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So I'm going to continue from a topic posted earlier, but I'm going a different route all together as a crowd funded fan project; yes, I sad it, but at least here me out before I get crucified:

Anime... Animation... But how much does it cost? (CGi) v
Not alot, apparently, only 2mil (13ep) - 4mil (24ep) - 1.6mil (unspecified). For conservative purposes, I will use the 4mil at 20min episodes.

the average CG Anime costs approximately $8,400 per minute.

Alright, but what does this mean?
Not much, unfortunately, as the vast majority of animation in japan is trash which targets highschool boys (usually slice of life comedy). The more action, the more expensive it will get. The more complex the characters art, the harder it is to animation (especially in action scenes)... Hence why the above is for CG shows and I'll be using CG as a reference point.

DBZ Broly Movie (2018, mostly CGi with some 2Danimation) $85,000 per minute
^ pretty much what heavy combat will cost
Anyway, let's continue:
Shrek $670,000 per minute
Ice Age $750,000 per minute
Into The Spider-Verse (mixed animation) $770,000 per minute
Kung Fu Panda $1,370,000 per minute
Treasure Planet (VERY mixed animation) $1,470,000 per minute
Frozen $1,500,000 per minute

Now, I'm well aware that theatrical release have significantly more assets then your generic GC Anime. Obviously, these aren't the best comparisons; but much of the cost of anime is brought down through the use of Korean Animation (which is ~5% the cost of US Animation) and likely why it's been utilized for decades.

So is 3D cheaper then 2D... Well, depends who you ask. America animation for adults cartoons runs from 1 to 1.5 to even 2 million an episode; flash based animation is significantly cheaper, costing ~50,000+ dollars... But it's flash... Though you could always save on costs by avoiding name-brad actors and top comedy writers. Hell, look at the trainwreck that was Steven Universe. This show skimped on a story boardist, sending horrifically bad panels to be animated, and yet the show was extremely popular despite all of the constant continuity errors made by their korean counterparts. So, like, I think we can do this on the cheaper side and walk away with an ok product.

But what's the goal?
Overall, I think going the route of Hazbin Hotel and/or Kung Fury is probably our best bet. We should shoot for 1~3 episodes (depending on price) and leave it at that. The reality is that RIFTS is a Palladium product and that unfortunately comes with a horrific stigma relating to crowd funding. Asking for 2 million, or more, won't even see us raise a single dollar. Now, asking for 3, 4, or 5 hundred thousand when we've done our research and can actually provide quotes along with a tangible roadmap... Well... I think we'll have a genuine shot. After that point we either go back and ask for more money (having proven our vision), or Kevin uses the pilot episode(s) to do his own thing, or how far we get is as far we got and that's it for us.

So I'll just post a generic road map:
1. Date and Circumstance (setting)
2. Characters and Personalities
3. Script (maybe even play it out)
4. Storyboard a single episode (crap art acceptable)
4½. Count lines of dialogue & minutes of "action"
5. Speak with the godfather, the don must approve
5½. Final Review
6. Investigate prices and get quotes
7. Crowd Fund
8. Begin Production
9. Finish Production

Because this is ground up, we can't use any scripts or novels previous developed as a roadmap for a movie (comic or otherwise). Anyway, if you're interested, we are currently on step one (1).

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