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I'm wondering if anyone has some idea for rules on how to do that.

Splicers 205 "WP Reverse Stroke" basically allows a similar benefit to WP Paired when using a 2-handed weapon: 2 attacks.

One is meant to be a butt strike, so this doesn't mean 2 normal sword strikes with a 2H sword...

But it does mention "the average butt does ... unless it is spiked .. or has a second head on the opposite end".

I'd like to know example weapons which could best capitalize on this technique, and what sort of engineering feats might be involved to attach 2 swords together to make a 2-headed weapon.

Not to channel Darth Maul too hard but say (Merc Ops 104) you had a pair of 1.5 pound laser swords. Combined they would weigh 3 pounds, easy to carry around 1-handed if you were 1-armed or hand a hand full guiding a vehicle/horse, or perhaps holding a shield or vibro-blade to parry with since laser swords can't do that.

The combination weight should probably be more than 3 since you'd need to add other components to attach them together...

Plus since the weapons have dead-man switches you'd normally have to hold the weapon with 2 hands to actually have both blades operate, unless you could rewire the switches so that both ends activate at all times, or activate when a middle connecting trigger is held down.

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