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Unread postPosted: Sun May 31, 2020 9:52 pm

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Wasn't there something out there that just gave a blanket immunity? I thought I saw that one time but can't time to find it.

This isn't about the rune weapons that give a save vs magic whenever blood is drawn because the simplest way to be immune to that is to just accumulate +13 to save vs magic (so you ALWAYS win the tie of 14+)

I'm talking about stuff where you can't get enough bonuses to guarantee a win (like Energy Expulsion: Soul Blast on Armageddon Unlimited 18, the best is +4 for being Principled which means a roll of 1-9 will always fail) or where there's no roll at all (Deathkiss, Tentac). In these cases it's not as easy as having your blood drawn, rather you need to be killed in the usual sense (HP<0) but for people who rely on a friendly priest resurrecting them, that's gotta suck.

Was there maybe a spell, a transformation, a super ability, which was some kind of blanket immunity?

I recall in Psyscape that astral projecting protects from Nxla stealing your soul (no soul to steal) so that makes me wonder if getting body killed by soul-drinker while astral form is out should prevent it? Astral projecting is common enough that you'd think there's be some mention of that for soul-drinking attacks though...

I thought something similar to "Soul in a Bottle" but that just gives bonuses to save vs magic similar to Ensorcel but neither seem to be protection that I'm remembering...

Edit: I might've been remembering "Soul Guard" from pg 101 of Rifts World Book 35: Megaverse in Flames but I'm not 100% sure. It's definitely an "absoulte" defence although you could get around it w/ a Negate Magic or Anti-Magic Cloud presumably, so I still think I'm remembering something else...

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Soul Stones pg 139 wb35 gives immunity to soul drinking.

Not has good, but dark seed Amulet gives immunity to one magicial attack every 48 hours. Much cheaper though much more limited and some may say soul drinking not really magicial attack.

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