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Tell me How would you set up the Palladium fantasy,s movie?

What OCC/RCC do you think the actions will take?

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Well I would say that it would have to involve an Old One being woken up so the end may be somewhat Place of Magic like.

It would also have to involve Emperor Itomas (+slayer) at some point as he's pretty pinnacle.

The heroes would have to be less elf and dwarf so it doesnt get a LotR feel. Maybe gnome, kobold, definately a changeling. Leave Wolfen until the sequel though!

The OCC's would also have to be somewhat specific to PF so summoner or diabolist (also helps with the plot). Palladin for the main hero (ofc even though bit cliche).

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I think I'd focus more on the Wolfen/Human War. I agree with the Dark Elf about keeping Elves and Dwarves numbers relatively low and DEFINATELY include a Changeling, probably as one of the main chars. Include a Summoner and Diabolist, though I believe one of them should be an antagonist. Hate to disagree with you Elf, but I think the Old One should be saved for the sequel. Gotta have something more threatening than a war to top the first one.

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I was thinking the Palladium Fantasy setting might be better off being set up in the Rifts movie as a TV series. A hero or two could end up going through a rift, either sucked in or went through to escape certain death. Then we follow their struggle in this 'strange new world' of lesser technology, where suddenly, their standard and common modern weapons are suddenly an endangered luxury since they can't get e-clips! And how long does a vibroblade last anyway?

And yeah, Human/Wolfen war as a focus is a definate must!

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