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Can anyone point me at some maps of the Splicers world? I am about to start a game on Roll 20 and I would love to get some world maps. Much thanks if you can help. And I will post the game here if I do not get enough people. Right now I am doing every other week with another GM who is running a rifts game in the 3 galaxies. If some of the players joining that game do not want to play splicers I will post here and start taking requests.

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I don't think there are any *official* maps of the Splicers world. It was mentioned in the main book, "Much about our planet is vague. We do not even know which planet this is, the Earth, our place of origin, or a colony world. Most believe it is a colony world, but because the Machine is constantly reshaping the very continents, we may never make that determination."
So since much of the planet is still somewhat in flux, most static maps would be virtually useless.

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