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With new morphus characteristics being added in later sourcebooks, does anyone know if a bigger random table with all possibilities on it was made?

There have also been several rifters with lots of very interesting non-canonical morphus characteristics too. I was curious if any fan kept track of them all and tried to put together a table for randomly generating any of the selections.

I was also curious if anyone ever did something like maybe a morphus doesn't manifest all at once. Like in HU how there are mutants who gain powers as they level up, it might be cool to play a nightbane who only started with 1 or 2 characteristics but who manifested more and rolled new random ones as they leveled up (or in response to serious trauma) and became weirder as time went on.

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The Dark Designs book has the most comprehensive tables. It incorporates several of the previous optional Rifter tables, but I'd have to go through it to give specifics, other than to say the Megalomanic table is excluded. There was an option in the Rifter for a Morphus being two beings chained together, which was excluded to my mild feigned vexation, since I'm pretty sure the custom Morphus with the highest combat stats using Rifters was a character influenced by the 1980s toy series Dino Riders.

The Ancient Nightbane from the same book are the only example that comes to mind of characters obtaining Morphus selections after level 1. Given the game's power creep (an original character might only have 2-3 characteristics, with 1d4+2 becoming a later option) I could see value in starting a character at 2, +1@3/5/7/9.

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Curbludgeon is correct in that Dark Designs incorporates all currently canon Morphus Tables. What is incorrect is that Rifter tables are NOT included, as they aren't canon. The confusion comes from the fact that we tweaked and revamped many of the old Rifter tables for inclusion in the Nightbane Survival Guide. Some tables changed more than others, and some were excluded entirely for various reasons.

In regards to the number of features available, random rolling actually allows for up to 7 Morphus features in the main book (go back and reread the Nightbane Characteristics Table that's referenced in the Appearance Table). That's not even counting some of the other tables including options for two or even three results per roll. This is a game originally designed by C.J. Carella, after all. Note that standard Nightbane do not gain new features at additional levels, this is only something available to Ancient Nightbane.

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