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 Post subject: Mutants of Macross
Unread postPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 6:36 pm


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Okay, I'm running a really really REALLY bizarre game.

Basically, mutant animals have always existed on earth. Then follow along as per Robotech. But magic suddenly shows up because...SDF-1 shows up. With this advent of magic, the gods are sending emissaries to see if they can get some power out of it.

Books Allowed:
All After the Bomb (for mutant animals)
Robotech Book 1 (1st edition)
Heroes Unlimited (Mystic Study and Imbued power from the Magic section)
Pantheons of the Megaverse (gods, godlings, priest)

I know that as GM i can alter any rules I want, but I'm consider allowing Godlings to be Veritech pilots using the RCC skill list, but allowing Pilot Mecha and Pilot Veritech which is against the rules in the RCC skill list. However, I don't want this to appear like I'm playing favorites. Perhaps, giving up a power to get the occ skills as well as rcc skills?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

 Post subject: Re: Mutants of Macross
Unread postPosted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 12:28 am

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I'd use the FoL as a sentient hive mind that grants telemechanic mental operation to pilots without the person knowing) and that is why pilots of equipment with protoculture circuitry have such large bonuses.

I'd also use the previous two contacts with aliens as Robotech's formula. Terrans meet aliens, aliens enemies, aliens want something from terrans, aliens almost obliterate terrans, befriend terrans, help them against next alien force.

My GM allowed me to make up a new alien race... well several but this one is called the Regis Hybrid. On all the humans she had in her Genesis Pits she put in a bit of her own DNA so that she could manipulate their base code like she does with her children. Her specific tampering never got her exactly what she wanted. The children of two experiments develop aspects of the Regis. They are the Regis Hybrids.

After the haydonites attacked the first time they are repelled by the humans they try a second time and are met by a combined force of humans and Sentinels but another group of aliens appear. At first the Haydonites split their focus as does everyone else. Some of the troops returning with the Sentinels know who they are. The new guys don't fire on the Haydonites and eventually both groups leave the humans and Sentinels behind.

Knowing who they are and that they will need help my Regis Hybrid with permission from high command goes to search for the Regis. She eventually finds her and convinces her that her "species" is the next step she was looking for and "reminds" her that the Regis is supposed to be the light of the universe to the Haydonites shadow and convinces her that mankind is neither light nor shadow but like all the other races are in the middle of her war. She also convinces the Regis that while Zentradi are Soldiers and Tirolians are Engineers Humans... Terrans are war and that her Invid as children of light most shouldn't be wasted on the battlefield and could go back to their agrarian life while the terrans, sentinels, tirolians and zentradi caught for them. They'd just need her help building their armada and her children that were specifically made for war should also help as they would not be satisfied otherwise.
So the Regis, not having found another place the FoL could grow chose to return to Earth after Fleet X was made. Fleet X returned just in time to decimate the combined enemy fleet. And from there troops were ferried back to where the Regis was in order to man successive fleets. Once the Armada was complete the Regis returned with her Invid and they become the agrarian class the rest of the Galactic alliance depends on.

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