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Unread postPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:55 pm

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Oh, oh, time is running out! Christmas is just around the corner! And don’t we know it at Palladium Books.

The Palladium Christmas party is next Friday. Since the Palladium crew and freelancers are like family (most of my real, immediate family is no longer with us), that means buying and wrapping a pile of gifts for those who matter to me. That includes Palladium freelance writers and artists across the country. So I have already spent most of the last 30 hours this weekend wrapping presents (with Kathy’s help) and getting them boxed up for shipping. And I expect to put in another 8 today (Sunday). Whew.

Now, for a normal person, that might sound all consuming (Friday thru Sunday), but for me, used to long hours and being a surrogate Santa, I have still managed to spend time picking out and signing hundreds of Palladium titles for dozens upon dozens of Palladium Christmas Surprise Packages, write this Murmur, and even do a little writing for the Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook as well sort through mail, pay some bills and take care of a few bits of other business.

Personally, I don’t know how Santa does it. It has been a whirlwind and I am beat. Last night, Kathy and I collapsed in our easy chairs and soon it was lights out. Putting in extra long days to get the Christmas stuff done and shipped so everyone gets their gifts in time for Christmas has been fun but tiring. ;)

So why do it?

Because I ain’t no Grinch! Because for me, this is the time of year to say thank you to everyone, from hardworking staff and creators to Palladium fans and loved ones, and let them know they are remembered, loved and appreciated.

My brother and I grew up poor, yet somehow my Mom, Dad and Grandparents always managed to make Christmas feel special. Magical even. And Christmas came TWICE for our family. Once on Christmas Eve at my grandparents and on Christmas morning at home with Mom and Dad.

Christmas Eve was awesome for me. I’d have spent half the day helping my dear Grandma make pierogi (I was the closer – as in the guy who literally “closed/sealed” the pierogi – which is trickier than you might think). That meant a day of laughter and talking with grandma and grandpa. In case you can’t tell, I LOVE pierogi, especially the potato and cheddar filled and the farmer's cheese filled ones. Yum. There would be all kinds other delicious, seasonal favorite foods too: Sauerkraut and kielbasa, poppy seed and almond bread rolls, pumpkin pie, my mom’s famous poppy seed cake and Bishop’s bread, and other goodies. It was also Christmas Eve that my cousins, Aunt and Uncle would come by to celebrate and exchange gifts. It was a cozy and fun night.

There’s a cool Polish tradition (which I didn’t carry over and wish I did), in which you take this white rectangle of — I can barely pronounce it let alone spell it — but it’s the same food stuff as a communion wafer/host [opłatki - Ed.). Anyway, just before dinner, you take it over to everyone in the house, one person at a time. You hold one end and the other person holds the other end. You then tell them how much they mean to you. You can also include your hopes and dreams for them. When you are done telling them your feelings, they break off a small piece of the paper thin wafer and eat it. You then take a piece of their wafer as they return the favor, telling you how much you mean to them. Hugs and kisses usually follow.

Sometimes it was a little awkward, especially as a pre-teen, but mostly it was sweet and beautiful. It was a moment when you would pause and look into a loved one’s eyes and tell them how much they meant to you. It’s something we should probably all do more often. As I got older, it became more special, because I understood better what it really meant, and after a while, there were Christmases where there was one less place setting at the table.

For me, that’s what Christmas is all about, expressing your love and appreciation. Yeah, gifts are part of it, but it's really the thought that counts.

For me, the gift giving (which I always try to make special for each specific individual) is my way of saying thank you, you are appreciated. You are special and thought of with fondness. And where appropriate, loved with deep affection.

I feel that way not just with my co-workers, family and friends, but with you, the Palladium fans and customers. That’s one reason we do the Christmas Surprise Packages, to say thank you, to show our appreciation and to make people smile during this special time of the year. I don’t care if you believe in Christmas or not, it’s a good, joyful thing to do for any reason. Besides, I love making people happy and smile. :-D

Doing the Christmas Surprise Packages is a ton of work, but it is so worth doing. I know we miss the mark on some Surprise Packages, but I think we hit the mark most of the time, and our intentions are always good. And the beauty of role-playing games is that the joy continues with the room exploding with laughter, shouts of excitement and adventure that takes place in the mind’s eye every time those books are used to game. I love it.

So smile when you get your Christmas Surprise Package from Palladium. Know each one is packed with love and appreciation. And, of course, unleash those imaginations and spread the joy of role-playing games so that other people can experience the special moments we all know and love so well.

Merry Christmas (albeit, a bit early), from me and all of us at Palladium Books. Ho, ho, ho.

With Appreciation,
Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer and Surrogate Santa

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