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from what ive looked up in the books theres not many places to use for pre rift weapons and body armor. Now how do you guys add more items in your game worlds? ive been thinking of using a modifed TW for the base of a non magic equipment maker. as for weapons and gear from other books i added the hounds fang from china 2 and most normal gear from GAW from merc ops. any thoughts on these ideas?

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I use pretty much the standard NEMA stuff for NEMA, with a few additions. The Republican equipment from the revised SB1 can be occasionally used prototypes, maybe equipping small groups. I see the New Navy equipment(tanks, armor, weapons) being fairly common, and available in military bases, and equipping military, and ex military units. The same goes for the Native American SAMAS in Spirit West. Things like Bandito Arms equipment, L-20 laser rifles, and a lot of the Mercenary equipment works well for obsolete military equipment(Iron Armory, old SDC vehicles refits, Caseless weapons, ramjets, and missile launchers in particular).

I see the Republic of Japan stuff from WB 8 as representative of what the Japan would have available. The same with the Sovenski, and Triax goods. There might be handfuls in the US at embassies for example. Could be fun having a pickup group made of a couple of Russians or whatever attached to a NEMA unit for example. I've played New Navy grunts in a NEMA group, and it was a blast.

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