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Mlp7029 wrote:
2) Kill the creatures (spell or plasma grenade, etc.)

Plasma grenades are expensive, that just seems wasteful. Maybe less expensive than TW grenades but I would just go for SDC damage.

Mlp7029 wrote:
3) Absorb the doubled PPE form all the deaths. Only stores up to three times your normal PPE level.

I'm once again drawing a blank on whether or not we settled the "3x in addition to" (4x total) or "2x in addition to" (3x total) confusion.

But I do wonder if there should be a limit on SIMULTANEOUS absorbtion of PPE from multiple sacrifices.

Even if you were to go back to the old BTS1 limits for harvesting the PPE of the unwilling (3 per level) it should space out the harvesting a little where it's somewhat believable.

The per-level limits were for feeding on living foes (not sacrifices) so I don't know if we ever got a limit for simultaneous sacrifice feeding... but I don't recall any references to simultaneous absorption from sacrifices either.

That's why I think it might make sense to borrow some of the guidelines against living foes (range, maximum number) with the modification that they get no save vs magic and it's automatically all PPE instead of a portion of it.

I wouldn't even mind slowing it down further by having a limited about of PPE-per-action.

Sucking living targets dry was limited to 50% while sacrifices is 200% (doubled) so what if we used the PPE-per-action from living targets multiplied by 4?

So instead of 1D4 PPE per action, 4D4 or 1D4x4 perhaps?

You could suck stuff like a rat dry in one action easily (maybe even a pair of them?) but stuff like absorbing 500 PPE from some dragon taking up to a minute sounds pretty good conceptually IMO.

Then you could have something like if a mage's concentration is broken during this, he loses hold of the unabsorbed PPE and it dissipates.

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