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A few years back there that 'other company' was doing the Everquest mmo, etc.? For many years now I've been playing Entropia Universe. The guys behind that game, you know, the game with the most expensive virtual assets in the world, etc., are sometimes always looking for partners for different projects, etc. Lately some of the planet partners in that game have started doing virtual trading cards in game, etc. so seems like next step should be a pen and paper mmo... just something to consider...

a few places to read more on this stuff: ... way.12732/ ... Notes-15-2 ... ost3533695

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If it were possible, it couldn't be Rifts. The rights to Rifts are locked up with Jerry Bruckheimer, so that would leave Palladium's other IPs available. But, Rifts, being the flagship, would be the most likely to succeed. So, I don't think they want to try with anything else.

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