch (TK)
Mirror Shield (Mystic Shield)
Raven Wings (Winged flight)
Solar Flare (GoD and then writ large)
Wall Runner (personal Gravitation field [AU:GG])
With-Hunter’s Sight (not a “spell” but a mage’s ability to see magic/PPE)
Dark Dreams (<<one or a few of the Dream magic spells I think>>)
Divine Wrath (meteor, steel rain, ice storm.)
Epic Proportions ( Giant)
Ghost Ship ( Ghost Ship [Library of Bleth.])
Hatred’s mirror (Domination)

There are other that are based off of psi power and super powers.

☾ I used the lists of canon talents in NB: DD and the RBOM for the major sourcebooks to make this list. Spells found in other books have them listed for the most part.
☾ Limited the spells considered to invocations. So there may be some talents that were base off of other magics that I didn't list.
☾ Why? The NEW NB book Dark Designs has Talent Creation and Modification Guidelines in it and listing what is already canon will help people make their own.

End Note
If you wish to add to this list, please do so.
If you want to make lists of 'canon' talents base off Psi powers or super powers. Please do. However, please limit them to canon powers. (in other words no custom or rifter material please. At least till the canon stuff has been covered.)
Could the lists overlap each other? Yes.
If you have problems with an individual listing, please communicate the full reasoning behind your disagreement.

Q's on this board need canon answers first for the question that was asked. Then you can post your own opinions or house rules, they need to be listed/declareds as your own opinions or house rules.

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