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I think having the summary for those that just pop in is good, but I do like the spoiler idea with the full log. If someone is interested I like the idea of them being able to see what happened and how that turn of events happened by the 'being there' feel. "see it as it happened" so to speak. My vote anyway :)

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Great game BTW, but daaymn.... WAR.
Once the anti-magic cloud goes off, people duck.
As it was, yes the team beat on the appocalypse daemon BUT... he woulda started takin' names before being ganked.
Fortunately there was an Ace-High or peeps woulda started needin' organ donars or at least a good body & fender store.

Pestilence and Famine are NOT gonna be fun...

Bind the body to the opened mind
Bind the body to the opened mind

I dream of towers in a world consumed
A void in the sentient sky
I dream of fissures across the moon
Leaves of the lotus rise

~Dream Again By Miracle of Sound

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DhAkael wrote:

Pestilence and Famine are NOT gonna be fun...

They aren't, from what I remember of my old high school cafeteria...

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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Clone-Kyros, A Meeting With The Splugorth, And On To Africa

February 2nd: Our heroes, recovering from the previous day's celebrations, gather to discuss a message Cloud sent to their PDA's. A message explaining that the 'Kyros' that had come back to Lazlo was in fact a clone created by (guess who) Gaphion, their eternal thorn-in-the-side. Imala, however, had plans to use the clone to their advantage, so via the message she asked everyone to go on treating the clone, dubbed "Law" for Kyros' old alias, as they always had. After deliberating between their options, they decided they would head to Africa to attempt to find Isis.
En route, they were contacted by a minion of the Splugorth, who wanted to speak with them. Upon meeting, he was possessed by Lord Splynncryth himself, and he talked business with the group, informing them of the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and offering them the Skull of Osiris should they succeed in slaying these terrible monsters. Agreeing, though they had little choice, the group went on their way.

February 3rd: Arriving in northern Africa, the group quickly found the Ivory Pyramid of Isis, and landed for a closer look. As they explored the interior, they found the main chamber, housing Isis' three favourite weapons: the Torch, Moon-Bow, and Retributor two-handed sword. Their reverence was interrupted, however, by a panting Albtraum running inside to inform them that WAR, the most violent of the Apocalypse Demons, was headed straight for them! Hastening outside, the group tried to prepare themselves, though Imala took her time to commune with the pyramid, and in turn was allowed to take the Retributor from its' resting place. Carrying the mighty blade to the mouth of the pyramid, she leveled it at the approaching demon, and fired the 'Light of Retribution', boring a hole in War's armour, and setting the stage for a titanic battle.

Chat log: For those who want it as it happened. ;)
(GM_Cy): *When we last left our heroes, Cloud and Jase had at last tied the knot, the Dart Commander officially becoming Eris-Taggart Silver Cloud (family/married name first, of course ;)), with the entirety of her pack present, as well as some friends and respected individuals. Not least of which was Kyros, apparently back from his abduction far earlier than expected. Imala and baby Evangeline also made their appearance at the tail end of the ceremony, having arrived later than the male part of their trio. It is now February 2nd, as the remainder of the 1st was thoroughly consumed by the after-wedding festivities.*
(Anna): Anna is curled up under blankets, sleeping happily.
(Fluffy_Cloud): Cloud spends a bit of "girl talk" time with Imalla; making sure she's a bit more stable than the last time she saw her. Also, Cloud spends a bit of time with her god-daughter, playing 'riding wolf' for the toddler.
(Mondo): *got back from a morning run and doing morning katas in the garden*
(Anna): A few of Anna's sisters are out at the ranges doing practice.
(GM_Cy): *Kyros can be seen strolling around the Casa, giving a nod to any he passes and engaging in conversation if they so wish. Those outside can see Jaglon organizing his Ra-Men in their morning drills, while those on-duty keep up their patrols. They're certainly an efficient bunch.*
(GM_Cy): *Anna, if she cracks open an eye at the empty spot beside her, sees Albtraum, who is sitting by the window, looking distracted and agitated.*
(Anna): After a while, she does, and sits up before shuffling over in her bullet-print pyjamas to give Albtraum a hug. "Summin' botherin' you?" She asks in a sleepy voice.
(GM_Cy): *Nods, looking at her after carefully maneuvering his horns so as not to mangle her.* "Yes, but... I'm not quite sure what it is. I have... suspicions I need to confirm with Cloud."
(Fluffy_Cloud): Cloud, having celebrated with Jase "properly" after spending some time with her spirit sister, wakes up sprawled over the still-larger plains-man, wondering how a human body could become an Escher object as she un-kinks her back.
(Anna): The little blonde doesn't quit hugging. "S'wrong? Wanna talk 'bout it?"
(Briar_Croup): *Briar wakes up with a splitting headache and not a clue how he got to be curled up under the dining room table.*
(GM_Cy): "I do, but I don't know if I should, until I check with Cloud. I don't want to start rumours or worries without making sure they have some basis of truth."
(Anna): "Well... if you need me, you know I'm always up to listen." There's a pause before Albtraum would get the littlest peck on his 'cheek.' "I wouldn't recommend buggin' the boss for a bit more - probably still sleepin'."
(GM_Cy): *He tilts his head in just that particular way he does when he's 'blushing' or embarrassed.* "I know, and thanks for the advice."
(Anna): "Welcome... mmhn... I should get properly dressed, shouldn't I?"
(GM_Cy): *The tilt increases.* "Well, I'm not exactly complaining, but if we want to go have some breakfast, yes."
(Anna): "Well, I can wait to eat a bit - unless you're hungry."
(GM_Cy): "Hmm... I can probably wait a while t-" *He's cut off by an abominable gurgling from his stomach. His head tilts so far it looks potentially hazardous to his health.*
(Anna): "We'll go get you some food." She chuckles. "I can change later." The blonde grabs his hand and tugs gently. "Come on."
(Briar_Croup): *Briar crawls out from under the table and sits against the wall, holding his head.* "Never again" *he mutters to himself.*
(GM_Cy): *The towering infernal-esque is towed along like he weighed no more than a feather.*
(Jase): *Jase stretches as Eris does the same. He rubs his Eyes with the palms of his hands. He turns to Eris* "I've been wondering, what do you think of Kyros showing up?"
(GM_Cy): *Anna and Albtraum enter on their way through to the kitchen, finding Briar on the floor in his head-holding position.*
(Briar_Croup): *Briar looks up slowly.* "Uh...this is embarrassing," *he comments awkwardly.*
(Anna): "Th'**** happen to you?" Anna asks in an amused tone as she leads Albtraum to a seat, and proceeds to make some cereal.
(Briar_Croup): "Well, there was this drink..." *Briar lets his voice trail off as he hauls himself to his feet and drops into a chair at the table instead of sitting on the floor.*
(Anna): "Absinthe?"
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum sits down, studying Briar curiously, looking between him and Anna.* "Do normal people get headaches from drinking often?"
(Briar_Croup): "Yeah, that might have been it." *In response to Albtraum's question, he says,* "I don't know if this is entirely normal. I'd never been drunk before last night."
(Anna): "If it wasn't absinthe I'm gonna laugh." Anna smirks, setting down a bowl infront of Albtraum. "Usually - depends on how much you drank."
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum proceeds to munch, though he quickly runs into the problem of milk escaping the corners of his mouth. Having no skin and such. :-?*
(Anna): "Ehm... crap..." She pauses. "Okay, next up: eggs."
(Anna): And off to make eggs!
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): Cloud ponders; biting her right-hand thumb. A small droplet of blood leaks out as she turns her gaze UP at Jase.
"It's... complicated."
(Briar_Croup): *Briar hauls himself to his feet again and makes his way slowly into the kitchen where he drinks water straight from the tap.*
(GM_Cy): *Looks at her, empty eye-sockets somehow quizzical.* "Hmm? Am I not eating it properly? I wasn't sure, but I'll learn." *Nods enthusiastically.*
(Mondo): *enters the kitchen*"Good Morning Comrades...Master Briar you look unwell..."
(Jase): "I'm not sure if you know more that you're not able to tell me, or if you're just as conflicted about all this as I am." *Jase says in a worried tone*
(Mondo): *proceeds to make a bowl of cereal*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): She pulls away from her husband and walks across the room to her night-stand, making sure the bio-lock on her safe-box is still secure
(Briar_Croup): *Briar chokes on the water and comes up spluttering.* "Really?" *he says when he can speak again.* "Because I feel friggin' fantastic."
(GM_Cy): *Eris finds the lock, and box, just as she left it, untouched and untampered with.*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): *lets a single drop of the blood hit the sensor before pressing her thumb onto it*
(GM_Cy): <k-THUNK> *The locks disengage at the bio-match.*
(Anna): Anna is making eggs. Every so often there'll be a "****!" or a "Dammit!" from the blonde, before finally she turns. "Okay I'm making scrambled."
(Jase): *Jase watches this curiously, not getting up from the rather comfortable bed however*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): Still tousled and undressed, Cloud Eris-Taggart holds out a papyrus note to Jase.
(Jase): *Jase takes the note from Eris and attempts to read it*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Burn it when you're done. The others will be getting theirs soon electronically" *lop-sided grin* "I figured it would be in poor taste on our first day married to force you to use that PDA you never took out of the box from last year."
(GM_Cy): *Those in the kitchen see Imala towing Kyros along, waving at them through the doorway.* "Good morning everyone." :) "I'm just taking Kyros out for a walk around the city, have to make sure our apartment is as we left it, we'll see you when we get back." *The baby in her arms burbles happily and waves as they head out the front door.*
(Mondo): *waves, then sits down at the table and starts eating*
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum watches Anna cooking with great curiousity, nodding at the announcement of 'scrambled' with fascination. Come to think of it, he DID usually eat steaks and various other slabs of meat, so this is all pretty new to him.*(Briar_Croup): *Briar puts the kettle on and finds some instant oatmeal.*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): *attempts to try and get hair under control*
(Anna): FINALLY, Anna returns to sit next to Albtraum with two bowls of scrambled eggs that look... a tiny bit over cooked. Still, they look edible.
(Briar_Croup): *Briar takes his oatmeal to the dining room.* "Mind if I join you?" *he asks.*
(GM_Cy): *Pokes at it curiously with his spoon, scooping some up and sampling them. He apparently approves, because he has the bowl halfway to his mouth before he remembers he's working on 'manners' and sets it back down sheepishly.* "Uhm... its' really good."
(GM_Cy): *Nods at Briar.* "Fine by me."
(Anna): "It's crap... but thanks." She smiles, nibbling at her own. "Mouse makes much better eggs."
(GM_Cy): "I would not say 'better'. Just different."
(Briar_Croup): *Briar sits down and pushes his oatmeal around in his bowl, eating slowly.*
(Anna): She chuckles and leans over to give him a one armed hug. "You're too nice to my ego."
(Jase): *Jase's eyes finish scanning the papyrus, he crumples it in his palm, and it catches on fire, Jase lets it burn away before dumping the ashes in a bin.* "To be fair, I did open it... I just never got it out of the box really... As for that" *he indicates the ashes.* "I figured it might be something like this, far to good and simple to be true. Also, your hair looks great the way it is." *He finishes as he gets up and hugs her from behind*
(GM_Cy): *He 'blushes' again.* "Maybe, but I enjoy being so."
(Mondo): *snap, crackle,crunching*
(GM_Cy): *Anna, Mondo, and Briar hear a -beep- from their PDA's. You've got mail.*
(Anna): Anna checks her PDA lazily, shifting to lean against Alb.
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): Leans into the hug.
"Yeah...I had a bit of advance notice from the Ra-man leader. Just didn't have time to tell anyone...and well. We got distracted right after."
(Mondo): *pulls out contraption*"i am still learning how to use this thing..."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "..I don' WANNA go out today..." *pouts at Jase, looking at him via the mirror*
(Briar_Croup): *Briar finds his PDA in a pocket somewhere and stares at it in vague confusion.*
(Jase): *Jase grins* "Oh, well, maybe we could "distract" one another for a little while longer." *He suggests with a grin*
(GM_Cy): *Finishes his eggs, peering over Anna's shoulder as she reads, sighing.* "As I feared... that is what was bothering me. I could tell, somehow. I suspect Cloud will wish for us to meet to discuss how we are to proceed. It may be time to get dressed." *Manages even this last part with solemn gravity.*
(Anna): "Bugger. Was hoping to get to relax a bit more." Anna pouts, finishing up her food before going to toss their bowls into the washer.
(Briar_Croup): *Briar looks around at the others at the table.* "Um, help?"
(Mondo): *eyes narrow reading the tiny message*"Interesting..."*looks up at Briar and instructs him on accessing the message*
(Anna): Finishing reading, Anna deletes the message and wipes the inbox. No one getting that.
(Briar_Croup): *Briar rolls his eyes.* "Well that's great that I can get at it...but I can't read."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "YOU *turns around and pokes Jase in the floating ribs* Are insatiable...! Ruffian... cad... stud..."
*fade to black until interrupted ;) *
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum goes to the meeting room to help straighten things up, but discovers Legion has already done so, so heads upstairs to experiment with this 'wardrobe' that Anna has introduced him to. Human clothing perplexes him slightly, as he was more used to his robe-like attire, but he's getting the hang of it.*
(Mondo): "doh"*summarizes the message to Briar in a hushed tone*
(Briar_Croup): *Briar nods.* "Thanks, mate." *His brow furrows.* "This sounds serious."
(Anna): Anna goes to assist Alb with dressing after getting her casual outfit on (casual meaning essentially a suit without a jacket). She /may/ have ulterior motives.

(GM_Cy): *One hour later, in the usual room used for meetings at the Casa.*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): Comes down stairs, hair a bit damp from the hasty shower, but dressed in riding pants, and black turtleneck t-shirt. A very lazy smile on her face, Cloud looks like the Wolf that raided the sheep-herd.
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Gooooooooddd morning everyone... ah, good; all fed I see." *ignores the rather worried looks on the groups faces as she pours some coffee and sits in her chair.* Read any good stories lately folks?"
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): -spp-
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum turns his head as she enters, his expression blank as usual. He really needs a face.* "No, unless the file you sent Anna counts as one?"
(Jase): *Jase follows her by a couple of strides, wearing a grin, jeans and a t-shirt. He nods at everyone present, taking a seat skipping the coffee*
(Anna): Anna snickers, sitting close to the tall, faceless man.
(Mondo): *showered, shaved, and sitting in a chair with PDA in hand*"Good morning commander"
(Briar_Croup): *Briar grumbles something about how he hasn't read anything lately. His headache is putting him in a foul mood.*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "I'll take that as yes then" *reaches out with left hand to jase and sips more coffee*
(Jase): *Jase takes Eris's hand.*
(GM_Cy): "So... How are we to proceed? Mother has given us an outline, but it is vague in places."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Well; we have a couple of immediate locales RIGHT HERE on this world. We could go farthest to closest, starting with trying to find Isis, OR we could check the Hudsons bay area. Problem with that is I KNOW we'll be annoying the FQukes and Skulls."
(Mondo): "yes, how much time are we giving ourselves to accomplish this?"
(Briar_Croup): *Briar shivers and raises his hand.* "Can I suggest we DON'T go north in the middle of the winter?"
(GM_Cy): *Snorts at Briar's comment.* "I often forget that some people have problems with the cold."
(GM_Cy): "As for time, I am sure Mother will wish Father to be rescued as soon as possible. IF we are to take temperature into account, however, what are the other regions specified like?"
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "'Nuff outta you Albtra..." :P
"As for time line... well. I think we have a couple of months to as little as a couple of weeks. Africa / Egypt? HOT. Dry."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Hudson's Bay; cold, damp cold...did we mention cold & damp because it is."
(Briar_Croup): *Perks up at the mention of hot and dry.* "Let's go to Egypt! I always wanted to go to Egypt."
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum looks to Anna, curiously, likely waiting for her decision before making his own.*
(Anna): "I'm good either way. I've done **** all over, so I can adapt. I guess it's pretty dependent on who's gonna wuss out on heat or coldness."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): *Looks up to Jase* "...and you wonder why I headed off-dimension for a bit."
(Mondo): "I am fine with either climate also, i will do as you instruct."
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum nods.* "I adapt well to either climate. Though I must admit I find the idea of exploring the homeland of my genetic ancestors fascinating. Plus, well... I guess technically Isis is like my grandmother, so... Y'know."
(Jase): "Not at all, especially after essentially doing your job while you were gone." *Jase says with a laugh* "As for where we go, climate isn't terribly important. But I'm sure the Pyramid showing up will attract a lot of attention rather quickly. Where as the piece that's in hudsans bay has been there for some time one would imagin"
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Plus, we'll MAYBE get some divine help."
(Briar_Croup): *Briar looks around at the group assembled.* "So...Egypt, then?" *he asks hopefully.*
(GM_Cy): *Chuckles, looking to Cloud for the final call.*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "And funny that we should be talking of going to egypt -sppp slrp- -ahh- One of my side-projects while I was gone has been completed and I finished installing the final magi-tech touches to it a week ago. It's beside my MAJOR project."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "..though the big-girl is staying behind unless we REALLY need her."
(Jase): "Exactly, and I'd rather that help be as useful as possible, for as long as possible." *Jase says, his eyes darkening somewhat, maybe remembering the the fight with the gods in Dyval*
(GM_Cy): *Nods.* "You're not kidding. That dragon-thing, Apepi? Felt like I was getting hit by a train."
(Briar_Croup): *Briar, now completely lost again, sits back in his seat and tries to pay attention.*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): *squeezes his hand, then puts down the mug*
"I'm all for checking out the area anyways. Been a while since I had the oportunity to go across Terra. I've never been to either THIS Africa or my original home's version."
(GM_Cy): "Of course, it swings both ways, our enemies are gods too. I hope Mother is right in assuming keeping the clone with us will throw our foes off."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Oh...I should ask; anyone have ANY experience using a TW vehicle or even a conventional Helicopter or hovercraft?"
(GM_Cy): "Uh... nope."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "I know YOU don't Alby *grins*..."
(Mondo): "negative...horses, automobiles, and hovercycles..."
(Anna): "Uhh... I ride the 'cycle."
(Anna): "... And the platform?"
(Briar_Croup): *Briar shakes his head.* "Nothing, sorry."
(Mondo): *let's out a light laugh*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): *LOL* "well guess I finally get to be the one ferrying others instead of ME hanging onto the air-sick bag then"
(Jase): "I learned how to drive a hover vehicle while we were in Dyval, as for tw stuff, I know how to use that as well..."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "I'll warn ya though; since I'm NOT using my big-girl right now... we'll be packing light. My little scarab DOES have cargo space, but only enough for personal gear. No horses or heavy machinery."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Hope will be most likely holding up back here and on-call. Not sure what the Doc & ink-boy will be doing."
(GM_Cy): "Perhaps they could accompany us to guard the transportation? It's never a bad idea to have a doctor around, at least."
(GM_Cy): "If we have the room, I mean."
(Briar_Croup): "What exactly is this vehicle?"
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Something I found while going through the Library of Lazlo; it's called an Ornithopter. It uses wing-motion to fly, but THIS design also can fold it's wings up and act like a ground effect craft. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLlllssoooooo... -ahem- I made some other adjustments of my own and installed a magi-tech anti-gravity device and some other mods. It could TECHNICALLY go up into *points up* just very very slowly."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Anna will be pleased; it IS armed ;) "
(Anna): The blonde's face lights up.
(Mondo): "What is its occupancy?"
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "6 at least"
(GM_Cy): *Counts off on his fingers.* "So its' the six of us here, Mother and Fa- the clone, if Persia and Tahlor don't accompany us?"
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Plus as I said, a fair amount of personal cargo. My big-mama? Oh she could carry us, Anna's sisters and half the new Sorroritas recruits with room to spare; but I still haven't fired up its reactor. The Scarab should meet our needs fine. Plus *grins like her totem* Persia and Tahlor's black-beauty can act as backup. THAT at least I know can operate in-atmo as well as ours can...and a LOT faster and nimbler too; only downside is her ride only seats 2."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): Cloud reaches into her panst pocket and looks at her PDA
"My apologies; it can take 8 easy."
(GM_Cy): "We should have plenty of room then, that's good."
(Anna): "So, we getting to pack, or personal time before packing?"
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "I figure; give it about 24 hours. I need to make sure stuff is going to be taken care of HERE while we're off globe-trottin'. That sound fair?"
(Anna): "Sounds like a plan."
(Jase): "I like it, sounds like a great honeymoon." *He says with a wink*
(Briar_Croup): *Briar gags.* "You two might be married now, but don't you be getting all mushy on us and all" *he says with a grin.*
(Anna): "So should we call 24 hours and set to getting things arranged and packed?"
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "hey...we can always be in De-Nile about the whole situation and just enjoy the trip."
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum groans.* "Please don't make me think of bad puns whenever I try to remember I'm treading the lands of my genetic ancestry."
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Sounds good Anna; tell your sisters they're on guard duty again too..and NOT to slack off with getting the new sorroritas up to speed."
(Jase): *Jase is open mouthed at how bad that pun was* "I'm pretty sure in some places people are executed for saying things like that." *He's now laughing a lot*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): Cloud = :demon:
(Briar_Croup): *Briar starts to rise, his headache returning with a vengeance.* "Are we done here, then? Can I go take a nap?"
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "So, we've got a game plan. I'm gonna go and soak a bit in the hot-tub AFTER I get some training done. See you folks after you're all done."
(Anna): "Can do. Mind if I borrow /him/ for a moment?" She grins, gesturing to Albtraum.
(Jase): "And besides, knowing us, if we took a regular honeymoon, we'd end up fighting some slavering mutant creation by the second day. So I'm all for this. Speaking of training, have you seen the barn?"
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Oh and Briar...I have something for you later when we get back from this trip; call it a signing bonus ;) "
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Yeah... nice job by the way."
(Briar_Croup): *Briar turns back from where he stands in the doorways.* "What is it?"
(Jase): "I'd been thinking we needed somewhere to train properly for a while."
(Anna): Anna hooks her arm around Alb's, hearing no protests. "You're being stolen. Let's go."
(Mondo): *perks up at the mention of training*
(GM_Cy): *Blushes as he's towed off, but does not protest.*
(Cloud_Eris_S.T): "Yeah; the Garden is a well... I did apologize to the neighbors for last time y'know."
(Jase): "I know, still, this way less trees will be menaced by our training."
(Briar_Croup): *Briar slips away upstairs to his room, falls face-first onto the bed, and promptly falls into a deep sleep.*
(GM_Cy): [Alright, so folks are doing their thing for the remainder of February 2nd. ;)]
(GM_Cy): *The morning of the 3rd of February dawns pale, snow-covered, and cold. Certainly adds a little bit of haste to the group's packing. This isn't a vacation, but at least its' WARM. :D*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Cloud has a suit of Crusader plate she's been tinkering with; as for her typical gear, the NG:S2 kit and a small change of clothes. There is an oddly shaped scabbard / holster she stuffs into her kit bag.
(Briar_Croup): *Briar tosses his important worldly possessions into a backpack, slides his sketchpad and pencil into the front, and heads downstairs, ready to finally leave the city.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Renting a heavy-lift hover truck, Cloud has Anna drive the group out to the old Pearson air-port; location of the hanger(s)
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum has almost nothing of his own, but he assists Anna with her exo-armour and various weapons.*
(Jase): *Jase looks pretty relaxed in the armor he'd been wearing in dyval, now repaired. Fujin on his hip, A pistol on the other, and his bow across his back, he also has a bag slung across his back*
(GM_Cy): *Arriving at the semi-ruined airport, they see an entire section has been repaired, and is completely blocked off from their vision, with only 'sealed by the authority of Commander Eris-Taggart, D.A.R.T.'. Across the main 'hall' is another hangar, and it is this one Cloud moves to unlock. Stepping inside, the lights slowly flick on one at a time, dramatically revealing: [url]​are/ornithopter1.jpg[/url]
(Mondo): *Mondo wears crusader armor, backpack with light gear, pistol on hip, rifle slung over his shoulder*
(Mondo): *awed* "she is beautiful."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Bizarrely enough, it seems as if the Dragoon is NOT bringing her Templar-knight power armour along. When or if asked her reply is; "Cost me a mint fixing the dings last time... and besides I think being free & breezy this time will serve me better. 'sides; I have a Crusader suit I'm tweaking so... I'm not going to be completely naked."
(Jase): "How fast can she go?"
(Briar_Croup): *Briar whistles, impressed.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *Grins* "Yeah... you can Thank Raphael; our on-call artist and mechanic friend for the detailing. *folds arms across chest* DAMN fine work he did with just a few sketches and some technical notes, neh?"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Oh... I tested her out few days ago. She can clock 210 mph with micro-jet assistance"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "160 mph in ground effect mode"
(Mondo): "What are her armaments?"
(Jase): *Jase grins* "Sounds like it'll be a fun ride." *He slowly makes his way over to the ornithopter*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "quad ion-cannon mount in the nose with "red-eye" targeting for the pilot, 2 laser turrets dorsal and ventral tail, and two outrigger gun pods, controlled by the co-pilot / gunner or by the same AND a gunner."
(Mondo): "Very impressive."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Cloud steps around to the rear under side and opens a small panel, she lifts her badge off her T-shirt and presses it to the plate under the panel. a click and thunk and with an electric whine a small ramp lowers down, point backwards
(Briar_Croup): *Briar nods.* "That's all very impressive. Can we get going?" *He is itching to get underway.*
(GM_Cy): *Imala and the clone arrive shortly after, Imala has her pistols on her belt, as well as Hijin, and two katana the group don't recognize strapped to her back. Doubtless she is unwilling to give the weapons to the clone, as Hijin was a gift from Cloud to the real Kyros, and the swords are likely his as well. She also holds Kyros' old laser rifle, the clone outfitted with a particle rifle and a vibro-sword.* "Sorry we're late, lost track of time."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Watch your head entering."
*turns to Anna*
"Okay... you're the gun-bunny. Rail-guns, Storm-bolters or Plasma-guns for the outrigger. I'll warn you, we're still a bit short on bolter ammo though."
(Mondo): *follows the group inside the metal bird*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): -_- @ the swords; "No problem Just...Imala. Law. *nods* Hop aboard."
(GM_Cy): *Anna nods.* "I'll mind my trigger finger boss-lady."
*As the group head inside, they see the interior is polished smooth, surfaces are rounded. At the front are two holographic screens for the pilot and co-pilot. And adjustable seats, of course. ;)*
(Briar_Croup): *Briar climbs aboard and settles into his seat, though he is unable to sit quite still.*
(Jase): *Jase follows Eris into the ship, giving a friendly nod to Imala and Law*
(Mondo): *stows his gear and straps himself in*"I must confess, i have never flown before...this should be fun."*smiling*
(GM_Cy): [Actually, yeah, that works, the clone can have his old alias. 'Law' it is.]
*Imala stows the pair of katana on her back by themselves in the cargo, along with Hijin, making sure they are secure before finding a seat beside Law, who has stowed their other bags. He nods back at Jase as he gets buckled in. Cloud hears her PDA beep at her as she's getting the folks inside and strapped in.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "So folks... should we go with at least a couple of kinetic-kill guns or stick to all energy?"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *switches the PDA on*
(GM_Cy): "If I have to go easy on the bullets, I say energy." *Anna nods.* "Sometimes it helps to just cut loose."
(Mondo): "I agree...what is her power source?"
(Mondo): "petrol, nuclear, hybrid?"
(Briar_Croup): *Briar has no preference, and says as much.* "Whatever you think, boss."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Cloud turns on her display screen and after a few button presses, 2 gleaming white sphere's (about medicine ball sized) with various mechanical manipulators float over to the vehicle. Lifting a pair of what look like CS plasma-ejectors without the stocks, on articulated mounts, the spheres quickly install the weapons and float away.
(GM_Cy): *Anna's eyes widen like a kid in a candy store.* "Oooooo~"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Just so full of questions today Sir Mondo" *grins*
"Conventional systems are powered by a 12 year nuclear powercell, and the magi-tech with well... a "special" crystal battery that can self-replenish."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *flips throug her message and then coughs..LOUDLY*
-kaff kaff- "KAMI!" :O
(GM_Cy): *Imala taps Cloud on the shoulder.* "Lord Ra gave me a good idea of where the Ivory Pyramid has appeared, I can point it out to you on a map if we've got one?"
(GM_Cy): *Blinks at the coughing.* "Everything alright?"
(Mondo): *rubs hands together*"Very nice."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *links her PDA to the machines display screens* (a small LCD screen is located in the right arm-rest of each seat along with a small touch screen)
Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

w dd
(Cloud_Eris_ST): PDA Message:
Commander Eris-Taggart,
It is customary to congratulate one on their union, and we do so. We wish to speak with you as soon as possible. The meeting place will be on the coast to the east of your city. It will be strictly peaceful, negotiations-only.
- Korluk, Duly Appointed Representative of Lord Splynncryth.
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *sits down heavily in the pilot seat*
(GM_Cy): *Blinks again.* "Oh." :shock:
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "...small detour before we head out"
(Jase): "Eris...?" *His voice full of concern, as he reads the text his mouth opens* "Ok what. the. ****."
(Briar_Croup): *Briar elbows Mondo next to him.* "What's it say?" *he hisses.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Cloud ignore everyone's questions and exclamations; efficiently going through the pre-flight checklist. The Ornithopter bobs slightly as she tests the wings range of motion.
(Mondo): *Leans toward Briar*"it appears we are to meet with the Splugorth..."
ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris_ST) rolls 1d100 and gets (90)=90.
(Briar_Croup): "Who's that?"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): -weee weee wee woooooo -klunk-
(Cloud_Eris_ST): (Wookie mechanics 101)
*hits console*
Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

w dd
(Mondo): "From what i hear, powerful entities...we shall see what happens."
(Briar_Croup): *Briar nods and leans back into his seat, looking suddenly a little gray.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): -wee-thup wee-thup wee-thup-
"Aviation servos and control surfaces are nominal. Closing outer hatch and switching to interior air."
"Please secure yourselves firmly. Opening inner and outer doors. Activating micro-hover assist...starting wing-beat synchronization."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

w dd
(Mondo): *straps in firmly*
(GM_Cy): *As the Ornithopter's flight systems come online and Cloud works the controls to get them airborne, the music suite (subsidiary to the audio systems of the interior) auto-executes.*
(Jase): *Jase takes a seat and straps himself in. His mind racing, he does not look pleased.*
ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris_ST) rolls 1d100 and gets (39)=39.
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Huh... looks like they're near the old city ruins of Kingston"
(GM_Cy): *The hangar doors open as the Ornithopter 'taxis' out, using its' hover systems to skim along the ground until it has open sky above.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Oh..Briar? there are techno-wizard systems installed in this vehicle. Feel free to "feel" them out ;) Just don't turn them on yet."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Cloud waits for a few seconds then pushes the throttle forwards, increasing wing-beat frequency and angling the 'feathers and tail' for climb.
(GM_Cy): *The ship rises smoothly, the wing-beats seeming not to rock the mid-section at all, or not noticeably. Gyro-compensators and such. They gain altitude swiftly.*
(Briar_Croup): *Briar nods, and pushes out around him, feeling the aforementioned systems.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "... I am sooo not happy with this. Thank Kami that we don't have Hope with us. I swear the girl has a pathological, I'd almost say psychotic HATRED of any of the Sploogs."
(Mondo): *feels surprisingly relaxed*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *leans back and once a few hundred feet of altitude has been reached, switches to glide and one wing beat per 2 minutes*
(GM_Cy): *Imala nods.* "That's understandable, though. Slave traders who engage in blood sport are generally not popular folk."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): ((LOL..a sedate 100 MPH. Don't wanna seem like we're coming when whistled for :P ))
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Anyone talk to anyone "funny" while we were in town? Imala? Mondo, Briar? I'm not accusing, just -sigh- how in heck did the slime-lovers know we were leaving? I swear everyone elses spy networks are better than ours."
(Briar_Croup): "I promise I didn't talk to anyone. I was sleeping until fairly recently."
(GM_Cy): *Imala looks thoughtful.* "I didn't, but if they DID go to the trouble of keeping an eye on us, it must be important."
*As the Ornithopter cruises along, they see the ruins of Madhaven to their south now, all that remains of Manhattan and definitely looking like it deserves its' reputation as a ghost-infested hell-hole from here, with toppled buildings and tangled steel forming a spooky metal brier-patch. Ahead, they see the ruins of Kingston, and another aircraft hovering above the ruins, no doubt in wait for them, though, perhaps due to some misconception about human tactics, it has a large white flag hanging off the bow. ...If there IS a front end to a circular platform.*
(Jase): "To be fair, they might not have know we were leaving, the message didn't say anything about that, just that they would like us to meet with them. But I somehow doubt it was coincidence." *Jase is scowling*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Scryers..."*shakes head*
"Heads up people. Mondo? Get your gameface on. Anna, you have the gunpods."
Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

w dd
*spirals in for a landing*
"Oh and Briar, be ready to activate the invincible armour screens."
(GM_Cy): *As they draw nearer, the platform lands, and the optics on the Ornithopter reveal a typical Splugorth slaver barge, complete with Overlord and a compliment of the famous 'Blind Warrior Women' they keep close for their bodyguard.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *shudders as she folds the wings after landing*
"I really really do NOT want to do this."
(Briar_Croup): *Briar sits, a look of vague confusion on his face again.*
(Jase): "Does this thing have speakers? or are we going to have to get out to have a chat?"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Y'know... I THOUGHT I missed something when building this...baka Cloud"
(Jase): "Damn..." *Jase unstraps himself and moves to the Exit* "Let's get this over with, shall we?"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Law; go out and take a peek-see with my man, kay? I'll be right behind you two."
(GM_Cy): *He nods.* "Sure Cloud." *Unstraps himself, heads outside with Jase.*
(Mondo): *unstraps and follows suit, checking his pistol on hip*"i'll go too."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Reaches under the pilot's chair and grabs up her two-handed sword, carrying in in her hand, but NOT drawn.
(GM_Cy): *The slaver-monster jumps down from his perch on his platform, spreading his arms to show he has left his weapons behind as he steps forward.* "Greetings, allies and friends of Commander Eris-Taggart. I am Korluk, representing Lord Splynncryth, ruler of Atlantis and businessman of many ventures in these talks. Will your Commander be present, or shall you be her proxies?"
(Jase): *Jase waits fro the hatch to open before walking out, hand on Fujin's hilt, he walks with a confident swagger*
(Jase): "Hello Korluk, I am Jase Taggart, and she will be joining us shortly." *His tone is calm and measured.*
(GM_Cy): *Law glances to Jase.* "Seems honest enough. For a Splugorth." *Leans against the hull of the Ornithopter, keeping his gun pointed at the ground for the moment.*
(GM_Cy): *The Sploogie nods.* "I am pleased to hear it, and shall gladly wait. My master bade me not to rush, and to be accommodating."
(Mondo): *steps up behind and to the right of Jase and nods to the Slaver*
(GM_Cy): *The monster's accent is a tad guttural, but surprisingly clear given the maw of teeth the speech is coming from.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Taking a deep breath, cloud walks down the ramp, making sure Mondo is behind her. She stops 2 paces in front of both Jase & Law.
"Konichi-wah, minion of Splyncryth."
(Mondo): *shifts gaze from the sploogie to the barge and back*
(GM_Cy): *He bows.* "Salutations."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "we'll cut the diplomatic niceties; what are you after? Pardon my bluntness, but I'm not fond of slavers of any stripe or species, and my pack & I are on a bit of a time-table."
(GM_Cy): "My master has tasked me with delivering vastly important information to you, and to ask for your assistance in a... delicate matter, but one which he believes you would be eager to partake in for a number of reasons. You will, of course, be handsomely rewarded."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Keep talking... you have my attention."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): (whispers) "..and count all your toes after we're done talking to this guy."
(Mondo): *turns his gaze to the barge while still listening to the conversation*
(GM_Cy): "My master, wishing for secrecy, would not impart the information directly to me. He instructed me merely to meet with you here to secure your interest, and all would become cleaAAARRRGH-" *He's cut off as his tentacles begin to flail, and he falls to his knees. As his cries stop, he stands, his bio-wizard eye glowing.*
"Ahhh... so my minion succeeded in good time, most excellent. I do so tire of being forced to terminate the employment of useless workers." -ahem- "Commander Eris-Taggart, Imala Sebhest, and your friends and relatives, of course. I am Splynncryth, Lord of Atlantis."
(Mondo): *eyes widen at the slaver, but remains somewhat calm*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Oh... right. Mindlink; forgot. Greetings. What can we do for, uh, you?"
(GM_Cy): *Imala watches from the doorway of the Ornithopter, definitely interested but cautious.*
"It has come to my attention that an ally of mine has a venture, of sorts, underway, and I have ultimately decided I cannot allow it, as it will too greatly hurt my profits. As this ally happens to be an enemy of yours, I thought we could reach an understanding in halting this scheme."
(Jase): *Jase blinks several times, but his hand does not leave his sword.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Name."
(GM_Cy): "Lord Set of Taut."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "..already on it. What are you bringing to the table?"
(GM_Cy): "As you are doubtless aware, he had recently captured his nephew." *Nods at Imala.* "Apologies, your husband. -ahem- "With the boy's escape, he has decided that this Earth is an eyesore to him, and intends to destroy it entirely, along with you. ESPECIALLY the pair of you." *Pointing a tentacle at Law and Imala.*
(GM_Cy): "He has, making use of his vassal, the Pharaoh Rama-Set of Egypt, summoned the Horsemen of the Apocalypse to Earth, and even now they wander Africa seeking one another to unite into their true form and lay waste to the planet."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Fine; already guessed he was going to try and kill off the world. Most of his worshipers have been dead for thousands of years on this planet...and..wait what?"
(Mondo): *gulps*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "he's using the bloody CHRISTIAN cults harbingers of Egyptian god...stooping to use THEM? PLEASE tell me you are kidding, right? having fun at the mortal woman's expense, neh?"
(Briar_Croup): *Briar sits and fidgets inside the ship, bored.*
(GM_Cy): "They are not the classic Horsemen of the 'Christian' faith you speak of. They are terrible demons of great power, a twisted and evil mockery of those in religion."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "...still haven't answered us; what are YOU providing? Or are we to go in blithely and just dowse 'em in holy water?"
(GM_Cy): "I can take no direct action without rousing Set's ire. However, I have secretly alerted many capable individuals to the threat, and even now they gather on the African continent in the hopes of defeating the Horsemen. If you require further incentive, I am prepared to give you the Skull of Osiris upon the demise of all four Horsemen."
(Imala): *her eyes glitter with interest in this*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Imala? Your call."
(Imala): *having come to the meeting silent as her heritage do when moving upon prey* "The Skull of Osiris is quite an appropriate payment in such a feat. Do you have information on weakness of these demons or how we might stop them?"
(GM_Cy): "Only that you must not fight Death. He is the most powerful, and as you slay the others he will grow gradually weaker, and fade out entirely when his fellows are removed from this plane."
(Imala): "That's good to know, but there is no information on the other three? Where will we make final contact upon their demise for the Skull?"
(GM_Cy): "As for locating them: each radiates an 'aura' of sorts that causes wide-spread change in the area around them, suited to their name. Famine brings drought, Pestilence sickness, and War anger and violence." *Chuckles, an unsettling sound like regurgitation.* "Trust me, I will know, and I will contact you at that time."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "hoo boy."
(Imala): *steps closer* "It is a lot to go through to eliminate myself and my husband. I'm kinda flattered." *looks at the others* "You guys with me on this?"
(Mondo): *nods, still eyeing the slaver*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Yes. I heard rumours about when... *looks at the minion / Splynncryth fragment* N'er mind. Yeah...I'm in. Going to Africa anyways."
(Jase): "Depressingly enough, it's not exactly something we can just let be..."
(Mondo): "this may alter our timetable a little bit..."
(Imala): *looks over at the Slaver* "Then so be it, we will find the Four and dispatch them, thereby saving this world, our hides and receiving the Skull from you and your...employer." *nodding her head as her people in agreement*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "FIRST we stop over and try and say HI to..well OUR friend first. If you need me I'll be on-board." *bows slightly at the minion.*
Once aboard she pats Briar's shoulder
"I HATE this shtick... I really do."
(Jase): *Jase raises a hand to his mouth, covering a smirk. His hand falls back after a moment*
(GM_Cy): *He nods.* "Excellent. The gathering of other 'heroes' is on the west coast of Africa, roughly mid-way down the continent, on the mainland near a small island known as Macias Nguema. I can provide you a map if you so wish."
(Imala): "That would be agreeable"
(GM_Cy): *He nods, producing a map from the minion's pockets and handing it to her.*
(Jase): "Who are the other "heroes" you mentioned"?
(Imala): "Thank you" *again the nod of the head* "If there is nothing more, we have much to prepare"
(GM_Cy): "Various champions of good, several Cyber-Knights from your continent, knights from New Camelot, similar beings. I believe Sebek was there as well, though why in the world HE was present baffles even me."
(Imala): *stops a moment* "That name sounds familiar"
(Mondo): *perks up at the mention of other Cyber-knights*
(GM_Cy): "That does not surprise me, I am certain one or more of the Pantheon of Ra have complained about him in your presence." *Shrugs.* "I will not hold you up any longer, you will see when you get there, he is rather hard to miss."
(GM_Cy): *He turns, striding back to the platform and climbing aboard.* "Farewell and good luck." *The slaver-beast collapses into unconsciousness while the Altara pilot the slaver-barge up and away.*
(Anna): Anna's relaxing in the Ornithopter for the time being, still.
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Straps in and watches the barge float away
(Jase): *Jase makes sure everyone is aboard before climbing in and taking his seat.*
(GM_Cy): *Law heads back inside.* "Certainly seems my escape has caused some ripples." *Settles down, buckles himself in.* "Kind of satisfying."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Anna... is it me, or is this becoming FAR to regular an occurrence?"
(Mondo): *heads back inside and straps in*
(Anna): Anna gives a shrug. "Beats the hell out of me."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "I just don't get it."
*slowly brings the power backup to the motors*
Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

