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 Post subject: NEMA overseas?
Unread postPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:52 am

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NEMA were the peacekeeping and national defense organization of the north american alliance, and so far all the info we have seems to indicate they were meant to operate within the united states, canada, and mexico. but given their peacekeeping specialization, would the NAA have deployed them overseas? for example, had they existed IRL, would they have been deployed to Somalia in the 90's? or to Afghanistan to help against the Taliban? or iraq after the 2nd iraq war, to help with the rebuilding there? or to Syria today?
surely the new cold war that preceded the great cataclysm had as many small scale regional conflicts going on as the real world (1st) Cold war had, and the need for peacekeeping troops would be just as high in those as they are in real life. in real life though, the united states does not have any forces dedicated to peacekeeping. we have regular military which do their best but are not really trained in the social outreach aspects sufficiently, and we have special forces which are trained to do hearts and minds work, but which are far too limited in numbers and far too valuable that they are rarely devoted to long term projects of that sort.
With NEMA being specifically created for such work, and available in some numbers it seems to me that at some point they would probably end up deployed oversea's, either on their own or more likely working in concert with the Military to help moderate a regional conflict the NAA has a stake in, or rebuild a nation after the NAA trounced its previous leadership in a small scale war. or perhaps working alongside some other nation's military as part of a UN peacekeeping effort.

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 Post subject: Re: NEMA overseas?
Unread postPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:45 pm

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Yeah likely there would be different departments for over seas. Like a homeland defense force and a rangers specialforces/peace keeping force. Same stats just different command structures.

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 Post subject: Re: NEMA overseas?
Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:06 am

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Given what we have seen in Undersea, South America 1 & 2, and a few others it appears that all the overseas / power projection was still done by the US military. The Ticonderoga is a US Navy ship staffed by USN & USMC personnel. From what I have read the US military was reduced to a fraction during the Golden Age in deference to NEMA but was being brought back during the New Cold War.

Given what we have seen of NEMA's mission I have always run it as North America only. Maybe, like the FBI or DEA does today, a few specialists would be sent overseas to help out but not in force.

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 Post subject: Re: NEMA overseas?
Unread postPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:10 am

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I see NEMA being a mainly member force, but I can see things like rescue teams, drug interdiction, COIN, and investigative units being deployed overseas. Think modern day Coast Guard, FBI, ATF, and so on.

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