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 Post subject: Rifter FAQ
Unread postPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 10:37 pm

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Question: question the wanderer phychic occ/rcc I can't find it I read it and I know I have the book but I can't find it any one know what book it's in.
Answer: Rifter #18.

Question: Can a TAG Operative specalize in Sniping with his rifle?
If so how would you work it using rifter #30 and the new west book.
Answer: You mean using the "Cut Above" article from Rifter #30 with the TAG article in #23?
I'd say yes, somewhat hesitant on would be at a cost though.

Question: I really like the Wanderer R.C.C. that was introduced in Rifter #18. Anyway, I was wondering is there a way for a Psionic to fly using their powers such as Telekinetic Flight at all? What about Telekinetic Force Bolts or Telekinetic Force Field? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Answer: A normal psychic can use TK to fly, but only at a speed of 7 and not very high off the ground.

Question: Where can I find this plant thing that can attach itself to women and then use them to lure in food. The women are made more beautiful but remain attached to the plant with a tether like thing. I want to use it in an adventure but I can't remember what book it's in. Where can I find it? Any help would be nice.
Answer: It's the Venus Man trap. It was in the Room witha skew artical in Rifter 31

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Unread postPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 8:04 pm

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Question: In Rifter #3, page 36, there seems to be some portions missing from the description of Yung Huo Jen. Where can this information be found?

Answer: ... ssing.html

Question: In the Rifter 3 & 7 there were some martial arts that "could be used in any palladium game" but as I see it some of the descriptions (almost all) require the use of Ninjas and superspies, and Chi. for those of us that dont have Ninjas & Superspies, is there a way to adapt those martial arts?

Answer: Conversions of the Martial Art Powers (in some form or another) can be found in the Revised Rifts Conversion Book, Rifts Japan, and Rifts China 2. As to the forms themselves, they really are designed with N&S/Mystic China in mind. You could use them exactly as they are in other games, but they might not balance well with the existing hand to hand combat skills in those settings due to differences in the way they advance with experience.

The problems of Chi, or rather, the problems that arise when you "translate" Chi into something else have been discussed endlessly. If you really don't want to use Chi in your game, you can substitute P.P.E. or I.S.P., but leaving it alone tends to work better. For most characters, base Chi is equal to the P.E. score. Specific Martial Art Forms will add to or multiply this base amount.

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