(GM_Cy): *The Ornithopter begins gaining height once more, the expanse of the sea ahead of them.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "We are going to have a LOOONNNG haul. Even at maximum power we can still only clock out at 210; 420 if we're on a ley-line."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): -click hummmmm-
(Activates the 'sustain' field; hunger and water cravings fade away, as does fatigue)
(GM_Cy): [Yeah, s'gonna be about an 18 hour flight, shall we get to time-skippin'?]
(Imala): *moves over to Eris and pats her on the shoulder* "Thank you, Wolf-Sister"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Hey; we were heading that way anyways. I am NOT dancing to ITS tune though; FIRST we try and find your mother-in-law. THEN we hunt down these 'Riders' "
ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris_ST) rolls 1d100 and gets (69)=69.
(Imala): *nods* "I am glad to know we do not have to go to Hades for the Skull. Looks like its coming to us"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Yeah; just off to an area that is almost as HOT though. Least it's a dry heat"
*switches on the music system*
(GM_Cy): *February 3rd rolls past them as they travel, though night seems to fall earlier than anticipated as they cross timezones. Back in Lazlo, it would be about 8 AM when they arrive, but it seems to be about noon here.*
(GM_Cy): *Below, radiant to the point of almost being blinding, is the Ivory Pyramid of Isis, easily seen amidst the endless expanse of beige and brown around it.*
(Imala): "Yeah, that's it, beautiful sight is it not?"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *Stretches out the kinks in her spine and glances out at the oncoming landmass*
"That looks... hot."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *switches off the hover jets and uses wings alone and thermals*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Heads up everyone."
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum stretches, looking at the landscape below with interest.*
(Mondo): *awakens from napping and rubs his eyes*
(GM_Cy): *The Ornithopter cruises along easily, there are more than ample thermals to keep them aloft, and should they wish to land the sand provides an excellent, very flat, landing space, though they are very glad to have brought a VTOL aircraft. No way could a regular plane manage this place.*
(Jase): *Jase seems to have stayed awake for the entirity of the trip. he's looked rather restless in fact.*
(Imala): "I am not going to get my hopes up that she will be right here with the pyramid...but near by somewhere? But this looks to be nothing more than sand..."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Activating anti-gravs..I want every advantage here"
*switches on the TW system*
Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

w dd

*hovers down with not even a bump or grind*
(GM_Cy): *After their seamless landing, they see an opening appear on the side of the ivory stone nearest them.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "You can take the stick next. It's like any other TW vehicle. Just wiggle the controls they way you THINK they should and the magic'll do the rest ;) "
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *turns head to look at the stone*
(Mondo): *looking at the stone structure*"Are we to wait here, or look about?"
(Imala): *smiles and nods* "Yeah, let's go" *and then heads out to the pyramid*
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum raises a hand.* "I will remain behind to mind the vehicle."
(GM_Cy): *Law looks at him.* "Perhaps I should as well. Two seems safer."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "I suggest walkabout; be careful though; the sustain only work in here. We'll have to reactivate it when we re-board" *pulls a dandana over heaed and slides on 'shades' * B)
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "No law... you can come with us. It wou;dn't be the same without ya."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Be just like olde times."
(Imala): *as she walks past Albtraum she gives him a smile and a pat on the arm* "Good thinking" *looking to eris and nods*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Besides, Briar is here as well... see?"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *hauls out Erscahlgen and carries it in-hand out the hatch.*
(GM_Cy): "Alright, if you're sure." *Heads along with them.*
(Anna): "... Wouldn't mi- bah fine." Anna winks at Alb as she gets off the guns, checking her bolter. "Stay alive, you."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "WHOA!.. okay... DAMNED dry heat."
(GM_Cy): *He nods.* "I will. You do the same, alright?"
(Mondo): *procures rifle and tinted goggles from stowage, and follows the group*
(GM_Cy): *The heat IS rather impressive, and the shade of the interior of the pyramid looks mighty inviting.*
(Anna): "Don't worry. I will."
(Jase): *Jase follows Eris out of the hatch, his weapons holstered for now.* "Shall take a look inside?"
(Mondo): "i think i should have brought lighter armor"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "After you, my hero."
(Imala): *walks directly towards the opening* "Osiris knows this place" *smiles as she gets closer, almost trance like*
(Anna): Anna pops out after the others in her gear, ready for battle.
(Mondo): *searches the vast expanse for signs of...anything*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Cloud Wears a T-shirt but with a half-cape dangling over the arms, bandana over head, and her riding pants. All black. Yeah she's gonna be a hot little dragoon, but why no armour?
(Mondo): *searches*
(Jase): "So I can spring all the traps eh? I suppose that goes with being chivalrous." *He heaves a fake sigh and starts walking towards the entrance*
(GM_Cy): *Scurrying into the shade of the pyramid, they find it is MUCH cooler, far more tolerable. The walls are lined with hieroglyphics, and they see little more than a hallway leading about 10 feet in, before ending at a wall. A pedestal is set against the wall, though they can't see it too well from here.*
(GM_Cy): *Bad lighting and such.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *mock fainting sigh* "My heeeroo." :D
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Lux lumens"
(lantern light spell)
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Anna; keep our tails clean."
(Imala): "Lead me, Osiris, lead me through Isis' pyramid" *heads in*
(Anna): "Affirmative, boss." Anna drops to the back of the group and keeps a lookout behind them all.
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *follows behind the Justi*
(Mondo): *drops back ahead of Anna, rifle in hand*
(GM_Cy): *The illumination helps them to see much more clearly, and the pedestal comes into sharper relief, an indentation on its' surface. Below it, in several languages, Elven first, followed by English, and several other more unfamiliar scripts below, is written simply: "Place your hand, O you who enter here, and be judged. These halls are sacred and only the Lady Isis and the worthy may enter."*
(Imala): *she looks back at the others and then puts her hand out* "Guys, step back a bit please" *as she waits to lower her hand, then does so when they move back or if they don't*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Keeps distant, running her tounge over her "new" teeth and grimacing.
(Jase): *Jase takes a step back as advised, watching intently*
(GM_Cy): *Upon making contact, the pedestal pulses with magic energy, coursing through the stone and onto the walls, drawing a glowing web of intricate designs. After a moment, the wall slides aside, allowing them access to the inner sanctum at the heart of the pyramid.*
(Mondo): (whispers) "copy that commander."
(Imala): *smiles and nods to her teammates indicating to continue through as she steps to the now open chamber*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "After you law-man... Jase."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *lifts the lantern light mote a bit higher*
(GM_Cy): *The hall extends for a ways beyond the pedestal, then expands into a large room with various suits of armour of different designs and makes lining the walls, but it is what is at the far end of the room that is clearly the focus of the room.*
(Imala): *heads inside looking at it all* "What is needed now, Osiris?" *moves forward towards the focus*
(GM_Cy): *Dead center on the wall is what can only be described as a lit torch, the fire burning in a metal bracket, with a rune-inscribed metal shaft. Placed around it so that the torch sits between the bow and the faintly glowing thread is a magnificent bow, similarly marked with runic symbols. And below that, resting horizontally, is a monstrous two handed sword, of course runic.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): *stops at the entrence, motioning for Jase to stick with Imalla.*
(GM_Cy): *The weapons of Isis, the Torch, Moon-bow, and Retributor.*
(Jase): *Jase follows Imala as instructed, looking about with barley concealed interest in all the items*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "yooooosh..."
(Mondo): *looks around the Large room, whistles, then keeps eye on rear and Ky-clone*
(GM_Cy): "Uh... guuuuuys!?!" *They hear gasping breaths and Albtraum slides into the room.* "We're in trouble, SO much trouble, LOADS of trouble." :?
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "Wut..."
(Imala): *turns to look* "What is it?" *seems very calm at present*
(Jase): *His eyes focusing on the bow specifically.* "Woooow..." *He turns to Eris*
(Jase): *And the gasping Albtraum*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Erschlagen rasps out from its scabbard and Cloud turns to look behind the child-man.
(GM_Cy): "I don't know what one of these Horsemen things are supposed to look like, but there's a 12 foot... thing in heavy plate armour and bristling with weapons coming this way."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "...war..."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "DART's! Time to jammy!"
(Mondo): "..."
(Anna): Anna casually flicks the safety off her bolter. "Let's go then."
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "WE take what we need and we run.!"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "JUSTI!? Hurry it girl!"
(Jase): "******... Imala, how upset would Isis be if I borrowed that bow for a couple minutes?"
(Imala): "Without permission? Very."
(Mondo): "Does this structure have any weapon systems?"
(Cloud_Eris_ST): And Cloud runs past the panting Albtra, gathering fox-fire around her.
(Jase): "Right, I'll keep it in mind in case **** starts getting out of control." *He sprints after Eris, his spear forming in his hand*
(Imala): *turns back her hand going to her chest as she holds something close* "Great Mother Isis, Father and Keeper of Law Osiris, guide me in this hour of need. We have one our hands a situation of great need, guide me, assist me, help me to fight that which threatens to destroy this world. Aid your daughter, I plead."
(GM_Cy): *Albtraum heads after them, Law also hurrying along.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): "JUSTI-GIRL! Just grab 'em and we'll deliver them to her! HURRY!"
(Mondo): *follows the group back to the entrance*
(GM_Cy): *The Retributor glows softly with magic energy at Imala's words, traveling down the blade to the hilt.*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): Halts at the opening to the pyramid and stops dead at the juggernaught approaching.
"Oh so NOT happy."
(Imala): *nodding and smiling* "Very well, I thank you for your help" *then with reverence moves to take up the sword, as she lays her hand upon the hilt* "And I thank you, for your aid as well" *then turns and walks calmly to the entrance*
(Cloud_Eris_ST): (Radio to Briar) "Take off! get airborne NOW!"
(Imala): *as she moves to the entrance she nods, smiling as if she is responding to something*
(GM_Cy): *War, for it could be NOTHING else, sits astride his warmount, the beast striding forwards, War' runic morningstar already spinning over its' head as it approaches, its' other arm morphing into an amalgam of guns and heavy ordnance.
Briar, understandable, gets the Ornithopter moving YESTERDAY.*
(Imala): *at the entrance she raises the great sword and points it towards war* "Demon! Monster! Bringer of anger and hatred. War, know the wrath of Isis. Feel that which is her Retribution. FEEL THE LIGHT!" *and then she holds tight to the hilt of the sword*
(Mondo): *at the entrance, Mondo narrows his vision on the monster aiming his rifle* "orders commander?"
(Jase): "We running?" *Asking essentially the same question as mondo.*
(GM_Cy): *The blade, pointed at the Apocalypse demon, pulses with magic energy, gathering along the blade until the Retributor glows bright, even under the African sun. At Imala's words, the energy explodes with radiance, and a resounding, female, voice fills the air.*
"Darkness shall be expunged by the Light of Retribution."
*And the sword releases the energy in a colossal, piercing lance of light that bores a hole in War's chest.*

That was week before last's game, shall have last week's up soon, today or tomorrow. Just need a quick breather. :angel:

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Waging War

February 3rd: The group gave their all in the battle, trading blows at a furious pace. Cloud, Jase and Anna all came within eyesight of death, though Cloud and Jase only had their magic protections shattered, whereas Anna had her brand-new Sororitas armour broken. Refusing to give up, the group pressed their assault, with the Anna's bolter (enchanted by Cloud prior to battle) laying down powerful bursts of exploding shells while Cloud unleashed a storm of magic slashes from her two-handed sword. Jase contributed using Fujin and his psionics, while Mondo unleashed a steady barrage of laser and ion fire from his 'double' rifle.

As the battles continued, War finally began losing his cool, and Cloud managed to net him several times over with her Magic Net spell, and Persia (responding to the med-evac call for Anna) used the main gun on her space-fighter to end the showdown decisively. The battle was one, and the group took a moment to rest before heading down south at a lazy pace, giving themselves ample time to catch their breath before meeting with the Gathering of Heroes.

See the spoiler for the full battle commentary. ;)
(20:16:13) (GM_Cy): *When we last left our heroes, they had arrived in Africa and entered the Ivory Pyramid of Isis in search of clues as to the goddess' whereabouts. While inside, Albtraum ran inside to warn them of the imminent approach of a massive figure in armour the colour of blood mounted upon a hellish beast adorned in battle armour of its' own. The second most powerful Horseman of the Apocalypse. War. Beseeching her mother-in-law's spirit for assistance, Imala took 'The Retributor', a greatest rune bastard sword, down from its' resting place on the wall, and in a mighty burst of magic energy bored a hole in the Apocalypse Demon's armour and chest cavity, severely wounding the monster. But even the weapon of a goddess was not sufficient to fell a demon of War's caliber in a single strike. Worse, he is not alone, and his war-steed itself looks to be a ferocious opponent, more than capable of devouring regular warriors solo. After all, War rides on the back of Carnage.*
Here's hoping our gang keeps being somewhat irregular. ;)
(20:17:51) (Cloud) Seeing the "false" but none the less lethal "WAR" approaching, Cloud begins to gather what magic energy that is around, into herself and the hilt of Erschlagen Mond.
(20:19:41) (GM_Cy): *Law rolls his shoulders, stretching his tendons, and taps Cloud on the shoulder.* "Cloud, I know we need to focus on War, but you know as well as I do we can't take him and that THING he's riding on. I think Albtraum and I can at least keep it busy while you handle the main issue, unless you've got a better idea?"
(20:20:07) (Mondo): *lets out a light laugh while still training his rifle at the demon*
(20:20:46) (Cloud): "None right now law-man. Trying not to crap myself. Go play with fido; I think we poor mere-mortals will be okay... I think."
(20:21:09) (Cloud): C = :shock:
(20:21:28) (Cloud): "Anna, Fall back to my position; double time."
(20:22:05) (GM_Cy): *Nods grimly.* "We're all out of our league here, I'm no exception. Be careful." *Nods at Albtraum, the pair bull-rushing towards Carnage while Briar lifts off in the Ornithopter, keeping it WELL out of reach of the oncoming Apocalypse Demon.*
(20:23:03) (Anna): Anna starts hustling right back over to Cloud.
(20:23:05) (GM_Cy): *Imala, panting heavily, slumps down, exhausted, in the doorway of the pyramid, the sword still pulsing with magic energy.* "Sorry... Wolf-Sister... just need a moment to... catch my breath..."
(20:23:47) (Jase): *Jase slips Fujin out of it's sheath, as he does two different barriers erect themselves around him. E turns to Eris and gives her a halfhearted smile*
(20:25:09) (Cloud): Fox-fire gathers at Clouds feet as she reaches out to place her hands on the bolter in Anna's arms.
"Anima EST Balistae. Animus armae."
(Charm weapon)
(20:26:12) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(20:26:39) (Cloud): Blue-white foxfire surrounds the bolter and then absorbs into the metal and ceramite.
(20:27:08) (Anna): Anna bows her head, and glances back over her shoulder towards War.
(20:27:14) (Cloud): "Done... Go, take cover and blast that oni-scatt."
(20:28:46) (Cloud): Braces Erscahlagen over her shoulder one handed and casts -invincible armour- on her self. The spell not being part of her 'battle magus' repertoire takes longer than the her normal 1 or 2 word invocations.
(20:29:05) (GM_Cy): *War, his rune mace in hand, strides towards them, shrinking as he does to match their scale, reducing from 12 feet to about 7. He says nothing, but its' obvious he's removing any possible advantage the group may have had based off his size, and is breaking things down to a straight contest of skill, ingenuity, and destructive power.*
(20:29:20) (GM_Cy): [And its' init time.]
(20:29:59) ChatBot: (Anna) rolls 1d20 and gets (15)+5=20.
(20:30:06) ChatBot: (Cloud) rolls 1d20 and gets (17)+7=24.
(20:30:06) ChatBot: (Anna) is now known as (Anna_20).
(20:30:17) ChatBot: (Mondo) rolls 1d20 and gets (20)+3=23.
(20:30:20) ChatBot: (Jase) rolls 1d20 and gets (14)+9=23.
(20:30:28) ChatBot: (Cloud) is now known as (Cloud_24).
(20:30:30) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

7 + 6 = 13
(20:30:42) ChatBot: (Mondo) is now known as (Mondo_23).
(20:30:53) ChatBot: (Jase) is now known as (Jase_23).
(20:32:00) (GM_Cy): [So on 24, our fearless leader, and unfortunately she who's likely to come up against that mace most directly, Cloud.]
(20:32:00) (Cloud_24): [url]​8W6ID8jk4A[/url]
(20:33:43) (Cloud_24): Sprinting as well as her footing allows in the sand, Cloud runs to the right of the group and swings the sword in an upper cut then down-stroke, sending 2 moon-slasher blasts at the daemon.
Rolling "1d20 +4" 2 times

1: 11 + 4 = 15
2: 15 + 4 = 19

(20:35:16) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 2 times

1: 16 + 6 = 22
2: 12 + 6 = 18
(20:35:38) (GM_Cy): *Smashes the first into oblivion with his rune mace, taking the second across his chest.*
(20:36:18) ChatBot: (Cloud_24) rolls 2d4 and gets (4,4)x10=80.
(20:37:33) (Cloud_24): "No ut aquila!" (fly as eagle) and done with 3 reserves
(20:37:47) (GM_Cy): [Mondo and Jase up next.]
(20:38:11) (Mondo_23): (after you Jase)
(20:38:19) (Jase_23): [goddammit]
(20:38:22) (Jase_23): [XD]
(20:39:21) (Jase_23): *Jase summons a ball of fire and hurls it at War, he runs after his projectile, and cuts at War twice.*
(20:40:05) (Jase_23): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +5" :

20 + 5 = 25
(20:40:36) (Jase_23): Rolling "1d20 +6" 2 times

1: 18 + 6 = 24
2: 12 + 6 = 18
(20:40:58) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

12 + 6 = 18
Rolling "1d20 +12" 2 times

1: 4 + 12 = 16
2: 6 + 12 = 18
*Attempts to snuff the fire with a swing of his mace, but fails, and in so doing misses parrying the first of Jase's attacks, though he blocks the second.*
(20:43:16) (GM_Cy): [Mondo's go.]
(20:43:26) (Jase_23): *He backs off a little, a slight grin on his face*
(20:43:53) (Mondo_23): *Mondo, still at the foot of the pyramid, carefully aims and fires three "double" shots from his WR-17 at War.*
(20:44:03) ChatBot: (Mondo_23) rolls 3d20 and gets (11,13,8)=32.
(20:44:34) (Jase_23): Result of the throw of dice "22d6" :

5 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 6 + 3 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 4 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 6 + 5 + 6 + 1 + 4 + 3 + 6 = 81
(20:47:45) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 13 + 6 = 19
2: 16 + 6 = 22
3: 13 + 6 = 19
*Uses the head of his mace to deflect the energy shots.*
(20:50:54) (GM_Cy): [Any further actions, Mondo?]
(20:51:12) (Mondo_23): *Moves to the right, to outflank war-2 reserved*
(20:51:27) (GM_Cy): [Anna's up.]
(20:53:43) (Anna_20): Anna attempts to take some cover before dropping to a knee and letting off two quick shots from the Bolter towards War.
(20:53:56) (Anna_20): Rolling "1d20 +10" 2 times

1: 15 + 10 = 25
2: 16 + 10 = 26
(20:55:01) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +10" 2 times

1: 16 + 10 = 26
2: 16 + 10 = 26
*No doubt hearing the tell-tale sounds of a projectile weapon, War instead shifts to dodging, narrowly evading the shells.*
(20:55:46) (Anna_20): Scowling, she lets off another 2 shots.
(20:55:48) (Anna_20): Rolling "1d20 +10" 2 times

1: 16 + 10 = 26
2: 16 + 10 = 26
(20:55:53) (Cloud_24): "...crap..."
(20:56:58) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +10" 2 times

1: 16 + 10 = 26
2: 9 + 10 = 19
*Dodges the first, but the second finds its' mark.*
(20:57:07) ChatBot: (Anna_20) rolls 3d6 and gets (6,5,5)x2=32.
(20:57:19) (Anna_20): [[ Reserving 4 ]]
(20:57:30) (GM_Cy): [So that's critical strike and Charm taken into account?]
(20:58:11) (Anna_20): [[ Oh, that's not including charm ]]
(20:58:16) (Anna_20): [[ that's just the crit ]]
(20:58:30) (Anna_20): [[ charm adds another x2, I'm guessing? ]]
(20:58:43) (Anna_20): [[ 64 then ]]
(20:59:09) (GM_Cy): [And on 13... War.]
(21:00:19) (GM_Cy): *The Apocalypse demon wastes no time in getting down to business, going straight after the first person to have injured him, namely Cloud. His mace swings four times.*
Rolling "1d20 +13" 4 times

1: 17 + 13 = 30
2: 14 + 13 = 27
3: 13 + 13 = 26
4: 20 + 13 = 33
(21:01:59) (Cloud_24): "That's gonna suck."
(21:02:42) (Cloud_24): Rolling "1d20 +9" 3 times

1: 17 + 9 = 26
2: 17 + 9 = 26
3: 5 + 9 = 14

(21:02:56) (Cloud_24): 1 dodge
(21:03:20) (Cloud_24): "What the?! It extends!?"
(21:04:01) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 4d6 and gets (2,1,5,4)x10=120.
(21:06:04) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d6 and gets (2)x10=20.
(21:06:59) (Cloud_24): "OOOOOOOOF!"
Cloud gets flung like a rag doll, but her body is still intact
(21:07:27) (GM_Cy): *Seeming to flow in his strikes, as his mace retracts on the last strike, he turns to Jase, aiming his arm weapon at him. As he fires it, however, it is joined by barely noticed lasers under his pauldrons in a triple-salvo, firing it twice.*
(21:07:59) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +11" 2 times

1: 20 + 11 = 31
2: 6 + 11 = 17
(21:12:19) (Jase_23): *Jase attempts to dodge the laser.*
Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +11" :

10 + 11 = 21
(21:12:58) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 3d4 and gets (3,2,2)x10=70.
(21:13:48) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 6d4 and gets (2,2,2,2,1,4)x10=130.
(21:14:29) (Jase_23): *The two barriers that had surrounded Jase both instantly disintegrate as the blasts hit him.*
(21:15:10) (Cloud_24) Both Jase and Cloud hit the sand at the same time...
(21:15:30) (GM_Cy): [And he's out. Reserved actions?]
(21:15:58) (Anna_20): Anna fires another 4 shots at the big ugly bastard who just smacked two of her friends around.
(21:15:59) (Anna_20): Rolling "1d20 +10" 4 times

1: 11 + 10 = 21
2: 11 + 10 = 21
3: 17 + 10 = 27
4: 13 + 10 = 23
(21:16:16) (Jase_23): *Another shield immediately surrounds Jase, who now looks incredibly worried.*
(21:16:20) (GM_Cy): [*thumbs up* damage away, he can't dodge, and y'can't parry projectiles. :D]
(21:16:29) (GM_Cy): [Well, not with a mace anyway.]
(21:16:38) (Anna_20): Rolling "3d6" 4 times

1: 6 + 4 + 5 = 15
2: 3 + 5 + 1 = 9
3: 6 + 4 + 2 = 12
4: 4 + 2 + 4 = 10
(21:16:43) (Anna_20): x4 to each
(21:17:34) (Anna_20): 184 total
(21:17:45) (GM_Cy): [nice]
(21:18:33) (GM_Cy): [alrighty, if that's all, fresh inits]
(21:18:45) ChatBot: (Anna_20) rolls 1d20 and gets (16)+5=21.
(21:18:52) ChatBot: (Anna_20) is now known as (Anna_21).
(21:18:56) ChatBot: (Cloud_24) rolls 1d20 and gets (11)+5=16.
(21:19:05) ChatBot: (Cloud_24) is now known as (Cloud_16).
(21:19:11) ChatBot: (Mondo_23) rolls 1d20 and gets (11)+3=14.
(21:19:14) (Cloud_16): "...ow?"
(21:19:15) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d20 and gets (7)+6=13.
(21:19:22) ChatBot: (Jase_23) rolls 1d20 and gets (3)+3=6.
(21:19:31) ChatBot: (Jase_23) is now known as (Jase_6).
(21:19:33) ChatBot: (Mondo_23) is now known as (Mondo_14).
(21:20:24) (GM_Cy): [alrighty, so our resident weapons expert gets another go, just keep shootin' ;)]
(21:21:08) (Anna_21): Two more shots before Anna halts her attacks. Rolling "1d20 +10" 2 times

1: 19 + 10 = 29
2: 13 + 10 = 23
(21:22:22) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +10" 2 times

1: 5 + 10 = 15
2: 9 + 10 = 19
*Both hit.*
(21:22:33) ChatBot: (Anna_21) rolls 3d6 and gets (3,1,3)x4=28.
(21:22:36) ChatBot: (Anna_21) rolls 3d6 and gets (6,5,1)x4=48.
(21:24:55) (GM_Cy): [Cloud's go.]
(21:26:34) (Cloud_16): Dragging herself up from the sand trough she landed in Cloud uses her sword as a crutch and draws from the ley-line.
"Vas Domus"
(House of glass)
and then a power bolt
(21:27:04) (Cloud_16): so an auto hit of 20
(21:27:34) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

14 + 6 = 20
*The mace says no.*
(21:28:31) (Cloud_16): "That how you play huh... Fair enough."
*Takes to the air, 1 moon slash attack.*
(21:28:36) ChatBot: (Cloud_16) rolls 1d20 and gets (14)+4=18.
(21:29:46) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

6 + 6 = 12
*Mace doesn't quite make it this time.*
(21:31:55) ChatBot: (Cloud_16) rolls 2d4 and gets (2,2)x10=40.
(21:32:54) (Cloud_16): "We're barely scratching this heap of rust! We need a plan but quick!"
(21:33:11) (Cloud_16): (reservie)
(21:34:08) (GM_Cy): [Mondo, you're up.]
(21:34:18) (Mondo_14): *fires three "double" shots at war*
(21:34:26) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 3d20 and gets (12,17,18)=47.
(21:35:20) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 2 + 6 = 8
2: 5 + 6 = 11
3: 2 + 6 = 8
*All 3 hit home.*
(21:35:32) (Mondo_14): :D
(21:35:56) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 15d6 and gets (5,5,6,6,4,1,6,2,1,4,3,3,2,1,2)=​51.
(21:36:33) (GM_Cy): [on 13 (again), War.]
(21:40:20) (GM_Cy): *He gazes upon this most recent attacker... and ignores him in favour of the ones who've been putting the most holes in his armour. Namely Anna and Cloud. War aims his particle rifle at Anna and his shoulder lasers at Cloud, firing them in triple-salvos as before, but at different targets.*
[Rolling particle shots against Anna first, then laser shots against Cloud.]
(21:41:11) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +11" 3 times

1: 7 + 11 = 18
2: 6 + 11 = 17
3: 9 + 11 = 20

Rolling "1d20 +11" 3 times

1: 5 + 11 = 16 [auto-miss]
2: 18 + 11 = 29
3: 8 + 11 = 19
(21:41:45) (Cloud_16): Rolling "1d20 +9" 2 times

1: 10 + 9 = 19
2: 14 + 9 = 23

(21:41:50) (Anna_21): Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 18 + 6 = 24
2: 20 + 6 = 26
3: 10 + 6 = 16
(21:41:56) (Cloud_16): first sooooooooo hits
(21:42:22) (GM_Cy): [alright, damage from particle rifle shot on Anna, then rolling vs magic on House of Glass for Cloud]
(21:42:39) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d6 and gets (5)x10=50.
(21:42:49) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d20 and gets (6)+6=12.
(21:43:13) (GM_Cy): [believe that's a fail, so damage inflicted on Cloud will ALSO hurt War]
(21:44:04) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d4 and gets (4)x10+8x2=96.
(21:44:28) (GM_Cy): [Believe its' reduced by Invincible Armour, though?]
(21:44:36) (Cloud_16): halved'
(21:44:44) (Cloud_16): NOT that it matters much here.
(21:44:48) (GM_Cy): [ah, kk, so just 48 then]
(21:44:58) (GM_Cy): [reserving remaining, Jase's go]
(21:46:38) (Cloud_16): Watching the laser burns that hit her mystic armour repeat in reverse on WAR, Cloud smiles a lopsided but decidedly toothy grin.
(21:50:42) (Jase_6): *Jase summons up 3 walls of fire,compacted into the smallest area possible, and attacks with his sword 3 times, staying just out of the fire.*

(sword) Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 10 + 6 = 16
2: 19 + 6 = 25
3: 20 + 6 = 26
(21:51:29) (Jase_6): Rolling "1d20" 3 times

1: 18
2: 14
3: 15
(21:53:04) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20" 3 times

1: 14
2: 16
3: 18
*Perceives the first two fire walls in enough time to evade.*

Rolling "1d20 +12" 3 times

1: 13 + 12 = 25
2: 12 + 12 = 24
3: 4 + 12 = 16
*Parries the first slash, but not the following two.*
(21:53:26) (GM_Cy): [so damage from third fire wall, and then 2 crits I believe?]
(21:53:38) (Jase_6): [yep]
(21:53:38) (GM_Cy): [from a magic weapon, no less]
(21:56:42) (Anna_21): Anna hoists up the bolter and fires three quick bursts of pain towards War.
Rolling "1d20 +4" 3 times

1: 20 + 4 = 24
2: 17 + 4 = 21
3: 10 + 4 = 14
(21:57:18) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +10" 3 times

1: 3 + 10 = 13
2: 3 + 10 = 13
3: 7 + 10 = 17
*Only dodges the last burst.*
(21:57:26) (Mondo_14): *fires two "double" shots*
(21:57:40) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 2d20 and gets (14,6)=20.
(21:58:05) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 2 times

1: 11 + 6 = 17
2: 11 + 6 = 17
*Parries the energy shots from Mondo, however.*
(21:58:09) ChatBot: (Anna_21) rolls 1d4 and gets (4)x10x3x2=240.
(21:58:23) (Jase_6): Rolling "5d6" 2 times

1: 6 + 1 + 6 + 5 + 2 = 20
2: 6 + 1 + 6 + 1 + 5 = 19

sum: 39x4=156

Result of the throw of dice "6d6" :
4 + 2 + 5 + 4 + 2 + 4 = 21

sum 177
(21:58:24) ChatBot: (Anna_21) rolls 1d4 and gets (3)x10x2x2=120.
(21:58:29) (GM_Cy): [*whistles* NICE.]
(21:58:33) (Anna_21): 360 damage total from Anna
(21:58:35) (Cloud_16): Looks at her crackling and fading invincible armour, frowns but "mans up".
(21:59:51) (GM_Cy): [*Thumbs a-way up.* NOW we're getting places. If you're interested to know, you've got him about halfway down.]
(22:00:57) (GM_Cy): [And fresh inits.]
(22:01:02) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d20 and gets (17)+6=23.
(22:01:23) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 1d20 and gets (15)+3=18.
(22:01:25) ChatBot: (Jase_6) rolls 1d20 and gets (8)+3=11.
(22:01:33) ChatBot: (Cloud_16) rolls 1d20 and gets (9)+5=14.
(22:01:34) ChatBot: (Jase_6) is now known as (Jase_11).
(22:01:35) ChatBot: (Anna_21) rolls 1d20 and gets (19)+5=24.
(22:01:41) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) is now known as (Mondo_18).
(22:01:42) ChatBot: (Anna_21) is now known as (Anna_24).
(22:01:47) ChatBot: (Cloud_16) is now known as (Cloud_14).
(22:02:40) (GM_Cy): [And Anna beats War to the punch!]
(22:02:58) (Anna_24): Anna quickly follows up with another two bursts from the Bolter, eyes blaring behind her visor. Rolling "1d20 +4" 2 times

1: 20 + 4 = 24
2: 20 + 4 = 24

[[ Uhm... ]]
(22:03:02) (Anna_24): [[ reserving actions ]]
(22:03:47) (Cloud_14): Mutha...
triple damage THEN doubled.
(22:03:53) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +10" 2 times

1: 2 + 10 = 12
2: 18 + 10 = 28
*Attempts to dodge failed.*
(22:04:08) ChatBot: (Anna_24) rolls 2d4 and gets (2,1)x10x3x2=180.
(22:04:30) (Cloud_14): "GLORY TO THE EMPRESS OF THE SUN!!!!"
(22:04:33) (GM_Cy): [And foiled by low rolls, damn. XD]
(22:04:52) (Cloud_14): "...awwww DAMNIT..."
(22:05:21) (Anna_24): [[ ... can we pretend those were both 4's? :P ]]
(22:05:55) (GM_Cy): *The rounds DO shake War up, sending him a step or two back, but he recovers quickly and he is NOT pleased with these developments. He intends to show this pitiful human who is REALLY the master of combat. And he intends to do so with a series of triple barrages.*
(22:07:23) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +11" 3 times

1: 2 + 11 = 13
2: 13 + 11 = 24
3: 4 + 11 = 15
*His anger, thankfully, interferes with his aim, and his first and last salvo fire off into the distance, blasting sand into atoms or glass, depending on which weapon struck ground.*
(22:07:41) (Anna_24): Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 18 + 6 = 24
2: 19 + 6 = 25
3: 16 + 6 = 22
(22:07:49) (Anna_24): Anna is running off of adrenaline fumes.
(22:07:59) (Anna_24): She's got a hand full of bolter and a head full of mad.
*War is displeased with this. He decides maces are the better part of hurt delivery.*
(22:08:37) (Anna_24): [[ I saw 3 numbers. ^^; ]]
(22:09:06) (Jase_11): [^how we all secretly work, I see your 3 numbers and counter them with mmmmmmyyyyyy three numbers]
(22:09:14) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +13" 2 times

1: 14 + 13 = 27
2: 3 + 13 = 16 [swing-and-a-miss]
*Yup, he's definitely getting mad.*
(22:09:30) (Cloud_14): gonna be even madder soon
(22:09:39) (Anna_24): [[ Agh, copy properly you dumb thing ]]
(22:09:40) (Cloud_14): C = cunning planz
(22:09:44) (Anna_24): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

20 + 6 = 26
(22:09:47) (Anna_24): [[ THERE ]]
(22:09:53) (Anna_24): [[ It posted my last rolls :/ ]]
(22:10:02) (Cloud_14): nat 20 beats the mod 27
(22:10:23) (GM_Cy): *The impact of the mace is thankfully absorbed by the sands, Anna gets the distinct impression it would have shredded concrete back home.*
(22:11:12) (GM_Cy): [And reserving, on to Mondo.]
(22:11:39) (Mondo_18): *fires three "double" shots again*
(22:11:47) ChatBot: (Mondo_18) rolls 3d20 and gets (6,3,6)=15.
(22:12:36) (Mondo_18): (reserves 3)
(22:12:43) (GM_Cy): [You should be rolling 1d20+3 for those.]
(22:13:18) (Mondo_18): (aren't they all misses tho...)
(22:13:22) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 2 times

1: 2 + 6 = 8
2: 4 + 6 = 10
*The first hits, but he parries the third, while the second misses altogether.* [Taking the +3 into account.]
(22:13:35) (GM_Cy): [Nope, only base results of 1 to 5 are auto-misses.]
(22:13:50) (Mondo_18): (ah)
(22:14:06) ChatBot: (Mondo_18) rolls 5d6 and gets (5,3,3,4,5)=20.
(22:15:10) (GM_Cy): [Alrighty, Cloud's up.]
(22:16:49) (Cloud_14): Fox fire swirls up from the ground to Cloud's hand as she stares down at the abomination.
"While we draw breath we stand,
while we stand we fight,
while we fight we prevail,
For we are steel,
we are doom,
we fight for Lazlo,
and we shall know no FEAR!
(22:17:20) (Cloud_14): 4 full moon slashes and then re-casts her invincible armour.
(22:17:52) (Cloud_14): Rolling "1d20 +4" 4 times

1: 19 + 4 = 23
2: 10 + 4 = 14
3: 14 + 4 = 18
4: 13 + 4 = 17
(22:18:29) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 4 times

1: 7 + 6 = 13
2: 10 + 6 = 16
3: 2 + 6 = 8
4: 3 + 6 = 9
*Sloppy parries are sloppy, though he manages to block the second slash.*
(22:19:10) ChatBot: (Cloud_14) rolls 8d4 and gets (1,3,1,2,4,3,2,4)x10=200.
(22:20:15) (Cloud_14): (When the Dragoon speechifies, you are in it DEEP.)
(22:20:53) (GM_Cy): [Ayups. On to Mr. Taggart then?]
(22:21:19) (Jase_11): *Jase isn't one for speeches, he runs in, sword swinging.*
1: 20 + 6 = 26
2: 7 + 6 = 13
3: 16 + 6 = 22
4: 16 + 6 = 22
5: 5 + 6 = 11
6: 9 + 6 = 15
(22:21:36) (Jase_11): [1 crit, 4 hits, 1 miss]
(22:22:45) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +12" 6 times

1: 11 + 12 = 23 [crit]
2: 15 + 12 = 27 [parry]
3: 8 + 12 = 20 [hit]
4: 12 + 12 = 24 [parry]
5: 6 + 12 = 18 [auto-missed, discounted]
6: 2 + 12 = 14 [hit]
(22:23:40) (Jase_11): Result of the throw of dice "5d6" :

6 + 6 + 3 + 6 + 1 = 22x4=88
Rolling "5d6" 2 times

1: 5 + 3 + 1 + 4 + 2 = 15
2: 2 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 12

sum: 27x2=54
(22:23:58) (Jase_11): [so 142]
(22:25:04) (GM_Cy): [reserveds are up]
(22:25:11) (Anna_24): Four more bursts from Anna, who's been silent the whole time. She's putting up a HELL of a fight. Rolling "1d20 +4" 4 times

1: 18 + 4 = 22
2: 7 + 4 = 11
3: 7 + 4 = 11
4: 20 + 4 = 24
(22:26:10) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +10" 3 times

1: 3 + 10 = 13
2: 5 + 10 = 15 [dodged]
3: 9 + 10 = 19 [dodged]
*Goes for broke, dodging his last dodges for the round. Unfortunately, he dodged neither of the critical hits. Poor bastard. XD*
(22:26:26) ChatBot: (Anna_24) rolls 1d4 and gets (1)x10x4=40.
(22:26:26) (Mondo_18): *fires three more shots*
(22:27:24) ChatBot: (Mondo_18) rolls 3d20 and gets (19,6,8)+3=36.
(22:27:57) ChatBot: (Anna_24) rolls 1d4 and gets (2)x10x3x2=120.
(22:28:05) (Anna_24): [[ 160 total then ]]
(22:28:18) (GM_Cy): [That's more like it. x5 is NOT the same as x3 and x2 combined.]
(22:28:42) (Anna_24): [[ I derp'd out. ]]
(22:29:33) ChatBot: (Mondo_18) rolls 15d6 and gets (4,2,3,1,2,4,6,4,4,2,4,4,2,5,2)=​49.
(22:29:55) (Mondo_18): (he can't dodge anymore right?)
(22:30:04) (GM_Cy): [that is correct]
(22:31:07) (GM_Cy): [Alrighty, if that's all? Fresh inits!]
(22:31:12) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d20 and gets (15)+6=21.
(22:31:23) ChatBot: (Cloud_14) rolls 1d20 and gets (1)+5=6.
(22:31:25) ChatBot: (Mondo_18) rolls 1d20 and gets (6)+3=9.
(22:31:46) ChatBot: (Mondo_18) is now known as (Mondo_9).
(22:31:47) (GM_Cy): [Countdown to "Awwww": 2 melee rounds, including this one. >:-D]
(22:32:01) ChatBot: (Cloud_14) is now known as (Cloud_6).
(22:32:03) ChatBot: (Anna_24) rolls 1d20 and gets (6)+5=11.
(22:32:10) ChatBot: (Anna_24) is now known as (Anna_11).
(22:32:10) ChatBot: (Jase_11) rolls 1d20 and gets (16)+3=19.
(22:32:15) (GM_Cy): [And that's "Awwww ****" not "Awwww something fuzzy and adorable." XD]
(22:32:18) ChatBot: (Jase_11) is now known as (19).
(22:32:35) ChatBot: (19) is now known as (Jase_19).
(22:34:54) (Cloud_6): Cloud all of a sudden gets a brainstorm, proving that blonds CAN think under pressure.
"JASE! Tap the pyramid and do something brilliant!"
(22:36:14) (GM_Cy): *War is ready to kick some ass now. He grips his weapons and his aura flares. With a chant, he raises his weapons to the sky, and a cloud begins to form overhead.*
[Everyone roll versus magic please, NO bonuses, and you need 18+.]
(22:36:36) ChatBot: (Cloud_6) rolls 1d20 and gets (18)=18.
(22:36:51) (Jase_19): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(22:37:06) (Anna_11): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(22:37:28) ChatBot: (Cloud_6) rolls 1d20 and gets (8)=8.
(22:37:34) (GM_Cy): [DAMN you people are lucky. XD]
(22:37:45) ChatBot: (Anna_11) rolls 1d20 and gets (15)=15.
(22:37:52) ChatBot: (Jase_19) rolls 1d20 and gets (19)=19.
(22:37:53) (Anna_11): [[ I'm still going by my first ]]
(22:37:57) (GM_Cy): [Mondo's the only one who still needs to roll.]
(22:38:18) (Cloud_6): Cloud watches the enchantment on the bolter of anna's begin to fade
(22:38:26) ChatBot: (Mondo_9) rolls 1d20 and gets (16)=16.
(22:38:39) (Mondo_9): "ugh"
(22:39:20) (GM_Cy): *The cloud above feels stifling and oppressive to those with magic, and any ambient effects in the area are snuffed out. Even the ley line sputters some as it's ambient energy is severely cut back on. War, however, looks fine, but that's how the Anti-Magic Cloud works. Total magic supremacy. ...Not that he's used any until now anyway.*
(22:39:40) (GM_Cy): [So even after saving any and all magic is at half potency, be it range, damage or duration.]
(22:40:53) (GM_Cy): *He then casts Armour of Ithan on himself, and tightens his grip on his mace, turning towards Anna and looking highly menacing.*
(22:41:34) (Anna_11): "You know I'm a distraction, right?" Anna finally speaks.
(22:41:34) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +13" 3 times

1: 12 + 13 = 25
2: 11 + 13 = 24
3: 18 + 13 = 31
*Ha-blah-waaa~ Ouch.*
(22:41:59) (Anna_11): Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 16 + 6 = 22
2: 7 + 6 = 13
3: 16 + 6 = 22
(22:42:29) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 2d6 and gets (6,2)x10=80.
(22:43:07) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 2d6 and gets (3,6)x10=90.
(22:43:19) (GM_Cy): [s'pose I could've just combined 'em, but nah]
(22:43:25) (Anna_11): [[ the main body armor is gone ]]
(22:43:44) ChatBot: (Cloud_6) rolls 1d100 and gets (32)=32.
(22:44:19) (Cloud_6): (radio) "Briar..we need a medivac STAT!"
(22:44:33) (Cloud_6): "Anna's been hit hard."
(22:44:33) (GM_Cy): [kk, so her power system is down, no bonuses from the suit systems, etc]
(22:46:25) (GM_Cy): Briar: "Oh, uhm, roger, I'm coming, quick as I can!"
(22:46:38) (GM_Cy): [reserving, on to Jase]
(22:48:47) (Jase_19): *Jase starts running to Anna, casting something as he goes* "Desiccate!"
*When he reaches Anna, he puts an armor of Ithan on her and stands between her and War.*
(22:49:56) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

