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I think in order to keep costs way down, you should find NEW TALENT as the Hero's and give them a young pups a chance to show what we're made of, and use some Big name talent as the Villains, it would make it easier on the budget; I think.

And myself being an actor in AZ, I would love to play any part in this movie and I would do it for FREE, No role to big or small. I would like to see a TRUE NATIVE AMERICAN Actor though, to play the role as the LEY LINE WALKER (Prefrebly a FEMALE).

As for the SHIFTER... that would be a difficult choice to cast; myself I would want someone who DOESN'T give a hugh presence on the screen so when the time comes; that actor would all of a sudden; would come off as the MOST powerful character to the audience. Mmm so many Actors to chose from.

The other characters would need some deep consideration... .

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