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 Post subject: Changing Classes
Unread postPosted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 1:26 pm

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The only (mostly) generalized rules for changing class are in the PF RPG High Seas book. As per the text there they only talk about changing the class of OCCs to OCCs. In the published PF books, none of the PCCs may be changed from, nor changed to. As such are not covered by the PF changing class rules. RCCs are also not covered, due to the fact they are not mentioned in the Changing Class text and that at the time of writing there were no RCCs when the text was written. It would be stretch beyond the ideas presented within the text to include RCCs.

In the RUE (2nd ed core book for Rifts) it specifically states to use the PF HS changing class rules for rifts.

This is the limit of the current published canon for generalized changing class rules.

So the questions here is how have the GMs out there gotten around the limitations of the published canon rules:
1) What sort of house rules (this includes interpretations) do you have to let your players change their char's classes in PB games other than PF2 and Rifts?
2) Did you base your rules on the older ones found in robotect 1st ed core books?
3) Did you incorporate any optional rules posted online?
4) Or did make up your own rules totally from scratch?

Q's on this board need canon answers first for the question that was asked. Then you can post your own opinions or house rules, they need to be listed/declareds as your own opinions or house rules.

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 Post subject: Re: Changing Classes
Unread postPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2020 12:33 pm

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I haven't ever done the class switching according to the rules. The idea that your character has taken however many years to prepare for their current profession, but in the span of a couple weeks can generate a whole new complete set of skills (elective and secondary) just doesn't make sense to me. I allow players who are changing occupation to pick up the new OCC skills, but any other skills from the previous occupation that are available to the new one must be chosen to fill skill slots. And they are locked until the new occupation is high enough level for the skills to advance again. New electives and secondaries are only gained in the change if the new occupation provides more skill slots, or just can't continue some of the skills from the previous occupation.

Of course, this in the fantasy system, which has many fewer OCC skills than some of the others, so that way of doing things might not fit some of the other games.

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