5 + 6 = 11 [fails his save, but damage is still halved due to the anti-magic cloud. Protection from the AoI is also halved.]
(22:51:32) (Jase_19): Result of the throw of dice "3d6" :

6 + 3 + 6 = 15 [so 75]
(22:51:56) (Jase_19): [mhm, Anna you have a whopping 20 mdc on that AOI]
(22:52:16) (GM_Cy): [Heya Frosty. And LOL, well, at least it'll stop shrapnel. XD]
(22:53:02) (Anna_11): [[ Hells yeah! ]]
(22:53:11) (GM_Cy): [Remaining actions, Mr. Taggart?]
(22:53:55) (Jase_19): *Jase stays between War and Anna, bringing his sword down one more time.*
(22:54:22) (Jase_19): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

17 + 6 = 23
(22:54:27) (Jase_19): [and then I'm done.]
(22:54:46) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +12" :

12 + 12 = 24
*Contemptuous parry is contemptuous. Also condescending. Because he's a poke. XD* [-ahem- Okay, silliness wearing off now.]
(22:55:49) (GM_Cy): [so on 11, Anna, who is likely very upset that her expensive and brand new shiny armour has been beaten up to the extent it has.]
(22:56:46) (Anna_11): Anna simply lets the empty magazine from her bolter fall to the sand (1) and fishes for a new magazine, slapping it in calmly and collected.
(22:56:49) (Anna_11): [[ Reserving 1 ]]
(22:57:04) (GM_Cy): [so on 9, Mondo]
(22:57:27) (Mondo_9): *Seeing his comrade go down, fires three shots and runs toward War trying to divert his attention.*
(22:57:43) ChatBot: (Mondo_9) rolls 3d20 and gets (1,12,7)+3=23.
(22:58:30) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 5 + 6 = 11 [discounted, roll to strike was crit fumble]
2: 20 + 6 = 26 [parried]
3: 9 + 6 = 15 [parried
(22:58:37) (GM_Cy): [Please roll a d10, Mondo.]
(22:58:49) ChatBot: (Mondo_9) rolls 1d10 and gets (4)=4.
(22:59:16) (GM_Cy): *The fumbled shot simply burns some sand into near-glass.*
(22:59:48) (Mondo_9): "whew" (reserve 2)
(23:01:13) (GM_Cy): [alrighty, so Cloud on 6]
(23:02:38) ChatBot: Frost_Wolf is now known as (Imala/Persia).
(23:03:29) (Cloud_6): "You miserable peice of..." *flies to the top of the pyramid and GATHERS energy, focuses... and lets fly*
(23:04:16) (GM_Cy): [that's Magic Net, yeah?]
(23:05:17) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +10" 3 times

1: 14 + 10 = 24
2: 3 + 10 = 13
3: 19 + 10 = 29
*Burns up his final actions dodging, but is snared by the second net launched, entangling him but good.*
(23:05:45) (Imala/Persia): ((planning for end of round stuff))
(23:05:49) (Cloud_6): "Arachnae!"
(23:06:10) (GM_Cy): *Unable to dodge, is netted again.*
(23:07:08) (GM_Cy): [Reserveds, if any? Will get to end of round stuff momentarily.]
(23:07:31) (Mondo_9): *Halts and fire two shots.*
(23:07:39) ChatBot: (Mondo_9) rolls 2d20 and gets (1,4)=5.
(23:07:58) ChatBot: (Anna_11) rolls 1d20 and gets (5)+4=9.
(23:07:59) (Mondo_9): (crap...even with a plus 3)
(23:08:16) (Anna_11): Firing a burst there.
(23:08:39) (GM_Cy): ['nother roll on d10 for Mondo.]
(23:08:53) ChatBot: (Mondo_9) rolls 1d10 and gets (7)=7.
(23:10:01) (GM_Cy): *Mondo's rifle has a malfunction, a temporary power surge, knocking it out of commission for the next round.*
(23:11:30) (GM_Cy): *Briar attempts to fly the Ornithopter in to pick up Anna, but the Anti-Magic Cloud shuts off the Anti-gravity flight and it drops about 15 feet to the ground as Briar tugs fruitlessly at the controls.*
(23:14:38) (GM_Cy): *At the mouth of the pyramid, Imala recovers from launching the Light of Retribution, and with the Ornithopter unable to respond to Cloud's call for an evac for Anna, someone else comes to help...*
(23:15:34) (Imala/Persia): Persia: "Airrr evacuation call, rrreceived. ETA ...." *As vibrant purple beams of light come streaking through the atmosphere at War.*
(23:16:15) (Imala/Persia): Rolling "1d20 +4" 6 times

1: 19 + 4 = 23
2: 13 + 4 = 17
3: 18 + 4 = 22
4: 20 + 4 = 24
5: 7 + 4 = 11
6: 12 + 4 = 16

(23:16:40) (Cloud_6): "HELLLLLLLL YYYYEEEEEEAAAH!!!!"
(23:16:49) (GM_Cy): [k, damage away, he can't move to parry]
(23:16:54) (Imala/Persia): ((oh and here's the piloting roll))
Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :


(23:16:57) (Cloud_6): *Raises Erschalgen Monde HIGH!*
(23:17:38) (Imala/Persia): ((on all of them? guess so no auto miss there wowzers...ok then))
(23:21:37) (Imala/Persia): Result of the throw of dice "4d6" :

6 + 5 + 2 + 6 = 19 x 20 =380
(23:21:54) (Imala/Persia): (gotta do this one at a time due to damage changes on gun sorry guys)
(23:21:55) (Cloud_6): Tahlor unstraps from his acceleration couch behind Persia and prepares to recive anna up into the Killing Moon 'Dancer between Veils'
(23:22:06) (GM_Cy): *His magic protection is vaporized. ...As is the majority of Cloud's magic netting. Too late to parry now though.*
(23:22:56) (Imala/Persia): Rolling "4d6" 5 times

1: 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 7
2: 3 + 5 + 3 + 6 = 17
3: 1 + 6 + 6 + 4 = 17
4: 1 + 6 + 2 + 5 = 14
5: 4 + 6 + 3 + 4 = 17
(23:23:29) (Imala/Persia): 1 and 2 x 10 so 70+170 = 240
(23:24:19) (Imala/Persia): 3 is the crit so 170 x2 = 340
(23:24:52) (Imala/Persia): 4 and 5 are 140+170 = 310
(23:25:24) (Cloud_6): "I like plan B... Plan B I can see through my eye-lids."
(23:26:05) (Mondo_9): "Way to go Lady Doc!"
(23:26:47) (Cloud_6): Tahlor; (via external audio system) "Shyaer-sul Anna; your presence is requested aboard. Please do hurry."
(23:27:07) (GM_Cy): *War is barraged by the space-scale laser fire. With the Light of Retribution already having burned a hole in his chest, and the substantial damage inflicted upon him by the group on the ground, he just can't stand up to space-ship weapons' fire, and his torso is vaporized entirely.*
(23:27:11) (Imala/Persia): *The fighter swoops down and past a bit with the last shots and then circles back and lower skimming the ground to pick up Anna.*
(23:27:32) (Jase_19): "Pretty sure he was almost finished before that... but ****... I think you blew a hole straight to the core with that." *Jase says with a huge grin, which is there mostly because he's not dead, and nether are any of his friends.*
(23:28:11) (Jase_19): *He turns to Anna* "He get you at all when he broke your armor?"
(23:28:44) (Anna_11): "Nah, luckily. Pissed though, this was /new/." She grumbles, double-timing it to meet up with the doc.
(23:29:19) (Cloud_6): Cloud glides off of the pyramids apex and quickly swoops over the molten-glass filled crater where war's helmet and limbs are.
Carefully, methodically, she brings her sword down on each limb and the helmet until they are split into fragments.
(23:29:28) (Mondo_9): *Drops rifle and activates Psi-sword* "Is he finished...or playing possum?"
(23:29:31) (Imala/Persia): "The Killing Moon class fighterrr was designed to be quick and slient."
(23:30:32) (Cloud_6): Tahlor bows at the belly hatch, looking down at Anna. "Regardless Shyaer-Sul, Let our medic examine you."
(23:30:59) (Anna): "I'm alright with that - especially after that show." She pauses, then adds after a beat "That was a joke."
(23:31:05) (Cloud_6): "Mondo, if you need to ask, get over here and help me make sure he ISN'T playing possum."
(23:31:25) (Jase): "There is only so much acting that can be done in the world Mondo, having your torso vaporized is not included in it..."
(23:31:27) (Mondo): "Copy that Commander."
(23:32:05) (Mondo): *Heads closer to the smoking lower limbs.*
(23:32:17) (Cloud_6): " of my soul... supernaturals sometimes can regrow from a fingernail. I'm just making sure."
(23:32:49) (GM_Cy): *As they methodically destroy his body, it fades out to nothing. Like the demon he is, when destroyed War simply returns to his original dimension. Not truly dead, just banished and unable to return for a period of time. Nearby, Carnage also fades out to nothing as his master does, and War's weapons go the same way, leaving no trace of him other than the glass craters marking the battle.*
(23:33:10) (Cloud_6): *Notices the colour of her eyes reflected in the armour that isn't carbon scored; frowns and brings the sword down one more time onto War's helm.*
(23:33:45) (Cloud_6): "There...*Grounds Erschalgen into the sand.* DONE!"
(23:34:15) (Imala/Persia): P: *Setting the landing gear so as to get up and check over Anna, ship staying on standby for a quick dustoff.*
(23:34:18) (Jase): "Great! Now I suppose we have to find Isis, and do this three more times..."
(23:34:33) (Imala/Persia): I: *Has returned into the pyramid.*
(23:34:37) (Cloud_6): (Radio); "Good work crew....good damned work. And Doc? Thanks Per-sae...I mean it."
(23:35:13) (Imala/Persia): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

(for her checking over Anna.)
(23:35:44) (Mondo): *Retrieves rifle and heads toward the Ornithopter to check on Briar.* "Yes Milady Persia, your timing is impeccable."
(23:36:14) (Cloud) Seeing her pack is relatively unharmed, Cloud walks by and grips Mondo's shoulder, pats Jases' ass and then goes over to the Ornithopter and opens the hatch and peeks her head up over the steps.
(23:36:36) (Imala/Persia): *Clicking on the radio to respond.* "You guys had him. I just wanted my flight path clearrr."
(23:36:41) (GM_Cy): *Law and Albtraum stagger back over, collapsing onto the sand, panting.* "Big... tough... stubborn..." "Ugly... smelly... blasted..." *Both.* "Owwwww..."
(23:37:24) (Cloud): "Hey Briar... kid? You did okay. Sorry; shoulda warned you about the damned anti-magic cloud. My bad."
(23:38:31) (GM_Cy): Briar: *Looks up, forehead bruised but otherwise unharmed.* "Oh, no, I'm fine, really. It was just surprising to just..." *Pantomimes plummeting.*
(23:39:22) (Anna): "I need to have Lampshade fix up my armor, I guess." Anna grumbles, while Persia looks her over.
(23:39:29) (Anna): "Who was manning the guns, back there?"
(23:40:10) (Imala/Persia): "That parrrticularrr weapon on this fighterrr are managed by the pilot."
(23:40:52) (Anna): There's a pause. "Can I uhh... hug you for that, then?"
(23:41:02) (Anna): "That was... really, REALLY a hell of a lightshow."
(23:41:18) (Jase): *Jase sheaths Fujin, smiles at Eris as she passes, which turns into a snort as he gets "patted". He turns and walks after Imala, into the temple.*
(23:41:21) (Cloud): "Welcome to my previous world kid. I woulda puked BEFORE the spells gave out a year back. You did good. *thumbs up* Go and join the others, I'll get the birdy back upright and flyin'..."
(23:41:58) (Mondo): *Crouches in the shade of the flying machine and checks his weapon to clear the malfunction.*"Yes, well done Master Briar, well done."
(23:42:02) (Cloud): "You may hugg my Sal-Kess, Anna-sul."
(23:42:24) (GM_Cy): Briar: "Oh, uhm, I think maybe I'll just wait inside, since we'll be going soon? I think I have a band-aid in my pack..." *Moves to the crew compartment, is heard rummaging about in his bag.*
(23:42:48) (Imala/Persia): P: *Her ears twitch and she laughs softly as she sets down the medical tools.* "Of courrrse. It is but standarrrd use of a fighterrr but if you would feel betterrr..."
(23:43:34) (Anna): Anna hops up and gives Persia a great big hug - damn Sororitas and their training. After a few seconds, the doctor is let go, and Anna grins. "Am I clear to go back and see if the others need help?"
(23:43:44) (Cloud): Cloud just chuckles and shakes head with a smile.
"You remind me of someone..."
*Sits on the steps leading up to the interior and looks at the gathering by the alien fighter.*
(23:44:10) (Imala/Persia): I: *Is kneeling, the sword having been replaced in its place, her hand resting against her chest.* "We will find her."
(23:44:33) (Imala/Persia): P: *Laughs softly patting Anna on the back during the hug and then nods after.* "You arrre well enough to fight anotherrr day Miss Anna."
(23:44:54) (Anna): Anna gives a salute and runs back to find the others.
(23:45:08) (Jase): *Jase stays slightly back not wanting to disturb Imala, unsure if she was speaking to him.*
(23:46:11) (Mondo): "I agree Commander...I am glad they did."
(23:46:59) (Imala/Persia): P: *Looking over from her fighter.* "Anyone else need any aid?"
(23:47:24) (Mondo): "At least the demons are a little weaker now..." *Slapping in a fresh e-clip.* "Are we to wait for the Lady Isis?"
(23:47:37) (Cloud): *Raising voice.* "Really need to get you up-graded at some point for your hardware. *Points* Good for Brodkil and the CS, not so much for greater daemons."
(23:48:33) (Cloud): "..and yeah; that or find out if she will even be arriving. Just... Imala will be able to tell us once she's out of the Pyramid."
(23:48:42) (Mondo): *Looks down at his weapon and sighs.* "Yes, it was no more than a pea shooter to that thing."
(23:49:20) ChatBot: (Anna) rolls 1d4 and gets (1)+2=3.
(23:50:00) (Imala/Persia): I: *Finally standing, she takes a deep breath, nods, then turns.* "Oh." *Seems startled.* "Hello, Jase. Is everyone alright? I had to return the sword to its rightful place. We need to seek out Isis...I am sorry I was not much help...that blast from the sword was a bit of a...surprise." *She starts heading out of the weapon room.*
(23:50:10) (Anna): Anna returns to the group, popping her helmet off and smiling. "Sitrep, Commander?"
(23:50:44) (Cloud): "Yeah... Briar banged his head a bit on the steering system. I DON'T think he's concussed but... *shrug* may wanna take a look."
(23:51:28) (GM_Cy): *Law picks himself up and dusts himself off, his armour looking a little worse for wear. Albtraum remains stretched out on the ground, letting his supernatural regeneration do its' work on his injuries. He manages a wave at Anna from his spot on the sand.*
(23:52:18) (Cloud): Cloud pauses while the group gathers.
"...Once Jus..damn... IMALA returns we'll know better. Howevere, I think we're still in decent shape for the moment. No limbs lost. Mondo will need to be up-gunned sometime. Aside from that? Situation normal for the DART's."
(23:52:36) (Jase): "I'm pertty sure we all would be smears in the sand if you hadn't grabbed that sword Imala, and sorry for startling you, I didn't want to disturb you." *Jase follows her out.*
(23:52:39) (Anna): Anna nods, then heads over to crouch near Albtraum. "You alright, big guy?"
(23:53:05) (GM_Cy): Albtraum: "Just sore. That... whatever it was had some nasty teeth on it."
(23:53:36) (Anna): "Tell me about it. Being smacked about by a mace wasn't too fun. 'Least I'm not dead though... want some help up, or are you comfy right now?"
(23:54:24) (Jase): *Jase has a few questions, but knows Eris will have the same, so he leaves them unasked.*
(23:54:34) (Imala/Persia): P: "If we are no longer -- Sure, I'll come have a quick look at that bump on the head." *Heads over to check out Briar.*
I: *Once they are both out of the armory, she places her hand to seal the door once more and then heads out with Jase, turning to the outside of the pyramid placing a hand instinctively on the outside of the white building.*
(23:55:26) (Imala/Persia): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :


(on the roll for checking out Briar)
(23:56:22) (Cloud): " boy; you know you DID ignore my instructions to stay on-call at Lazlo."
"Glad you didn't listen to me"
(23:56:39) (GM_Cy): "The sand is surprisingly comfortable, but I'm ready to go when needed."
(23:57:07) (Cloud): "Kai-Shyaer we only..huh? Oh... -ahem- Happy to be of service."
(23:57:24) (Anna): "Let's get you up, we can rest in the air." She says, offering a hand to help him up.
(23:57:37) (Imala/Persia): P: *Laughs softly.* "Just a bit of a pleasurrre's intuition." *Grins, her feline teeth showing.*
(23:58:34) (Cloud): "Of course. Naturally you also go on pleasure flights with full weapons hot and stealth systems engaged. Only prudence."
(23:58:39) (GM_Cy): *Takes her hand, seemingly not at all worried about the somewhat petite blond's ability to help him up.*
(23:59:42) (Cloud): "I suggest we depart this place... is that okay Imala? Mother-in-law isn't coming is she?"
(00:01:22) (Anna): Anna helps hoist Albtraum to his feet, grinning before plonking her helmet back on. "Shall we, then?"
(00:01:28) (Cloud): Tahlor is inscrutable inside his goggles and sand-scarf head-covering...though one would swear he was whistling tunelessly and trying to look innocent.
(00:01:49) (GM_Cy): "We shall." *Skeleton grin. Though, he can't really not skeleton grin.*
(00:02:39) (Imala/Persia): I: *Looks over from the pyramid.* "No, we must locate her, but she is close, just not sure which way."
P: "Of courrrrse, Ms...umm...Cloud, is therrre any otherrr way?"
(00:02:45) (Cloud): "Good; get on board folks. We can talk after we find a "safe place" to ground out and recoup. You love birds joining us?"
@ Persia and Tahlor
(00:03:26) (Mondo): *looks up* "Are we to hunt the other three, or continue searching for the Lady Isis?" *Rises and heads into the ship.*
(00:04:56) (Cloud): "We REALLY need to get some divine intervetion on our side. We have pestilence and famine next; not as buff as our WAR buddy, but their attacks are more subtle. Hunger and disease." *Shudder.*
(00:06:00) (Cloud): "We find Imalas' mother in law, Law-mans' mom, and THEN we go hunt down skinny and ugly."
(00:06:01) (Imala/Persia): P: *Finishes checking over Briar.* "You arrre good to go. Herrre is something forrr the headache. Also, drrrink waterrr to keep hydrrrated. And do not sleep within the next 2 hourrrs. Afterrrr that you get some rrrrest. If therrre arrrises any nausea or dizziness, or anything at all, you tell the commander to contact me immediately." *Looks to Tahlor.* "We will be within rrradio contact, afterrr all we arrre on call arrre we not?"
I: *Still looking a bit wiped from the sword's powerful attack, nods at Cloud.* "Sounds like a plan." *And heads to the Ornithopter.*
(00:06:02) (Mondo): *Starts to feel a little hungry after hearing "Hunger"."
(00:06:43) (GM_Cy): *Law is already inside the Ornithopter, snoozing in the crew compartment.*
(00:08:02) (Imala/Persia): I: *Looks over at Law and sighs, heads off to sit down, closing her eyes as a silent shudder courses over her, as if holding back tears?*
(00:08:21) (Cloud): Tahlor stand beside Persia, taking her tail in his hand and bows to Cloud. "Sai Seritue Vai-Dommna-Kai. We will be putting 'Dancer' through his paces. Just call and we will descend like nightfall."
(00:08:21) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum looks over to Cloud as he and Anna pass by.* "But where do we start searching? We have virtually nothing to go on, except knowing where that camp of heroic types is."
(00:08:55) (Anna): "I should probably get my armor fixed up by Lampshade before fighting anything else."
(00:10:26) (Cloud): "We'll go there first. AFTER we get our feet back under us. Imalla and yourself need to recover along with Law-man. ...and I'm damned sure not gonna be in any mood for any posturing from "hero's" today. We'll find 'em tomorow."
(00:10:50) (Mondo): *Looks for a snack and straps himself in.*
(00:11:49) (GM_Cy): *Chuckles and nods.* "Fair enough. Swe-" *His head tilts in his approximation of a blush so fast it almost looks like he's had his neck broken.* "I mean, Anna has a point though, her armour DOES need fixing before she can fight safely."
(00:12:00) (Cloud): *Shooes Albtra up the ramp and salutes the Inkspot and Kitty-doc and ascends the ramp; closing it behind her.*
(00:12:53) (Mondo): "I'm sure the Demons will not be hard to find. Any place with a lot of disease or mass hunger will be a good place to start looking." *Chews on some jerky.*
(00:13:18) (Anna): Anna is glad her helmet is on. That is all that will be said.
(00:13:27) (Imala/Persia): P: *Purrs softly as she and the ink spot make their way back to the fighter.* "Palol Shol Shaerael Baer shall be within call should you need us." *Nodding to Cloud as she heads off.* "Shall we then?" *Turning to head back to the ship.*
(00:13:29) (Jase): "If our luck holds we'll land the ship on the next one we find..."
(00:13:49) (GM_Cy): *Is shoo'd up the ramp ahead of Cloud, and buckles in beside Anna, head still tilted.*
(00:14:24) (Anna): Anna is shaking slightly, as if she's /giggling/ behind the helmet.
(00:14:28) (Cloud): "Yepp... that's why we're going to REST first. I have some repair kit stuff stashed in the cargo space. If needed we can swap my crusader plate for her plating and just re-route the...'n'er mind. It's too technical for me to discuss on a sore head, empty stomach and no sleep."
*Walks past and straps in.* "Anna, need you on guns this flight out. *Pats co-ilot seat* Also want you paying attention to what this baby can do."
(00:15:09) (Anna): She nods and hops to her feet, heading over to Cloud immediately, but not before glancing to Albtraum as she passes.
(00:15:09) (Cloud): "For you Sal-kess?...always shall."
(00:16:16) (Imala): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

1 (persia's piloting roll)
*As the ship takes off, it does several very beautiful maneuvers before it vanishes from sight, as if your eyes no longer can look at it. Light seems to bend around it, and it is gone.*
(00:16:33) (Cloud): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

"Extending wings....servo power and hydraulic pressure nominal... wings clear. Starting vertical take off beat-pattern. GOOD."
(00:17:23) (Imala): *Imala gets up from where she sat and moves over next to Albtraum* "Hey kiddo." *As she sits down.* "Sorry things haven't been as I would have had them be." *Smiles at him.* "But I am VERY proud of you."
(00:19:25) (GM_Cy): "Oh, Mother, uhm... Th-thank you. I cannot complain about most developments, really. Despite all that has happened, I believe that I am... well, happy."
(00:19:32) (Cloud): "..and Anna, THAT control there fold sthe wings back and engages the hover jets; it works JUST like a ground-effect vehicle in that mode. What I really want ya to do though, is see this? THAT is what sets the wing beats and angle."
(00:20:19) (GM_Cy): *With the Ornithopter back in working order and plans being set down as they cruise to the south, the group makes their way towards the supposed 'Gathering of Heroes'. What will they find there? Worthy allies? Perhaps friendly rivals? Who knows, but we'll find out next week.*
(00:20:38) (Imala): "I'm very glad to hear that." *Smiles at him and pats his arm.* "I have a favor to ask of you."

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Doin' The Crocodile Roll, The Darts And The Reptile, Doin' The Crocodile Roll~

[And yes, that's an Australian song, completely the wrong continent, but shhh...] :P

February 3rd: Taking turns driving the Ornithopter in its' land-bound hover mode (due to encountering some turbulence higher up) the group made respectable time heading down south, making for the isle upon which they would find the Gathering.

Arriving at around supper time, they took stock of themselves, rousing those who had gone to sleep during the trip. Imala, who had been dream-walking [as she is wont to do] woke with a strangled cry and promptly lost her lunch, triggering a very concerned response from everyone present, with the notable exception of Law, who seemed relatively cool about the whole matter. [Further evidence that he is not the Kyros we're used to.] She hastily explained that she had found some trace of Isis, but also learned that the odds of her appearing AS her usual goddess self were exceedingly slim. To put the icing on the cake, Isis had also been deprived of her memories, meaning even if the group walked right by her, she would not know them, nor would she be recognizable to them.

Deciding there was nothing to be done about this at the moment, the group disembarked to meet the locals, running into a spirited bunch almost immediately after entering the camp, comprising of an Atlantean tattooed man [Goalas], a Lady Cyber-Knight [Lady Cromwell, first name unknown], a calm, quiet Asian man [Lo Fung] and a scholarly book-worm [Katrina Sun]. Also sitting at the camp fire was Sebek, the crocodile-headed deity of the Nile Pantheon, who seemed to know the Darts, Imala in particular.

After sitting with their new friends for a time, and getting many a hearty congratulations over having brought down War, the group decided to pay Sebek a visit in his [vast] tent while Goalas and the others spread throughout the Gathering to inform the others present of War's demise. Briar was sent to keep an eye on Law as he poked around the camp, mostly to keep him away from the tent while the group discussed strategy and other matters the clone should not hear. Sebek was very hospitable, offering them an exotic but delicious fruit-based drink and some comfortable seating while they discussed business, namely seeing which side of the Light/Dark conflict Sebek sat on. To their surprise, he explained he sat on neither side, as neither side had come to him for aid. He also explained that his power had decreased markedly since being removed from the Pantheon of Taut, and he would gladly help if it meant he would regain his former glory, and perhaps have the chance to rub Set's nose in the mud to boot. [So business as usual, oddly human for a god, this one. ;)]

With Sebek's agreeing to run a distraction during the attack on Set's side of Ma'ip when the time came, the group headed back to the Scarab to pitch their tents, with Briar still wandering the camp and Law waiting for them. Mere feet from their Ornithopter, however, the group keeled over en masse, and the clone delivered a smug monologue on their foolishness for trusting a god they knew nothing about, before heading off at a brisk pace. Jase however, being a slightly paranoid fellow after his encounter with the Chaos-tainted sword, had not had any of Sebek's 'punch' and merely faked passing out, and took up a watch over his companions to make sure they stayed safe, keeping himself awake throughout the night.

February 4th: Needless to say, the group were more than slightly upset when they woke up, compounded by the fact Sebek was sitting cross-legged not far from them. After an exceedingly heated 'discussion', in which Sebek basically informed the group that it was nothing personal and simply his nature to play all the angles [which cut no ice with the gang, of course], Imala and the others let him go with the threat to make him into matching luggage if he did not follow up on his promise to assist during the attack.

Feeling defeated, Imala turned to go for a walk to get some air, and ran into Katrina, the young bookworm girl they had met the previous evening, in a very literal manner. As she helped the dark-haired girl to her feet, a golden ankh necklace fell from her neck, which Cloud [in a red-eyed rage of infernal proportions] practically fled from, heading into the Scarab to find somewhere to seethe herself to sleep. [And last seen near-comatose and having a muttering argument with an unseen voice.] Imala immediately took the ankh as a sign and quickly talked Katrina into joining them while the rest of the Gathering planned how to go after Famine, and once Lo Fung was informed, hastened the girl into the Scarab, isolating the pair of them in the rear of the crew compartment for a private chat.

And we'll pick up from there this coming Thursday. ;)

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And the chat-log from game. :) [Separated it from summary post because of smiley/emoticon limit. :-?]
(20:10:40) (GM_Cy): *When we last left our heroes, they were cruising southward towards the Gathering of Heroes at a leisurely speed, recovering from their battle with War. Imala has drifted off to sleep beside Albtraum, and Law has also opted for a nap at the rear of the Ornithopter's crew compartment, though he has his hat over his face so it's difficult to tell if he's actually asleep.*
(20:12:47) ChatBot: (Clouds) rolls 1d100 and gets (81)=81.
(20:13:45) (Clouds): -WuTHUMP-
"WHOA!!!!! okay that sucked!"
*Pulls levers and adjusts dials and switches.*
"Bit of a thermal in?"
(20:14:47) (Jase): *Jase was asleep, until his head was thrown forward by the motion of the aircraft causing him to wake.* "Is someone shooting us?"
(20:15:01) (Clouds): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

*Hurriedly struggles to regain control of stalled out flight.*
"This is your captain speaking; due to some atmospheric turbulence we will be NOW."
(20:16:52) (GM_Cy): *The transport lands, though Imala remains soundly asleep, no doubt in one of her dream-trances. Law lifts his hat off his face and sits up, stretching.* "Change in the flight plan?"
(20:16:58) (Clouds): Cloud, finally reaching her limit, sets the scarab Ornithopter down onto the sand and rock, and shuts down the primary wing motors.
"OOOOkay. I am taking the hint here. Anna? YOU can drive her in hover-bus mode."
(20:17:42) (Briar_Croup): *Briar peers out the window.* "Where are we?"
(20:18:27) (Clouds): *Unbuckles harness and carefully, so as not to jostle the controls, moves out of the seat and into the aisle.*
"Oh..mid-western Africa."
(20:18:51) (Mondo): *Yawns and stretches after being jarred awake.* "It seems we are still in the desert..."
(20:19:17) (Anna): "Huh? Alright." Anna heads up to slip into the seat, buckling in and making sure everything's set up before trying to ease it back into movement.
Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

7 [/75]
(20:19:28) (GM_Cy): *The navigation systems read them as being within the borders of what was 'Mali' in Pre-Rifts Africa.*
(20:19:56) (GM_Cy): *The hover systems engage smoothly, and they continue on their way at good speed.*
(20:21:18) (GM_Cy): [Land navigation from Anna, please.]
(20:22:06) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

(20:22:54) (GM_Cy): *The navigation system, once she's synched it up to their destination, informs her that they have roughly 1,000 miles to go, and it will take them roughly 6.75 hours to get there at present velocity.*
(20:24:09) (Clouds): Takes Anna's previous seat and leans back in the seat and closes her eyes.
(20:24:17) (Anna): "Well that's a pain in the ass." She mumbles, continuing ahead.
(20:25:56) (GM_Cy): [Shan't bore you with the scenery as we go, so I'll sum it up for ya: SAND. After about 5 hours, they do start seeing hints of savannah however, and they soon reach the ocean, hovering over the shallows, the island of Macias Nguema just ahead, and the Gathering of Heroes somewhere on it. Though, given the island's size (bout 30 miles across at its' longest), it shouldn't be hard to find them.]
(20:27:10) (Jase): *After gathering that the ship isn't in any imminent danger lets his head drop down to his chest once more.*
(20:27:46) (Briar_Croup): *Something occurs to Briar, and he sits up a little straighter.* "Wait, so we're considered heroes now?"
(20:28:00) (Clouds): 5.1 hours later, Cloud wakes up and stretches cat-like (are those elongated incisors? nahhhhh) and blinks her eyes.
"Oooogh... gonna need a 3 hour massage to get these kinks out. You doing okay there Anna?"
(20:28:36) (GM_Cy): *It is now about supper time, though there is still plenty of light from the sun. Imala continues to sleep, though she's murmuring and shifting slightly now, likely experiencing a nightmare of some kind. Law glances over at Briar and chuckles.* "I was under the impression you knew our reputation? We Darts have done some impressive stuff, and I'm pretty sure dropping War back there will give us some serious brownie points."
(20:28:38) (Clouds): *stupidly at Briar* "Huh?..."
(20:29:49) (Briar_Croup): *Briar grins.* "Cool!"
(20:29:59) (Anna): "Bored outta my damn mind, but doing fine, boss."
(20:33:06) (Clouds): "huh...." *Looks around for coffee machine; realizes that's back HOME.*
"I'm really gonna douse Set's [censored] into a beaker of holy-water and FREEZE it there, the rabid sadistic [censored]! God or not, he's keeping me from Lamp-shade's God-coffee!"
(20:33:57) (GM_Cy): *Law chuckles.* "Well, what's the plan? Head on in to meet the locals, or make camp and try for the morning?"
*Albtraum continues to watch Imala with mild concern, the nightmare no doubt unsettling him.*
(20:35:17) (Clouds): *looks over at Imala.* "Justi's still in dreamland and nightmare or not, I do NOT want to be on the receiving end of any panic'd lashings out from that lady."
(20:37:33) (Clouds): "Hmm..look for any large I.R. signatures like a fire or large group of humans and OTHER trying to stay cool. That should be the gathering. We'll wake up Imala in a bit AFTER we talk to the "locals"."
(20:43:22) (Clouds): "Guys, you all look like I asked you to storm Atlantis's beaches solo with a butter knife; what's the problem?"
(20:44:38) (Anna): "All I'm getting is crap here. I don't know technical things."
(20:44:38) (GM_Cy): *Law rolls his eyes, strolls up to the front of the Ornithopter.*
Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

*Points out a cluster of heat signatures.* "Looks like we're headed that way."
(20:45:05) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

12/75 Adjusting course
(20:46:57) (Clouds): "Thanks Law-man." *Eeks past the demi-gawd.* "Pardon."
*Sits in co-pilot seat.*
"Yeah... good eye."
(20:48:34) (GM_Cy): *They hit land again, on the small island, moving around the base of a mountain, the light of multiple campfires ahead as they cruise along.*
(20:49:06) (Imala): *The murmuring and mumbling stops, but in its place she shoots forward from her slumber screaming as if in great pain and then doubles over as she vomits.*
(20:49:53) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum jumps straight up out of his chair, his horns scraping the roof as he bangs his head into the ceiling.* "Owwwww..."
(20:50:16) (Clouds): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

Cloud winces at the static that assails her ears as she tunes in the radio.
"Camp site, this is DART vehicle 'puddle jumper 1' to campsite... we are NOT hostile and are on approach at- KAMI!!!!"
*Whips around to look at the Justice.*
(20:50:39) (Anna): "What the hell is going on back there?"
(20:51:48) (GM_Cy): *Rubs at his head.* "I have no idea, but it was painful. Mother woke up vomiting." *Offers Imala a cloth for her mouth.* "Are you alright?"
(20:51:58) (Mondo): *Unstraps and rushes to Imala.* "Milady, what is the matter?"
(20:52:43) (Imala): *Tears stream down her face as she tremblingly takes the cloth from Albtraum.* "Oh gods and Great Spirits...."
(20:53:11) (GM_Cy): *The campsite replies, though plagued with static.* "Say again Dart vehicle, on approach at what position?"
(20:54:17) (Jase): "Jase moves about muttering * "Cleanse." *Anyone who got vomited upon is soon clean, Jase promptly takes a shirt and wipes up the rest of it, cleansing that when he's finished.*
(20:54:32) (Clouds): "Uh...HOLD please. Technical difficulties. Please stand by."
*Tears off head set and gets about halfway to Imala before butting up against the rest of the team.*
"Okay, in the name of the mangy mutt, what's going on Justi?"
(20:54:42) (Briar_Croup): *Briar looks on in mild confusion and concern.*
(20:55:24) (Imala): *Looks up, still trembling.* "I have news...mostly bad..."
(20:56:05) (Clouds): "Judging from your wake-up; Our mutual...friend?"
(20:56:23) (Jase): "Not how I figured I'd use my training in the magical arts, but **** me if that's not efficien..." *Jase trails off at Imala's words, his levity gone.*
(20:56:24) (GM_Cy): *Sits down heavily on his now-cleansed seat, listening.*
(20:57:12) (Imala): *Simply nods.* "Anyone have anything I can rinse my mouth with? I need to calm myself..."
(20:58:00) (GM_Cy): *Law passes a canteen through the crowd to her.*
(20:58:02) (Clouds): "Albtra? Under the seat; canteen"
(20:58:39) (Imala): *Looks up and directly at Law.* "Thanks." *Tries to smile but its weak and pained as she takes the canteen from him and drinks slowly.*
(20:59:22) (GM_Cy): "No problem, take it easy." *Sits back down in his seat, listening with interest to her impending story/explanation.*
(20:59:24) (Clouds): "She's gonna need more 'n one if the amount of 'pea-soup' is anything to go by."
*Turns back to radio.*
"Sorry about that camp-site. We're the blue beetle hover thing about to reach you from the eastern sector. ETA 5 minutes."
(20:59:58) (GM_Cy): "Roger that Dart vehicle. The Gathering welcomes any to aid us in our cause."
(21:00:00) (Clouds): Cloud nods to Anna to keep going; giving thumbs up.
(21:00:22) (Clouds): "Roger that. Wolf-mother out."
(21:00:50) (Imala): "The ONLY good news is I managed to find her...well a part of her...that's where the good news ends."
(21:02:16) (GM_Cy): *The Scarab hovers into the camp, a large and sprawling affair with many tent-clusters like miniature communities. All are currently roasting themselves some dinner over their communal campfires. There are a fair number of vehicles parked outside the camp, and the Scarab fits down beside them easily.*
(21:03:28) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

