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First off. You can find the previous F.A.Q. here Old F.A.Q.

Now here's how this is going to work.

First this moderators prune the posts every 30 days or so (typically around the end/beginning of a month).
If you do not read your post and accept an answer, the moderators will select one (which usually means grinding through tons of replies and checking the books).

Only Game related questions and Rules Clarifications are to go in here.
Any new Topic other than that will get summarily moved and/or deleted.
On topic replies are okay, because we want you the gamers, G.M.s and rules lawyers out there to help these folks out.

Note: All answers here in are by the players and G.M.s. Most of the information provided here is personal thoughts and opinions. Direction to the actual rules is the preferred answer.

After a short period we will look over the topic.
If the answer was satisfactory to the poster and and in accordance with the material in the books, it will be posted as the answer.
To help speed up the topics move to the archive.
If you find an answer acceptable.
Please quote the answer you accept.
Then post Accepted Answer in your reply.

How to form a proper question.
DO NOT ASK FOR MATERIAL FROM THE BOOKS! If you want the information, buy the book!
Check the FAQ Archive to see if your question or questions have already been answered.
Ask a question, don't make a statement. Several topics have gone away because no question was asked.
Always ask the full question in the topic itself, do not post a question that references material in the topic title.
Ask your question in as clear a manner as you can.
Post book titles and page numbers to reference what you are questioning.
Or post the rule in question.

How to form a proper answer.
There are two types of answers.

1. Directed rule in a book answer.
Answers with rules from the books need to have..
(You can not type in the rule verbatum as it is in the book. This is against copyright. You can however use short quotes to illustrate your point (one to three sentences is typical). If you want the full rule, Buy the book.)
The Book Name
The Page Number
(General statement of where it's located on the page.)

2. Gamer or G.M. advice to questioner.
Or you can give your advice on how you handle that problem.
Please if possible: Post book titles and page numbers to reference any rules you use to answer the question.

Then we will move the question to the New F.A.Q. Archive.

Over time we will add the old F.A.Q stuff in the archive as we review it.

But that's it.

Everyone please help each other out.

The Mods Junior Admins and Admins (Mostly Me) will do our best to give you the answers you need. Then get a clarification for a more official Answer.

F.A.Q. of the Rules wrote:

Q. Can I post the rule form the rule book when asking/answering a question?
A. Yes you can. But please be brief or paraphase the rule. In short. Just stick to your rule in question.
Do not post entire books or book pages.
Do not try to make a system where you will have entire books rules posted. If we catch you doing this you will be banned from the web Palladium-Megaverse web site for an undetermined amount of time.

Q. Is the previous questions answer Okay with Kevin?
A. Yes as of 8/7/03 I Midnght have spoken with Kevin S on the phone for the answer above. His concerns are much the same as I have stated. But he is okay with allowing the posting of rules from books for the way this forum is meant to run.
Please do not violate the simple do nots above. To do so WILL get this forum closed down then it's back to the old F.A.Q. style.

Q. My post has not been moved to the archive yet why not?
A. More than Likely you have never gone into your post and chosen an approved answer. If this is not the case it's simply been missed. Please notify a moderator in PM that it has been overlooked and to please take a look.

Q. Can I ask for rules or stats posting as a question?
A. No. You can not ask to have rules posted or stats posted just because you don't own the book. If you want that info buy the book. Doing so is outside the scope being allowed in the Q&A Forum. As well as being strictly against copyright.

Q. I've noticed something in the FAQ that needs to be updated/fixed, what do I do?
A. PM a moderator (typically Kuseru Satsujin, Tinker Dragoon, or Deific NMI) about the problem indicating which FAQ question and answer are the problem, where it can be found, and what you think the fix or update is.

Q. Can I ask how to convert intellectual properties to Palladium?
A. No.

There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
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them to believe that you perceive the web they weave
and keep on thinking free.

-- The Moody Blues, In the Beginning

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