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ok so the zapper pcc can produce an electric force field that shields them from attack and also does damage to anyone coming into contact with it. Psyscape pg 81 column 2
The also have a psionic field that extends outward from their body protecting their belongings from damage. Psyscape pg 81 column 2

My question is this. If the zapper character is using his Electrical Aura/Radiate Electricity power to create this electric force field are they able to use projectile weapons, namely guns, or would the bullet strike the inside of their force field?

This is not a theoretical question, but a current in game situation am debating with my GM. My stance is that the pc CAN use firearms

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I can see why someone would argue that the field prohibts projectiles from within it; see the Super Psionic ability Telekinetic Force Field as an example of where it would. Checking out the Electrical Aura & Radiate Electricity ability description, though, provides this quote: "In reality, this is an electrical aura around him. Nothing on the Zapper's person is actually touched or affected, so nothing is damaged." Guns should be fine, although I could see an argument for if the Zapper's abilities lose control via Mentally Possess Others or a ley line storm or whatever that unshielded energy weapons might malfunction. I would add, though, that I don't think the protective field extends to the Zapper's belongings.

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