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 Post subject: Mircalla Avatars
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I am wondering if I missed some details in Shadows of Light regarding the avatar-making abilities possessed by the Mircalla. When details are absent I'm tempted to just base them on Nightlord's avatars but I'm not sure if that's correct or not.

Nightlords' avatars are apparently free to make with no explicit numerical maximum, the limitations in place apparently being role-playing based (they don't want to create so many that they can't be kept track of, since they could overlook rebellions or too many could get destroyed unpredictably, making the Lord vulnerable).

The Mircalla avatars DO have numerical maximums, however unlike Nightlord avatars, nothing is stated so far as I recall about their creation or destruction causing any inconvenience to the creator. I'm not really sure if anything limits them from just recreating 6 avatars over and over and using them as expendable shock troops...

Creating them doesn't appear to cause any kind of inconvenience, much like with Nightlords, since Belial can just poof 4 up as defenders. I think only insanity or arrogance would prevent Mircalla from exploiting the supreme advantage one could get from using avatars as throwaways.

I also don't know if these avatars have the same abilities or lesser. Page 53 under 'special abilities' indicates that the avatars of Belial have identical armor/bolt abilities, theirs do not appear to be reduced, so I'm wondering if following that example we should assume they're a match for him in other respects as well, like spellcasting/psionics/PPE.

On another tangent... since SoL mentions there are Shadow Warlocks who worship Mircalla and Shadow Warlocks who worship the Dark, and being that Reapers and Dark Guardians can co-operate in spite of their chaotic murder-habits, do you think this indicates some kind of potential co-operation between the Dark and the Mircalla? This seems contra-indicated by the Mircalla possibly being jailed by the Nightlords, the Dark's current favorites, but it seems like the Dark is playing a lot of sides and amassing a lot of minions besides just the Nightlords.

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