49/75 Landing!
(21:05:10) (Clouds): Cloud winces as she get sup from her seat, and nods at Imala.
(21:06:24) (Imala): "I found an image of a golden ankh in the dream-scape, I got glimpses of her but they were blurry at best. As I touched the ankh, along the sides I felt flaking, and I walked around and on the other side, darkness, absolute black, with worm things crawling all over inside the ankh, eating it away, very slowly.”
(21:07:14) (GM_Cy): *Law makes a face at the visual.* "That's appetizing."
(21:08:47) (Imala): "From what I can piece together, she's been the victim of some sort of bio-wizardry attack. It's taken everything from the inside out. And if I'm not mistaken, she doesn't know who she is, the only reason I can come up with that she hasn't contacted anyone back in Ma'ip. Also...more bad news...I have NO idea what she looks like. She will not look like herself, nor will she know anyone nor herself in that capacity."
(21:09:00) (Clouds): "...and I thought MY dreams were dark. OOOOkay. Well, nothing we can do RIGHT this instant, so we should go out and try to BE hero's and such. After all, we're at a gathering of them. *Lop-sided smile.* Maybe one or two may have some news about where our missing goddess is. I'd call on MY patron if she'd stop chasing her tail all the time."
(21:12:09) (GM_Cy): *Law nods.* "Cloud's right, not much we can do about it now." *Heads for the door.* "Let's go meet the neighbours."
(21:13:21) (Imala): *Watches as he heads for the door and shakes her head.* "Yeah." *Sighs.*
(21:13:43) (GM_Cy): *He heads out first, the door hissing shut behind him.*
(21:14:01) (Anna): Anna slips out of the pilot seat, stretching and groaning. "Oh hell... can we get that swapped out for something with more padding, or something?"
(21:14:36) (Imala): *Closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.* "Wolf-Sister?"
(21:15:35) (Clouds): *Looks at the gel-lined, fully conformable seat.*
"Sure; care for eider down lined silk with faerie wing print?" :P
(21:15:38) (Jase): *Jase sees Imala calling for Cloud, and so he turns, following Law outside.*
(21:15:52) (Clouds): "Ya Justi?"
(21:16:36) (Anna): "I was going to say unicorns frolicking, but I /guess/ I can settle for faerie wing..." Anna chuckles.
(21:16:37) (Mondo): *Mondo follows Jase and Law outside.*
(21:19:09) (Clouds): "Oooh...that' not good."
(21:19:35) (Imala): *she looks up at Cloud with eyes heavy with internal sorrow, before she shudders a bit takes a deep breath and then slowly stands her eyes now set and ready to go.* "Let's get going, shall we? We haven't a great deal of time." *Gets a sudden thought and pulls out her red feather, moving in the opposite direction from the door.*
(21:21:07) (Clouds): *Follows slowly.*
(21:21:13) (GM_Cy): *Law and Jase stroll into the camp, and as he moves away, Cloud and Imala feel an incredible heat searing against them, and the feather in Imala's hand gives Cloud an immediate reason as to why: her feather has burst into flames and is rapidly being consumed.*
(21:23:07) (Imala): "This is our time clock. The longer he is kept by Set, the more energy he must pull back, the oldest of the feathers go first. Even a godling cannot last at set's hands forever. And the thing is Wolf-sister, that which Set seeks cannot be released with out me. I am the key to the bonds of that rage...Set will put this together eventually, and he will come for me, or send some after me. Just warning you, Cloud."
(21:23:54) (Clouds): "Hmmmm..."
*Looks at the sky.*
(21:24:05) (GM_Cy): *Imala's feather crumbles to ashes within several seconds of the fire beginning. Cloud's, once pulled from her pocket, similarly reduces itself to ash. The next newest ones would be the feathers carried by Mouse and then Jase. Jase's is the newest, so it's HIS you have to watch.*
(21:25:04) (Clouds): "We'll get something happening. I just don't know what yet."
(21:25:23) (Imala): "Oh this is so not good." *Looking at the piles of ash.* "Time grows ever shorter..."
(21:25:40) (Clouds): *Continues towards the camp.* "I DO promise though, we'll get this DONE."
(21:25:57) (GM_Cy): *There's a banging on the hull, and Law's voice can be heard.* "You guys coming or what? Keeping folks waiting out here, they want to meet the whole gang."
(21:26:30) (Clouds): "Yeah, coming; hold yer horses law-man."
(21:27:43) (Anna): "That doesn't look particularly fantastic..." Anna says, frowning a bit before pulling her helmet back on - despite the fact that it won't be helping out much. "So who do I have to kill to get patched up here?"
(21:27:47) (GM_Cy): *He strolls back into the camp after Jase.*
(21:29:14) (Clouds): "Well, not much I can do there. BEST I can hope for is to re-size my crusader plate and put your battle-armour into the stowage."
(21:30:41) (Jase): *Jase passes by Law, evidently making his way to the ship, after he passes him Jase's hand shoots up to the breast plate of his armour. After that he hurries a little more.*
(21:31:55) (Clouds): *Notices Jase and massages her forehead.* "Let me guess? Feather is getting hot?"
(21:32:46) (Mondo): *Waits outside for the others to arrive, casually keeping an eye on Law.*
(21:33:19) ChatBot: (Clouds) rolls 1d30 and gets (6)=6.
(21:33:23) (Jase): "That or I'm about to internally ignite, hold on a minute..." *Jase lifts off his armour and takes the feather out of a shirt pocket.*
(21:33:58) (Jase): *He grimaces as he looks at it* "I'm assuming yours has burned as well? More so than mine?"
(21:34:23) (GM_Cy): *The feather Jase carries is still three-quarters untouched, only the top quarter has blackened.*
(21:34:40) (Clouds): (Radio); "Ink-spot, Doc? You may want to break holding pattern and hit a ley-line; one of the cross continental ones. Warn the Casa if you can via the lines. They may be getting company soon."
(21:34:59) (Clouds): *Looks back up to Jase.* "Mine's ashes."
(21:35:18) (Jase): "I'm assuming this can only mean ill for him..."
(21:35:24) (Clouds): *Places hand on the feather and dumps about 4 chi points into it.*
(21:35:37) (Clouds): "You're assuming correctly."
(21:37:02) (Imala): *Seeing the feather she nods to him.*
(21:37:48) (Jase): *He shakes his head* "But that's not why I came back here." *He says as he slips the feather into a more external pocket.* "I've been thinking that it if these "heroes" are such, maybe we should be extra polite, get them to help us with Set once we've managed to deal with the horsemen."
(21:37:50) (Clouds): "Now lets talk to these "hero's", cuz if we have to split fast, I want them to at least KNOW that we got rid of the bruiser first."
(21:38:33) (Clouds): "You got a point. I'll play NICEY nice. YOU and Imala can do the talking...hell, have Anna be the diplomat fer once."
(21:39:03) (Anna): "Boss, we both know that's probably the worst idea ever." She smirks.
(21:39:08) (Jase): "I thought we wanted allies?" *He says jokingly to her last suggestion.*
(21:39:12) (Imala): (Radio) "Rrrrogerrr that, Ms. Errris. Out."
(21:40:28) (Clouds): "Oh we do; but presently I have 3 world shattering problems OH and one of my best friends is about to be soul drained while we're here dealing with a set of wanna-be neo-christian avatars of the end-times. I'm NOT at my best."
(21:40:32) (Anna): "Diplomacy for fine smokes, or guns? Hell, even a bottle of aged whiskey? Oh I can do that no problem. Diplomacy for anything else? It'd be like... falling into a tank of hungry sharks that haven't eaten in days... while you've got several bleeding injuries."
(21:41:50) (Imala): *Stepping out of the Scarab, Imala is dressed in her normal black clothing, pistols at hip, and looks almost as she always did but one thing is missing, on her left breast there is no silver glinting in the sunlight.* "Let's get going, shall we?"
(21:42:18) (Clouds): Reaching the groups of other adventures / wanderers and 'champions of justice and the Earthling way' Cloud waves to the closest group.
(21:42:32) (GM_Cy): *The campfire nearest to them has perhaps the most unusual collection of individuals within eye-shot: a man wearing practically nothing above the waist but tattoos, a woman with cyber-armour grafted to her skin beneath her shirt, a quiet Asian man who exudes an air of calm, and a bookish looking girl reading something in the firelight. Oh, and the crocodile-headed gent sitting cross-legged in front of the grandest tent you've ever seen.*
(21:43:45) (GM_Cy): *They glance over, the tattooed man grinning and waving, the 'knight doing likewise. The Asian man bows his head, and the scholarly girl smiles without looking up. The gator-head, however, grins a crocodile-grin.* "Greetings, and welcome to the Gathering."
(21:44:51) (Imala): *Looks over everyone eyes stopping on the crocodile-headed fella.* "Well...always a surprise..."
(21:46:04) (Clouds): "Sorry we took so long answering the propehtic visions and vaugue portents and all that. We've been having personal issues back in Lazlo city and well, we DId arrive yesterday, but had a slight delay."
(21:47:28) (Jase): "If you count a rune mace crushing us slight that is..." *Jase says with a grin, giving a wave to all gathered.*
(21:47:36) (GM_Cy): *The tattooed man chuckles.* "No worries, we've just been sitting on our asses for days anyway while the higher ups squabble over who-does-what."
*The Asian man sighs.* "Goalas, please, do not speak so uncouthly."
*The Knight laughs.* "You're never going to get him to behave, Lo Fung, give it up."
*'Goalas' jerks a thumb at the Knight.* "What the Lady said."
(21:48:21) (Clouds): "Hush now, Stud. That's for AFTER the formal introductions."
(21:49:08) (Clouds): "By the way; who IS in charge here?"
(21:49:21) (Clouds): *Motions to the fire and if she can take a seat.*
(21:49:44) (Imala): *After realizing her manners she turns to the others.* "My apologies. I return your greetings." *And then she bows respectfully to the Asian.*
(21:51:10) (GM_Cy): *They stand one after another, the tattooed man going first.* "Name's Goalas, an Atlantean T-man as I'm sure you could tell." *Points at the Asian man.* "This is Lo Fung, one of our esteemed leaders, if you want somebody in charge he's about as close as you're going to get." *The Knight is next.* "This is Lady Cromwell. Yeah, she insists we use her title, I don't even KNOW her first name. The bookworm is Katrina, and our reptilian friend here is Sebek, who is not at all what I expected from a god."
*Sebek chuckles.* "Please, I told you, I am only here to help. No need for so many formalities."
*They all motion for the group to sit.*
(21:52:49) (Imala): "I know of Sebek..." *As she takes a seat.* "Well a little bit anyway." *Taking a seat next to Cloud.*
(21:53:00) (Anna): Anna moves over and takes a seat near Albtraum, plucking the helmet off.
(21:54:01) (GM_Cy): *The crocodile god looks at her.* "I thought you might. I know of YOU as well, young Imala. And rumours of your esteemed colleagues, of course. Once you have gotten yourselves acquainted with the colourful characters here, I would be very pleased if you would agree to joining me in my tent for a meal, and a chance to talk?"
(21:54:21) (GM_Cy): *Gesturing at all the Darts present, not just Imala.*
(21:54:35) (Imala): *Nods.* "Sounds good to me."
(21:54:38) (Clouds): "Eris-Taggart Cloud , family name first. Dragoon of Lazloo and commander of the D.A.R.T.'s; my good friend and spirit sister Imala here *Hooks thumb at Imala.* The other blonde is Anna Krios, my husband Jase Taggart, Sir Mondo, Briar Croupe and Kyros otherwise known as Lawman."
(21:55:11) (Jase): *Jase follows Anna's suit, removing his helmet and taking a seat wherever there's room. He gives a second wave when his name is said.*
(21:56:39) (GM_Cy): *Law nods as he's introduced. Sebek inclines his head to each.* "I have heard of most of you, but not all. A pleasure, and I will endeavour to learn those names I am not familiar with. In the meantime, if I mistake your name, do forgive me, it was not meant to... what is the human phrase used for expressing disappointment? Something to do with bubbles?"
(21:56:42) (Imala): *She nods at the others at her introduction.*
(21:57:37) (Clouds): "Burst your bubble; and no worries...trying to keep a low profile. It's NOT working."
(21:57:54) (Imala): *Blinks a couple of times at Sebek's comment.*
(21:58:06) (Mondo): *Waves at all before taking a seat.*
(22:00:23) (Clouds): "Guh... not to be a pest, but anyone have some coffee? I do NOT mean to be rude but It's all I can do to keep awake and civil. I know it's a weakness."
(22:00:56) (GM_Cy): *Lady Cromwell chuckles, throwing her a thermos.* "Help yourself."
(22:01:36) ChatBot: (Clouds) rolls 1d20 and gets (11)+5=16.
(22:02:10) (Clouds): *Snatches out of the air.* " do you open it a screw or pop-out type?"
(22:03:02) (GM_Cy): *Sebek chuckles, standing up to his impressive 10 foot height.* "Do excuse me, I must make my tent presentable." *Nods at the Darts.* "Whenever you are ready, do not hesitate to knock on my door. ...If tents had doors. There is a bell, in this case." O:-D
(22:03:31) (Clouds): :? at the crocodilian gawds back.
(22:03:37) (Imala): *Speaks in an ancient language to Sebek.*
(22:03:45) (GM_Cy): *Law stretches, glancing over at Cloud with a chuckle.* "Looks like its' the kind you twist open."
(22:04:17) (Clouds): "Thanks law-man."
(22:04:40) (GM_Cy): *The same unknown tongue returns to Imala over the gator-god's shoulder.*
(22:05:12) (Clouds): *twists the top* "Ahh.... Bless you Lady Cromwell. " -sppp- "Black gold and bitter as life... LOVE IT!" -slrrrrp-
(22:05:25) (Jase): *After Sebek leaves Jase turns back to look at the people whose fire they have joined* "Do you know how many people have shown up here for this?"
(22:05:28) (Clouds): "Jase? Anna?"
(22:05:49) (Jase): *Jase shakes his head at the offered coffee.*
(22:06:00) (Clouds): *Looks to Cromwell.* "If you permit that is?"
(22:06:03) (Anna): "I'm good, thanks though, boss."
(22:06:04) (Imala): *She nods and speaks again to the back of the Egyptian then looks to her friends.*
(22:06:54) (GM_Cy): *Goalas shrugs.* "Beats me, a couple dozen maybe?"
*Lady Cromwell also shrugs. Katrina piped up this time.* "At last count there were approximately fifty-seven individuals gathered here to assist us in hunting the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Fifty-eight including Master Lo Fung."
*Lo Fung chuckles.* "I hope I am included, child, I have every intention of assisting."
(22:07:00) (Clouds): "...'kay." *Screws it back closed and pitches to the Cyber-knight.* "You are a life saver Cromwell-samma."
(22:11:02) (GM_Cy): *Cromwell catches it, smiling.* "No problem. I've met many who share your need for the good-stuff, and I've found it's a good ice-breaker to boot."
(22:12:20) (Clouds): *nods smiling lopsidedly, eyes occasionally going to the Croc-gawds tent.*
(22:13:40) (GM_Cy): *Sebek's tent is a massive thing, set up to accommodate the 10 foot deity. Its' bright, ornamented with gold and reptile-designs, but somehow manages to avoid being gaudy. The sound of shuffling furniture and such can be heard inside, he's no doubt settling out lounges and chairs for them when they visit. Certainly seems a hospitable fellow.*
(22:13:55) (Jase): *Jase smiles at that number* "You mentioned that you've been here for a couple of days trying to decide what to do, if you don't mind me asking, what's keeping the choices from being made?"
(22:15:03) (GM_Cy): *Goalas shrugs.* "Mostly we're trying to figure out who to send after which Demon. Fifty eight sounds impressive, but divide us up into groups and it counts for a lot less. Plus, well... as good as their intentions may be, not everyone here is exactly 'hero' material."
(22:15:42) (Jase): *Jase raises an eyebrow at that* "Oh?"
(22:16:22) (Mondo): *look up*"Do you know where the demons are? What areas?"
(22:16:49) (GM_Cy): "Yeah, at least two dozen of us are barely more than raw recruits or amateur magi. They mean well, and they do alright bunched up in a group, but we're having a time of it trying to figure out how to use them without having to go out of our way to keep them alive."
(22:17:18) (Clouds): "Um... well, you have one less to worry about."
(22:17:53) (GM_Cy): *Katrina nods at Mondo.* "Yes, we have a fairly accurate idea of where some of them are. Famine is in the far south, and Pestilence in the east. War and Death, however, we are not sure about." *Glances at Cloud.* "Really?"
(22:19:29) (Clouds): *nods slowly*
"That delay...? He found us."
(22:19:42) (GM_Cy): *Everyone.* "He?"
(22:20:14) (Clouds): "Rides a red-steed? Yeah... almost killed Anna too."
(22:20:43) (GM_Cy): *They blink. They blink some more.* "You defeated... WAR?" *Jaws be droppin'.*
(22:20:49) (Anna): "Knocked out the armour, at least. I've been through worse... technically."
(22:20:58) (Anna): "He didn't seem to like being shot in the face, either."
(22:21:22) (Imala): *Nods at the mention of defeating War.*
(22:21:32) (Jase): "We called him an ******** as well, he certainly didn't like that." *Jase says with a grin.*
(22:21:35) (Mondo): "It was very close..."
(22:21:57) (Clouds): "We had SOME help. Thankfully they disobeyed my orders when my other pack-members decided to do 'Death from above.'"
(22:22:37) (GM_Cy): *They gawk at them.* "That's... a huge help. And that sounds completely insufficient, but there it is. WOW."
(22:22:42) (Imala): "There was other help as well, Eris. Do not forget her." *Smiles and then nods.*
(22:23:48) (GM_Cy): *They sit back and try to take this in.* "Well... okay, this changes things. We'll need to reconvene the leaders, pass the word, stave off the celebrations, we need these people SOBER in the morning."
(22:23:57) (Clouds): "Oh yeah... some divine intervention right at the beginning. Unfortunately it nearly burned out Imala channelling it, but it sure made things MUCH more survivable."
(22:24:15) (Anna): "I could uhh... does anyone know anything about repairing armor and stuff?"
(22:24:26) (Clouds): "..and yes; Beer AFTER the beasties are gone. NOT before. Coffee however is a good thing."
(22:24:37) (GM_Cy): *Goalas nods.* "Yeah, we've got some armour-smiths around. Damn helpful for people who actually wear armour. Not me, obviously."
(22:25:14) (Anna): "That'd be helpful, as I could use a patching up. My systems are pretty much toast."
(22:25:54) (GM_Cy): *Lo Fung stands.* "I apologize, we should sit with you longer, but we must pass the word and ready ourselves. With only two Horsemen we are capable of defeating left, we can focus our numbers on Famine and Pestilence. Goalas, Lady Cromwell, Katrina, if you could spread the word to the other camps, please? I must convene with the other leaders." *Bows to the group.* "Thank you very much for your assistance, and apologies once more for our rudeness in rushing off."
(22:26:21) (Clouds): *Shrugs.* "I offered to loan her my Crusader plate; she's attached to her suit though."
(22:27:00) (Clouds): "Oh... no worries; get my gunner here set up with some repairs to her suit and we'll call it even."
(22:27:17) (Jase): "No need to apologize." *He gets up and returns his bow.*
(22:27:24) (GM_Cy): *Goalas chuckles.* "I'll send the armour-smith your way when I see him." *He and the others hop up, dusting themselves off.* "Man... its' hard hanging out with the guy in charge. Ah well. Have a good night you guys, might want to pitch a tent, you're about to get very popular."
(22:27:59) (Imala): *Stands and bows.* "Thank you for your time, we will keep you no longer. We should not keep Sebek waiting any longer either."
(22:28:01) (Clouds): *Smirks.*
"Rika's gonna go into giggle fits if she ever hears THIS one."
(22:28:14) (Mondo): *Rises and bows to the departing group, before sitting back down.*
(22:28:28) (Clouds): "Your show Imala."
(22:29:10) (Imala): "Well he wants everyone." *Glances over them eyes passing over Law and lingering on Cloud before turning to head towards the tent.*
(22:30:09) (Clouds): *Gets up and dusts off her jeans.* "Sand...why'd it have to be sand?" *Follows.*
(22:30:37) (GM_Cy): *Sebek sweeps open the tent flap as they approach, smiling.* "Ah, excellent timing, I had just finished. Do come in, all of you."
(22:30:54) (Mondo): *Rises and makes himself more presentable, then follows the others into the tent.*
(22:31:08) (Imala): *bowing her head to him respectfully but not the deep bow of the asians* "Thank you, Sebek." *And enters in.*
(22:31:50) (Anna): Anna tails along, as usual, sticking near Alb.
(22:32:27) (GM_Cy): *The interior of Sebek's tent is like a room, and a spacious one at that, the tent clearly being of larger dimensions than they thought. Sebek moves within, moving to a small... well, bar is the best word for it, turning and offering each of them a large glass of a drink smelling of exotic fruits. Sort of like a home-made Africa fruit punch.* "Please, drink and be comfortable." *Gestures to some large, comfortable looking couch-like seats.*
(22:32:45) (Jase): *Jase slides next to Eris, speaking in hushed tones as they approach the tent.*
(22:33:17) (GM_Cy): *Law hesitates at the entrance, rolling his shoulders, whispering to Imala.*
(22:33:59) (Clouds): "Oh..Lawman? Can you see about talking to any of the other groupings? You can take Albtra with you. May as well have someone friendly to vouch for him."
(22:34:46) (Clouds): "Lord Sebek; I applaud your taste in lodgings."
(22:34:53) (Imala): *Smiles.* "Of's a good idea. Take care of you." *She kisses him sweetly on the cheek.*
(22:35:18) (GM_Cy): *Blinks.* "Oh, sure, can do." *Albtraum frowns, obviously comfy next to Anna, but starts getting up. Law points at the demon-man.* "Oh, let him stay for once, Chief. He doesn't get to go to these meetings most of the time, and I bet Anna would rather he stick around."
(22:36:00) (GM_Cy): *Sebek smiles.* "Thank you." *Moves to a mat that looks somewhat like a tapestry, sitting cross-legged on it, waiting patiently for the issue of Law to be resolved.*
(22:36:12) (Clouds): *Looks between the 3.* "Okay, but can ya spread the word that our resident pubescent horn-head is NOT a daemon, okay?"
(22:36:26) (Anna): Anna coughs and goes just a little bit red.
(22:36:51) (Clouds): *Eyes narrow.* "BRIAR! You wanted to visit exotic lands and meet new people? GREAT, YOU go with Lawman."
(22:37:12) (Clouds): Clouds expression is like unto stone when she says the last.
(22:37:19) (GM_Cy): *Nods.* "Absolutely." *Waves and heads off into the crowds. Albtraum settles back in next to Anna, gulping down some of the fruit-drink.* "Oh wow... This stuff is great! Uhm... I mean, thank you, Lord Sebek." *The gator-god chuckles.* "You are most welcome, young one."
(22:37:40) (Imala): *Accepting the drink from Sebek with a soft smile, and sips it, memories flooding in of happier times, she then moves to an empty couch and lounges on it as though she had been sitting on this type furniture for some time.*
(22:38:03) (GM_Cy): *Briar can be seen keeping after Law as they move into the crowd.*
(22:38:37) (Clouds): *Sits seiza, holding her drink in front of her in both hands.*
(22:38:37) (GM_Cy): *The tent flap is drawn, and the noise outside reduces noticeably.* "Ah... that is better. Now then... welcome once again, to all of you."
(22:38:58) (Jase): *Jase waves off the offered drink, smiling.*
(22:38:58) (Clouds): *Bows slightly, ears twitching.*
(22:39:47) (Jase): *He follows Eris's example and bows.*
(22:39:47) (GM_Cy): *Smiles at Cloud.* "Ah, and if you are worried about a... what are they called? 'Hangovers'? This drink has no alcohol content whatsoever, I assure you. It is purely natural fruit, and really quite amazing, I have developed quite a reputation for them within the camp."
(22:40:26) (Imala): "It is something one misses when away, is it not, Sebek." *Sipping and enjoying it.*
(22:40:35) (Anna): Anna smiles at Albtraum before going back to listening.
(22:40:46) (Clouds): "Not worried about alcohol" -sppp- "Just been long few days."
(22:42:08) (GM_Cy): *He nods.* "Understandable. I overheard you saying you had bested War recently, quite an accomplishment indeed."
(22:42:34) (Clouds): "Team effort. Almost didn't make it."
(22:42:47) (Clouds): -spp-
(22:42:58) (Imala): "I...umm...may have overdone it a bit on my end."
(22:43:36) (GM_Cy): *He chuckles.* "Against a Demon of the Apocalypse, it is difficult NOT to. Now then... what can I do for you? You seemed to know me before our introduction, and I sensed you had business with me."
(22:46:30) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum finishes his drink, and Sebek chuckles, motioning him to help himself to the bar. The horned devil-child helps pours himself another, making sure Anna has one as well. He REALLY likes this stuff.*
(22:46:49) (Anna): Anna chuckles and gives it a sniff to scent it first.
(22:47:39) (Clouds): Cloud leans over and whispers to her husband, her face colouring a peach-shade in embarrassment at something she says. It doesn't look like she was making a promise or improper proposistion though.
(22:47:40) (GM_Cy): *Smells like exotic fruit, a little unfamiliar but it DOES smell nice. Going by how Albtraum's guzzling it down, must taste pretty good too. But then, he's a little strange with these things.*
(22:47:46) (Imala): *Smiles and laughs softly.* "It's in your blood, Albtraum, it's in your blood." *And then to Sebek.* "Well yes, actually, I did."
(22:48:02) (Anna): Anna shrugs and takes a sip.
(22:48:08) (Imala): "Do...I do...not did...oh...bugger." *Takes a drink of her juice drink.*
(22:48:24) (GM_Cy): *It DOES taste pretty good. Not too sweet, not too exotic. Sort of like a more intense fruit punch.*
(22:48:50) (Anna): "Huh, not bad." She smiles, then nudges Albtraum gently. "I still have to make you try some good whiskey."
(22:49:20) (GM_Cy): *Sebek chuckles.* "Take your time, young one."
(22:50:39) (Imala): "I'll be blunt as I have been mortal longer than I am what I am know of the situation with the pantheons. Where do you sit in the tousle if I may ask?"
(22:51:12) (GM_Cy): "I sit nowhere. I am perhaps the only truly neutral deity in the equation, for a variety of reasons."
(22:51:48) (Clouds): Cloud's voice raises a bit while hushedly talking to Jase, but shakes her head and makes an apologetic shrug to the group.
(22:52:16) (GM_Cy): "Neither side has approached me to earn my loyalty, so I have come to Africa to visit the old lands and my beloved Nile."
(22:52:28) (Clouds): *Head turns slowly at Sebek's words.*
(22:52:45) (Imala): *Raises an eyebrow.* "Really? So what is it that would earn your loyalty?"
(22:53:05) (Jase): *Jase finishes his conversation with Cloud, turning to follow the rather important conversation.*
(22:53:59) (Mondo): *Looks up from drinking his delicious drink.*
(22:54:04) (Imala): "For I am certain you know the current state of affairs?"
(22:54:08) (GM_Cy): *He sighs.* "I cannot lie, it would take very little. I had... a falling out with Set, long ago, and was removed from their Pantheon as a result. I lost a great deal at that time, worshipers, minions, power. I am a shadow of my former self, and this bothers me immensely. There is precious little good I can do here the way I am now. If I were at my height, I could deal with some of these wretched Horsemen myself."
(22:55:10) (GM_Cy): "So the opportunity to earn the trust of the Pantheon of Ra, to do some real good, would be a tantalizing offer to begin with. Plus, I cannot deny I would enjoy rubbing Set's face in the mud at least once."
(22:58:47) (Imala): "So you would help in the rescue of Kyros? Help the Pantheon of Ra to take back what was taken from them for a chance at gaining their favour? I admit I cannot speak for the Pantheon, but I would give you my word to speak with them on your behalf should you aid us."
(23:00:16) (GM_Cy): *He nods.* "Certainly, it sounds a mutually beneficial offer. As I said, I am no match for a true god these days, but I am able to come and go to Ma'ip as I please, and I control the river between Sekhet-Aanru and the side controlled by Set. Diversionary tactics are my strong point, and you don't need magical muscle to be skilled at those."
(23:01:28) (Imala): "That would be most helpful, as a plan I have been forming would indeed require diversionary tactics. I have yet to secure an entrance in the back door, as I have learned of such, but keeping the eyes turned to the front would be helpful if you catch my drift."
(23:03:20) (GM_Cy): *He nods.* "I certainly do, and it is easily achieved. I find that Set, as well as many others, are all too easily occupied with what is directly in front of them, and fail to notice what is happening beneath their own nose." *Chuckles.* "But then, when you have been reduced to the degree I have, you see what is beneath others' noses."
(23:04:26) (Clouds): "Gods... yeah, that's them in a nut shell. The other extreme? When they take FAR too much notice."
(23:05:03) (GM_Cy): *Stands, moving to the bar, passing each person a small glass of clear, odourless liquid.* "For your breath. My fruit drinks are exceedingly popular with the insect life hereabouts as well, so I had to concoct a countermeasure to the odour. A man died from suffocation on the first night. Most unpleasant. Horrible way to go." *Shudders.*
(23:05:27) (Imala): "We are going to have to move swiftly, for Kyros fades more and more each and every hour that passes...but Set does not realize that I know the man I have with me is not my beloved husband. There is only so much that can be copied, memories cannot." *Eyes get wide at that image.*
(23:06:44) (Clouds): Hmmm?
(23:08:32) (Clouds): *Takes the breath freshener..and frowns as she has a semi-remembered anecdote she was told back in her own time-stream...*
(23:08:58) (GM_Cy): *Sebek settles back down after passing out the shot glasses of clear liquid.* "Well then, I believe we have an accord then. Simply let me know when I am to serve my purpose in distracting Set and his." *Raises his shot glass, downing it in one go.*
(23:10:24) (Clouds): "Lord Sebek. Honoured. *Bows.* If you'll excuse me though. I believe I should be getting my pack their over-night gear un-stowed. By your leave."
(23:10:58) (Imala): *Takes her shot glass.* "Then to the future of our alliance, and to confidence shared." *Nodding to him and downing her own drink.*
(23:11:29) (GM_Cy): *Nods.* "Of course, of course, do not let me keep you. I'm afraid I'm not kidding about the insects, however, keep an eye out. Some of them are rather... well, large." *Smiles at Imala.* "An excellent toast."
(23:12:24) (Clouds): *Gets out into the open air and looks at the sky...remembering...more.*
"Oh Rika...what the hell have I gotten myself into here?"
(23:12:45) (Clouds): " wonder you chose the outer black as your hunting grounds."
(23:13:32) (Jase): *Jase comes up behind Eris* "Would you like me to put up the tent?"
(23:14:24) (Clouds): *nods* "Yeah... that'd be great Jase." *turns into him and snugs against his chest.* "What are we doing here....?"
(23:14:51) (Imala): *looking to him* "Thank you, Sebek. I truly appreciate your help. And thank you for the refreshment."
(23:15:40) (GM_Cy): "Think nothing of it, it was my pleasure."
(23:16:20) (Anna): Anna smiles, glancing at the empty glass and blinking. "... Crap, when did that happen?"
(23:16:56) (GM_Cy): *Walks them to the flap of the tent, collecting empty cups from those still holding on to theirs. He chuckles at Anna's reaction.* "They have that effect on people. I am glad you enjoyed your drink."
(23:17:07) (Jase): "Doing what we do best, doing incredible things and pissing ourselves the whole time. Or flying by the seat of our pants. Either one works, one is substantially more awe-inspiring though."
(23:17:18) (Jase): *He returns the hug as he speaks.*
(23:18:18) (Anna): "It was pretty great. Thanks." She smiles, then nudges Albtraum's arm gently. "So, tents, hmm?"
(23:18:36) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum blushes in his odd, faceless way.*
(23:19:09) (GM_Cy): *Sebek waves them off from his tent.* "Have a pleasant evening, and a good night's rest!"
(23:19:13) (GM_Cy): *Heads back inside his own tent.*
(23:19:21) (Imala): *Sitting up from the lounge couch and sighs as she stands.* "Good night, Sebek."
(23:19:34) (Clouds): "Yeah *Clutches at his vest.* yeah...." *Holds tight and breaths in his scent deeply.* "Just...if I go too far, let me know, 'kay? I'm scared this time. Really truly afraid. Not for me; for everyone. Imala, Kyros, Anna... you."
(23:20:14) (Anna): "Should we go set them up?" The girl asks with a smile. "Or do you think that'd take too long, the both of them?"
(23:20:56) (GM_Cy): "Well, we could always use the Scarab, some of us inside, some of us behind it or under the wings. Tents might be best though. Y'know... for privacy and stuff."
(23:21:58) (Imala): *Walks past the goings on, looking up in the sky at the stars and sighs as she walks.*
(23:22:02) (Anna): Anna just chuckles. "Wouldn't mind a tent. The great outdoors and all... I miss camping."
(23:23:01) (GM_Cy): *Law waves at them from beside the Scarab.* "He~y guys! Done talking yet? I've got the camping kits ready, just need you to come set them up!"
(23:23:17) (Jase): *Jase kisses Cloud.* "Don't worry, I'll let you know. And I know how you feel... this... this all just seems a bit out of our depth." *He blinks, leans down, and kisses her again.* "But we'll pull through, and we'll bring all of our family with us. Anyone who tries to stop us be damned." *He kisses her for the third time* "Now, I shall go get that tent set up."
(23:23:37) (Clouds): -sighs- "Coming...Lawman"
(23:24:16) (Clouds): *matching strides with her husband, arrives at the Scarab.*
(23:25:05) (Mondo): *grabs a camping kit and heads out to set up*
(23:25:34) (Anna): Anna leads the way over as well, taking a kit. "Welp, time to get set up~!"
(23:25:43) (Imala): *heads over and looks to Law* "Oh, that was good thinking!"
(23:28:16) (GM_Cy): *As the group approaches the Scarab, even as they reach for their gear, they all keel over, their bodies not quite listening to them and their eyes rapidly closing as they get very, VERY tired. The darkness of sleep is not long after. The last thing they hear is Law's voice, but not talking at all like the imitation of Kyros, but in a harder, colder tone.* "Honestly, drinking several pints of an unknown drink served by SEBEK? He must have put on a hell of a show to get you to lower your guard like that. Ah well, can't stay, I really have to dash. Places to go, people to kill, you know how it is."
(23:29:37) (GM_Cy): *Rolls his shoulders, cricks his neck, and strides off without a backwards glance.*
(23:31:50) (Clouds): "nnnggh...g..g....g..Ta...or....w...n...zo."
(23:31:57) (GM_Cy): *Hours pass, and the next thing the group knows, the sun is high above them, and Jase, looking VERY tired from a long night of watching over them, sitting with his back against the Scarab.*
(23:33:14) (Imala): *When she wakes, she's not surprised but looks at the group.* "I apologize, I have made a drastic error...forgive me..." *Then turns to head off into the desert.*
(23:33:43) (GM_Cy): *Sebek, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the street, is in her way. He smiles his crocodile-smile.*
(23:33:56) (Imala): *Looks at him.* "What do you want?"
(23:34:09) (Imala): *Her voice sounds defeated.*
(23:34:12) (Jase): *Jase, despite looking very tired, is staring daggers at Sebek.*
(23:34:58) (Imala): "Have I not endured enough? Has my heart not been pierced enough? OH wait, I still live and breathe so I can take more?"
(23:35:21) (Mondo): *Wakes up still groggy.* "Ugh...what the hell happened?"
(23:35:27) (Clouds): *Tries to get up and wobbles on her feet. Regardless, fox-fire swirls around her ankles and into her flesh; as it touches her, it turns from blue-white to deep purple.*
(23:35:53) (GM_Cy): "I thought it would be prudent to be here when you woke. I did want to make sure our deal was still in place. And I do apologize, I should have mentioned those drinks of mine can catch you unawares at times, they're pretty potent." *He stops kidding now.* "It was nothing personal. For all the grief you may know, child, you know NOTHING of my shame. I was banished from my pantheon, and I lost EVERYTHING I ever had, and I will play any and ALL angles to restore my previous status. This way? If YOU win, Ra and his owe me. If Set wins? Same deal."
(23:36:30) (Anna): Anna scowls, pushing herself up to her feet slowly but surely.
(23:37:00) (Imala): "What makes you think I want to deal with you? How can I be sure that you haven't sent off any sort of plan with him? You are just lucky that I am not as I once was."
(23:37:34) (Clouds): " god...mortal...infernal; Don't care. Out of the way Imalla. If his back-stabbing resulted in Alice dying, I am going to have a new pair of boot sand matching purse!"
(23:38:12) (GM_Cy): *Sebek sighs.* "You hero types always take these things so personally."
(23:38:18) (Jase): *Jase puts a hand on Eris's shoulder* "Now is not the time, despite my utmost desire to allow you to follow through with your intentions."
(23:38:41) (Imala): *Spits out some words in Ancient Egyptian that don't sound good even if not understandable.*
(23:38:44) (Clouds): "OH..this is pure PLEASURE..once i know which of you 3 I'm talking to. The middle one right!?"
(23:39:14) (Clouds): *Glares at Jase; her eyes are NOT blue, but reddish purple.*
(23:39:46) (Clouds): "Why should I stop? Tell me husband... WHY!?"
(23:40:42) (Imala): *Then she speaks in a language all can understand.* "So tell me, WHY should I trust your scaly hide now?"
(23:41:09) (Jase): "We do not want another fight right now, with half of us still only passably conscious. Can you contact Alice via the radio?"
(23:42:11) (GM_Cy): *Sebek stands.* "Begrudge me what I did if you must, but please spare me the melodrama." *Looks at Imala.* "You, girl, still carry two pieces of Osiris, do you not? Set cannot destroy the others without their matching pieces. You have lost nothing you could not have done without." *He bursts out laughing, towering over her.* "Trust me? When did I EVER ask you to TRUST me? That is ONE thing you must always keep in mind when dealing with me, girl. Negotiate with me, learn things from my contacts, trade oddities with me, use me as a diversion, whatever you want, the list of my talent for subterfuge and intelligence goes on, but never, EVER, should you make the mistake of trusting ME."
(23:42:13) (Clouds): -rrrrrrrrrrrr- *Closes eyes.* No! Wait... Tahlor and Persia, THEY have the range. Channel 17. GO!"
(23:42:35) (Anna): Anna blinks, and unslings the bolter off her back, swapping out to a new magazine quickly.
(23:43:42) (GM_Cy): "I play every angle, and I look out for one man, and one man only, and that's me. So if you can get me a place in the Pantheon of Ra, I'll help you. If Set offers me a higher place in his? Well, then the wind's blowing a different way, isn't it?"
(23:44:03) (Imala): "Well then, don't EVER forget that I may have had a change of heart and let you live, but NEVER forget that I do now and always have followed the way of the law and you have done me a disservice and this will be something I will take up with Ra WHEN...WE.... WIN...and you may just end up a beautiful handbag for my wolf-sister."
(23:44:38) (Clouds): "Keep talking you sick sadistic piece of Nile dung. The Scarabs won't even eat your flesh. Melodrama you poke!? Anna, he says ONE more word, ONE more... if it's not a full on explanation of what he can offer NOW, blows his damned teeth out his head!"
(23:45:10) (GM_Cy): *Chuckles.* "Maybe I will, and maybe I won't. But with your ace in the hole gone, girl, you need that diversion more than ever. No matter how much you hate me, I'm valuable, no... I'm NECESSARY if you want to win."
(23:45:27) (GM_Cy): *Looks at Cloud.* "THAT'S what I've got to offer now."
(23:45:46) (Anna): The bolter gets shouldered, the smaller blonde shifting to take aim, but not firing just yet.
(23:46:22) (Imala): "And you better ******* deliver Sebek or there will be the biggest crocodile hunt that has ever been and I will lead the hunting party and all those great hunters from legend will come to my call and you will not escape."
(23:46:58) (GM_Cy): *He grins enormously.* "Then we have a deal." *Seemingly completely unbothered by the group's seething rage directed at him.*
(23:47:05) (Clouds): "Imala...Is he still talking?" *Eyes now bright crimson.*
(23:48:36) (Imala): "I do hope you have had fun, Sebek, you've accomplished what it is you wanted, get out of my sight. When I contact you for that diversion it better be delivered. We have a deal. Honestly, you should have a snake's head and not a crocodile."
(23:50:30) (GM_Cy): *He chuckles.* "I've had worse suggestions." *Bows, twirling a rune staff out from behind his back and walking back to his tent, twirling it in his hands. A powerhouse he may no longer be, but he's got guile to spare. The mafia boss of deities. 0.o*
(23:50:57) (Imala): *Once he's out of the way, Imala heads off once more.*
(23:52:56) (Clouds): “Spirit sister..let me tear his heart out....I'll even cook it for you...please? Just this once let me do this...please?" *Little girl voice at the end as she follows Imala, like a school girl told she can't be a cheerleader.*
(23:53:43) (Anna): Anna lowers the bolter with a sigh, looking for Alb. "Well, ****. I'm starting to get tired of making deals, they tend to end up like this."
(23:53:54) (GM_Cy): *As she walks, she crashes into Katrina, the small bookish girl landing on her backside, glasses knocked skittering away. She climbs to her knees, patting about for her spectacles, and a necklace slips out from her collar, dangling a shining golden pendant.*
(23:54:33) (GM_Cy): [Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

85 Balance check for Katrina, by the way. This is ALL legit.]
(23:54:54) (Imala): "No. It is not against the law to be yourself. I shouldn't have been so stupid. It is my fault that this is all ****** up. There was a time...whoa!" *Looking at Katrina.* "Oh ****, I'm sorry." *Offers to help her up.*
(23:55:01) (Clouds): Cloud sidles up to Imala, whispering and pleading to do horrible violence, and upon seeing the pendant, recoils as if she's been blinded by flashbulb at point blank.
(23:56:15) (GM_Cy): *The half-blind girl accepts the hand-up, the ankh at her neck gleaming in the sun.* "Uhm, can you help me find my glasses? I can't see very well without..." *Blinks, looking at the group.* "Hey, wait, I CAN see without them. But that... I haven't been able to see without glasses since I was a little girl, how?" *She looks very, VERY confused.*
(23:56:16) (Clouds): "DAKU..."
*Long string of very very ugly language as she staggers back and falls onto her behind; rubbing eyes.*
(23:56:53) (Jase): *Jase looks about ready to keel over, but he's following Eris and Imala, making sure no bloody murder will be committed.*
(23:57:43) (Imala): "Well well well...." *her eyes noticing the ankh* "I do apologize Katrina. Please come with me, oh here, let's collect these things" *looking to Eris* "Cloud?!?"
(23:57:54) (Clouds): "Vrrush brgak HAAAASSSSk d'char ulgk hanth!"
(23:58:25) (Imala): "CLOUD! For heaven's sake and the sake of MY ears, please, I know I don't speak such nice things but WHOA!"
(23:58:32) (Clouds): *Waves one hand in a warding gesture; as if the Girl, Katrina pains her physically.*
(23:59:48) (GM_Cy): *Lo Fung moves from the tents.* "Ah, Katrina, there you are! We're deciding who is to hunt which Horseman, you must be present if you wish to volunteer." *Sees who she is with.* "Ah, esteemed friends." *Manages to overlook Eris' acting like a vampire faced with garlic.* "Will you be taking Katrina with you, then? The camp will be breaking soon, we have decided to go after Famine, in the deep south, as we fear Death may be that way, and we do not wish for them to combine forces."
(00:00:05) (Clouds): Cloud gets up and runs to the Ornithopter; slamming the hatch shut behind her.
(00:00:33) (Imala): "Katrina, let's put away the bright ankh shall we? My sister has a condition and this pains her. So tell me, where do you..." *smiles and nods* "I would very much like for Katrina to accompany us."
(00:01:52) (GM_Cy): *Katrina tucks the ankh away back in her shirt, thinking nothing of it.* "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize." :? "I am a follower of the Pantheon of Ra, so I wear it at all times." *Nods.*
*Lo Fung smiles.* "What luck you have, my girl! Go with my blessing, and may you hunt well!" *Hands them a map.* "These are where we believe the remaining Horsemen to be, fare well and good luck." *Heads back into the tent-camp to the meeting.*
(00:02:37) (Imala): "I know a great deal about the Pantheon of Ra! I have a ... connection so to speak"
(00:03:09) (GM_Cy): "Truly?" *She lights up.* "That is a great honour!"
(00:03:35) (Mondo): *sits on the ground trying to clear his head...*
(00:03:42) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum, over by the scarab, finally hauls himself upright. He drank the most sleeping potion, AND downed the extra shot at the end. He looks... very, very hungover. XD*
(00:04:11) (Jase): *Jase is barely able to take all this in, but looking at the symbol around Katrina's neck he manages to clue into what some might be thinking, still as lost as any on Cloud's reaction however* "You won't think it's such an honor when you've spent some time with us." *He manages a smile*
(00:04:48) (Anna): Anna glances over, then back to the others, before heading over. "No offence, but I'm gonna go ahead and guess that you feel about as good as you look right now." She checks about before finally finding her canteen and holding it out. "Water?"
(00:05:47) (GM_Cy): *He nods, mumbling something incomprehensible, slugging some water down.*
(00:06:12) (Imala): *helping the girl with her things heads for the scarab*
(00:06:26) (Imala): "Folks, I feel very close to one of our goals just now"
(00:07:06) (GM_Cy): *Katrina blinks.* "I'm not sure what you mean, sir. Meeting the gods would be the great honour I can think of!"
*And so the bookish young girl is led to the Scarab with her belongings, her ankh-pendant safely out of sight so Cloud will let them in. What does Imala suspect about her? Well... we'll see next week. *
(00:07:08) (GM_Cy): GAME

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6000+ mdc and a rune staff?
-psshaw- Mamma-Cloud needs a new set of boots. :thwak:

Is okay though...when the revolution comes, Sebbek and all his ilk will be the first against the wall.
Or is it the marketing department for Sirius Cybernetics? :?

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Bind the body to the opened mind

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DhAkael wrote:
6000+ mdc and a rune staff?
-psshaw- Mamma-Cloud needs a new set of boots. :thwak:

Is okay though...when the revolution comes, Sebbek and all his ilk will be the first against the wall.
Or is it the marketing department for Sirius Cybernetics? :?

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"Oh! Us too! Seems to be the season for it!"

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"Jase however, being a slightly paranoid fellow after his encounter with the Chaos-tainted sword"

Slightly? I believe that is somewhat of an understatement my good friend. :P

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Thanks Cy, I now have an aversion to fruity drinks...stupid crocodile god...

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Monkra wrote:
Thanks Cy, I now have an aversion to fruity drinks...stupid crocodile god...


GOD crocodile to speculate on the going price for THAT set of bags? :demon:

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
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I had every intention of posting last week's summary and chat-log today. Unfortunately, I had to go three rounds with a bout of what I believe to have been pneumonia last night, so I am in no way, shape, or form up to doing so. My apologies, hopefully a proper night's sleep will have me back to productivity.

P.S.: It was my first time experiencing pneumonia, and I sincerely hope the last. :-?

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~<going on record here and now to inform my fellow gamers that come October, i won't be back in the game. past experience has shown me that group symbiotics gets blown sideways and for a massive loop if not a derail. to save people that issue, i informed the GM of my decision. have fun and game on>~

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Cytibor wrote:
I had every intention of posting last week's summary and chat-log today. Unfortunately, I had to go three rounds with a bout of what I believe to have been pneumonia last night, so I am in no way, shape, or form up to doing so. My apologies, hopefully a proper night's sleep will have me back to productivity.

P.S.: It was my first time experiencing pneumonia, and I sincerely hope the last. :-?

Gabba hey :shock:
Hope yer recovering dood.

