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So I have my copy of Rifts Ultimate edition. I want to play a headhunter partial conversion cyborg. Starting on page 75 I note the parameters of remaining only a partial conversion cyborg. Now I want that bionic arm. I want it to have a 22 physical strength and physical prowess. The book says the character needs bionic bones to support such high stats. How do I go about purchasing those bionic bones, and do they take up any slots as far as the maximum number of implants is concerned?

Also, I understand the strength being limited to 22 since it is augmented, but a limitation of 22 on the physical prowess seems a little low as it is possible for a normal human to have even higher with good rolls and bonuses. Does that 22 limit actually apply to the physical prowess as well?

Also, I am assuming once the character can afford 2 legs with 22 physical prowess that he is able to enjoy that 22 physical prowess for dodging?

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Bionic Bones can be found in the Bionics Source Book. As far as slots go, yes I would count them (though I might be generous and just treat it as "one" and not individually for each bone).

While a human might have a higher PP, the augmented limb likely still requires some degree of anchoring I would think, which might limit what you can do with an augmented limb versus a natrual limb.

Actually nothing states that the PP bonus works that way. I'd probably have it apply situationally, if your dodge/parry/strike doesn't use the augmented limb, you use the natural PP instead.

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bionics can usually be augmented up with straight credits by a cyber doc/operator. Visit Tony Stank in the Firetown 'Burb or something with a pocket full of universal credit I guess?

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