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Basically this is part of a recovered cargo from a "unknown" suspected BM cargo the group salvaged a while back.

It uncluded 2 seemingly intact GB armors, but opening them up found that they each had been crudely moddified into an Iron maiden configuration, using spikes that were specifically enchanted to keep the impaled "alive". Yes the armors were salvageable but took a **** of work to be made usable.

(and before you ask, no one was NOT made into the Portable Lair 5.0. I already had a TW modified GB as a Portable lair. Its retired at my permient lair, a second one would be redundant)

2 cases labeled bg wooden tent stakes
1000 rounds each jacketed wood of unknown type, 4D6X10 Vs vampires, half effective range, Aimable/Called shot 1D4x10 Vs non vampires and armor

4 Cases standard Burst Shells with wooden peg rounds, 2000 range= 4D6X10 Vs vampire and save vs magic for one to penitrate the heart. every 1000 yards beyond that reduce damage by 1X6X10 and add a bonus of +1 +3 and +6 to save

1 box(50 rounds) holy water (200 mini vials oer shell) 1D6 MDC vs anything Normal by it, 6D6X10 Vs anything vulnerable to it.

Note three box that apparently had 10 (each) single boom gun rounds, they oddly had a cross superimposed on a triple rose on the box. no knowing what kind of load those were

4 cases Standard (200 slug) rounds (1000 rounds each standard)

10 40 rd drums preloaded with solid slug rounds (4D6X10, but the drop off is every 3000 Ft reduce accuracy by 1 and damage by 1D6X10

1 Case (2000 rounds) canister load, 6D6X10 out to 500 ft, half that from 501-1000, half that again out to 1500 ft

3 rounds in a techno wizards toolbox labeled:

standard 200 peg burst shell with 4 distinct layers, 1 standard, one silver, one wood and one mini vials of holy water, each individal peg is individually further enchanted with one of the following
Globe of daylight (Standard)
Sumon small flask of oil(the tiny flask of "Holy water" or more accurately holy oil)
Ignite fire(silver)
fuel fire(Wood)

note anything hit by this round may take less damage initially, but there uncontrollably lit up with lots of Globe of daylight spells, saturated in flammable oil, and on fire. basically at best a vampire if they survived getting a wood peg in there heart is now on fire and glowing like a sun, if he turns to mist he will be a brilliantly lit ball of fire and die in an explosion that will leave a Daylight brightness area with a thin fog behind marking where it was.

292 assorted "Pegs" with different spells on them. unassembled round basically, but usable in a "rail gun rifle" or "Pistol" as is

unenchanted pegs from Boom Gun rounds(can be used as railgun rounds)
87 holy water, 111 wood mini pegs, 91 silver 285 standard.

I've also used assorted TW Grenade loads to be custom made for boom gun rounds, but those generally are only available at twice or higher list price. Note I have basically allowed a Boom Gun to be modified to have individual rounds hand loaded into it


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