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Bind the body to the opened mind

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Comment: I see people as people first, anything else is secondary
be careful of the lungs there hun. rest and lots of liquids.
peace hun and stay warm

Creator of the Chi grenade. Used in game by Kevarin [GM] and self as Mai - Civilian Martial artist that got amped via experiment. Ghost weapons and shirts rule.

Nano Missiles - used once and GM banned further use. They weren't THAT bad. and did stop a demon scout ship from returning with valuable info.

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Appreciate the concern, I seem to be alright now. I will be posting last week's summary and chat-log in the next few days, for now I will be concentrating on tonight's game, so with luck you reader-types will get some rapid developments in the form of rapid [though probably not simultaneous] updates.

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Don't push yourself---that can knock back a good recovery.
We can cover any lapse in posting with alternate forms of entertainment(starts juggling hand grenades, a rabid ferret, a cactus, and a land mine).

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taalismn wrote:
Don't push yourself---that can knock back a good recovery.
We can cover any lapse in posting with alternate forms of entertainment(starts juggling hand grenades, a rabid ferret, a cactus, and a land mine).

Don't forget tap-dancing on the head of a Traitor Imperator class Titan's head at full stride...over mountainous terrain ;)

Bind the body to the opened mind
Bind the body to the opened mind

I dream of towers in a world consumed
A void in the sentient sky
I dream of fissures across the moon
Leaves of the lotus rise

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Don't push yourself---that can knock back a good recovery.
We can cover any lapse in posting with alternate forms of entertainment(starts juggling hand grenades, a rabid ferret, a cactus, and a land mine).

Don't forget tap-dancing on the head of a Traitor Imperator class Titan's head at full stride...over mountainous terrain ;)

Nah, didn't forget. I was just too busy juggling while wearing bacon aftershave and tapdancing in front of a herd of Spiny Ravagers.

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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"I saw a pale horse, and a pale rider upon it. The name of the horse was Pestilence. The name of the rider was Death." -The Stand, by Stephen King.

Death Marches, Pestilence Swarms

February 4th (contd): After crashing into Katrina, Imala secluded herself in the Scarab with the young woman, before finally calling Persia in for a medical emergency. With their feline doctor performing surgery, Imala was able to sit down and explain to the others what was going on: Katrina was Isis, trapped in human form by Biowizardry, some form of microbe floating in the ex-goddess' blood. Persia, despite having her alien technology and psychic healing techniques, was pushed to the limit in cleansing "Katrina's" blood of these microbes, but cleanse them she did, and the goddess' mind was restored. Thanking the group, and her daughter-in-law, for their efforts, she retired to the rear of the Scarab to meditate, thus beginning the long road to restoring her former strength.

Meanwhile, the group had been making their preparations to leave, and Jase went to discuss tactics and plans with Lo Fung, but was interrupted when the elderly Asian man sensed something foul afoot, and sent the young plainsman back to his friends. And not a moment too soon, for an army of walking dead raised from the water's edge and marched ashore, the most dangerous Horseman at their head, Death himself. The camp quickly deteriorated into panic, those who resisted quickly being slain and added to the corpse-army while the others fled for their lives, fleeing southward towards their intended target of Famine with the intent to regroup. The Dart, meanwhile, struck out east in the Scarab, seeking Pestilence as their opponent, and coming across the ruined city of Addis Abeba, the capital of what used to be Ethiopia.

Deciding discretion was the better part of valour, Jase insisted that everyone entering the city be clad in environmental armour for safety's sake given the nature of their quarry. Fully suited, the party entering the city numbered 4, Jase, Imala, Anna, and Mondo, with the others remaining aboard to keep an eye on the still-dazed Cloud, as well as the meditating Isis. Foraging into the city, they saw the streets lined with piles of disease-ridden corpses, insects gorging themselves on the dead flesh. With their suits keeping the horrid bugs off of them, they forged deeper inwards in search of Pestilence himself, but not one of them had so much as a glimpse of him before the attack came; Mondo and Imala thrashing and shrieking about insects within their suits, Jase seeing an enormous arachnid looming over them, and poor Anna left very confused as to why her teammates were taking their helmets off and casting fireballs into thin air... all while the REAL swarms of insects began to buzz into a cloud around them.

Utter chaos, and Pestilence hasn't even shown his face yet. :demon:

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And chat log of the session pertaining to the previous post. ;)
(20:18:35) (GM_Cy): *When we last left our heroes, they had been dealt a rather serious blow to their morale, with Sebek's treachery costing them 'custody' of the cloned Kyros (going by the original Kyros' old alias of 'Law'). However, the crocodile god seemed none too concerned about his treachery, going so far as to show up to insure that the deal he and Imala had struck over diversionary tactics still held, proving beyond doubt that Sebek was a deity of little conscience. Unfortunately, Cloud had gone into a sort of meltdown over the whole affair, her normally blue-glowing eyes going purple and then red as her anger took over, finally resulting in her shutting herself up at one end of the crew compartment of the Scarab to lapse into unconsciousness from stress-overload. Imala, having crashed (literally) into Katrina once more had also gone into seclusion, taking the young scholarly girl with her into the emergency quarantine area of the crew compartment, leaving Jase, Mondo, and Briar outside, while Anna and Albtraum snoozed in Scarab.*
(20:20:21) JennieRae: *Briar is sitting and sketching outside of the Scarab.*
(20:23:07) (Jase): *As Jase approaches Mondo Briar and the sleeping couple he's pinching the bridge of his nose in one hand, the other resting on his hip* "Right seems we've got to figure out what we're doing." *He stares down at the still sleeping Anna and Albtraum, by his face he looks as if he's fighting between kicking them awake out of jealousy or just shaking Albtraum awake. He shrugs, walks over and nudges him with his foot*
(20:24:12) ChatBot: Lurker6 is now known as (Anna).
(20:25:04) (Briar_Croup): *Briar stares up at Jase, looking inappropriately unconcerned.* "So, what are we doing, then?"
(20:25:10) (Mondo): *shaking the cobwebs from inside his head*"It seems we are in need of some recuperation before we go after this new demon...ugh."
(20:25:11) (Anna): Anna will wake up in a few moments, coming out of a nice dream.
(20:25:56) (GM_Cy): *From within the Scarab, they can hear the faint buzzing of the comm unit when its' got calls waiting. The tell-tale red flash at regular intervals when glancing into the dark cockpit area confirms it if there's any doubt.*
(20:26:05) (Imala-Persia): *Imala sticks her head out from the back* "Would someone see if they can call up the doctor? We need her immediately. Please and Thank you" *then closes the door again*
(20:27:43) (Jase): *Jase looks into the ship, shrugs again* "Evidently we'll be putting the making of decisions off for a few more minutes, take the time to grab something to eat." *He heads into the ship to fiddle with the radio, something he's slowly getting better at using* "What reason should I tell her Imala?"
(20:28:26) (Briar_Croup): *Briar goes back to his sketching, being not really hungry.*
(20:29:27) (Imala-Persia): *slipping back out from the quarantine room* "It's an you have her on the radio, Jase?"
(20:30:42) (Anna): Anna finally does awake, stretching out before trying to rouse Albtraum gently. "Oi, wake up you."
(20:32:02) (Jase): *Jase flicks the radio to receive the incoming call* "Give me a moment I'll have her soon."
(20:32:05) (GM_Cy): *The red-skinned fella groans.* "Do I haveta?"
(20:32:21) (Anna): "Mhmm. I'm up, and you don't want me being up all by myself, do you?"
(20:33:07) (GM_Cy): "You're not by yourself... there are other awake people nearby, I'm sure of it." :P *Groans again, hauling himself upright.* "Alright, alright... I'm up."
(20:33:14) (Imala-Persia): *Imala looks exceedingly worried*
(20:34:56) (GM_Cy): *As Jase flicks the radio on, there's a brief moment of static, a confused garble of noise, and then about 30 seconds of completely incomprehensible fast-forwarded talking, before the radio synchs up properly to the alien systems of Persia's fighter. The red light stops blinking, and turns green: connection established.*
(20:35:42) (Imala-Persia): Persia: "It's about time, I've been trrrrying to rrreach you now forrrr some time! I Have a rrreporrrt on status of the Casa"
(20:35:43) (Anna): Anna just grins and gives Albtraum a look before nudging him with her elbow. "I can't use other people as pillows... well I could, but it'd be weird."
(20:36:06) (Jase): "What's happened?" *Jase asks wasting no time*
(20:37:51) (Imala-Persia): Persia: "Well firrrst off, the vault has been brrroken into. The clone rrregisterrred as Kyrrros and was able to walk rrrright in without trrriggerrr alarrrms or defenses. The Rrra-men did trrry to stop him but he used his invisibility to get past them. No deaths werrre incurrred but a few injurrries werrre sustained, Jaglon among those injurrred."
(20:38:49) (Imala-Persia): Imala: *coming over within earshot* "Persia? Is Evangeline ok? Or was she taken?"
(20:39:49) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum chuckles.* "Nice to know I'm useful." *Stands up a bit straighter as he listens.* "I think they're getting a sitrep from Persia inside, we should go in and listen."
(20:40:13) (Imala-Persia): Persia: "Yes, Miss Evangeline and Miss Alice arrre both just fine. As I was told he went strrraight forrr the vault and cleaned out the arrrrtifacts of Osirrris and then left. Little fighting and no diverrrting frrrrom the prrrize."
(20:40:33) (Jase): *Jase stands there for a moment, his lack of sleep catching up with him for a moment* "Well ****..."
(20:40:58) (Jase): "How fast can you meet up with us persia?"
(20:41:58) (Imala-Persia): Imala: *nods* "Yes this was expected. Sooner than I would have liked, but not unforeseen..." *she nods to Jase and then heads again to the quarantine room*
Persia: "It would not take long, moments to minutes. Is something wrrrong?"
(20:43:11) (Anna): Anna nods, following Alb into the room to listen in on what happened.
(20:43:14) (Jase): "So it would seem, but Imala is being tight lipped about it at this point, she says it's an emergency however, and I don't think she would exaggerate."
(20:44:35) (Imala-Persia): Persia: "Verrry well, I will be therrre as quickly as possible. I am assuming it is a medical emerrrgency?"
(20:45:32) (Jase): "She did mention the need for a doctor, quite explicitly in fact, So please do hurry. You know where we are I trust?"
(20:46:52) (Imala-Persia): Persia: "I can lock onto the signal frrrom the communicatorrr...I'll be therrre within minutes"
(20:47:36) (Jase): "Alright, see you soon." *Jase leaves the comms device running and heads back out into the sunlight and heat*
(20:49:16) (GM_Cy): *Persia is as good as her word, the light-bending form of the Colol Tyl sweeping up and landing behind the Scarab from a low altitude to avoid notice from the camp within several minutes, having far greater capability for speed than the Scarab. ...Or most other Earth vehicles for that matter. XD*
(20:50:43) (Imala-Persia): Persia: *shutting down the ship to a standby of all systems she then exits the ship carrying a large box and a couple of bags, all with medical insignia on them* "Wherrre to Mrrr. Jase?"
(20:52:12) (Jase): *Jase inclines his head to where Imala has sequestered herself* "You'll find her and a girl named Katrina in there." *Jase looks positively disheveled, but he smiles nonetheless*
(20:54:31) (GM_Cy): *Persia wastes no time in getting into the emergency quarantine section, and shoos Imala out as she gets to work, closing the door behind her. Imala finds a seat and takes a few deep breaths to steady her nerves after having been hustled out. Albtraum tilts his head curiously at her, but leaves her be for the moment.* "Say, Anna, where is your armour? You were going to get it fixed, weren't you?"
(20:55:14) (Jase): *After Jase has shown Persia to her patient, he walks back outside once again, shielding his eyes from the sun, he looks over to Anna* "Hey, the armor smith came by last night, took your gear, said he'd give fixing it a go, but didn't make any promises about being able to do it up properly."
(20:55:54) (Anna): Anna looks to Albtraum, then points to Jase. "What he said."
(20:56:52) (GM_Cy): "Oh. Well, its' good that he's working on it. We never seem to know when we have to leave in a hurry these days."
(20:56:58) (Jase): "He said to come by today to pick it up, might want to get on that in case we have to leave in a hurry."
(20:57:43) (Anna): "Works for me, which tent is his?"
(20:58:05) (Imala): *looking to see if anyone else is inside the Scarab and then to the door* "Hey guys, wanna pow wow for a second? Have some stuff to talk about"
(20:58:26) (Briar_Croup): *Briar, for the record, is still sketching and half-listening.*
(20:58:32) (Jase): *Jase stares at Albtraum for a minute before he bursts out laughing* "I'm tired enough for that to be really funny, huh." *Jase points to a tent pretty far out into the camp*
(20:59:05) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum looks out across the tent-camp.* "I can go get your armour for you, if you like. Sounds like Mother has something to tell everyone, but she can fill me in later."
(20:59:45) (Mondo): *heads toward Imala*
(21:00:09) (Jase): *Jase walks over to Imala, and leans against the ship* "If I fall asleep while you talk, please feel free to wake me up."
(21:01:17) (Anna): Anna nods and gives Albtraum a quick hug. "Come back soon, you." She says before going over to listen to Imala.
(21:01:23) (Imala): *Imala hands something to Jase* "Persia said you looked a little tired. She said this would stimulate you just enough to keep you awake until you actually slow down to sleep. Something about herbal and no additives and some such. I didn't catch it all. All I know is it's a stay awake until safe thing"
(21:03:02) (Imala): *once everyone is near by* "And if all are okay, the information I have to impart is kind of, between us so shall we step inside?" *indicating the inside of the Scarab*
(21:04:15) (Jase): *Jase nods his thanks and takes the thing given to him with no questions, evidently he does trust some people*
(21:04:51) (Briar_Croup): *Briar follows the crowd.*
(21:06:25) (Anna): Anna heads inside without a word, keen on hearing the course of action.
(21:06:37) (Mondo): *follows Imala into the ship*
(21:07:08) (Jase): *Jase closes the ships hatch after he follows the others inside* "Right, do begin."
(21:08:11) (Imala): *once everyone has joined inside, she nods at Jase for the privacy, and then leans against a seat, not sitting just leaning against the back* "Ok, so we all realized that we were doublecrossed. Yes this was a terrible thing, but not something that was unexpected. We knew that the clone was going to take the pieces back to Set. WE still know where he is...and actually having given some thought to the matter, this is better. I had originally intended for him to precede us to Taut. If he wore all the pieces of Osiris that we had and then we went to get them from him, we would not be able to defeat him. Each piece gives aid to the bearer. Also we still have two with us for I bear two pieces still."
(21:09:05) (Jase): "Please remind me, how many were in the vault?"
(21:09:38) (Imala): "I say this is a benefit for us because once he returns to Set, Set will take his trophies and put them in a room. There is no way that he will allow a clone to bear items of such power and value. Set wants them destroyed, and to do that he needs all of them in one place. In the vault were all but four. I have two, one with the splugorth that we are working to gain, and one in the Hudson Bay area."
(21:10:43) (Jase): *Jase looks somewhat pained as he tries to remember* "Thank you Imala." *He says with a weak smile*
(21:10:46) (Imala): "So a total of ten were taken"
(21:11:13) (Briar_Croup): *Briar shivers at the mention of Hudson Bay, but doesn't say anything yet.*
(21:13:18) (Imala): "So it works to our benefit. Also Set may think we are defeated. So let him think this. Second, Sebek did more than one favour for us when he did the doublecross. One of our goals has been reached. Isis has been found."
(21:14:09) (Jase): "You're positive that it's her?" *Jase asks inclining his head to the door which holds Katrina and Persia*
(21:14:29) (Mondo): *perks up at this new information*
(21:15:07) (Briar_Croup): *Briar sits a little straighter and says* "That IS good news!"
(21:15:32) (Imala): *nods* "Yes. I am afraid I broke her and that was the need for Persia. There is some sort of biowizardry ailment that she is suffering. Hopefully Persia may be able to fix her."
(21:16:31) (Jase): "Umm... could you clarify what you meant by "Broke her"?"
(21:16:56) (Briar_Croup): "What's this about biowizardry?"
(21:17:42) (Imala): *laughs softly* "I was talking with her, trying to avoid saying things that i figured Set would have set up as trap triggers and well, we got talking about my husband and she demanded his name, and well, she went into convulsions and grasping at her head in great pain. I was able to sedate her, but that is the extent of my abilities"
(21:18:45) (Imala): *looks over* "Katrina, the goddess Isis, is infected with some sort of biowizardry pathogen that has been eating away at her for centuries. Her memories blocked, all knowledge of who she is, where she comes from, all of this blocked from her."
(21:19:13) (Briar_Croup): "Wow, that must have taken a lot of power."
(21:19:35) (Jase): "Ah, I suppose that counts... let's hope that Persia can work some magic then."
(21:20:46) (Imala): *nods* "Yes, but I want to impress upon all of us here. We do NOT want Set to know we have found Isis. So we need to keep this hush hush and refer to her as Katrina unless she wishes something else when she wakes."
(21:22:46) (Jase): "Sounds good to me." *Jase shrugs, his eyes are slowly opening a little bit more, and he's looking more alert than he was a minute or so ago, and his eyes keep shifting to the quarantined room, due to the aforementioned psionic stream*
(21:24:32) (Imala): "As far as our plans for continuing, we continue. We go on with the horsemen, because we MUST have the skull. Then after we collect the skull we may try for the final piece in Hudson's Bay. There are still negotiations we need to get completed and we have a strict time line. Jase? I want you to keep an eye on that feather. That is our time clock. That is the time Kyros has left. Even a god cannot take the mercies of Set for an extended amount of time. So we continue on as planned for the time being."
(21:25:30) (Jase): *Jase nods* "Was planning on doing so before you asked, would you like to be kept... uh... informed?"
(21:28:19) (Imala): *nods* "Yes, Jase. I do. For I do know part of his torture. When I woke from that dream walk before getting here? I saw him, or where he's being kept. He was in a room, the floor bathed in blood, coming from an iron maiden, Kyros' blood. The iron maiden had iron rods poked through it to drain whatever energy could be gathered and stored. I ... I felt some of what he is going through. That is why the vomit"
(21:32:01) (Jase): *Jase looks rather sickly himself* "Ah... I will keep you informed Imala." *He turns his gaze onto the rest of the group* "So it would appear we need to make a choice, follow the other people here and go after famine, or we could go the other way and find pestilence ourselves, any opinions?"
(21:33:48) (Imala): *about that time a very weary and partially upheld by a walking ink-spot Persia comes out of the room* "She insists on speaking with Imala. She is rrratherrr guarrrded, but farrr as I can tell, which is extensively, she is frrree of the biowizarrrdrrry pathogens."
(21:36:49) (Imala): *Imala shifts to her feet again* "Very well, I will go and see to her. Thank you, Persia. I don't think anyone could have been a better choice" *then she heads into the back room, while Persia collapses into a chair*
(21:36:51) ChatBot: (Imala) is now known as (Persia).
(21:38:04) (Jase): "Thank you for the stimulant Perisa, it is much appreciated." *Jase says now standing upright in the plane, looking somewhat like his normal self*
(21:39:18) (Persia): *she nods and smiles her feline smile* "You arrre most welcome, Misterrrr Jase."
F(21:43:23) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum returns, Anna's armour carefully held in front of him. He sets the exo-plate down outside, making sure it will stand on its' own, then nods at a job well done. He knocks on the Scarab's door.*
(21:43:38) (Anna): "Well, that's a hell of a fun choice to make, huh? Who do we want to fight, famine or pestilence? Should we flip a coin?" Anna asks, semi-sarcastically. "Heads we starve, tails we get the plague."
(21:44:22) (Persia): *ears perk forward* "I can deal with illnesses"
(21:45:36) (Jase): "Well, there are a couple of things to consider, for one, death may be near famine, and if we've not taken all his buddies out beforehand I don't like our chances in any fight with him. And if we go for pestilence that might mean that the people here are dealing with famine at the same time, making this whole process go a little bit faster."
(21:47:57) (Jase): "Then again, we'll have a better chance of success in a fight if we're with the people here, and there will be less of a chance for any of us to get injured."
(21:48:45) (Persia): "Again, injurrry I can deal with" *she looks very ragged, and she looks like she may have had a bloody nose? that's unsettling on anyone much less a cat*
(21:51:03) (GM_Cy): "If I had to guess, it sounds like Persia is feeling confident in her ability to deal with Pestilence. I guess its' up to the rest of us to decide if we think WE are up to it too."
(21:52:46) (Persia): "I am merrrely saying that I can assist with eitherrr thrrown at us. Injurrries or illness, I can handle."
(21:53:07) (Jase): *Jase's left hand goes into one of his pockets for a moment, his face looks rather grave* "I vote we look for Pestilence, if only to expedite the process of killing off the horsemen."
(21:55:12) (Anna): "Either way it's not going to be fun. Pestilence sounds fine."
(21:56:59) (Persia): *watches Jase head tilted* "Arrre you alrrright?"
(21:58:13) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum shuffles his foot a bit.* "I'm with Anna, either one is going to be hard. Jase is right too, though, taking the Horsemen down faster is the best course of action, so Pestilence for me, too."
(21:58:43) (Jase): *Jase looks like he might snap for a moment, but he breaths a sigh instead* "I'm fine, just tired, very very tired." *He looks at his feat for a moment, his eyes then focus on the compartment that Eris is sleeping in for a time*
(22:00:10) (Persia): *she watches him with eyes that know better* "If you arrre surrre? I will be willing to be back up on whicheverrr is needed, but mostly forrrr medical need."
(22:02:22) (Jase): *Jase's eyes still focused on the door* "I am, Shall we wait for Imala to make a reappearance and ask her what she thinks of what we're going to do?"
(22:04:42) (Persia): *glancing back to the doorway and back at Jase then flicks an ear and leans back as the ink-spot begins massaging her shoulders* "Verrry well then"
(22:06:32) (Jase): "Alright then." *He turns to Persia and flashes a brief smile before his face is set with worry again.*
(22:06:53) (Persia): *the sound of the door opening fills the silence as Imala steps out from the back room, her eyes are slightly reddened as if she has been crying, but she is smiling and at ease*
(22:06:59) ChatBot: (Persia) is now known as (Imala-Persia).
(22:07:08) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum glances around at everyone, then looks at Imala as she comes in.*
(22:08:57) (Jase): *Jase quickly rehashes the points made in favor and against the two horsemen.* "So what do you think? and how did it go in there?"
(22:10:52) (Imala-Persia): *she smiles and nods* "It sounds like a sound plan to go after the one while the others go after the other. As for in there?" *pointing behind her* "It went well. A bit, stiffly at first, but things will be alright. She will be coming along with us, as Katrina I believe?" *looking back over her shoulder* "And she is anxious to meet you, but I would give her the time to come out, not go inside to rush her." *smiles...Persia seems to be slipping off into a snooze*
(22:10:57) ChatBot: (Imala-Persia) is now known as (Imala).
(22:14:14) (Jase): "Alright then, seems we have a plan, I'm going to see if I can find Lo Fung, tell him what we're about and give him a way to contact us. So that if we're both able to take down our respective Horsemen we'll be able to join up after for the fight with Death. Sound good?" *Jase still looks worried but slightly less so, he still looks rather sickly though.*
(22:15:25) (GM_Cy): *In response to Imala's glance over her shoulder, 'Katrina' appears in the doorway, still appearing as the young, teenage scholarly girl. She looks at everyone in turn, then bows to the room in general.* "I am pleased to meet you, friends of my family. I know you would have introduced yourselves when we met, but I have no memory of most of the events that transpired in this human form, so if you would do me the courtesy of re-introducing yourselves, I would appreciate it." *Straightens.* "As you now know, yes, I am Isis, though I will remain in this form for the time being."
(22:15:43) (Anna): "You really don't look so hot, man." Anna notes to Jase. "You sure you're alright?"
(22:17:06) (Jase): *Jase bows to Isis, a wane smile on his face* "It is good to meet you properly, My name is Jase Taggart."
(22:17:43) (Imala): *Imala smiles proudly and indicates a couple in the group* "This is Albtraum, my son as it were, and the sleeping cat there is Persia. She is the doctor that helped you."
(22:18:22) (Anna): "Anna." The short blonde says, raising a hand. "Alb, can I borrow you?"
(22:19:10) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum nods.* "Uh, sure, what's up?"
(22:19:34) (GM_Cy): *He also bows as Imala introduces him, seemingly shy in the presence of his 'grandmother'.*
(22:19:56) (Jase): "I'll be fine Anna, thanks for the concern though" *Another smile.*
(22:20:13) (Anna): "I should probably get back into my armor, and it's good to have a hand to help hand me things." She smiles. "I could always borrow the Doc if you're too busy."
(22:22:18) (Imala): "Jase, when you go speak with the others, remember to say Katrina will be accompanying us, no need to tip our hand."
(22:23:08) (Jase): "Of course, I'll be sure to be circumspect" *Jase gives a wave as he goes off to find Lo Fung.*
(22:23:39) (GM_Cy): *Shakes his head, horns swinging in the air.* "I'll help, its' just outside." *Opens the door for her.*
(22:24:24) (Anna): Anna heads out with a smile and a bit of a skip in her step. "I'll be quick!"
(22:24:38) (Imala): *turns to 'Katrina'* "As you can see, all quite the busy bodies" *laughs softly*
(22:25:21) (GM_Cy): *She nods.* "They are indeed. I will not intrude upon you, I will just be meditating in the sealed off area, if that is agreeable? I have a great deal of strength to recover."
(22:27:30) (Imala): "You are move than welcome. I would introduce you to my spirit sister, but I believe she is currently resting as well. There was a bit of an occurrence earlier and she needs her rest"
(22:28:45) (GM_Cy): *She nods.* "Of course. If there is anything I can do to help her, do let me know." *She heads back inside, and can be seen to sit cross legged in the centre of the room, chanting softly to herself.*
(22:29:39) (Imala): *Imala looks to Tahlor and Persia* "Why don't you take her to rest on the starfighter? That way you guys can have some privacy?"
(22:31:32) (GM_Cy): *Tahlor nods, scooping up Persia.* "An excellent idea, Shyaer-sul. I will ensure she regains her strength." *Seems to vanish into the shadows, the fighter taking off soon after, vanishing into the sky.* [Think that was the right expression for him to use.]
(22:33:09) (GM_Cy): *Outside, Albtraum and Anna are just about finished getting the blond into her battle plate, and Jase has yet to return from speaking with Lo Fung and the others at the Gathering.*
(22:35:43) (GM_Cy): [Those aboard not otherwise occupied can roll Perception if they're looking outside. ;)]
(22:36:07) (Anna): "It's always good to have help." Anna smiles as she finishes strapping in, and pulls the helmet on. "Especially handsome help."
(22:36:37) ChatBot: (Imala) rolls 1d20 and gets (9)+3=12.
(22:36:53) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum tilts his head in the way he does when he blushes.* "I am not sure I qualify as that. I don't have any face, after all. And the horns tend to detract more than assist."
(22:36:53) ChatBot: (Anna) rolls 1d20 and gets (10)=10.
(22:37:58) (Anna): "Pfft." Anna speaks through the filter now. "You're too modest."
(22:39:30) (GM_Cy): "Maybe. Or you're biased." *Manages to chuckle at that.*
(22:40:24) (Anna): "So what if I am?" She asks, stepping over and nudging him gently. "I thought you liked being complimented by the girl who uses you as a pillow."
(22:40:55) (GM_Cy): "I do, I do. I've just been thinking lately. Perhaps a little too much." *Sighs.*
(22:41:54) (Anna): "What's on your mind?"
(22:43:52) (GM_Cy): "Well... LOOK at me, Anna, and look at you. I'm happy and flattered that you've taken a liking to me, don't get me wrong, but what about in a few year's time? You deserve... well, a normal boyfriend."
(22:46:46) (Anna): There's a pause before she leans in, grinning behind the mask. "So /that's/ what you are, hmm~?" An armoured finger pokes him. "In case you didn't notice, I'm not entirely normal either, Albie. You're good people, even if you look different."
(22:47:47) (GM_Cy): *Jase comes tearing up to the Scarab in the middle of Albtraum 'blushing' the way he does and trying to stammer out some kind of half-assed explanation of what he meant by 'boyfriend'. Not that anybody believes he meant it in any other way than exactly the way he said it. ;)*
(22:48:08) (Jase): *Jase can be seen running up to the ship at top speed, which is rather considerable, he yells ahead of himself* "OI, Albtraum, get inside the ship, Anna get on the controls, we're out in 60 seconds."
(22:48:42) (Anna): Anna looks over, then looks to Albtraum. "We can continue this later, I think we've got trouble. Better stay alive so we /can/ finish this."
(22:49:45) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum blushes again, head tilting at a painful looking angle, and nods.* "Yes'm."
(22:50:20) (Jase): "Make out later, ship now!"
(22:50:36) (Jase): *Jase says as he waits at the hatch for the two to climb in*
(22:51:01) (Anna): Anna's already running to get herself strapped in.
(22:53:20) (GM_Cy): *Piles inside, getting those who are napping strapped in place, then buckling in himself. Down the hill, they can see those at the Gathering scrambling for their tents and belongings, as figures covered in mud and seaweed begin crawling out of the ocean, standing upright to reveal empty eyesockets, exposed rib cages, and the dull yellowed-white of old bones. And rising from the water in their midst: is a horned skeleton atop a mount similar to War's, though without armour and a pallid gray in colour. The skeleton grips a staff, and remains silent as the corpses at his command continue shuffling up the bank ahead of him, the Gathering already half-surrounded.*
(22:53:42) (GM_Cy): ... Africa.jpg
(22:54:21) (Jase): *Jase shuts the hatch after everyone is inside, looking more alert than he has all morning* "Seems sometihng might be paying our little enclave of heroes a visit with relatively ill intentions."
(22:55:35) (Anna): Anna sets to escaping with really the only way she can. Darned technologically advanced things. Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

(22:55:51) (Anna): [/75]
(22:56:17) (Jase): *It takes a moment for Jase to recover from the sight* "Well... at least we know where death is now. Anna, I would truly love to be in the air right now."
(22:57:55) (GM_Cy): *The skeleton soldiers march directly into the Gathering, and some of the warriors and mages attack out of fear or reflex, but are swiftly struck down after their attempted attacks. Their bodies re-animate almost immediately, joining in the grisly parade moving through the camp.
Anna, not possessing the piloting skills for the Scarab's flight mode, kicks in the hover engines and skims out over the water, cutting around the oncoming horde to the relative safety of the far bank.*
(23:01:45) (GM_Cy): *The wiser members of the Gathering pick fleeing over death (literally, in this case) and the magi present form walkways of ice over the water, or get rides with the soldiers who brought hovercraft, deciding now is as good a time as any to strike out down south to go confront Famine. Getting far away from Death is just a very damned important perk.*
(23:04:14) (Jase): *Jase fists are clenched at his sides as he watches people die and flee from death. He mutters to himself* "I hate this. I godsdamned hate this." *Jase watches until everyone is either away or dead before finding a seat*
(23:05:00) (Anna): "What the **** just happened?"
(23:07:32) (GM_Cy): "I think Death just happened..." *Looking to Jase for perhaps a better explanation.*
(23:10:06) (Jase): "I think we stayed here too long, this many of us must have attracted death, apart from that, I... I have not a clue. This does cement one thing though, we really do need to kill his friends before we go after him." *Jase says with his fists still clenched at his sides*
(23:12:18) (GM_Cy): *The Scarab hums along at a fair clip as the group puts more distance between themselves and the unholy monster behind.* [Land Nav from Anna please]
"It also proves that they are intelligent, and not just mindless destroyers. Death knew that we would attack him last, so he acted recklessly and crashed into our midst alone, aside from his undead servants." *Manages a grim chuckle.* "Death exploiting our fear of death. Appropriate, if nothing else."
(23:13:48) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

(23:16:15) (GM_Cy): *The Scarab's course is adjusted, and they continue on eastward, to where Lo Fung told them Pestilence's last known location was. The computer also cheerfully informs Anna that its' a twelve-and-a-half hour drive. She's going to need someone else to drive a shift, and folks need their rest before fighting the Horsemen of illness and plague.*
(23:16:56) (Anna): "Think the boss is waking up any time soon?"
(23:17:54) (Jase): "I wouldn't count on her waking up for a while, but you can wake me in 6 hours to take my turn at the wheel Anna, I should be rested enough by then." *Jase promptly slumps forward and falls asleep sitting up in his chair*
(23:19:11) (Anna): "Alright, rest well big guy."
(23:19:52) (Imala): *quietly* "We will definitely need all the help we can get for him" *as she glances to the back room where the goddess sits meditating and back to the others*
(23:20:11) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum hops up into the co-pilot seat.* "Figured I should...y'know, keep you company. Boyfriend's job and stuff, right?" *She can almost see his skeleton face turning pink at the cheeks, but that's impossible... right?*
(23:20:43) (Anna): Anna looks over and smiles, popping off the helmet and resting it in her lap as she pilots along. "Company's always nice. You're blushing now."
(23:21:09) (Imala): *watching the two of them, a tear in her eye as she turns to find a seat and sit...alone...with her thoughts*
(23:26:46) (GM_Cy): *Having stayed at the Gathering until driven out some time after noon, it is in the middle of the night when the group arrive at the edge of the ruined Pre-Rifts city of Addis Abeba, within what was once known as Ethiopia. Looking at it, they see little more than ruined concrete overgrown by mosses, fungi, and other vegetation.*
(23:29:31) (Jase): *Jase now looking substantially looking less like the thing that crawled out of the water earlier that day steps away from the controls*
(23:30:06) (GM_Cy): *There is, however, evidence that the people who had managed to make their homes here died recently. There are piles of bodies heaped on the street corners, some burnt, others just left to rot. All are infested with insects, the disgusting sight of the corpses being eaten from without and within visible from their location via moonlight reflecting off the slimy or carapace'd bodies of the insects.*
(23:31:31) (Mondo): *mutters*"these poor souls..."
(23:32:27) (GM_Cy): *Jase and Mondo are in the cockpit, the Cyber-Knight having chosen to stay up with the Mystic Warrior for this leg of the journey.*
(23:33:32) (Imala): *Imala, quiet as ever stands behind the two in the cockpit* "A terrible sight to behold. And to think the world would know such sorrow if it were not for those like us willing to stop it"
(23:35:14) (Jase): *Looking at the bodies in front of them Jase says* "Nobody leaves the ship without full environmental armour on. Better safe than sorry at this point."
(23:36:31) (Anna): Anna has fallen asleep against Albtraum again.
(23:36:45) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum has fallen asleep against Anna again also.* [d'aww. XD]
(23:37:01) (Mondo): " we have any industrial strength bug repellant? just in case..."
(23:37:21) (Imala): *shakes her head and returns to her seat, alone*
(23:37:33) (GM_Cy): Theme music: ... re=related
(23:38:39) (GM_Cy): *Cloud remains in her isolated, unresponsive state, occasionally murmuring to herself. Katrina hasn't so much as moved in hours, in her meditative trance.*
(23:42:05) (Jase): *Jase having gone to check on Eris, brushes a stray strand of hair out of her face, worry set deeply in the lines of his face. he leans down and kisses her forehead and suits up to go outside. He seals the door to her room as he leaves it*
(23:42:48) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum stirs at his passing, stretching and yawning.* "Are we there yet?"
(23:44:06) (Jase): "We are, and I'd say for you to find a suit of armor that fits and get in it, but I doubt we have one that will quite fit you. Does anyone know if we have gas masks?"
(23:45:12) (GM_Cy): *Shakes his head.* "No idea... why? Oh... that's a stupid question, Pestilence, right. Uh... yeah, maybe I had better stay here, keep an eye on Cloud and Grandmother?"
(23:45:50) (Jase): "might end up being for the best, although I would truly love having you along for this."
(23:47:07) (Mondo): *clad in Crusader FEBA*"I have a spare..."*rummages through his pack and produces a gas mask and filter*
(23:47:19) (GM_Cy): *Nods.* "And I would rather be along to help. Would you... uh... could you do your best to make sure Anna doesn't so something super reckless, please? I mean, all of you need to come back, but... You know what I mean."
(23:48:39) (Mondo): "Fear not Master Albtraum."
(23:50:02) (Anna): Anna stirs, waking up slowly, but instead of sitting up immediately, simply tightens her hug of Albtraum and mumbles "Are we there yet?"
(23:50:10) (Jase): "I do." *Jase says with grave sincerity* "And it seems you'll be able to acompany us after all, as long as we can secure the vehicle after we leave."
(23:51:35) (GM_Cy): "Uh, well... I don't actually know how to drive this thing." :? "That being said, I can secure myself in the cockpit so you don't have to worry about opening the ramp, all of those staying behind will be safe."
(23:52:44) (Imala): "I have no armour, but I will take whatever comes. Let's get going"
(23:54:03) (Jase): "Ummm, Imala, I realize that you may be able to shrug off the effects of whatever sickness pestilence might bring to bare, but others in the ship might not, if Albtraum is going to be staying, than you should be wearing that gas mask."
(23:54:46) (GM_Cy): "ARE there extra suits on board? You would think there would be, just in case... Didn't Cloud say she had a spare for Anna if her Sororitas armour couldn't be fixed?"
(23:55:28) (Imala): *gives Jase a look* "Fine I'll see if there is a spare" *moves off mumbling something in some language*
(23:55:36) (GM_Cy): *Looks down at Anna, chuckling softly.* "Yes, we're there. And I'm afraid you'll be going in without me, my horns aren't terribly conducive to helmets."
(23:56:54) (GM_Cy): *Imala finds the spare suit, and fortunately it is indeed of the female model. While it is a bit restrictive, and she feels a bit confined within the metal (her magic not taking kindly to it either) she IS better protected and the environmental systems are certainly a welcome reassurance.*
(23:57:36) (Anna): "Hey, Alb?"
(23:58:27) (GM_Cy): "Yes?"
(23:58:54) (Imala): *continues her rant in that foreign language*
(23:59:19) (Anna): "Uhh, 'while back you kinda... you know... changed appearance... wouldn't you be able to do that to fit in some armor or something?"
(00:00:33) (Jase): *Jase approaches Imala hesitantly* "Umm, have I done something to offend you?" *Jase looks rather concerned*
(00:00:40) (GM_Cy): "Oh, uh... hmm. I suppose so, but I don't exactly know how. I will work on it while you are gone, perhaps I will be able to join you before you locate the Horseman?"
(00:02:12) (Anna): "That could work." She smiles, then gives him another hug - gentle this time.
(00:02:59) (GM_Cy): *Returns the embrace, picking her up as he straightens his back, setting her down gently.* "Be careful out there, and good luck." *Moves to the cockpit to seal himself off from the crew area, as that is where the ramp is.*
(00:03:54) (Anna): Anna plunks her helmet back on and gets ready to head out with the others.
(00:07:10) (Imala): *looks at Jase* "I'm being confined to a tin can, I can't fly from within her, I can't maneuver from within her, and I can't cast my magic from within her. But Let's go. There's lives to save, and for THEM I wear the tin can" *and with that she slams the helmet home. She puts on the weapon belt with her pistols, and then in a surprise move grabs from her equipment Hijin and straps it on. whispering something now again in that same language*
(00:12:06) (Jase): "One would hope you wear it so that you won't risk infecting yourself and the rest of us causing our needless deaths, but I do agree, the faster we get rid of pestilence the better, for everyone. And I am sorry Imala, but it is necessary." *Jase slips his helmet on, makes sure all the inner doors are sealed and opens the hatch*
(00:12:36) (Imala): "we shall see how necessary and useful the armour truly is"
(00:12:52) (Jase): "Let's hope not..."
(00:13:00) (GM_Cy): *Gathering at the ramp, the lever is pulled and there route outside is uncovered. The four fully outfitted warriors stride outside, the corpse-ridden ruins of the city stretched out below them, the only sound the faintest hum of the insects carrying dead and diseased meat back to their hives, burrows, or other communal living spaces. Of the Horseman or his mount, there is no sign, other than the countless untouched dead lying in the streets.*
(00:15:26) (Imala): *looks around* "What a shame"
(00:16:19) (GM_Cy):
(00:16:54) (Mondo): *checks the safety on his WR-17*"Do we have any idea what this demon looks like?"
(00:17:11) (GM_Cy): *Descending into the city, those insects that can fly buzz onto their armour, but they are neither felt nor seen by those inside, and are only noticed by the others walking alongside them. They are also rather glad they cannot smell some of the still-rotting corpses.*
(00:18:18) (Jase): "Well, if war and Death are anything to go by, they're pretty distinctive looking, also, it'll probably still be moving somewhat..." *Jase shudders in his suit but keeps walking*
(00:19:18) (GM_Cy): *Moving still further into the city, the insects continue buzzing onto them, still unfelt by those inside, but occasionally seen as their limbs skitter over their visors, or buzz past their faces.*
[roll a d20 each please, with bonuses against magic if any]
(00:20:00) (Jase): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +1" :

19 + 1 = 20
(00:20:10) ChatBot: (Mondo) rolls 1d20 and gets (5)=5.
(00:21:10) (Mondo): *starts to feel queasy*
(00:22:26) (Imala): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

9 + 6 = 15

(00:22:34) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(00:23:24) (GM_Cy): *Jase and Anna feel chills run over them from the insects scurrying over their visors, but they are otherwise fine. Imala and Mondo, however, have more significant problems...*
(00:25:13) (GM_Cy): (whispers to (Imala)) *Itching, scratching, scurrying inside her armour, the bugs? But how? No, biting, clawing, scraping, coming up, across her chest, on to her neck, coming for her face! Itching, biting, squirming on her chin, at the corners of her mouth! Her helmet feels tight, cramped, she can't breathe, can't escape, needs to get air, get rid of the bugs!*
(00:25:57) (Imala): "The damn bugs are inside...they are inside the suit" *moving trying to get the bugs inside*
(00:26:26) (Mondo): *Mondo flails about trying to knock all the bugs off of him*"aaahhhhhggg!"
(00:26:52) (Imala): "Can't...breathe...."
(00:27:22) (GM_Cy): (whispers to (Imala)) *The helmet! Have to get it off, have to breathe, get the bugs away!*
(00:27:45) (Anna): Anna looks behind her to the others. "Guys? Oh ****, Jase, come on, they must be getting in somehow..."
(00:28:52) (Imala): "Gotta....get the .... helmet off....the bughs...can't...breathe"
(00:29:51) (Mondo): *Mondo drops to the ground rolling around trying to smash/crush all the bugs*"Get them off, get them off!...can't breathe...Get them off!"
(00:30:59) (Jase): "This doesn't make any godsdamned sense, how could so many bugs have gotten into their armor at the same time, last I checked there were no gaping holes!" *Jase moves over to Mondo, seeing if he can do anything to help*
(00:31:24) (Anna): Anna goes to check on Imala, while Jase checks Mondo.
(00:31:37) (GM_Cy): [Another roll vs magic from Jase, please.]
(00:31:47) ChatBot: (Jase) rolls 1d20 and gets (3)+1=4.
(00:32:02) (GM_Cy): *As Imala and Mondo grapple with their helmets, tearing them off in a frenzy as they convulse, Jase and Anna see... nothing. There aren't any bugs in their armour at all! But with a horrible buzzing, the clouds of insects swarming the bodies lift off, travelling in great clouds towards the exposed team members who still writhe and shake as they try to dislodge the 'insects', oblivious to the oncoming hordes of real insects. Jase, meanwhile, turns and finds himself confronted by an enormous... Oh no. An enormous, hairy, venom-fanged tarantula.*
(00:33:33) (Anna): "****!" Anna tries to force Imala to put her helmet back on. "GET THAT ON RIGHT NOW WE HAVE WORK TO DO!"
(00:33:47) (Jase): *If any one could see Jase's face right now, it would be white. "....uh...I...fu...****" *Jase falls onto his face and starts crabwalking backwards*
(00:34:43) (GM_Cy): *Anna, meanwhile, sees only Jase crabwalking hastily away from nothing, while Imala and Mondo claw at invisible bugs while the clouds of insects descend upon them. Utter chaos... and Pestilence has yet to show his face.*

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So as to prevent overload, let you folks read this post, have the other one up later tonight, or possibly tomorrow. ;) Gotta have at least a little suspense, rapid posts or not. :D

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May I recommend Fuel Air Explosives for bug swarms(mind you; you should seal up against the shock compression waves), and big doses of Vitamin C does wonders for Pestilence.

