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I know that there is a save for faerie magic. But my question is, what about gods and other supernatural beings? Is it the same, or different? I don't see this addressed directly, but I'm still wondering. I thought a godling, at least a god, would fare better than a normal human. I know they already have a high racial save, but I've seen supernatural creatures still get better saving throws than mortals in addition. I'm just curious. Thanks for any insight.

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Comment: Palladium Books Canon is set solely by Kevin Siembieda, either in person, or by his approval of published material.
The save vs faerie magic is basically just the "spell strength" of the spell.
You get to roll your d20 and add to that any of your bonuses to save vs spell, save vs faerie magic, save vs the specific type of magic (enchantment, or charm, or illusion or elemental or what have you).
And since supernatural beings often have huge bonuses they get the effect of a huge save.

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