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 Post subject: Comprehensive Index?
Unread postPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2020 9:53 pm

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Would be awesome if someone on staff kept this on the webpage and updated it whenever a new book came out. But maybe a fan has done it and has it somewhere too.

I'm looking for a simple text or pdf or spreadsheet file I can grab the newest version of as needed from the webpage and keep on my phone or laptop for gaming sessions where if I suddenly want to put my hands on a specific monster, OCC, PCC, RCC or piece of equipment stats I can search this document and get a book and page number. Not a copyright violation, not listing the stats or anything. Just a quick reference to point me where to go and save time for on the fly reference during a game or if I'm researching something and can't for the life of me remember where to find it.

A brief summary of the OCC/PCC/RCC/Monster or magic item or whatever would be great too but that makes the task more labor intensive.

I imagine I'm not the only person who would like this. I have many of the books but haven't had the time to reread many of them in more than a decade. So while I remember something exists it might take me quite a while to locate it if I can't google up the answer. When planning a session that's taking time away from planning and during a game it becomes impossible sometimes and I just have to wing it and when I find it later on I just didn't do the source justice. If the descriptions are there it might even entice me to buy a book I don't have to read the full description and stats of something that intrigues me or would fit well in the current campaign.

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