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Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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Tell Me You Brought The Giant Flyswatter...

February 4th [contd]: With the expedition into the city going poorly, the group (well, Anna, being the only one still standing, technically) was relieved to hear a groggy-but-recovering Cloud on the radio asking for a sitrep, and they quickly beat a hasty retreat, picking up their afflicted and wounded (namely Imala and Albtraum, both suffering from having had heavy objects dropped on their heads) and legging it for the open sky to gather themselves.

Unfortunately, their attempt at respite was thwarted when the Scarab began losing altitude rapidly, and an emergency landing was performed, resulting in the bottom of the hull getting battered and scraped. Dashing outside, the group beheld a massive beetle sporting an equally impressive set of mandibles making like a can opener... on the Scarab. To add to the problem, Pestilence seemed to have finally taken the field personally, a hulking figure swarmed in insects gripping a rune staff entering the fray.

The battle re-ignited with renewed fury and nastiness, bugs splattering and squishing all over from the efforts of Cloud, Jase and Mondo, while Pestilence's mount took shots from Anna and Briar. In perhaps the most disturbing display of insect tactics yet, Pestilence grabbed ahold of Cloud and literally dragged her INTO his mass of bugs, the dragoon avoiding suffocation and other nastiness only because of her Invincible Armour spell. She returned the favour, however, by casting Sonic Blast from within the bug-man, literally applying a boot-heel to each and every bug in a vile sludge-bath of insect innards. Cloud, understandably, was not pleased about this, but was nevertheless relieved to have escaped.

With Pestilence apparently 'splortched' all over the immediate area, the group turned to the massive beetle warmount and the five beetles summoned from Pestilence's staff, taking down one of the 'mini' (5 feet in length!) beetles in the process, and pounding on the warmount some more. As they readied for group-on-group combat, to their horror, the insect swarms from the city quickly gathered together, forming a NEW hulking humanoid shape, the staff flying back into its' grip.

Pestilence, oddly, is proving a far deadlier opponent than War, trading brute force and lethal skill for a level of devious cunning matched only by the likes of Dominus, Set, and the trickster gods of various mythologies. This is going to be interesting.

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Aaaaand the chat-log for aforementioned session. ;)

(20:12:31) (GM_Cy): When we last left our heroes, they and the rest of the Gathering of Heroes had fled their island encampment immediately following the arrival of Death himself, flanked by his legion of undead minions. With Imala informing them that the scholarly young girl, Katrina, that they had bumped into was in fact her mother-in-law Isis trapped in human form, Persia promptly got to work ridding her system of the bio-wizard microbes in the human-goddess' blood stream. Introducing herself properly once the procedure was done, Isis asked if the group would kindly allow her the use of the 'quarantine' section of the crew compartment to meditate and recover her power for the foreseeable future, and there she remains, deep in a meditative chance. With a large part of their mission complete, the group was invigorated enough to go in search of Pestilence, following the Gathering's directions to the ruins of what was once Addis Abeba (the capital of Ethiopia) in search of the Horseman.*
(20:17:13) (GM_Cy): *Jase, Anna, Mondo and Imala (who was cranky after borrowing the spare Crusader armour to wear, in the hope of preventing disease and similar from reaching her) ventured into the city, seeing the streets littered with piles of corpses left to rot, infested with insects, arachnids and creepy-crawlies of all manner and variety. Of Pestilence, there was no sign, though they were indeed grateful for their enviro-armour, the bugs uselessly skittering over their metal suits. Until, suddenly, Mondo and Imala began writhing and screaming, clawing at their armour and ranting about the insects in their suits, wrenching their helmets off to get air, triggering the swarms of insects all around to rise into a buzzing cloud, moving towards the now-exposed adventurers. Jase, meanwhile, found himself confronted with an enormous tarantula, while poor Anna looked on in helpless confusion at her teammates, who were screaming about insects she couldn't see, other than those coming from the bodies towards them.*
(20:18:54) (Mondo): *feels really itchy all of a sudden*
(20:19:43) (GM_Cy): *Meanwhile: back at the Scarab, Cloud is coming out of her semi-coma, much to the relief of Briar, who was instructed to keep an eye on her while Albtraum kept an eye out the front window, in case of trouble. Unfortunately, the ruined buildings shield the four within the city from sight.*
(20:20:24) (Jase): *Jase, amid of paroxysms of terror and shouting the words **** and spider to no great effect is slowly crawling backwards to his teammates. Seemingly unable to do more than that at this point*
(20:22:11) (Cloud_Eris): "...unnnn.... and STAY down *****..." in very very very weak voice
(20:22:18) (Briar_Croup): *Briar sits back with a sigh of relief.* "You're okay, then, boss?"
(20:22:22) (Anna): Anna, as she was before, is still trying to rally everyone, first trying to get Mondo and Imala to put their helmets back on. "I swear I will slam my boot up your asses if you don't get back up and snap out of it this instant!" She roars, glancing over to Jase. "Not you /too/."
(20:22:28) (Mondo): *still screaming and rolling around on the ground trying to get the bugs off* "Aaaagghhh!...get them off! get them off!..."
(20:23:13) (Cloud_Eris): Cloud blinks open her sky blue eyes and looks around the cockpit of the Scarab. "Why is everyone screaming on teh radio...where are we?"
(20:24:25) (Briar_Croup): *Briar glances around.* "Uh, we're in Ethiopia? The others are out having a look around. I stayed behind to keep an eye on you with Albtraum."
(20:24:52) (GM_Cy): *Imala, pent up aggression over the kidnap of her husband doubtless coming to the fore, goes berserk, Fire Bolting every imaginary bug she sees. Needless to say, this is rather hazardous, and when she strikes the wall of the ruined building looming over them, bits of rock begin raining down on them as the wall begins to crumble in a shower of rubble.* [Mondo is rolling, Jase is paralyzed by the eight-legged freak, so Anna can attempt a diving-dodge to tackle them out of the way if she likes.]
(20:25:29) (Jase): "Me too? how do you NOT see the GIGANTIC ******* SPIDER THAT'S RIGHT THERE" *Jase manages to gasp out whilst still crawling backword and occasionally screaming wordlessly. being somewhat farther away from the horrid thing, Jase has found that he is once again able to use some part of his brain, not for very long however.*
(20:25:33) (Cloud_Eris): *motions for radio head set* "Lemme talk to 'em..."
*Tries to sit up, feeling like she's gone 30 rounds in the ring...which she has...astraly*
(20:26:09) (Briar_Croup): *Briar hands Eris the head set wordlessly, looking rather frightened.*
(20:26:49) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

13 + 6 = 19
(20:26:57) (Cloud_Eris): "DART's sound -ahem- Sound off DART's!"
(20:27:49) (Anna): "Kinda in the middle of a lot of **** outside, Commander. I think we're dealing with the Pest, since everyone except me seems to have lost their ****!"
(20:28:25) (GM_Cy): *Anna hears Cloud in her ear as she dives, tackling Jase and Mondo out of the way of a two tonne slab of ancient concrete and mortar. Imala, however, is knocked unconscious by a smaller falling stone, though aside from a nasty bruise and a slight trickle of blood she seems to be more or less okay. At least it's one less person screaming, right?*
(20:30:01) (Cloud_Eris): "...oh. Okay." *Looks at Briar* "What spells do you have Briar-patch? Anything you can do to keep any bugs away from the hatch?"
(20:31:52) (Cloud_Eris): *Eyes close as spell formulae begin to form in minds eye*
"Invincible loricatus"
(20:32:19) (GM_Cy): *Jase sees the giant spider clambering its' way over the rubble, eight legs making easy progress over the obstacle. Mondo, meanwhile, continues to be afflicted by the countless insects inside his armour. Anna sees the real insect swarm hovering over them like a cloud, column-like tendrils comprised of countless tiny insects stretching down towards them.*
(20:33:35) (Anna): "PUT YOUR GODDAMN HELMET BACK ON!" Anna roars at Mondo, wishing the bugs were at least a little bit bigger and easier to hit with her bolter.
(20:33:36) (Briar_Croup): "I can cast a force field?"
(20:35:00) (Cloud_Eris): "That'll do" glowing translucent armour seals around Cloud like high-tech digital glass shaped into samurai o'yori
(20:35:28) (GM_Cy): [Mondo roll d100 please.]
(20:35:47) (Mondo): *lands hard after being tackled by Anna, but seems to not feel it as he rolls away*"Are you daft...The damn bugs are in my helmet!....Aaaaghhh!"
(20:35:50) (Jase): *Jase sits half way up after being tackled by Anna, his chest heaving. momentarily he's quite* "Thanks Anna I don-" *Jase cuts off as the spider reappears, his voice turning into what can only be called a low moan, he starts trying to work his way backwards again, and as he does so, he spawns his spear, taking a half second to throw it and the disgusting creature and to keep back peddling*
(20:36:00) ChatBot: (Mondo) rolls 1d100 and gets (67)=67.
(20:36:34) (GM_Cy): [Alright, Anna, now you roll. We're going for best 2 outta 3, and the first was failed.]
(20:37:23) (Cloud_Eris): "Briar; cast your spell after I open the hatch... if needs be, use a fire spell if you have one on the ramp... it MIGHT keep the bugs at bay. if they start to get through the barrier."
her voice seems to be gaining in conviction & strength
(20:37:38) ChatBot: (Anna) rolls 1d100 and gets (11)=11.
(20:37:50) (Briar_Croup): *Briar bites his lip as he focuses hard and prepares said force field around the hatch.*
(20:37:55) (GM_Cy): [Alright, and I get to make the last one. Tie-breakers. :D]
(20:38:10) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

(20:38:39) (Cloud_Eris): *pops the hatch seal and lowers the ramp, going for all out sprint to where ever the group is; just follow the light show and collapsing masonry.*
(20:39:22) (Briar_Croup): *Briar shouts* "Agrum copis!"
(20:39:31) (GM_Cy): *Anna, for a small blond, can be very frightening when she's pissed, in half-riveted armour and holding a large box-like assault rifle that spits exploding bullets. Mondo actually finds himself being more frightened of HER than the bugs.*
(20:40:28) (GM_Cy): *The forcefield forms, aaaaaand... nothing. Not a single insect outside of the city, though they can see the clouds of insects within the buildings swarming inward as if chasing their prey. ...Which is pretty accurate, really.*
(20:41:15) (GM_Cy): [So Mondo officially remembers that Anna exists, and he's probably going to put that helmet on, bugs or no bugs. XD]
(20:41:49) (Briar_Croup): *Briar peers hesitantly out of the hatch.* "Whaaa-?"
(20:43:05) (Cloud_Eris): "What I was afraid of... damned bugman is playing us! Be ready for immediate dust off!" *Shouted into radio for all to hear.*
(20:46:48) (Jase): *Jase meanwhile is still slowly crawling backwards, taking after the example of all people in horror movies who have tripped and are attempting to flee, the spear reappears in his hand. He throws it again, this time the spear goes completely awry and lands somewhere in the forest. Jase is swiftly losing any semblance of self control with the 8 legged freak barrelling down on him.*
(20:47:08) (GM_Cy): *The insect swarm looks decidedly put out that their moving prey has his helmet back on, Imala seemingly forgotten for the time being on the other side of the rubble. The insects opt for a new tact: the entirety of the swarm angles down, surrounding Anna, Jase and Mondo in a buzzing shroud so thick they literally cannot see past it. The bugs are on them from head to toe now, and it's virtually impossible to see anything past their visors other than in brief glimpses.*
(20:48:23) (GM_Cy): [And yes; the swarm looked put out. G'head and imagine that however you like. ;)]
(20:48:40) (Anna): "Commander, do you read? We are kinda screwed here and could use some help."
(20:49:14) (Cloud_Eris): "On the way; sit rep aside from neck deep in it?"
(20:50:50) (Anna): "Can't see a damn thing, cut off from Imala who got hit by something, and can't see a damn thing. Oh, and I'm trying to keep everyone's helmets on, even though we can't see."
(20:51:04) (Cloud_Eris): "...and Stud, quit screaming would ya? Only room for ONE crazy in this outfit and that's ME! Get FuJIN out and powered!"
(20:51:52) (Mondo): *with helmet on, still feels the bugs crawling in his armor tho it is somewhat diminished*"Thanks Anna..."
(20:52:25) (Cloud_Eris): *despite being out of it for a fair amount of time, her superhuman endurance comes to the fore quickly now she is awake and aware.*
(20:52:51) (Anna): "Don't thank me until we're out of this ****, just remember that most of what's going to be thrown at us is probably in our heads."
(20:53:26) ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris) rolls 1d30 and gets (6)=6.
(20:53:41) (Cloud_Eris): "Hey...Briar? You still there?"
(20:54:07) (Jase): *Jase strangely seems substantially more calm now that he's covered in insects, at least now he can't see the spider... He trows down a protective barrier around himself, Anna and Mondo (ok and it's to keep the spider away from him)* "S-ss-ss-stand still for a minute" *Jase reaches out psionically for Anna and Mondo, when he grabs them, an armor of Ithan appears around them, and once everyone (Including himself) Is covered, a gout of fire erupts inside the barrier, hopefully roasting all the insects.*
(20:54:17) (Briar_Croup): *Briar shakes his head to clear it, coming back to himself.* "Yeah, boss. Still here. What do you need?"
(20:54:52) (GM_Cy): [Roll damage from the fire.]
(20:55:30) (Jase): Result of the throw of dice "6d6" :

5 + 6 + 5 + 2 + 5 + 5 = 28
(20:55:37) (Cloud_Eris): "Guns... Plasma gun pods on the scarab; they're easy to use. Just point the target cross-hairs up when you reach the controls, and sweep a few bolts at the top of the swarm. TRY not to hit any of the buildings, kay?"
(20:56:50) (GM_Cy): [So the AoI of those within takes 28 damage.]
*The fire burns away the insects within the force field instantly, and to those within's relief, their delusions are similarly gone. Mondo no longer feels as though he has a colony of ants in his clothing, and Jase sees neither exoskeleton or poisonous fang of the massive tarantula.*
(20:57:26) (Jase): [AoI having 40 mdc to begin with]
(20:57:33) (GM_Cy): *Cloud arrives on scene as the swarm of bugs begins to retreat, filtering through the ruins so as to deny the group a clear trail to follow.*
(20:57:40) (GM_Cy): [Sorry, Cloud and Briar.]
(20:57:46) ChatBot: Chronicle enters the channel.
(20:57:54) (GM_Cy): [Assuming Briar is flying the Scarab?]
(20:58:20) (Anna): "I am /so/ glad I can't smell that."
(20:58:37) (Briar_Croup): [Briar can't fly the Scarab.]
(20:59:00) (Cloud_Eris): ((is okay...and it's not FLYING that was asked ;) ))
"KAMI! I leave you guys alone for a few hours and everything goes BACK to hell. C'mon DART's. Pick yerselves up and get back to the scarab."
(20:59:06) (Mondo): *drops to his knees* "What the hell happened?"
(20:59:12) (Briar_Croup): *Briar swallows hard but nods.* "Right away, boss." *He goes to find said guns and aims at the top of the swarm carefully.*
(21:00:21) (Jase): *Jase is still heaving from his panic attack over the spider, and the effort of clearing out the bugs. As he collects himself he looks... Embarrassed? He doesn't speak to Eris when she arrives, he simply nods and heads back to the ship.*
(21:00:57) (Mondo): *Hearing the Commander, shakes out the cobwebs from his head, rises and follows the group*
(21:01:46) (GM_Cy): [Well, the plasma guns in question are attached to the Scarab. 30% base skill for TW piloting, its' a mage-thing, default skill. Though Techno-Wizards are the pro's at it, yours is a fixed %.]
(21:01:52) (Mondo): *collects his weapon on the way (i'm sure he dropped it)*
(21:02:20) (Anna): Anna's already heading back over. "Everyone g- wait, we need to grab Imala."
(21:02:45) (Cloud_Eris): *Looks about at the streets* "I'll find her... GO. Just get everyone vulnerbale back."
(21:03:18) (Cloud_Eris): *speech abilities seem to be slurring a bit at the stench of cooked bug*
(21:03:32) (Anna): Anna nods, continuing to get Jase and Mondo back to the ship.
(21:03:33) ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris) rolls 1d100 and gets (48)=48.
(21:05:27) (Cloud_Eris): (out of 65% for tracking; finds the Imala)
"Oh jeez sis... you really made a mess of yourself."
*checks to make sure her neck isn't broken..and if not (not having a 1st aid skill) fireman carries the woman*
(21:06:46) (Cloud_Eris): "Anyone; get that beast ready to fly. I can carry Imala okay and still fight kinda, but I don't want to risk anymore injury to her."
(21:07:13) (GM_Cy): *Her head doesn't flop in any unhealthy looking ways, so she seems to be in reasonable condition, though she's going to have a nasty headache when she wakes up.*
(21:08:38) (Anna): "I can get it hovering until you can take over, boss." Anna says, heading for the pilot's seat.
(21:09:26) (Briar_Croup): *Briar goes to sit out of the way somewhere, his face white as a sheet of paper.*
(21:10:10) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

33/75 getting the scarab ready to get out of there
(21:10:48) (GM_Cy): *Scrambling back to the Ornithopter, those of the original group to enter the city can't recall a time when they were quite so glad to have finished running 50 feet. Anna gets the hover system running in a snap, and Albtraum drops the ramp for the Cloud as she carries Imala up to the vehicle.*
(21:12:53) (Cloud_Eris): "Here..someone take her..GENTLY, gently..."
(21:13:34) (Cloud_Eris): *gets up the ramp and seals it...purging the outside air for interior atmo*
(21:14:23) (GM_Cy): *There is a moment of hissing as the air is exchanged, and then... silence.*
(21:14:40) (Anna): As soon as she gets the signal, Anna moves due anywhere-but-the-city to get some distance, waiting for Cloud to come take over.
(21:15:09) (GM_Cy): [Perception from Anna, please.]
(21:15:41) (Jase): *Jase sits, his helmet now off, his head in his hands*
(21:16:07) ChatBot: (Anna) rolls 1d20 and gets (4)=4.
(21:16:24) (Mondo): *Mondo heads to Imala and checks her condition*
(21:16:45) ChatBot: (Mondo) rolls 1d100 and gets (30)=30.
(21:16:45) (GM_Cy): *Anna notices nothing, and focuses on the get out part of driving.*
(21:17:14) (Briar_Croup): *Briar also approaches Imala, hesitantly.*
(21:17:16) (Mondo): 30/55 for paramedic
(21:17:55) (GM_Cy): *Imala has a cut on her head, a nasty bruise forming, but she seems... fine, oddly. She must be made of pretty solid stuff to take a concrete block to the head and get no worse than most would get from accidentally smacking their head into a doorframe.*
(21:19:11) (Cloud_Eris): *worms way to controls and gently pushes the 'cruise control'* "I got it kid...good workout there. *wry grin* Sorry I was such a basket case before vereyone ELSE went nuts."
(21:19:43) (Anna): Anna gets out of the seat with a sigh. "It's been a while since I've dealt with so many bugs. Glad I kept my cool."
(21:20:46) (Briar_Croup): *Briar whispers,* "You think she'll be okay?"
(21:21:18) (Cloud_Eris): *thumbs up*
(21:21:22) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum gives Anna a quick hug.* "I'm glad you're alright." *He then moves to sit beside Imala, wiping the blood off of her forehead for Mondo as he affixes a bandage to the wound.*
(21:24:02) (Anna): Anna smiles, glancing to Cloud before following Albtraum. "I think she'll be alright... maybe a bit shooken up, but at least it wasn't as bad as it could've been..."
(21:25:34) ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris) rolls 1d100 and gets (44)=44.
(21:25:42) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum nods quietly.* "I know. I just... I don't like seeing her hurt. She IS my mother, after all. Sort of, anyway."
(21:27:23) (Cloud_Eris): A few thermal ripples cause the Ornithopter to judder in the air, but Cloud adjusts the wing beats and circles above the city / township.
"We should be safe for now. -ahem- Sorry for going a bit nuts earlier folks, but I see I wasn't the only one this time."
(21:27:39) (Anna): "I know that feeling." She says, patting Albtraum's arm. "Remember how I got when I saw my sisters?"
(21:30:19) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum nods.* "Yeah... I'm just kind of new to the whole 'family' thing." *Turns to Cloud.* "Well, we were all pretty upset by Sebek, so its' not like we couldn't understand. Oh, uh..." *Points to the rear of the crew compartment, at the tiny segment used for emergency quarantine.* "Grandmother... err, Isis is back there, meditating. She hasn't said anything since she started though, I don't think she's aware of local happenings at all."
(21:30:43) (Jase): *Jase remains silent as people move about the cabin, finally breaking his trance to say* "Don't worry about it Eris, and safe is good." *Jase looks very tired again, despite his rest during Anna's turn at the controls on the way to the city*
(21:31:40) (Briar_Croup): *Briar looks around at everybody.* "What happened out there? I couldn't see anything."
(21:33:59) (Mondo): *finishes patching up Imala, and makes her as comfortable as he can*
(21:34:07) (Cloud_Eris): "Isis... huh. No wonder the bit..-ahem- i mean no wonder I reacted the way I did when her holy symbol fell out in front of me. Damned infernal mana still is inside me so it was almost like a vamp seeing a cross, what with the sate I was in."
*bites lower lip and glances down at the ground*
"Any reason why we're HERE, over the city in specific. It's plague killed. Usually Bugman doesn't stick around to gloat from what i'm told."
(21:34:08) (Jase): "Judging by what I saw before I lost control? something, probably pestilince, affected both Imala and Mondo, causing them both to see and feel bugs crawling all over them. Then I was made to see a... um, rather large spider."
(21:35:30) (Jase): *Jase's voice trails off at spider, a shiver running up his back.*
(21:36:36) (Briar_Croup): *Briar nods, but doesn't say anything.*
(21:37:01) (Mondo): *shudders at the mention of the bugs*
(21:37:43) (Cloud_Eris): Cloud = :|
(21:41:38) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum looks up.* "So you think Pestilence was leaving, just messing with us on his way out?"
(21:42:14) (Briar_Croup): "Or waiting for us?"
(21:42:17) (Anna): "Probably." Anna shrugs. "Unless he was sticking around /just/ for us."
(21:42:49) (Cloud_Eris): "We DID gank one of his brothers."
(21:43:38) (GM_Cy): "That's true. So... what do we do now? We don't even know where he is, or what he looks like, so going back into the ruins blind doesn't sound like a good option." :?
(21:44:16) (Briar_Croup): "Could we try to draw him out somehow?"
(21:45:34) (Cloud_Eris): "The city is pretty much dead...and plague ridden. If he IS in there..."
*bows head and breaths in deep*
"We can burn him out."
(21:46:40) (Briar_Croup): "How will we know which way he'll flee, though? Or do we hope he'll just get barbequed with the rest of the city?"
(21:47:31) (GM_Cy): [Perceptions once more please.]
(21:48:56) (Briar_Croup): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(21:49:04) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(21:49:07) (Jase): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(21:50:25) ChatBot: (Mondo) rolls 1d20 and gets (11)+3=14.
(21:51:19) ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris) rolls 1d20 and gets (14)+4=18.
(21:52:32) (Cloud_Eris): "As long as IT can't hide, it's fine. As for what IT looks like. Man made of bugs is what I was told. BIG man made of bugs. No idea what the riding beast looks like though. Could be anything from a rotting horse to a giant millipede." *shudders*
(21:53:22) (Jase): "Ummm Eris, am I imagining this or is the ship having a few problems?" *Jase moves from his seat for the first time since take off, moving into the pilots area.*
(21:53:46) (Cloud_Eris): "Damn it... I think we're not going anywhere. The wings are starting to size up. I think we have a few ((bad pun comin') bugs in the system."
(21:54:24) (GM_Cy): *Jase and Cloud's observations are punctuated by a horrible screeching sound, like metal on metal, resounding through the hull of the Scarab.*
(21:54:30) (Cloud_Eris): *activates the Anti-gravity system and takes the brass & silver handles*
(21:55:31) (Cloud_Eris): "Going DOWN and everyone, respirators on; Anna! Plasma cannons on the city, NOW! I'm not levaing that walking ant-farm any bolt holes!"
(21:55:49) ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris) rolls 1d100 and gets (97)=97.
(21:55:57) (Cloud_Eris): 0.0
(21:56:03) (Cloud_Eris): Yeah..DOWN is right
(21:56:21) (GM_Cy): *The groaning stops, but the screeching does not, and the windscreens on either side of the cockpit begin to crack as something large, chitinous and serrated on its' inner edge begins applying vast amounts of pressure to the glass.*
(21:56:23) (Cloud_Eris): (attempting to retract wings before they tear off)
(21:56:33) ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris) rolls 1d20 and gets (20)=20.
(21:56:41) ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris) rolls 1d100 and gets (9)=9.
(21:56:52) (Jase): *Jase moves away from the controls, letting Anna take the guns, moving back to his seat*
(21:56:54) (Anna): Anna rushes for the cannon controls. Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

(21:57:57) (Briar_Croup): *Briar mutters wryly* "I think we might have found Pestilence."
(21:58:35) (GM_Cy): *The weapon systems come online smoothly, even while the Scarab dips into a dive, though Cloud manages to regain control and retract the wings. The... whatever it is continues to maul the glass, the cabin depressurizing rapidly and shards of glass breaking loose to hurtle back into the cabin. Albtraum, for lack of a better idea, pulls those with exposed faces into a huddle and puts himself in the way, the bits of glass impacting uselessly against his mega-damage skin.*
(21:59:21) (Cloud_Eris): "landing; heads up!"
(22:00:00) (Jase): *Jase grabs his helmet which was on his seat, jamming it on his head in the relative protection of Albtraum's body*
(22:00:00) (GM_Cy): [Roll that landing, see how messy it is.]
(22:01:14) ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris) rolls 1d100 and gets (60)=60.
(22:01:20) (Cloud_Eris): not TOO messy
(22:01:37) (Cloud_Eris): but it IS a fail..gonna need to do some repairs after this
(22:02:03) (Cloud_Eris): "****** can fly... now how is THAT fair!?" -WHUMP-
(22:02:33) (Cloud_Eris): (missed by 8 points)
(22:02:40) (GM_Cy): *The magi-tech flight cushions the landing somewhat, keeping the ship upright, but the underbelly of the Scarab grates against earth as it skids to a halt. Thankfully, the crew compartment is NOT breached, and aside from some major jarring and bumping, the gang's alright.*
(22:04:13) (Cloud_Eris): Elevates the nose-guns and ANYTHING comes in front, pulls the trigger buttons on the quad ion-guns
(22:05:11) (GM_Cy): *Nothing does, the screeching sound is now coming from the roof. Something is trying to open the Scarab like a giant soup can.*
(22:05:37) (Anna): "**** it!" Anna roars, getting out of her seat and readying her Bolter.
(22:05:39) (Jase): *Jase steadies himself on one of the seats, once everything is settled after the crash he straightens.* "Anybody hurt?"
(22:05:43) (Anna): Helmet goes back on, too.
(22:06:32) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum nods shakily.* "I'm alright, I think..." *Glances towards Anna, sighing with relief when she see's she's swearing up a storm, and therefor fine.*
(22:07:06) (Briar_Croup): *Briar waves.* "Just fine."
(22:08:21) (Cloud_Eris): *pops the 5 point harness and runs to the back hatch; cursing in Demogogian, Japanese and High Elven..with a bit of english just to add spice ;) *
(22:08:23) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 8d6 and gets (1,3,3,4,2,4,6,5)=28.
(22:09:05) (GM_Cy): *The screeching makes a sharp crumpling sound as it penetrates the outermost layer of the hull, then resumes as whatever is out there starts trying to peel said layer off.*
(22:09:12) (Cloud_Eris): "JASE! FuJin! We're gonna need wind to deal with the swarms!"
(22:09:58) (Anna): Anna has the bolter shouldered and pointed at the ceiling, waiting for an opening to blast through.
(22:10:49) (Jase): "I'll take care of it." *Jase follows Eris to the hatch* "I'm ready to hurt something at this point" *Jase's voice is once again calm and cold*
(22:11:07) (Briar_Croup): *Briar finds his energy pistol, wishing he knew some more helpful spells.*
(22:12:29) (Cloud_Eris): *pulls the emergency lever and winces as the explosive bolts detach the ramp from the hydrualic struts* "Sorry girl...
(22:13:09) (GM_Cy): *The hatch opens, and those nearest the door dash outside to see the biggest goddamn bug they have ever seen on the roof. Its' a beetle of some kind, with a curving, upside-down rhino-like horn on its' head, and a pair of enormous, serrated mandibles, solely responsible for the current disaster that is the outer armour of the cockpit.*
(22:13:19) (Cloud_Eris): Cloud charges out and looks up over the tail to the main body as she runs.
(22:13:23) (GM_Cy): *It is easily 14 feet tall, and 30 feet long.*
(22:13:48) ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris) rolls 1d20 and gets (14)+4=18.
(22:14:14) (Cloud_Eris): "You are one UGLY motha-fukka!" (passing a HF roll of 18)
(22:14:26) (Cloud_Eris): 18 rather
(22:14:36) (GM_Cy): *They also see a large, thick-set figure wielding a rune staff striding up the hill towards them. His body does indeed appear to be made entirely of bugs clinging together, with a pair of thin horns rising from his head. Which are also coated in bugs. Eww.*
(22:14:43) (GM_Cy): [And yes, Horror Factor for all.]
(22:15:02) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +5" :

17 + 5 = 22
(22:15:43) (Jase): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +10" :

20 + 10 = 30

*Jase runs out, drawing fujin as he goes, he is thoroughly unimpressed.*
(22:16:06) (Briar_Croup): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +4" :

13 + 4 = 17
(22:16:59) (GM_Cy): *Steeled and ready, the group is intimidated of neither the vast insect, or the Horseman himself striding up the hill.* [inits!]
(22:18:38) (Cloud_Eris): ((HEH; Devil May Cry 4 theme 'the Time has come' just qued up on the CD ;) ))
Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +7" :

13 + 7 = 20
w d
(22:18:55) ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris) is now known as (Cloud_20).
(22:19:33) ChatBot: (Anna) rolls 1d20 and gets (18)+5=23.
(22:19:35) (Briar_Croup): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(22:19:40) ChatBot: (Anna) is now known as (Anna_23).
(22:19:53) ChatBot: (Briar_Croup) is now known as (Briar_16).
(22:20:09) ChatBot: (Jase) rolls 1d20 and gets (7)+9=16.
(22:20:21) ChatBot: (Jase) is now known as (Jase_16).
(22:21:14) (GM_Cy): [So on 'yes': Anna.]
(22:22:09) (Anna_23): Anna leaves Pestilence to the others and lays into the beetle on the roof of the scarab with three shots. Rolling "1d20 +10" 3 times

1: 20 + 10 = 30
2: 10 + 10 = 20
3: 12 + 10 = 22
(22:22:12) (Anna_23): [[ and reserving ]]
(22:23:33) (GM_Cy): [Question: Anna DID come outside, yes?]
(22:23:56) (Jase_16): [that or we're going to have to fix the roof as well.]
(22:24:35) (Anna_23): [[ yes ]]
(22:24:41) (GM_Cy): [k, just making sure]
(22:25:07) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +5" 3 times

1: 1 + 5 = 6
2: 11 + 5 = 16
3: 17 + 5 = 22
*The bug takes the first two, but manages to open the casing over its' wings in time to hover over the last shot.*
(22:27:33) (Anna_23): Rolling "3d6" 2 times

1: 3 + 2 + 3 = 8 (x2 x3) 48
2: 5 + 1 + 6 = 12 (x2 x2) 48
(22:28:32) (Anna_23): [[ not using dicebot tonight, due to it being prissy for the past few games. damage rolls will take a bit longer while I calc them ]]
(22:28:39) (GM_Cy): [Not to be a stickler, but where's the extra multiplier coming from?]
(22:29:28) (Cloud_20): (sorry..but the holiness expeired; it was only the spell, not full ritual that had been used :? )
(22:30:51) (GM_Cy): [*nodnod* I'll note it down 24 and 24, then. Since Anna is reserving, Cloud's up.]
(22:31:31) (Cloud_20): Cloud gathers as much of her inner reserves as she can and most likely not being near a ley-line, shrugs and enhances both her skin density and strength to full supernatural. Looks like this will be down to physical biffing and skill, and not firepower this time.
(22:32:17) (Anna_23): [[ oh ]]
(22:33:22) (Cloud_20): "HEY! UGLY! Yeah you in the bugsuit! Over here you walking insecticide commercial! I'm talking to you! Mond schragstritch!"
Rolling "1d20 +4" 3 times

1: 15 + 4 = 19
2: 16 + 4 = 20
3: 11 + 4 = 15

sum: 54, average: 18.00
w d
3 moon slash waves and then running TOWARDS the ugly mook
(22:36:33) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 7 + 6 = 13
2: 2 + 6 = 8
3: 14 + 6 = 20
*The rune staff parries the last slash, but the first two bite deep, insect carcasses splattering everywhere.*
(22:37:18) ChatBot: (Cloud_20) rolls 2d4 and gets (3,3)x10=60.
(22:37:25) (Cloud_20): -meh-
(22:37:34) (Cloud_20): reserving the last 3 actions
(22:37:43) (GM_Cy): [on 16, Briar and Jase]
(22:38:57) (Jase_16): *Jase runs after cloud, choosing the age old tactic of hitting the enemy with a stick, a sharp one at that, he swings 3 times*
Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 8 + 6 = 14
2: 20 + 6 = 26
3: 14 + 6 = 20
(22:39:56) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 6 + 6 = 12
2: 6 + 6 = 12
3: 18 + 6 = 24
*The first two slashes bite deep, and Jase has to strain to get his blade all the way through the dense mass of insects, his final blow being stopped by the insect man's rune staff.*
(22:40:42) (Jase_16): [damage in a mo[
(22:40:48) (Jase_16): [rest are reserved]
(22:41:17) (GM_Cy): [kk, Briar's up then :) big debut on the combat scene]
(22:42:36) (Jase_16): Rolling "5d6" 2 times

1: 6 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 1 = 14
2: 6 + 2 + 5 + 4 + 5 = 22 x2 for crit so 44
(22:43:24) (Briar_16): *Briar starts by mumbling and casting Armour of Ithan on himself. Then he draws his NG-57 and fires three shots at the giant beetle*
Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 11 + 3 = 14
2: 14 + 3 = 17
3: 9 + 3 = 12
(22:44:07) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +5" :

13 + 5 = 18
*It dips beneath the first shot, but the next 2 strike as it is out of actions for this turn.*
(22:47:14) (Briar_16): *Briar shoots three more times at the giant bug.*
Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 3 + 3 = 6
2: 7 + 3 = 10
3: 1 + 3 = 4
(22:47:43) (GM_Cy): [First is an automatic miss, second hits, and roll a d10 for the third, its' a critical fumble.]
(22:48:04) (Cloud_20): MEEP
(22:48:11) (Briar_16): Result of the throw of dice "1d10" :

(22:48:18) (Cloud_20): ACK!
(22:48:27) (GM_Cy): [Uh oh. 0.o]
(22:48:32) (GM_Cy): [hang on, rolling]
(22:48:45) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d100 and gets (15)=15.
(22:49:45) (GM_Cy): *She hits the hull of the Scarab, searing the segment of hull the beetle was sawing at, breaking it loose and dropping it... squarely onto Albtraum's head, knocking him on his ass and out cold.*
(22:50:08) (Cloud_20): :|
(22:50:39) (GM_Cy): [Now, he dodged your first hit, so you need to roll damage for three hits on the beetle.]
(22:50:59) (Briar_16): Rolling "3d6" 3 times

1: 4 + 6 + 5 = 15
2: 3 + 2 + 3 = 8
3: 6 + 1 + 4 = 11
(22:51:46) (GM_Cy): [on 14: Pestilence]
(22:53:27) (GM_Cy): *The bug-man raises his staff, the hive-like ornamentation taking up the top fifth or so glowing, and five tiny beetles fly out... which then instantly grow to each be five feet in length. 8o He then begins slowly and purposefully striding towards Cloud, attacking her directly with his rune staff three times.*
(22:53:50) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +8" 3 times

1: 7 + 8 = 15
2: 12 + 8 = 20
3: 19 + 8 = 27
(22:54:23) (Cloud_20): 3 times?
(22:54:26) (Cloud_20): 'old on
(22:54:53) (Cloud_20): Rolling "1d20 +9" 3 times

1: 16 + 9 = 25
2: 12 + 9 = 21
3: 6 + 9 = 15

(22:55:04) (Cloud_20): so 1 through
(22:55:24) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d4" :

4, so 40 damage

(22:55:37) (Cloud_20): Cloud parries the staff twice but stumbles on the uneven ground and takes a hit on the third stroke
(22:56:38) (Cloud_20): "OOF! Okay that stung you *****. HAH! Stung, get it ugly? Since you...oh never mind." *Strikes back twice*
(22:56:59) (Cloud_20): Rolling "1d20 +9" 2 times

1: 20 + 9 = 29
2: 16 + 9 = 25

(22:59:40) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 2 times

1: 6 + 6 = 12
2: 19 + 6 = 25
*He takes the first strike, insects splattering like disgusting fireworks, but blocks the second. Perplexingly, he then drops the staff, reaches forward with both hands, and attempts to grab Cloud by the shoulders.*
Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +8" :

19 + 8 = 27
(23:00:58) (Cloud_20): GYAH!!!
(23:01:33) (Cloud_20): Result of the throw of dice "40d4" :

4 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 3 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 1 = 96
(23:01:39) (Cloud_20): and DODGE
(23:02:04) (Cloud_20): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +7" :

16 + 7 = 23
(23:02:07) (Cloud_20): NOPE!
(23:02:17) (GM_Cy): *Once he's got his grip... he pulls her INTO him, engulfing her within the mass of insects comprising his body.*
(23:03:17) (Cloud_20): "Oh this is just wro...!" *rest lost in the buzzing & clicking*
(23:03:18) (GM_Cy): [Her Invincible Armour is still up, so damage and sickness are waived, but save versus insanity nevertheless.]
(23:03:27) (Cloud_20): Oh hell yeah
(23:03:30) (Jase_16): *Jase lets out a wordless roar and runs at Pestilence*
(23:03:47) (Cloud_20): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(23:03:55) (Cloud_20): out of 11 or better for her ;)
(23:04:13) (GM_Cy): [JUST made it, no further roll required. Needed a 17 dead-on for this particular test. >:-D]
(23:04:23) (Cloud_20): oh damn
(23:05:58) (GM_Cy): *On 11, the beetle has no further actions... but the little ones do. One pairs off with Briar, and a pair of them flank Jase, the last two buzzing around Anna. Each attack twice.* [Resolving in order of announcement, two strikes against Briar, then Jase, then Anna.]
(23:06:17) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +3" 2 times

1: 11 + 3 = 14
2: 15 + 3 = 18
(23:06:24) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +3" 2 times

1: 20 + 3 = 23
2: 2 + 3 = 5
(23:06:31) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +3" 2 times

1: 19 + 3 = 22
2: 13 + 3 = 16
(23:07:12) (Jase_16): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +10" :

14 + 10 = 24
(23:08:19) (Jase_16): *Jase raise's his sword to parry the incoming attack, but the bug slips just past the edge of the blade*
(23:08:37) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 6d6 and gets (3,4,6,6,6,5)=30.
(23:09:00) (Briar_16): Rolling "1d20 +13" 2 times

1: 18 + 13 = 31
2: 6 + 13 = 19
(23:09:24) (Anna_23): Rolling "1d20 +6" 2 times

1: 18 + 6 = 24
2: 16 + 6 = 22
(23:09:52) (GM_Cy): [Uhm... typo? +13 seems a bit high. ;)]
(23:10:17) (Briar_16): [Hold on, I'm figuring it out.]
(23:10:49) (Briar_16): Rolling "1d20 +3" 2 times

1: 11 + 3 = 14
2: 11 + 3 = 14
(23:10:58) (Briar_16): [There we go, sorry]
(23:11:16) (GM_Cy): *Anna dodges the insect successfully, the five foot beetle hovering about. Jase suffers a bit from one of its' twins, while Briar gets a nip as well.*
(23:11:22) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 3d6 and gets (5,6,3)=14.
(23:11:31) (GM_Cy): [damage to Briar's AoI]
(23:13:06) (GM_Cy): [And I believe we are now on reserved actions, if any?]
(23:13:51) (Cloud_20): Getting nibbled at by buggies
(23:14:57) (GM_Cy): [Should I be taking general silence of others as a no, then?]
(23:15:10) ChatBot: (Cloud_20) rolls 1d20 and gets (12)+5=17.
(23:15:20) ChatBot: (Cloud_20) is now known as (Cloud_17).
(23:15:21) (Jase_16): *Jase shrugs off the attack, and lets out another roar* "Desiccate You bastard! I'll get you Eris"
(23:16:34) (GM_Cy): *The PPE activates, the spell goes off... aaaaand there is no appreciable effect on the towering insect-man.*
(23:16:40) (GM_Cy): [Fresh inits, please. >:-D]
(23:17:02) ChatBot: (Jase_16) rolls 1d20 and gets (15)+3=18.
(23:17:07) ChatBot: (Jase_16) is now known as (Jase_18).
(23:17:22) (Briar_16): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(23:17:31) ChatBot: (Briar_16) is now known as (Briar_6).
(23:17:53) (Anna_23): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +5" :

