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The following is taken from a lecture from my mage, Tessa Goodchild.

"Remember that as you go forward into the world, that you are not a humble being, slinging magic at foes. That your combat and your work are in two worlds at once. We live here and in the astral plane simultaneously. Mages such as we, we use words of great meaning to draw power from the place of limitless potential to command things here in the physical realm. Psychics, generally affect less raw area than a mage. They possess greater strength in the astral plane generally, especially those most in tune with it. Its that potential that is the big difference between the two, its why they call it Potential Psychic Energy, because we learn to use it physically, not astrally."

"So think of this. Think of a craftsman, an author, a musician, a chef....think of how they perform their craft. Think about how the very best ones do their work. And what do you hear is the 'secret ingredient'? A lot of times you'll hear that 'love' is the answer. A pinch of love. Don't you think its possible that in those moments that a grandmother who makes her grandkids' favorite soup, that maybe just maybe her focus allows her to bring forth a bit of her astral power to enhance the soup? Or that a writer or musician who pours their heart and soul into a piece don't do the same? Haven't you heard of authors or artists who seek out inspiration because they've lost their 'touch'? Couldn't it be that they just had no more PPE to give?"

"We are of two worlds, and where our earthly bodies go, so do our astral forms. And in our death, our two become one for a briefest of moments, as life ends for both pieces. and THAT is why magic flows so freely upon death."

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