18 + 5 = 23
(23:18:17) (GM_Cy): [So on 23, again, Anna! XD]
(23:19:10) (Anna_23): Anna turns and returns to dealing with the BIG beetle. Rolling "1d20 +4" 4 times

1: 14 + 4 = 18
2: 20 + 4 = 24
3: 8 + 4 = 12
4: 11 + 4 = 15
(23:20:01) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +5" 4 times

1: 13 + 5 = 18 [dodge]
2: 11 + 5 = 16 [crit]
3: 5 + 5 = 10 [hit]
4: 8 + 5 = 13 [hit]
(23:20:51) (Anna_23): Rolling "1d4" 4 times

1: 2
2: 4x10=40x3=120
3: 2x10=20
4: 3x10=30
(23:20:53) (Anna_23): 170 total
(23:21:08) (Anna_23): and reserving 4
(23:22:27) (GM_Cy): [On 19, the beetle's out of moves, so on to 18; Jase.]
(23:26:04) (Jase_18): *Jase unable to strike at Pestilence in case he were to harm Eris, tries to cut the beetles attacking him out of the air*
(23:26:39) (Jase_18): Rolling "1d20 +6" 4 times

1: 15 + 6 = 21
2: 4 + 6 = 10
3: 6 + 6 = 12
4: 10 + 6 = 16
(two on each bug)
(23:28:28) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 4 times

1: 7 + 6 = 13
2: 15 + 6 = 21
3: 20 + 6 = 26
4: 10 + 6 = 16
(23:28:43) (GM_Cy): [hits the first once, nothing on the second]
(23:29:27) (Jase_18): Result of the throw of dice "5d6" :

4 + 4 + 2 + 6 + 2 = 18

*Jase is losing his cool completely now, his swings going wide for the most part*
(23:30:50) (Jase_18): "Eris, I will figure out how to get you out!" *Jase yells as he swings*
(23:30:56) (Jase_18): [done by the way]
(23:31:11) (GM_Cy): [on 17, Cloud]
(23:31:50) (Cloud_17): "Oh you are so not covering me all over in bugs...THAT DOES IT! SONIC BOOM!"
(23:32:06) (Cloud_17): INSIDE the bugman
(23:32:17) (Cloud_17): which is centred on the spellcaster
(23:32:58) (GM_Cy): *The insects... well, splatter all over the place. The staff goes spinning away, bouncing down the hill, and nearly all of the insects are crushed into a disgusting goo, which sloughs to the ground.*
(23:33:24) ChatBot: (Cloud_17) rolls 4d6 and gets (6,6,5,1)=18.
(23:33:37) (Cloud_17): and saving throw for bug man
(23:33:50) (GM_Cy): *Pestilence appears to have been splotched, nothing is left whatsoever.*
(23:34:30) (Cloud_17): "Ugh ick ooo ick SOOO NOT HAPPY!"
(23:35:11) (Cloud_17): *grips Erschlagen Mond that much tighter and notices Jase having a bad time with the mini-beetle beast*
3 moon-slashes
(23:35:27) (Cloud_17): Rolling "1d20 +4" 3 times

1: 16 + 4 = 20
2: 19 + 4 = 23
3: 19 + 4 = 23

sum: 66, average: 22.00
(23:35:29) (Jase_18): *Jase blinks* "Well... never mind then... Are you ok?" *His gaze leaves the beetles flying near his head only for an instant to look at Eris*
(23:36:11) (GM_Cy): *Each can only manage one dodge.*
Rolling "1d20 +6" 2 times

1: 4 + 6 = 10 [failed]
2: 12 + 6 = 18 [failed]
(23:37:13) (Cloud_17): Result of the throw of dice "50d4" :

2 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 129
(23:37:32) (Cloud_17): cuz 2 crits would be 2D4X10 and the regular 1d4X10 ;)
(23:37:39) (Cloud_17): so 50 d4
(23:38:05) (Cloud_17): "I'm FINE! Not happy but fine... Thanks."
(23:38:39) (Cloud_17): reserving
(23:39:55) (GM_Cy): *The beetle, like its' master, splatters all over the place, leaving four beetles and the big one up on top of the Scarab.* [on 6, Briar]
(23:40:14) (Jase_18): "Good, sorry I wasn't able to get you out beforehand." *He says scanning the area for any sign of Pestilence*
(23:41:37) (Cloud_17): "I's okay..."
(23:41:52) (Briar_6): *Briar re-casts his Armour of Ithan and then, ignoring the mini(ish) beetle buzzing around him, he goes for the giant one again.*
Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 11 + 3 = 14
2: 15 + 3 = 18
3: 8 + 3 = 11
(23:42:04) (GM_Cy): [no dodges left, damage away]
(23:42:24) (Cloud_17): ((Go Briar, go Briar, get busy!))
(23:42:45) (Briar_6): Rolling "3d6" 3 times

1: 1 + 4 + 4 = 9
2: 4 + 6 + 4 = 14
3: 1 + 3 + 3 = 7
(23:43:31) (Briar_6): [Um, I'm done.]
(23:43:42) (GM_Cy): [Reserveds, then?]
(23:44:35) (Cloud_17): moon-slash to the beetle-beast
(23:45:00) (Cloud_17): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +4" :

19 + 4 = 23
(23:45:14) (GM_Cy): [Big fella's got no actions, damage away.]
(23:46:06) (Cloud_17): Result of the throw of dice "20d4" :

2 + 4 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 4 = 54
(23:46:12) (Cloud_17): done
(23:46:34) (GM_Cy): [lol, whibs]
(23:46:41) (GM_Cy): [Any other reserved actions?]
(23:46:59) (Anna_23): [[ I have 4 ]]
(23:47:19) (GM_Cy): [Go for it Anna. :D]
(23:47:31) (Anna_23): Rolling "1d20 +5" 4 times

1: 14 + 5 = 19
2: 13 + 5 = 18
3: 18 + 5 = 23
4: 18 + 5 = 23
(23:47:37) (Anna_23): [[ Heheh, whoops ]]
(23:48:10) (Anna_23): Rolling "1d4" 4 times

1: 3
2: 4
3: 3
4: 2
(23:48:10) (GM_Cy): [All dodged out, so let him have it. ;)]
(23:48:17) (Anna_23): That's on the big beetle, btw
(23:48:25) (GM_Cy): [S'what I thought. *nods*]
(23:48:34) (Anna_23): 60, 80, 60, 40
(23:48:51) (Anna_23): 240
(23:50:02) (Cloud_17): "What does it take to kill this thing? It's tougher than a bloody Xiticix harvester!"
(23:50:23) (GM_Cy): *The massive beetle's exoskeleton has the odd seep in it, but the massive insect is in surprisingly sound condition.*
(23:50:47) (GM_Cy): [And since we're a bit pressed for time, shall forgo another combat round for the wrap-up. ;)]
(23:51:37) (Cloud_17): ((I'm good for that; start fresh up and finish this NEXT week. Minus Anna, but is okay.))
(23:51:54) (Jase_18): [sounds good]
(23:52:16) (Briar_6): [Sounds like a plan!]
(23:53:16) (GM_Cy): *The group continues their battle against Pestilence's warmount and summoned minions, the lord and master himself apparently having been splattered all over the... wait. Is the ground MOVING? :|8o:-( Sure enough, the vast insect hordes of the city have been steadily CRAWLING out of the city through the grass to avoid notice, and even as the group watches, begin reforming the towering bug-man, who holds out his hand and calls his staff to him. An entirely fresh body... or are ALL the bugs part of the Horseman that is Pestilence?*
(23:53:42) (GM_Cy): GAME >:-D

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"Round 2...FIGHT!"
seriously, never mind the bug-swatter. Anyone got an industrial sized can of insecticide... or the Orkin-man power-armour?! :?

Bind the body to the opened mind
Bind the body to the opened mind

I dream of towers in a world consumed
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I dream of fissures across the moon
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DhAkael wrote:
"Round 2...FIGHT!"
seriously, never mind the bug-swatter. Anyone got an industrial sized can of insecticide... or the Orkin-man power-armour?! :?

Yes! Somebody else who remembers that GREAT ad!

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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I am rather disturbed by this turn of events... >.<

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"Round away run away run away!" :shock: :frazz: :frust:

Bind the body to the opened mind
Bind the body to the opened mind

I dream of towers in a world consumed
A void in the sentient sky
I dream of fissures across the moon
Leaves of the lotus rise

~Dream Again By Miracle of Sound

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Make or break time tonight. :? :frazz: :frust:

Bind the body to the opened mind
Bind the body to the opened mind

I dream of towers in a world consumed
A void in the sentient sky
I dream of fissures across the moon
Leaves of the lotus rise

~Dream Again By Miracle of Sound

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Intentional lapse in the update process, the battle with Pestilence rages (buzzes?) on, and I figured you folks wouldn't be too terribly interested in the punch-by-punch commentary without a definite end. ;) Our gang seems to have planned a getaway for tonight, which means its' time for some deus ex machina options, so oughts to be a more interesting post for ya in the next couple days. :D

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Pestilence Revealed

Feb. 4th [contd]: With Imala rejoining the battle, the group rallied and continued their offensive on the newly re-formed Pestilence and his insect minions. Unfortunately, all was not as it seemed. With the Diamond Eye of Osiris on her person, Imala has the ability to passively see the invisible and other hidden beings, and taking a moment to survey the area for hidden threats, she beheld a 10-foot horned skeleton seated with its' back against the Scarab, not two feet from the unconscious Albtraum being tended to by Anna.

Realizing that the swarm-man wielding the staff was nothing but a puppet, Imala promptly attacked the real Pestilence, who evaded her fire magic and magic net. With his ruse uncovered, the Horseman shifted tactics, using the seemingly endless insects from the city to form THREE swarm-humanoids, hiding himself within one of them in a bizarre rendition of the classic game of 'Shells'. The swarm-men split up, one marching on Jase, another towards Cloud, while the last fired magic bolts of energy from the rune staff at Imala. Each of those marching attempted to grab ahold of their targets, Jase managing to slip away, but Cloud being dragged within once more. Resisting the mental trauma of being wrapped in thousands of insects once more, Cloud was caught by surprise when a firm grip settled around her wrist, pumping a vile sensation up her arm and throughout her body, leaving her sniffing, swollen-eyed, and nauseous. Reacting quickly, she cast another Sonic Blast, dispersing the swarm-clones and knocking Pestilence off his feet for a moment.

Not one to be caught in the open for long, Pestilence brought his cloud of insects onto the battlefield once more, this time forming a buzzing swarm so thick the group could see nothing through it, while Pestilence moved unhindered to begin a rapid flurry of Disease Touches, afflicting Imala and Jase (with a Terrible Cold and Fever, respectively) before once more taking up a hidden position within a trio of swarm-clones.

Fortunately, the group wasn't entirely helpless, and Jase, managing to maintain his focus despite his fever for the moment, (and having been lent the blade by Cloud previously) used Fujin's wind magic to blow the swarm-clones away and reveal the insidious Horseman once more. Taking advantage of this, Imala ignited Hijin (the 40" no-dachi fireblade Cloud gave to Kyros as a gift months ago) and slashed at Pestilence, causing more damage than would normally be expected, and confirming for the group that their foe has a weakness towards magic fire.

Despite discovering their opponent's weakness and preventing him from hiding any longer, the Horseman proved to be an opponent beyond the group's ability once he began making liberal use of his Disease Touch, and they began thinking of retreat, with Jase going so far as to dash into the Scarab to attempt to rouse Isis while the others peppered their foe with the best attacks they could manage. [Whether or not he was successful in the next post. ;)]

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Chat log for above summary's session. Last Thursday's to follow. :D
(20:17:33) (GM_Cy): *Our heroes find themselves in the midst of combat with Pestilence, the third Horseman of the Apocalypse they have encountered, though only the second if you discount their flight from Death. The playing field seems soundly in the Demon's favour, with a ruined city full of insect-ridden corpses providing a seemingly endless cloud of buzzing minions. The Scarab has been crashed into the ground, and Pestilence's massive beetle mount has remained atop the downed aerospace vehicle to prevent the group's escape, while four 'mini' beetles (each themselves 5 feet in length) engage the group, giving their master time to reconstitute another swarm-body to rejoin the battle. Albtraum is unconscious by the side of the Scarab, tended to by Anna after she unloaded her immediate payload on the hulking beetle-mount. Imala, who was also unconscious within the Scarab due to a blow to the head from falling debris, is regaining consciousness, and is immediately aware of the shouting and gunfire from outside.*
(20:20:50) (GM_Cy): [inits from all and sundry, please, combat this is]
(20:21:36) (Briar_Croup): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(20:21:59) (Imala): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +5" :

18 + 5 = 23
(20:22:10) ChatBot: (Mondo) rolls 1d20 and gets (11)=11.
(20:22:53) (Mondo): (there is a +3 there its actually 14)
(20:23:02) ChatBot: (Imala) is now known as (Imala_23).
(20:23:17) ChatBot: (Briar_Croup) is now known as (Briar_20).
(20:23:24) ChatBot: (Mondo) is now known as (Mondo_14).
(20:23:43) ChatBot: (Jase) rolls 1d20 and gets (10)+3=13.
(20:23:51) ChatBot: (Jase) is now known as (jase_13).
(20:24:04) (GM_Cy): [So on 23, Imala.]
(20:28:05) (Imala_23): *rolling from where she was laid and rubbing her head* "Ok, now I'm really REALLY pissed off" *With that she stretches her neck, and cracks off the environmental armor (being that the seal was already broke when the helmet came off), with the armor off she begins casting protective a couple of spells on herself white mist swirling up and around her body, replacing what she was wearing with white leathers of a native american warrior and desert hawk type wings grow from her back as she turns, holding a sword and the wound on her head nearly healed now, she seems to be more.* "I've had it!" *She then looks at Pestilence and starts casting at him.* (house of glass)
(20:30:18) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(20:30:28) (GM_Cy): [I... cannot remember if standard save is 12 or 14. XD]
(20:31:09) (GM_Cy): [Ah, k, 12, so tie goes to defender.]
(20:31:28) (GM_Cy): *The marching bug-man seems unaffected by the magic cast by the demigoddess in the Scarab's doorway.*
(20:33:22) (Imala_23): "hmm..." (reserving for now)
(20:33:57) (GM_Cy): [Briar's up.]
(20:35:07) (Briar_20): *Briar, with a single-mindedness and concentration that he has never displayed before, aims and shoots at the mount once again.*
Rolling "1d20 +3" 4 times

1: 20 + 3 = 23
2: 16 + 3 = 19
3: 18 + 3 = 21
4: 10 + 3 = 13
(20:36:58) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +5" 4 times

1: 13 + 5 = 18 [crit]
2: 4 + 5 = 9 [hit]
3: 11 + 5 = 16 [hit]
4: 8 + 5 = 13 [dodge]
(20:40:30) ChatBot: DhAkael is now known as (Cloud_Eris).
(20:40:31) (Briar_20): Rolling "3d6" 3 times

1: 4 + 4 + 5 = 13 (x2) = 26
2: 2 + 4 + 6 = 12
3: 1 + 1 + 6 = 8
(20:41:07) (GM_Cy): *The massive insect has another chink put into its' carapace at Briar's first shot, and the extra two break off the loosened armour. To the group's frustration, this doesn't seem to slow the bug down a bit, as it buzzes out of the way of the last shot.*
(20:41:42) (Briar_20): [Done]
(20:41:58) (Briar_20): [I mean, reserving the last two :P]
(20:42:09) ChatBot: (Cloud_Eris) is now known as (Cloud_1).
(20:43:51) (GM_Cy): [*thumbs up* and on 17 and 16, one of the mini-beetles and the mount (except the latter here has no moves left... again XD)] *The insect, seeing Anna has left the battle to tend to her unconscious beau, buzzes after the newly arrived Imala, mandibles snapping.*
Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 5 + 3 = 8 [auto-miss]
2: 6 + 3 = 9
3: 11 + 3 = 14
(20:44:57) (Imala_23): *Sword in hand, gonna parry those mandibles.* (whoa had a hard time typing that word)
(20:46:03) (Imala_23): Rolling "1d20 +13" 2 times

1: 11 + 13 = 24
2: 10 + 13 = 23
(20:46:50) (Imala_23): "Bad biscuit."
(20:47:08) (GM_Cy): [on 14, Mondo and another of the mini-beetles]
(20:50:42) (Mondo_14): *Still in the crashed aircraft with Imala, activates psi-sword and goes to Imala's aid attacking the giant beetle.*
(20:52:01) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 3d20 and gets (12,20,2)=34.
(20:52:34) (Mondo_14): (with +3 for str so 15, 23, 5)
(20:52:38) (Imala_23): (oh the native american warrior gear includes a wolf hide mask, with cut amber glinting from the eyesockes of a wolf's head that rests on Imala's head, covering her hair with the white hide of the wolf, the paws resting on her shoulders, and the hide falling perfectly between those wings from her back.)
(20:53:56) (Mondo_14): hit, crit, miss...
(20:54:10) (Mondo_14): (maybe)
(20:54:11) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 18 + 3 = 21
2: 14 + 3 = 17
3: 18 + 3 = 21
(20:54:22) (Imala_23): (bio brb)
(20:54:35) (GM_Cy): [parry with mandibles on the first, takes the crit, and last misses]
(20:55:14) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 4d6 and gets (5,2,1,5)=13.
(20:55:59) (Mondo_14): (i need more powerful weapons 0.0)
(20:56:40) (GM_Cy): *The beetle attacking Jase goes next, doing what it does best with those mandibles.*

Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 17 + 3 = 20
2: 17 + 3 = 20
3: 20 + 3 = 23
[Damn. 8o]
(20:56:57) (Cloud_1): ((...workin' on it; once we're done chasing daemons of total destruction down and having to wander through hell...AGAIN, I'll see what I can do for ya.))
(20:58:10) (jase_13): *Jase whips around, sword up. It knocks the beetle aside twice before finally missing the third time.*
(20:58:12) (jase_13): Rolling "1d20 +10" 3 times

1: 14 + 10 = 24
2: 19 + 10 = 29
3: 3 + 10 = 13
(20:58:30) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 6d6 and gets (3,4,2,4,6,3)=22.
(20:59:14) (GM_Cy): [And on that note, 'tis Jase's turn.]
(21:01:20) (jase_13): *Jase grunts as the mandibles connect, letting out a wolf like snarl as he brings the sword up to strike back. Evidently his wife has been rubbing off on him some.*

Rolling "1d20 +6" 4 times

1: 9 + 6 = 15
2: 20 + 6 = 26
3: 12 + 6 = 18
4: 20 + 6 = 26
(21:01:56) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +3" 4 times

1: 2 + 3 = 5 [hit]
2: 14 + 3 = 17 [crit]
3: 19 + 3 = 22 [parried]
4: 11 + 3 = 14 [crit]
(21:02:22) (jase_13): Result of the throw of dice "25d6" :

5 + 6 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 4 + 2 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 1 = 81
(21:03:21) (GM_Cy): [on 5 and 4, the remaining beetles]
(21:03:47) (jase_13): *Jase backs off, another Armor of Ithan surrounds him as he does* [done]
(21:04:18) (GM_Cy): *The beetle attacking Mondo goes first, and you guessed it, biting with those mandibles.*
Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 12 + 3 = 15
2: 6 + 3 = 9
3: 7 + 3 = 10
(21:05:21) (Mondo_14): *attempts to parry the little bugger*
(21:05:30) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 3d20 and gets (4,2,19)=25.
(21:06:05) (GM_Cy): [Rollin two hits, then.]
(21:06:08) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 6d6 and gets (6,6,5,5,1,4)=27.
(21:06:10) (Mondo_14): (with +9 13, 11, and 28)
(21:06:20) (GM_Cy): [oh]
(21:06:43) (Mondo_14): (sorry, slow)
(21:06:50) (Imala_23): (back sorry)
(21:07:33) (GM_Cy): [one hit then]
(21:07:37) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 3d6 and gets (6,2,3)=11.
(21:08:04) (GM_Cy): *Next, the beetle on Briar follows suit.*
Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 2 + 3 = 5 [auto-miss]
2: 12 + 3 = 15
3: 16 + 3 = 19
(21:10:19) (Briar_20): *Briar attempts to dodge*
Rolling "1d20" 2 times

1: 7
2: 19
(21:11:46) (GM_Cy): [One success, as tie goes to defender, rolling damage on the one hit.
(21:11:50) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 3d6 and gets (2,5,1)=8.
(21:14:23) (Cloud_1): Struggles to un-stick foot from the now very loose sand.
"Damn it! We're getting all our efforts split up! We need to get all these vermin in one go..."
(21:14:29) (GM_Cy): [Cloud's up last, sorry for delay. Lots of questions on the side just now.]
(21:15:46) (Cloud_1): Focuses on the giant beast-beetle
*scream leap and 2 Hassan Chops to the thing; full SpnPS power blows with Erschalgen.*
(21:16:19) (Cloud_1): Rolling "1d20 +9" 2 times

1: 15 + 9 = 24
2: 18 + 9 = 27

(21:17:10) (GM_Cy): [Out of actions, damage away.]
(21:17:38) (Cloud_1): okay this is gonna lots
(21:17:54) ChatBot: (Cloud_1) rolls 3d4 and gets (4,1,3)x10=80.
(21:18:05) (Cloud_1): That's JUST from the the punch.
(21:18:22) ChatBot: (Cloud_1) rolls 16d6 and gets (5,2,6,1,2,1,5,3,1,6,2,3,5,5,1,2)=50.
(21:18:46) (Cloud_1): so 130 total
(21:18:51) (Cloud_1): and 2 reserved
(21:20:04) (Cloud_1): actually..screw reserved
(21:20:08) (Cloud_1): magicnet
(21:20:30) (GM_Cy): *The big bug is out of dodges, and is snared in the enchanted webbing easily given its' massive size.*
(21:21:22) (Cloud_1): "GOTCHA!"
(21:23:06) (Imala_23): ((sorry brother was on phone, has boy out for uncle and nephew birthday time. Kiddo birthday was tuesday.))
(21:23:08) (GM_Cy): [also on 1... >:-D]
*The shambling, humanoid swarm grips his staff, levelling it at Imala and fires bolts of magic energy from the tip at her.*
Rolling "1d20 +4" 4 times

1: 18 + 4 = 22
2: 17 + 4 = 21
3: 7 + 4 = 11
4: 14 + 4 = 18
(21:23:53) (Imala_23): (getting rolls and bonuses, second)
(21:26:07) (Imala_23): Rolling "1d20 +13" 4 times

1: 14 + 13 = 27
2: 9 + 13 = 22
3: 13 + 13 = 26
4: 20 + 13 = 33
(21:27:09) (GM_Cy): [dodges?]
(21:27:31) (Imala_23): (yes and the last of her actions >.<)
(21:27:37) (GM_Cy): [kk]
(21:28:07) (GM_Cy): [So, reserved actions are up.]
(21:28:14) (jase_13): *Jase takes a final swing at the beetle.*
Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6"

12 + 6 = 18
(21:28:25) (Imala_23): "So nice to be noticed." *Glaring at the demonic beast.*
(21:29:29) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +3" :

3 + 3 = 6 [failed parry]
(21:29:39) ChatBot: (jase_13) rolls 5d6 and gets (4,4,1,2,5)=16.
(21:30:49) (GM_Cy): [alrighty, fresh inits]
(21:31:10) ChatBot: (jase_13) rolls 1d20 and gets (12)+3=15.
(21:31:15) ChatBot: (Cloud_1) rolls 1d20 and gets (16)+5=21.
(21:31:20) ChatBot: (jase_13) is now known as (Jase_15).
(21:31:24) ChatBot: (Cloud_1) is now known as (Cloud_21).
(21:31:39) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 1d20 and gets (3)+3=6.
(21:31:49) (Briar_20): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(21:31:54) (Imala_23): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +5" :

9 + 5 = 14

(21:31:58) ChatBot: (Briar_20) is now known as (Briar_3).
(21:32:01) ChatBot: (Imala_23) is now known as (Imala_14).
(21:32:09) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) is now known as (Mondo_6).
(21:32:29) (GM_Cy): [So on 21, Cloud.]
(21:34:00) (Cloud_21): "Just don't let him grab you spirit sister! 'taking' care of his beast first here!"
(21:34:56) (Cloud_21): Taking a few moments to make sure the beetle is well and truly secure (one action) turns and smiles at the swarm-man.
(21:35:15) (Cloud_21): Rolling "1d20 +4" 3 times

1: 12 + 4 = 16
2: 13 + 4 = 17
3: 18 + 4 = 22

(21:35:39) (Cloud_21): ((*stomps on the typo-daemon-roach in the process* -sigh-))
(21:36:18) (GM_Cy): *The humanoid swarm twirls the staff, attempting to parry with the rune weapon.*
Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 20 + 6 = 26
2: 13 + 6 = 19
3: 18 + 6 = 24
[And with notable success. o.0]
(21:37:14) (Cloud_21): "well ... that sucked. You do shows at the local cabaret on Saturdays?" :P
(21:37:42) (Cloud_21): Tries to get decent footing and prepares for the inevitable retaliation.
(21:38:01) (Cloud_21): reserving 2
(21:38:43) (GM_Cy): [On 16.] *The bug mount wriggles, sawing at the magic netting with its mandibles, but remaining firmly trapped for the time being.*
[So on 15, Jase.]
(21:39:43) (Jase_15): *Jase continues his attempts to bring the beetle down.*
Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 12 + 6 = 18
2: 9 + 6 = 15
3: 16 + 6 = 22
(21:40:57) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 1 + 3 = 4 [hit]
2: 14 + 3 = 17 [parry]
3: 8 + 3 = 11 [hit]
(21:41:10) ChatBot: (Jase_15) rolls 10d6 and gets (1,2,4,2,2,6,5,6,6,1)=35.
(21:41:57) (GM_Cy): *His sword at last breaks the beetle's chitinous exoskeleton, spewing bug-innards and the still-twitching limbs of the monstrous insect all over the ground.*
(21:44:26) (GM_Cy): [Actions, or reserving?]
(21:44:38) (Jase_15): *Jase immediately moves off to swat the insect menacing Briar, swinging at the bug once.*
(21:44:43) ChatBot: (Jase_15) rolls 1d20 and gets (18)+6=24.
(21:45:06) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +3" :

19 + 3 = 22
*The insect nearly parries him, but is unsuccessful.*
(21:45:25) ChatBot: (Jase_15) rolls 5d6 and gets (6,6,4,3,4)=23.
(21:45:33) (Jase_15): [now done, sorry bout that delay]
(21:45:45) (GM_Cy): [Imala's up.]
(21:50:49) (Imala_14): *Moving from the entrance of the scarab her wings spread and she takes to the air, first she seems to be concentrating a bit and looking around as if looking for something, then casts a spell on herself, causing 3 copies of herself to appear and they fly about before focusing in on the demon.*
(21:51:12) (Imala_14): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

(21:52:48) (Imala_14): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +3" :

19 + 3 = 22

(21:53:27) (Imala_14): (ok that's 2 actions down, now for another spell at ugly)
(21:53:41) (Imala_14): *casting spell a bolt of fire leaves from her at the big ugly*
(21:54:05) (Imala_14): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +4" :

20 + 4 = 24
(21:56:16) (GM_Cy): *The swarm-man allows her bolt to crash into him.* [roll damage]
(21:57:07) (Imala_14): Result of the throw of dice "8d6" :

6 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 4 + 3 = 36
(21:57:21) (Imala_14): *Then turning after the attack on the bug man looking back to the downed scarab and casts again at a spot that seems to have no one there*
(21:57:43) (GM_Cy): [roll strike]
(21:58:31) (Imala_14): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +4" :

19 + 4 = 23
(22:00:01) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

19 + 6 = 25
*Her firebolt strikes the side of the Scarab. The others don't see a thing, however.*
(22:01:09) (Imala_14): "Fine then, if that's how its going to be oh puppeteer" *Once more she casts, this time magic net.*
(22:01:33) (Imala_14): (making sure to set it in a way to not catch friendly targets)
(22:03:13) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

13 + 6 = 19
*The net falls on the ground, nothing beneath it.*
(22:03:39) (Cloud_21): "Wut?" 0.0
(22:04:44) (Imala_14): *The four images of Imala stop and look directly at...something...taking a defensive flight posture.* "He's invisible, pulling the strings on this bug construct. Skeletal figure, nearby the Scarab, except where he's been hopping away from my spells...switch optics if you can, he's there." *Pointing the sword in the direction of where he is currently.*
(22:05:29) (GM_Cy): [And on 10, the accused himself. >:-D]
(22:08:07) (Imala_14): ((and see Imala paints a BIG target RIGHT on herself LOL))
(22:08:53) (GM_Cy): *The swarm-man marches forward, and rapidly breaks apart into a proper cloud of insects, with more buzzing in from the city to join him. Rapidly climbing upon one another, they form not one swarm-humanoid body, but three, mimicking Imala's Multiple Image spell, while a mocking bout of laughter rings in the group's ears. The staff is passed from one swarm-man to the next, finally ending at the middle one.*
(22:09:33) (Cloud_21): ((*Head desken*))
(22:10:00) (Imala_14): "Ok, he's not there now, he's of them." *Looking at the cloned bugmen.*
(22:10:44) (GM_Cy): *Two of them march forward, one heading for Jase, another for Cloud, while the middle one wielding the staff fires more magic energy bolts at Imala.*
Rolling "1d20 +4" 4 times

1: 16 + 4 = 20
2: 14 + 4 = 18
3: 16 + 4 = 20
4: 13 + 4 = 17
(22:11:07) (Imala_14): (this is gonna hurt one dodge)
(22:11:51) (Cloud_21): (("Bugs...why'd it have to be BUGZ!?"))
(22:12:09) (Imala_14): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +11" :

19 + 11 = 30

(22:13:02) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 3d4 and gets (2,1,4)x10=70.
(22:13:27) (Imala_14): (oh that's a +12 with the multiple image going but hey doesn't matter...ouchies, that's da damages?)
(22:14:09) (Imala_14): *The AOI spell that was shimmering around her goes down and she looks to take some of the damage to herself, but true to her native heritage she doesn't make any noise to the pain.*
(22:15:41) (GM_Cy): *Each of the swarm-men marching on Jase and Cloud attempts to grab them by the shoulders, no doubt going for the assimilation tactic used before.*
(22:16:42) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +8" 2 times

1: 14 + 8 = 22
2: 6 + 8 = 14
[In order of announcement, so first is Jase, then Cloud.]
(22:17:10) ChatBot: (Cloud_21) rolls 1d20 and gets (6)+7=13.
(22:17:20) (GM_Cy): [meep 0.o]
(22:17:28) (Jase_15): *Jase flings himself to the side, narrowly avoiding the swarms grasp.*
Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +8" :

18 + 8 = 26
(22:17:37) (Cloud_21): "Oh for the luva...not ag -bbzzzzzzkilikkilikbsszzzz-"
(22:18:32) (GM_Cy): *Jase evades the swarm's grip, but Cloud finds herself hauled into the swarm's center.* [roll vs insanity, please]
(22:18:57) (Cloud_21): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +1" :

20 + 1 = 21
(22:19:12) (Cloud_21): Cloud = :|
(22:19:22) (Jase_15): "Cloud!" *Jase is still in the middle of rolling as he once again watches his wife get pulled inside of a giant swarm of insects. He is not pleased.*
(22:19:24) (GM_Cy): [and now please roll against non-lethal poison.]
(22:21:04) (Cloud_21): Invincible armour?
(22:21:10) (GM_Cy): [Taken into account.]
(22:21:15) (GM_Cy): [This bypasses protections.]
(22:21:19) (Cloud_21): still have 8 minutes and okay
(22:21:46) ChatBot: (Cloud_21) rolls 1d20 and gets (17)+6=23.
(22:22:41) (Cloud_21): "Ugh...oooo-KAyyyy this is a new tactic...*Nods under the bugs.* I'm now impressed."
(22:25:59) (GM_Cy): [and on 6, Mondo]
(22:26:11) (Imala_14): ((takes out a big pistol and loads in antibiotic pills and raid bombs and starts firing...ok sorry i be good))
(22:26:32) (Mondo_6): *Attacks the beetle in his face...slash, slash, thrust.* Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 4 + 3 = 7
2: 18 + 3 = 21
3: 9 + 3 = 12
(22:26:52) (GM_Cy): [first is automatic miss, rolling two parries]
(22:27:08) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +3" 2 times

1: 7 + 3 = 10 [hit]
2: 15 + 3 = 18 [parry]
(22:27:44) ChatBot: (Mondo_6) rolls 2d6 and gets (2,5)=7.
(22:27:57) (Mondo_6): (reserve 3)
(22:29:09) (Cloud_21): -bbzzzzkliklikbzzzbszzzss"ssSONICBOOM!"
(22:29:11) (GM_Cy): [on 4, two of the beetles, specifically those attacking Imala and Mondo]
(22:29:27) (GM_Cy): [Briefly interceded by the sonic detonation. XD]
(22:29:48) (Imala_14): ((beetle flying to come get Imala? cuz I'm good with that *grins*))
(22:30:24) ChatBot: (Cloud_21) rolls 8d6 and gets (5,6,6,3,3,6,3,2)=34.
(22:31:17) (Cloud_21): and 40% chance he gets blasted off his feet ;)
(22:33:01) (Cloud_21): " d'y like that huh? ...oh kami... -blorkchACHOOOO!-
(22:33:04) (GM_Cy): *The sonic explosion rockets out 20 feet in every direction, hitting just about everyone. (Roll saves against magic to avoid penalties)
Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +8" :

8 + 8 = 16 [save made]
Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

28 [still standing]
*The bug-man enveloping Cloud is blown away... mostly. Looming over her is a horned skeleton, 10 feet tall, his hand gripping her arm in an iron grip. Cloud also looks... lousy. Her eyes are swollen, she's sniffing from a blocked nose, and she's looking a little green around the gills, like she's going to lose her lunch.*
(22:33:34) (GM_Cy): *The other swarm-men are not squashed, but ARE dispersed, leaving only Pestilence.*
(22:33:51) (Cloud_21): (on 28? umm that usualy means that he's blown clear away. ? ))
(22:33:52) (Imala_14): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +8" :

14 + 8 = 22

(22:34:24) (GM_Cy): [Oh, righto, sorry, must have read it too fast and thought you said 40% to remain standing.]
(22:34:37) (GM_Cy): [He's a couple feet away, on his butt then.]
(22:34:54) ChatBot: (Jase_15) rolls 1d20 and gets (14)+1=15.
(22:35:02) (Briar_3): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(22:35:04) (Cloud_21): (only loses an action so and init so :P )
(22:35:12) ChatBot: (Mondo_6) rolls 1d20 and gets (12)=12.
(22:37:09) (GM_Cy): [alright, so everyone who rolled below 12 is deafened: You lose 2 actions per round, are -8 on initiative and -3 on parry/dodge. -25% on skills as well. This lasts for 2d4 minutes, can roll yourself.]
(22:38:30) (GM_Cy): *Pestilence picks himself up, and summons his staff instantly into his hand.*
(22:39:00) (GM_Cy): [Briar on 3.]
(22:40:26) (Briar_3): [I might be a minute, getting myself sorted out. Sorry.]
(22:42:08) (Briar_3): *Briar returns to his battle against that pesky giant beetle.*
Rolling "1d20" 4 times

1: 20
2: 2
3: 10
4: 17
(22:42:41) (GM_Cy): [He's tied down, so can't move. And make sure to take the -2 actions from deafening into account. *nods*]
(22:43:05) (GM_Cy): [And the 2 is an auto-miss.]
(22:44:15) (Briar_3): Rolling "3d6" 3 times

1: 3 + 1 + 3 = 7
2: 6 + 6 + 5 = 17
3: 6 + 1 + 6 = 13
(22:44:22) (Briar_3): [And done.]
(22:44:34) (Jase_15): [[so 44]
(22:45:36) (GM_Cy): [The beetle minions are dazed by the sonic boom and cannot act this turn, so on to reserveds and/or fresh init.]
(22:46:14) (Mondo_6): *hacks at the beetle in front of him*
(22:46:55) ChatBot: (Jase_15) rolls 1d20 and gets (18)+3=21.
(22:47:02) ChatBot: (Jase_15) is now known as (Jase_21).
(22:47:18) (Mondo_6): results of roll "1d20 +3" 3 times

1d20 +3
1: 20 + 3 = 23
2: 6 + 3 = 9
3: 16 + 3 = 19
(22:48:09) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 3 + 3 = 6 [crit]
2: 6 + 3 = 9 [barely a parry]
3: 15 + 3 = 18 [hit]
(22:48:46) ChatBot: (Mondo_6) rolls 6d6 and gets (6,6,6,1,2,5)=26.
(22:49:23) (GM_Cy): [Fresh inits then.]
(22:49:35) (Briar_3): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 -8" :

16 - 8 = 8
(22:49:44) ChatBot: (Briar_3) is now known as (Briar_8).
(22:49:50) (Cloud_21): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +3" :

18 + 3 = 21
w d
(22:49:51) ChatBot: (Mondo_6) rolls 1d20 and gets (12)+3=15.
(22:50:06) ChatBot: (Mondo_6) is now known as (Mondo_15).
(22:50:12) (Imala_14): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +5" :

11 + 5 = 16
(22:50:18) ChatBot: (Imala_14) is now known as (Imala_16).
(22:50:22) (GM_Cy): [on 24]
(22:50:50) (Cloud_21): ((buggery))
(22:51:36) (Imala_16): ((this is gonna be ouchie))
(22:51:51) (GM_Cy): *Pestilence literally throws Cloud aside, sprinting forward at impressive speed as his insect swarms get themselves together and flood onto the battlefield, obscuring vision for everyone. The first indication that anyone is in trouble comes when Imala sees a skeletal hand dart out of the haze of insects, seeking her arm.*

Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +8" :

20 + 8 = 28
(22:52:16) (GM_Cy): [And roll a Roll vs throw/impact/w/e for landing, Cloud.
(22:52:18) (GM_Cy): ]
(22:53:15) ChatBot: (Cloud_21) rolls 1d20 and gets (1)+3=4.
(22:53:22) (Cloud_21): -THUD-
(22:53:23) (Imala_16): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +12" :

19 + 12 = 31
(ever so close but not close enough because we ain't playin horseshoes)
(22:54:10) (Cloud_21): ((and no nukes :( ))
(22:54:13) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d100 and gets (100)=100.
(22:54:23) (Imala_16): (gulp)
(22:54:37) (GM_Cy): [save against non-lethal poison, please]
(22:55:54) (Imala_16): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +4" :

14 + 4 = 18
(22:56:39) (Cloud_21): ((really need to do some SERIOUS damage to this thing otherwise it's ANOTHER session of fighting bug guy on the horizon))
(22:57:28) (GM_Cy): *The hand loosens and promptly vanishes back into the swarm of insects, Jase being the next to find the disease touch seeking contact with his person.*
Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +8" :

20 + 8 = 28 [...that is so unfair. 0.o]
(22:58:08) ChatBot: (Jase_21) rolls 1d20 and gets (17)+8=25.
(22:58:18) (Jase_21): [sadface]
(22:58:23) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d100 and gets (37)=37.
(22:58:25) (Imala_16): (is it me or is this seeming to be a bit onesided? lol)
(22:58:46) (GM_Cy): [roll vs non-lethal poison]
(22:58:52) (Briar_8): [We are getting annihilated.]
(22:59:06) (Mondo_15): (all of our heavy hitters are dropping like pun intended)
(22:59:08) ChatBot: (Jase_21) rolls 1d20 and gets (5)+1=6.
(22:59:17) (GM_Cy): [...crap]
(22:59:17) (Jase_21): [headdesk]
(22:59:20) (GM_Cy): [Okay, one sec.]
(23:00:20) (Cloud_21): ((not damaged and only minorly screwed for bonus leaching... hold on...doing a few tings))
(23:02:56) (Imala_16): *sniffles and wipes her nose* "Oh you bastard..." *sniffles again* "I HATE THE FLU!" *growls like a feral wolf with a runny nose*
(23:03:22) (GM_Cy): [Sorry, was sorting out symptoms and such.]
(23:04:22) (Mondo_15): (brb bio)
(23:04:54) (GM_Cy): *Pestilence vanishes back into the bug-shroud, which quickly resolves itself... back into three swarm-humanoids. Goody.* [and on 21, Cloud and Jase.]
(23:05:00) (Jase_21): *Jase looks severly haggard to his friends, he no longer stands up straight and the tip of his sword is wavering substantially*
(23:05:09) (Cloud_21): http://roflrazzi.files.wordpress​.com/2011/07/funny-celebrity-pict​ures-listen-im-sorry-i-said-your-​babies-are-ugly.jpg
(23:08:25) (GM_Cy): [dashing to the loo, shan't be a tick, post your actions please]
(23:09:58) (Mondo_15): (back)
(23:10:41) (Cloud_21): After landing hard on the ground and gagging up aanother mouthful of bile, Cloud shakes her head clear of the ringing bells and grips Erschlagen Monde tighter; blue white mana-flame enveloping it as she calls upon purifying energy (charm weapon) and then starts to 'think' of another cunning plan.
(23:10:45) ChatBot: (Cloud_21) rolls 1d100 and gets (81)=81.
(23:11:01) (Cloud_21): *and can't due to stuffiness and stomach nasties*
(23:11:16) (GM_Cy): [Und bach.]
(23:11:31) (Cloud_21): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

for save on weapon...the spell takes
(23:12:57) (GM_Cy): [*thumbs up*]
(23:13:05) (Cloud_21): and done for actions
(23:13:10) (GM_Cy): [Jase's go.]
(23:13:10) (Cloud_21): (2 reserving)
(23:13:11) (Jase_21): *Jase slashes Fujin twice, making a somewhat drunken figure 8, and huge gale of wind blasts towards one of the 3 Pestilences*
(23:14:17) (Jase_21): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(23:15:43) (GM_Cy): *The gale-force winds strip the insect man apart in no time, leaving only two swarm-men.*
(23:16:29) (Jase_21): *Jase does this again, at one of the other swarms*
(23:16:41) (Jase_21): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(23:17:00) (Jase_21): *The sword weaving an even more unlikely path through the air as he does so*
(23:17:14) (GM_Cy): *As the bugs are blown aside, Pestilence is revealed within.*
(23:18:17) (Jase_21): *Jase has a grim smile on his face, which quickly turns into a frown as he almost vomits -.-* [done]
(23:18:32) (GM_Cy): [Imala's go.]
(23:19:41) (Imala_16): *casting a spell on herself, AOI goes up and looks to go up on all four images of herself, then she grins at the demon and the sword in her hands ignites on fire as she flies in for 3 strikes against him*
(23:21:54) (Imala_16): Rolling "1d20 +11" 3 times

1: 19 + 11 = 30
2: 14 + 11 = 25
3: 20 + 11 = 31
(23:23:31) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 3 times

1: 13 + 6 = 19 [hit]
2: 1 + 6 = 7 [auto-fail]
3: 17 + 6 = 23 [hit]
(23:24:58) (Imala_16): Rolling "4d6" 2 times

1: 5 + 4 + 1 + 6 = 16
2: 2 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 13
Result of the throw of dice "8d6" :

6 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 2 + 6 + 5 = 38
((how does he like da fire?))
(23:26:30) (GM_Cy): [and yes, magic fire does double]
(23:26:58) (Imala_16): *she smiles and then sniffles, then frowns*
(23:27:52) (GM_Cy): *Pestilence glowers at her as his body smokes.*
(23:28:00) (Imala_16): (yes)
(23:28:15) (GM_Cy): [Mondo's up.]
(23:28:18) (Mondo_15): *attacks the beetle in front of him yet again* result of roll "1d20+3" 4 times

1: 5 + 3 = 8
2: 16 + 3 = 19
3: 11 + 3 = 14
4: 3 + 3 = 6
(23:28:49) (GM_Cy): [first and last auto-miss]
Rolling "1d20 +3" 2 times

1: 4 + 3 = 7 [hit]
2: 2 + 3 = 5 [hit]
(23:29:24) ChatBot: (Mondo_15) rolls 4d6 and gets (1,3,6,6)=16.
(23:29:37) (Mondo_15): (reserve 2)
(23:30:17) (GM_Cy): [Briar's go.]
(23:32:12) (Briar_8): *Briar takes two shots at Pestilence.*
Rolling "1d20" 2 times

1: 14
2: 20
(23:33:28) (GM_Cy): *Attempts to parry the energy bolts.*
Rolling "1d20" 2 times

1: 4
2: 2
(23:33:39) (GM_Cy): [oops... shouldn't be any bonus, s'just a 4 and a 2]
(23:34:16) (Briar_8): Rolling "3d6" 2 times

1: 1 + 2 + 2 = 5
2: 3 + 4 + 1 = 8
(23:35:05) (GM_Cy): [alright, reserved actions anyone?]
(23:35:05) (Cloud_21): Cloud gathers herself together and staggers over towards the ugly mofo
(23:35:57) (Cloud_21): "In the name of the mother of us all.... DIE!"
*down swing; full strength*
Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +5" :

19 + 5 = 24

(23:36:36) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

16 + 6 = 22 [parry failed]
(23:37:04) (Cloud_21): (if it hits..magic weapon x2, charmed x2, and critical..another x2 = x6)
(23:37:39) ChatBot: (Cloud_21) rolls 1d4 and gets (2)x60=120.
(23:37:44) (Briar_8): *Briar shoots at Pestilence twice more.*
Rolling "1d20" 2 times

1: 12
2: 17
(23:38:43) (Mondo_15): "Die you damn bug! Die!result of the roll "1d20+3" 2 times

1: 17 + 3 = 20
2: 16 + 3 = 19
(23:39:02) (Imala_16): (have umm, 2 reserved actions when ready)
(23:39:05) (GM_Cy): [woah woah, that's two attacks at once, chill :P]
(23:39:13) (GM_Cy): [Briar first due to earlier post]
(23:39:18) (Mondo_15): (sorry)
(23:39:27) (Jase_21): *Jase sheaths his sword and slings his bow off his back. he pulls the string back somewhat unsteadily sending an arrow of light at Pestilence*
(23:39:34) (GM_Cy): [OI.]
(23:39:55) (Imala_16): ((hehe I waiting :) ))
(23:40:22) (Jase_21): [doing it to bother you at this point, go Imala go, confuse the gm more ^.^]
(23:40:29) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20" 2 times

1: 17 [parried]
2: 12 [hit]
*Parries the first of Briar's energy shots, but not the second.*
Rolling "1d20" 2 times

1: 1 [failed]
2: 12 [failed]
*Parries neither of Mondo's shots.*
(23:40:43) (GM_Cy): [You realize you're running the risk of my retracting what little mercy I'm exercising here. :P]
(23:40:44) (Imala_16): (I want to live thank you, I'll wait my turn ;) )
(23:40:52) (Jase_21): [true enough]
(23:41:28) (Briar_8): Result of the throw of dice "3d6" :

1 + 2 + 3 = 6
(23:42:52) (GM_Cy): [Mondo's damage?]
(23:42:55) ChatBot: (Mondo_15) rolls 4d6 and gets (5,2,3,2)=12.
(23:43:12) (GM_Cy): [Shooting that arrow, Jase?]
(23:43:15) (Mondo_15): (gah! stupid beetle)
(23:43:19) ChatBot: (Jase_21) rolls 1d20 and gets (2)+1=3.
(23:43:43) (GM_Cy): [Guess not. :P]
(23:43:45) (GM_Cy): [Imala?]
(23:44:03) (Imala_16): Rolling "1d20 +11" 2 times

1: 15 + 11 = 26
2: 14 + 11 = 25
(23:44:11) (Jase_21): *Jase was unable to pull the string back far enough, the shot falls at his targets feet. Jase winces, was it always this bright?*
(23:44:17) (GM_Cy): [Fire-sword slashing?]
(23:44:29) (Imala_16): (yes)
(23:44:38) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 2 times

1: 16 + 6 = 22
2: 9 + 6 = 15
*Both hit.*
(23:45:11) (Imala_16): (going to do the double for the fire for ya)
(23:45:32) (Imala_16): Rolling "8d6" 2 times

1: 3 + 3 + 1 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 1 + 5 = 23
2: 3 + 6 + 3 + 3 + 6 + 6 + 5 + 1 = 33
(23:46:02) (GM_Cy): [fresh inits then *nods* see if we can squeeze in another round before packing it in]
(23:46:20) ChatBot: (Cloud_21) rolls 1d20 and gets (5)+3=8.
(23:46:31) ChatBot: (Cloud_21) is now known as (Cloud_8).
(23:46:36) (Imala_16): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 -1" :

16 - 1 = 15
(23:46:48) ChatBot: (Mondo_15) rolls 1d20 and gets (18)+3=21.
(23:46:48) (Imala_16): *sniffles as she prepares for another onslaught on the demon*
(23:46:55) ChatBot: (Imala_16) is now known as (Imala_15).
(23:47:15) ChatBot: (Mondo_15) is now known as (Mondo_21).
(23:47:17) (Jase_21): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +1" :

17 + 1 = 18
(23:47:31) (Briar_8): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

(23:47:39) ChatBot: (Briar_8) is now known as (Briar_1).
(23:47:50) ChatBot: (Jase_21) is now known as (Jase_18).
(23:48:03) (GM_Cy): [on 21, Mondo]
(23:49:17) (Mondo_21): *going to town on that beetle* result of the roll "1d20+3" 3 times

1: 12 + 3 = 15
2: 4 + 3 = 7
3: 8 + 3 = 11
(23:49:24) (Mondo_21): (or not...)
(23:50:00) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +3" 3 times

1: 7 + 3 = 10 [hit]
2: 16 + 3 = 19 [parry]
3: 6 + 3 = 9 [parry]
(23:50:11) ChatBot: (Mondo_21) rolls 2d6 and gets (1,3)=4.
(23:50:24) (Mondo_21): (reserve 3)
(23:50:59) (GM_Cy): [on 18, Jase]
(23:51:48) (Jase_18): *Jase makes a dash to the ship.*
(23:52:23) (GM_Cy): [That's one action, we're pretty close to it.]
(23:53:23) (Jase_18): *He runs inside with his bow in one hand and his other clutching his side, he opens the compartment Isis is in and attempts to wake her up.*
(23:53:57) (GM_Cy): [Alright, on to Imala on 15.]
(23:55:39) (Imala_15): *Brings the fiery weapon of death in against Pestilence again, four times, still up off the ground as of yet, all four images seem to be taking slices against the demon.*
(23:56:01) (Imala_15): Rolling "1d20 +11" 4 times

1: 14 + 11 = 25
2: 11 + 11 = 22
3: 16 + 11 = 27
4: 20 + 11 = 31
(23:57:13) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20 +6" 4 times

1: 15 + 6 = 21 [hit]
2: 14 + 6 = 20 [hit]
3: 12 + 6 = 18 [hit]
4: 14 + 6 = 20 [crit]
(23:58:21) (Imala_15): Rolling "8d6" 3 times

1: 5 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 5 + 3 + 4 = 25
2: 5 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 1 = 22
3: 6 + 6 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 2 = 28
Result of the throw of dice "16d6" :

2 + 4 + 6 + 6 + 4 + 5 + 5 + 6 + 3 + 2 + 5 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 6 + 1 = 63
(23:58:35) (Imala_15): (2 in reserve)
(00:01:28) (GM_Cy): [Also on 15: Pestilence] *Mumbles something, waving his hand across all of the Imala copies.*
Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +8" :

16 + 8 = 24 [Save against magic made, Multiple Objects is canceled.]
(00:02:04) (Cloud_8): ((-phppppppppppppppppppppppppppppt-))
(00:02:05) (Imala_15): *sniffles* "Hiyas..." *grins and sniffles again*
(00:02:15) (GM_Cy): *Empty eye-sockets blaze with a sickly green light as he tries to grab ahold of her.*
Rolling "1d20 +8" 4 times

1: 14 + 8 = 22
2: 18 + 8 = 26
3: 19 + 8 = 27
4: 19 + 8 = 27
(00:02:39) (Imala_15): can I parry that hand?
(00:02:54) (GM_Cy): [Uh... I suppose so?]
(00:04:43) (Cloud_8): (("I'm laggin' and I can't do [censored]!" ~Leeroy Jenkins Companion #3...ganked 2 seconds later))
(00:05:01) (Imala_15): (counting bonus....rolling now)
(00:05:47) (Imala_15): Rolling "1d20 +10" 4 times

1: 13 + 10 = 23
2: 19 + 10 = 29
3: 18 + 10 = 28
4: 20 + 10 = 30
(00:07:49) (GM_Cy): *The sickly glow intensifies, and he actually SPEAKS.* "Very well, then."
(00:07:56) (GM_Cy): [roll dodge]
(00:08:02) (Imala_15): "Oh...****..."
(00:08:28) (Imala_15): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +10" :

18 + 10 = 28

(00:08:49) (Imala_15): (look mom I made a friend!)
(00:09:16) (GM_Cy): [Briar on 1 then. XD]
(00:10:04) (Briar_1): *Briar, displaying a strange calm, shoots straight at Pestilence again.*
Rolling "1d20" 4 times

1: 12
2: 18
3: 11
4: 12
(00:10:36) (Cloud_8): (um..8?)
(00:10:51) (GM_Cy): [oh, sorry ><]
(00:10:56) (GM_Cy): [Tired catching up with me.]
(00:10:59) (Cloud_8): the rolls stand though
(00:11:09) (Cloud_8): do please continue
(00:11:10) (Jase_18): [is equivocal to chopped liver apparently]
(00:11:13) (GM_Cy): [That and I'm very accustomed to Cloud going first]
(00:11:28) (Cloud_8): as Cloud does SIMULTAENEOUS on Pesty from behind
(00:11:34) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20" 4 times

1: 9
2: 2
3: 2
4: 14
(00:11:41) (GM_Cy): [parries the last but not the others]
(00:12:10) (Cloud_8): Rolling "1d20 +5" 4 times

1: 17 + 5 = 22
2: 12 + 5 = 17
3: 19 + 5 = 24
4: 8 + 5 = 13

(00:12:16) (Imala_15): (*pats chopped liver on the head*)
(00:12:18) (Briar_1): Rolling "3d6" 3 times

1: 4 + 4 + 2 = 10
2: 2 + 2 + 3 = 7
3: 5 + 3 + 3 = 11
(00:13:03) (GM_Cy): Rolling "1d20" 4 times

1: 2 [biff]
2: 9 [thwack]
3: 16 [zot]
4: 12 [crunch]
(00:14:24) ChatBot: (Cloud_8) rolls 4d4 and gets (4,2,2,3)x40=440.
(00:15:29) (Cloud_8): oh wait the second last was also a crit
(00:15:31) (GM_Cy): [nice]
(00:15:54) (Cloud_8): so 480
(00:15:58) (GM_Cy): [kk]
(00:16:24) (GM_Cy): *Pestilence is looking... displeased.*
(00:17:04) (Cloud_8): Staggers on the last blow and steps back, wavering on her feet
"Too...too...bad I...don't...have...a...millenium...banzai to drop...on... ... you."
(00:17:37) (Cloud_8): ((and I'm DONE...))
(00:17:44) (GM_Cy): [Any reserved actions?]
*The Apocalypse demon gives a grim smile at that remark.* "And too bad you do not stand close together for me."
(00:18:11) (Imala_15): "And why would we want to make anything easy for you?" (have one reserved)
(00:18:28) (GM_Cy): [Go for it.]
(00:18:45) ChatBot: (Cloud_8) is now known as (Krowman).
(00:18:52) ChatBot: (Imala_15) rolls 1d20 and gets (15)+11=26.
(00:19:38) (Mondo_21): (got 3 for the beetle)
(00:19:53) (GM_Cy): Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +6" :

9 + 6 = 15
(00:20:09) (Imala_15): ((I think we also have Jase doing things in the Scarab?))
(00:20:20) ChatBot: (Imala_15) rolls 8d6 and gets (2,1,1,2,1,3,6,5)=21.
(00:20:22) (GM_Cy): [Yup. But we don't know what those are yet.]
(00:20:34) (GM_Cy): [roll Mondo]
(00:20:57) (Mondo_21): result of the roll "1d20+3" 3 times

1: 8 + 3 = 11
2: 17 + 3 = 20
3: 4 + 3 = 7
(00:21:00) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 3d20 and gets (8,6,7)=21.
(00:21:14) (GM_Cy): [11, 9 and 10. One hit.]
(00:21:30) ChatBot: (Mondo_21) rolls 2d6 and gets (4,6)=10.
(00:21:43) (Mondo_21): (done)
(00:22:26) (GM_Cy): *With Pestilence exposed at last, the group's battle with the Horseman has truly gotten underway. Can they hold on through to the end? Or will the Horseman of disease sap away their strength? And will Jase succeed in rousing Isis, and if he does, can the weakened goddess overcome Pestilence? Many questions, but we won't get an answer tonight...

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A Narrow Escape

February 4th [contd]: Unfortunately, Jase's mounting fever prevented him from ever reaching Isis, and instead collapsed on the floor of the crew compartment. Anna, having dragged Albtraum inside, decided he would be safe enough there and got on the weapon controls at Cloud's request, burning into Pestilence's beetle mount with the dorsal laser weapon, the giant bug lifting off the roof at last.

With their ride liberated, the group bolted for the Scarab, but Pestilence had no intention of making it so easy for them. Working his magic, he pinned Cloud with a Magic Net and proceeded to barrage her with his Disease Touch, inflicting several diseases at once and rendering her barely able to move, though she fortunately had enough PPE left to use an Escape spell to slip out of the net and make her way as best she could towards the Scarab.

Having reached the Scarab already, Imala dove inside and began to meditate, seeking a solution to their problem on one of her dream-walks. Mondo (also at the Scarab), meanwhile, looked back and saw their leader in trouble, and tried to return to help, but with Pestilence himself bearing down on the Scarab he was unable to get past the Horseman. Thinking quickly, Anna engaged the hover engines and spun the Scarab, attempting to 'clothesline' Pestilence with the wing, though the Horseman managed to duck under the wing, as did Mondo and Cloud. With the aerospace vehicle now pointed past Cloud, the young blond gunned the engines and sent them racing forward, managing to yell for Mondo to grab Cloud as they passed.

Despite the risky nature of the gamble, the group finally caught a break, and Cloud was soon aboard. Ordering Anna into the city, the group were contacted by a voice in their minds claiming it was going to help them beat the Horseman, and asked Anna to locate the tallest building in the ruined city, and start driving towards it. Locating the building in question (a 50 story office block that looked to once have been much taller), the voice then explained the (admittedly slightly crazy) plan in greater detail: They were to keep Pestilence directly behind them, shoot out the corners of the building on the side they were driving towards, and then blast their way through the ground-floor lobby while the building fell onto the Horseman.

Somewhat surprisingly, the group agreed to the idea rather quickly, and Mondo joined Anna on the weapon turrets, firing the tail laser at the pursuing swarm of insects to keep Pestilence angry enough to give chase before switching to the side-mounted plasma cannons to help Anna in blasting through the support columns. Succeeding with seconds to spare, Anna and Mondo prepared to fire a fusillade into the building ahead of them to clear a path, while Imala inexplicably stood and leaped through the still-open hatch of the Scarab, and out of sight. Cloud, not pleased at the risky move by her spirit-sister, nevertheless mustered the last of her PPE to activate the Invincible Armour field on the Scarab to assist in their passage.

Emerging on the far side of the building, Anna drove the Scarab out of the city and up onto a hill before turning to take stock of what had happened. Behind them, they saw the clouds of dust caused by the building's fall dissipating, and the remaining insects meandering away from the rubble as though lost and unguided. Of Imala and Pestilence, there was no sign. Anna and the others turned to Cloud for her thoughts on what they should do next, but Cloud refused to accept any notion that Imala was dead, believing her spirit-sister to be tough enough to look after herself. And right on cue, said demigoddess returned, though not as she had left.

Her appearance had changed, her desert hawk-like wings hued crimson and silver, her dark hair and blue eyes streaked with dark silver, and her voice carrying a distinctly male undertone. She explained that, on her dream-walk, she had encountered a hole in the astral plane that bridged Africa with the realm of the Nile Gods, and had located her husband within that dimension's Astral plane. Explaining the situation to him, Kyros had decided that, regardless of the circumstances he found himself in, he had to help his friends, and when Imala's spirit returned to her body, she brought him with her. When she had leaped from the Scarab, she had his power added to hers, and using their combined mental strength had pinned Pestilence in place with a joint Telekinetic force, holding him still from afar while the building fell upon him.

Using Kyros' magic, the illnesses put upon the group were (mostly) dispelled, and Cloud made up her mind that they needed to go back to Lazlo to refit their armour and recover before any other move could be made. Isis, waking at last from her meditation, apologized for being unconscious during such an important battle, and swore that she would repay the debt she owed Cloud (as Commander) for not having been there to fight at their side. Cloud accepted, and asked that the first thing Isis do to repay them would be to return them to Lazlo, and the goddess gladly agreed, opening a Rift large enough for the Scarab to fly through that brought them back to the Casa.

Unfortunately, the energy anchoring Kyros' spirit to Imala waned after some time, and he was forced to return to his own body, while his last remaining feather (in Jase's keeping) burned away to practically nothing; his life-force is nearly spent, and the group has no time left. Their next moves NEED to be spent in preparation for his rescue, or he will certainly die. The group sets their sights on the Egyptian underworld...

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And the chat-log.
(20:16:57) (GM_Cy): *When we last left our heroes... well, to avoid beating around the bush, they were getting their collective backsides handed to them by Pestilence, with his bug-clones, swarm-clouds, and more recently unveiled (and frankly terrifying) disease touch wreaking havoc on the team. Can our heroes escape the Horseman before they all succumb to his power, and are unable even to defend themselves?*
(20:18:21) (GM_Cy): [inits, o' course]
(20:18:27) (Cloud_sick): Cloud staggers as she feels the mana in her body and the surroundings ebb away.
-Kaff kaff hack urk- "Get...Fall back -kaf- to the Scarab! *radio* Anna! Dorsal laser... BURN that roach! Get it the hell off my machine!"
(20:18:45) ChatBot: (Cloud_sick) rolls 1d20 and gets (2)+3=5.
(20:19:04) ChatBot: (Mondo) rolls 1d20 and gets (12)+3=15.
(20:19:06) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d20 and gets (3)+3=6.
(20:19:08) (Cloud_sick): ((yeah...that tracks; figured she IS sick ;) ))
(20:19:15) ChatBot: (Cloud_sick) is now known as (Cloud_5).
(20:19:24) ChatBot: (Imala) rolls 1d20 and gets (8)+3=11.
(20:19:25) ChatBot: (Anna) rolls 1d20 and gets (15)+5=20.
(20:19:31) ChatBot: (Anna) is now known as (Anna_20).
(20:19:35) ChatBot: (Mondo) is now known as (Mondo_15).
(20:19:52) (Cloud_5): ((I'll BRB; not going till 5 sooo ;) ))
(20:20:23) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d20 and gets (3)+5=8.
(20:20:33) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 3d20 and gets (7,5,15)=27.
(20:20:39) (Imala): (sigh...I fixed all my bonuses, and look there, the file got corrupted. *sigh* thankfully the character sheet has been reclaimed and is ok for the most part just old)
(20:20:45) ChatBot: (Imala) is now known as (11_Imala).
(20:21:02) (Cloud_5): ((bk))
(20:22:04) (GM_Cy): [ouches... how did it get corrupted d'you think?]
(20:22:18) (GM_Cy): [alrighty, Anna's up first]
(20:23:18) (Anna_20): Anna bolts for the Scarab, trying to get inside and to the dorsal turret controls as per ordered.
(20:23:25) (11_Imala): (I think it was because my son was playing on the computer and knocked the flashdrive out of the usb. damn lucky I didn't loose the entire flash)
(20:23:48) (GM_Cy): *She sees Jase inside, unconscious on the floor. Seems his fever kept him from ever reaching Isis to wake her.*
(20:25:21) (Anna_20): First things first, getting the bug off the ship. Isis can be woken up later. She heads to the controls and gets herself re-familiarized with the controls. Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

(20:26:04) (GM_Cy): *The turret whirs to life, thankfully none of its' wires or hydraulics were damaged by the insectoid can-opener on the roof.*
(20:27:13) (GM_Cy): [You've got the file, yeah? E-mailed it out. If not: 3d6 damage per blast, and no way the beetle's dodging at point blank.]
(20:27:37) (Anna_20): [[ Oh, so just count the hits? ]]
(20:27:44) (Anna_20): [[ Instead of rolling for them? ]]
(20:28:10) (GM_Cy): [Well, there's always critical fumble, which in this case would be the beetle keeping the gun from rotating to shoot up.]
(20:28:18) (Anna_20): [[ I'll post what I rolled anyway ]]
(20:28:26) (Anna_20): Rolling "1d20 +2" 4 times

1: 20 + 2 = 22
2: 10 + 2 = 12
3: 20 + 2 = 22
4: 14 + 2 = 16
(20:28:39) (GM_Cy): [So two crits and two hits, damage away.]
(20:28:55) (Anna_20): Rolling "3d6" 4 times

1: 2 + 3 + 4 = 9
2: 1 + 5 + 5 = 11
3: 3 + 1 + 2 = 6
4: 6 + 4 + 3 = 13
(20:29:19) (Anna_20): 18+11+12+13=54
(20:30:22) (GM_Cy): *Feeling a sudden source of intense heat from its' underbelly, the beetle opens the shell covering its' wings and rises into a low hover as it tries to ascertain what's going on, the remnants of the cut magic net falling from its' chitinous exterior.*
(20:31:38) (Anna_20): [[ Reserving ]]
(20:31:54) (GM_Cy): [Mondo on 15, as well as one of the mini-beetles.]
(20:32:35) (11_Imala): ((Hey boss? What's that smell? What's cookin? It smells great))
(20:33:24) (Cloud_5): ((*Giggle*))
(20:33:27) (Mondo_15): *Slashes 3 times at the beetle on him, then breaks off and makes for the ship*
(20:34:13) (Mondo_15): result of 1d20+4 3 times 1d20 +4
1: 2 + 4 = 6
2: 11 + 4 = 15
3: 14 + 4 = 18

(20:34:18) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 3d20 and gets (8,3,14)=25.
(20:34:27) (GM_Cy): [So 11, 6 and 17]
(20:34:37) (GM_Cy): [Auto-miss, hit, hit.]
(20:34:59) ChatBot: (Mondo_15) rolls 4d6 and gets (3,5,4,3)=15.
(20:35:22) (Mondo_15): (reserve 2)
(20:35:36) (GM_Cy): [On 11, Imala.]
(20:35:42) (Mondo_15): (is that thing still alive?)
(20:35:51) (GM_Cy): [Yup. 7 MDC left.]
(20:37:33) (11_Imala): *looks at Cloud and the others, sniffling* "Ok we need to regroup!" *starts heading towards the Scarab, watching Pestilence, and then her eyes seem to go a bit hazy, and she looks towards the scarab and movies off quickly towards it*
(20:38:32) (GM_Cy): [On 8: Pestilence.]
(20:39:43) (Cloud_5): Glares at the bug-man. "C'mon you misserable...c'mon..."
(20:39:54) (GM_Cy): *Seeing his prey has decided to beat a hasty retreat rather than behave themselves and stick around to die, Pestilence motions once at his mount, the massive bug rotating to start heading back to its' master, while the Horseman himself tosses a mystic net at Cloud, the nearest opponent given that she hasn't started running yet.*
(20:40:50) (GM_Cy): [Auto-strike 18.]
(20:40:58) ChatBot: (Cloud_5) rolls 1d20 and gets (6)+4=10.
(20:41:03) (11_Imala): (whispers) ~...but I'm receiving...mental contact...~
(20:41:51) (Cloud_5): *Sword up.*
"CRAP! -kaf kaf kaf kaf- Get the hover jets going...get INTO the city and seal up the airlock!!!!" -kaff korf korf-
(20:42:01) (GM_Cy): *Seeing Cloud go down under the webbing, Pestilence sprints forward, his staff dropping to the ground behind him as his hands pulse with sickly light. This... isn't going to be pleasant. 0.0*
(20:42:34) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 4d20 and gets (9,15,3,17)+8=52.
(20:42:46) (GM_Cy): [so 17, 23, miss, and 25]
(20:43:35) (GM_Cy): [She can attempt to parry within the net at half her usual bonus, s'hard to move.]
(20:44:45) (Cloud_5): Rolling "1d20 +4" 3 times

1: 12 + 4 = 16
2: 16 + 4 = 20
3: 19 + 4 = 23

(20:45:00) (Cloud_5): so all 3 strike
(20:45:00) (GM_Cy): [Yeowch.]
(20:45:09) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 3d100 and gets (44,21,17)=82.
(20:45:44) (GM_Cy): [Sickness, Fever, and Pox.]
(20:45:57) (GM_Cy): [3 saves against non-lethal poison, please.]
(20:46:28) (Cloud_5): Cloud collapses though not actually PHYSICAL wounded, her body falls under the magical sickness assault.
(20:46:52) ChatBot: (Cloud_5) rolls 3d20 and gets (14,9,4)=27.
(20:47:03) (Cloud_5): so two hit full force
(20:47:09) (Cloud_5): fever and pox
(20:49:58) (GM_Cy): *On 7, one of the mini-beetles turns and buzzes after the retreating group. On 6, Pestilence's mount buzzes over to join his master, landing beside Pestilence's fallen staff. And on 5; Cloud and the last mini-beetle.*
(20:52:33) (GM_Cy): *The last beetle pursues Mondo, but its' injuries prevent it from catching the running Cyber-Knight.*
(20:55:20) (Cloud_5): "Houdini"
(20:56:38) (GM_Cy): *Anna, at the guns, sees the situation is only getting more dire by the moment. Cloud's looking... well, awful, and can barely walk in a straight line, much less run from the looming Apocalypse demon. Imala is spacing out en-route to the Scarab, likely trying one of her dream-walk solutions she's good with, while Mondo just hauls ass for the doors, his beetle sparring partner hot on his heels.*
(20:56:51) (Cloud_5): seeing that her last ditch effort seems to have worked... slips out from the webs before they reset and staggers at the Scarab at the fastest speed she can go.
(20:58:22) (GM_Cy): *Imala and Mondo reach the doors to the Scarab at about the same time, Cloud (being the most heavily afflicted) lagging behind, with Pestilence almost strolling along behind her, his mount carrying his staff to him. And fresh inits.*
(20:58:32) (GM_Cy): [Oh, reserveds, apologies. Anybody?]
(20:58:46) (11_Imala): *looking back as the reaches the scarab* "Get....Cloud..." *Sniffles as she stumbles into the scarab and stays to the ground inside the ship.*
(20:58:58) (11_Imala): (be my reserveds)
(20:59:41) (Mondo_15): *Mondo turns toward the bug chasing him and slashes 2 times with his psi-sword.* "Stupid insect! Die!"
(21:00:19) (Cloud_5): ((and on that note; cuing up 'Satan!' by Orbital :P ))
(21:00:31) (11_Imala): ((doh!))
(21:00:44) (Mondo_15): result of roll 1d20 2 times 1d20 +4
1: 9 + 4 = 13
2: 10 + 4 = 14

(21:00:50) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 2d20 and gets (12,19)+3=34.
(21:00:59) (GM_Cy): [15 and 22, both parries unfortunately]
(21:01:15) (Anna_20): Rolling "1d20 +2" 3 times

1: 20 + 2 = 22
2: 4 + 2 = 6
3: 19 + 2 = 21

More shooting at the big thing.
(21:01:30) (Mondo_15): (Damn, this thing is not a beetle, its a cockroach!)
(21:02:11) (GM_Cy): *Pestilence's mount doesn't move, the laser shots boring into its' exoskeleton. Pestilence's control over it is fairly impressive. After all, if the mount runs away, who's to carry his staff?*
(21:03:10) (GM_Cy): [Damage away, crit and a hit I believe?]
(21:03:19) ChatBot: (Anna_20) rolls 3d6 and gets (1,3,5)x2=18.
(21:03:23) ChatBot: (Anna_20) rolls 3d6 and gets (2,1,5)=8.
(21:03:34) (11_Imala): ((just got the mom knab...back as soon as I can *SIGH*)
(21:04:17) (GM_Cy): [And if that's all, fresh inits be good.]
(21:04:28) ChatBot: (Cloud_5) rolls 1d20 and gets (14)=14.
(21:04:35) (Anna_20): [[ I actually have to hop out to grab painkillers because I'm almost in tears from how bad my head hurts this moment. ]]
(21:04:36) (Cloud_5): (no bonus)
(21:04:38) (Anna_20): [[ And we ran out last night ]]
(21:04:46) ChatBot: (Cloud_5) is now known as (Cloud_ill14).
(21:04:52) ChatBot: (Mondo_15) rolls 1d20 and gets (11)+3=14.
(21:05:11) (Anna_20): [[ I shouldn't be long. ]]
(21:05:13) ChatBot: (Mondo_15) is now known as (Mondo_14).
(21:05:17) ChatBot: (Anna_20) is now known as (Anna_AFK).
(21:05:39) (Cloud_ill14): so.... Anna is now bot
(21:05:50) (Cloud_ill14): and Imala is..well...
(21:06:40) (GM_Cy): [We'll manage.]
(21:06:44) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d20 and gets (20)+5=25.
(21:06:49) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d20 and gets (20)+3=23.
(21:06:54) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 3d20 and gets (17,12,11)=40.
(21:06:59) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d20 and gets (9)+5=14.
(21:07:15) (GM_Cy): [...The universe DOES hate you guys tonight. A nat 20 for Pestilence AND his mount. ><]
(21:07:31) (Mondo_14): :-(
(21:08:16) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) is now known as (Anna_14).
(21:08:27) ChatBot: (Anna_14) is now known as (GM_Anna_14).
(21:08:40) (GM_Anna_14): [Also... why are all PC's on 14? XD]
(21:09:01) (GM_Anna_14): [on 'DAMNIT'... Pestilence ><]
(21:09:09) (Mondo_14): (its a lucky number)
(21:11:15) (GM_Anna_14): *The Horseman strides PAST Cloud, seemingly more than content with her current level of sick, heading straight for Mondo, still in the doorway of the Scarab, his insect swarms splitting around the battlefield and heading for the aerospace vehicle as well. He summons his staff into his hands, turns it horizontally, and sweeps it upwards, trying to catch the Cyber-knight's arms to pin them against the hull.*
(21:11:18) ChatBot: (GM_Anna_14) rolls 1d20 and gets (3)+8=11.
(21:11:26) (GM_Anna_14): [auto-miss]
(21:12:10) (GM_Anna_14): *Pestilence plants the end of his staff in the dirt, and his hands pulse green once more, and he begins a barrage of punches on Mondo, no doubt going for the same treatment he gave Cloud.*
(21:12:15) ChatBot: (GM_Anna_14) rolls 3d20 and gets (1,7,4)+8=20.
(21:12:30) (GM_Anna_14): [crit fumble... ha. XD 15, and auto miss]
(21:12:49) (Cloud_ill14): gives himself pox?
(21:12:50) ChatBot: (GM_Anna_14) rolls 1d10 and gets (3)=3.
(21:12:55) (Cloud_ill14): nah...too easy
(21:13:33) (GM_Anna_14): [He got the "nothing spectacular, just screws up". So the side of the Scarab now has a very unpleasant looking patch of rust about a foot to the right from Mondo's head.]
(21:13:57) (GM_Anna_14): [Dodge or parry that disease touch Mondo, need a 15+]
(21:14:50) (Mondo_14): *Mondo attempts to dodge, away from the doors so that Imala, can make it in*
(21:15:50) (GM_Anna_14): [Imala's already passed out inside.]
(21:16:31) (Mondo_14): result of roll "1d20+8" 1d20 +8
1: 7 + 8 = 15

(21:17:00) (Mondo_14): (damn)
(21:17:52) (Cloud_ill14): tie ALWAYS goes to defender and 5 or under is auto-miss
(21:18:34) (Mondo_14): (please let it be head cold O:-D)
(21:18:57) (GM_Anna_14): [You avoided the touch. Like Dhak said, tie goes to defender.]
(21:19:10) (GM_Anna_14): [He had a 15 to strike, you had a 15 to dodge/parry, whichever you went with.]
(21:19:38) (Mondo_14): (oh, i thought he touched twice)
(21:20:16) (GM_Anna_14): [second attack was an auto-miss, rolled a 4 to strike]
*On 23, Pestilence's mount opens its' wing casings once more, hovering a little off the ground, but doing nothing else for the moment. On 17, one of the mini-beetles reaches the Scarab, but hovers out of its' master's way.*
[On 14, the PC's.]
(21:21:41) (Cloud_ill14): *stagger stagger roll, fall roll, fall roll fall fall stagger*
(21:21:44) (Mondo_14): *Mondo slashes 3 times at Pestilence* "Take that Demon!"
(21:22:38) (Mondo_14): result of roll "1d20+4" 3 times: 1d20 +4
1: 2 + 4 = 6
2: 2 + 4 = 6
3: 11 + 4 = 15

(21:22:49) (GM_Anna_14): *Pestilence doesn't even bother attempting to dodge.*
(21:23:01) (Mondo_14): (the dice roller is unkind)
(21:23:30) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 6d6 and gets (3,3,1,6,6,2)=21.
(21:23:31) (GM_Anna_14): [Two auto-misses, one hit.]
(21:23:52) (Mondo_14): (gotcha, rerolling)
(21:23:58) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 2d6 and gets (2,3)=5.
(21:24:28) (GM_Anna_14): *From the cockpit, Anna screams at Mondo.* "DUCK!"
(21:24:32) ChatBot: (GM_Anna_14) rolls 1d100 and gets (7)=7.
(21:24:42) (Mondo_14): (reserve 2)
(21:25:00) (GM_Anna_14): *With a roar, the hover engines kick in, and she throws the Scarab into a tight rotation.* [roll to dodge, need a 10+ since you had advance warning]
(21:25:08) ChatBot: (GM_Anna_14) rolls 1d20 and gets (19)=19.
(21:25:23) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 1d20 and gets (8)+8=16.
(21:26:12) ChatBot: (Cloud_ill14) rolls 1d20 and gets (16)=16.
(21:26:14) (GM_Anna_14): *Mondo, and Pestilence, duck as the wing of the Scarab slices scant inches over their heads, the nose of the vehicle now pointed straight at the city.* "Get in and get ready to grab Cloud as we go by!"
(21:26:37) (Cloud_ill14): *staggers under the wing just as it swings by*
(21:26:55) (Mondo_14): *Makes for the wing and cloud*
(21:27:26) ChatBot: (Anna_AFK) is now known as (Anna).
(21:27:35) (Cloud_ill14): ((Oh good; JUST in time to roll hover pilot))
(21:28:03) (GM_Anna_14): *As Mondo gets into the doorway, Anna guns the ship forward.* [Alright Mondo, here's where you earn your salt. Roll to strike to grab Cloud as we jet by. Cloud? Can help him out by doing a roll to strike trying to lunge into the moving ship. Anna? You get to roll the piloting check. :D]
(21:28:04) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

(21:28:07) ChatBot: (GM_Anna_14) is now known as (GM_Cy).
(21:28:20) ChatBot: (Cloud_ill14) rolls 1d20 and gets (8)=8.
(21:28:53) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 1d20 and gets (14)+2=16.
(21:29:40) (Mondo_14): *Mondo reaches for Cloud as the air ship passes her*
(21:30:05) (GM_Cy): *Cloud uses what strength she has available to lunge forward, flailing just a bit, but Mondo grabs ahold of her and they tumble backwards into the Scarab as the ship accelerates, putting some much needed distance between them and Pestilence. The Horseman, however, has other ideas, and leaps onto his mount, his swarm-clouds following in his wake as he gives chase.*
(21:31:20) (Cloud_ill14): ""
*collapse and unconscious*
(21:31:54) (Mondo_14): *Helps Cloud up and further into the ship* "Burn it Anna!"
(21:32:41) (Anna): Anna is heading for the city! "One thing at a time!"
(21:33:27) (GM_Cy): [Alrighty, we can re-roll inits here. *nods* Reserved actions, I'm assuming, will be spent buckling ourselves into our respective seats?]
(21:33:40) (Cloud_ill14): On1
(21:33:47) ChatBot: (Cloud_ill14) is now known as (Cloud_last).
(21:34:21) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) rolls 1d20 and gets (17)+3=20.
(21:34:28) ChatBot: (Anna) rolls 1d20 and gets (16)+5=21.
(21:34:35) ChatBot: (Anna) is now known as (Anna_21).
(21:34:38) ChatBot: (Mondo_14) is now known as (Mondo_20).
(21:34:39) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d20 and gets (19)+3=22.
(21:34:48) ChatBot: (GM_Cy) rolls 1d20 and gets (16)+5=21.
(21:35:22) (GM_Cy): *On 21, Anna and Pestilence. The latter is, thankfully, still too far behind to do anything to them at present.*
(21:35:41) (Anna_21): Anna keeps heading for the city, and reserves the rest of the actions.
(21:35:54) (Anna_21): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

5/75 Keeping moving
(21:36:02) (GM_Cy): *They were only maybe a half mile outside of town, she's practically there now. ;)*
(21:36:36) (GM_Cy): *And since she can only drive hover, she needs to mind those corners and wreckage on the ground, so that roll will be for this round's skilled driving.*
(21:36:38) (Cloud_last): *tries to raise head*
Result of the throw of dice "1d6" :

(21:40:22) (Cloud_last):​en262#p/f/62/BlRfPQP4uhA
(21:41:30) (GM_Cy): *The Scarab veers down some streets, executes a turn that makes those inside with nausea-inducing illnesses VERY uncomfortable, and comes out on a long, straight street, with a 50 storey building dead ahead, though it looks like it has already had its' upper floors snapped off during the Cataclysm.*
(21:42:30) (Anna_21): "Is he still behind us?" Anna asks, heading down the street.
(21:42:59) (GM_Cy): *The veritable cloud of insects behind them, buzzing ahead of, around, and behind their master is more than answer enough.*
(21:43:16) (Mondo_20): *looks back* "Yes!"
(21:43:18) (GM_Cy): [On 20, Mondo.]
(21:44:10) (GM_Cy): [Anna's got her hands full driving, the gunner seat remains open.]
(21:44:22) (Mondo_20): *attempts to jump in the gunners seat and operate it with out skill*
(21:44:37) (Mondo_20): (penalty?)
(21:45:09) ChatBot: (Mondo_20) rolls 1d100 and gets (9)=9.
(21:45:20) (GM_Cy): [No bonuses to strike since he doesn't have the skill.]
(21:45:25) (Cloud_last): straight rolls
(21:45:32) (Mondo_20): (copy that)
(21:45:49) (GM_Cy): [He's got a dorsal laser gun that can shoot backwards, the nose gun for forward, believe you have the file as well?]
(21:46:09) (Cloud_last): (oh and the two out rigger plasma guns))
(21:46:20) (GM_Cy): [Oh righto, my bad.]
(21:46:34) (Mondo_20): *fire 4 times from the dorsal laser to the following swarm*
(21:46:42) ChatBot: (Mondo_20) rolls 4d20 and gets (16,12,13,13)=54.
(21:47:15) (GM_Cy): [Nice.]
(21:47:49) (GM_Cy): *The laser burns a path through the swarms each time, though the sheer number of insects makes it impossible to tell if any damage was done to Pestilence or his mount. It DOES seem to have kept them nice and angry though.*
(21:48:32) (GM_Cy): *In the crew compartment, Imala begins to stir slightly, a single tear rolling down her face from her glazed eyes. Whatever she's doing, looks like its' almost ready.*
(21:48:42) (Mondo_20): (reserve 1)
(21:52:10) (GM_Cy): *The entire group hears a voice in their mind.* {Alright, good, keep going straight for the building... Now I'm going to ask you to do something... a little crazy. I want you to keep going exactly straight, and while doing so... take out the corners of the building you're flying towards on the side facing you. Once it starts falling, just shoot straight ahead without letting up. Like I said, crazy, but... you trust me, right?} *They can almost see a faceless shape with a broad grin on its' face.*
(21:53:11) (Cloud_last): *tries to raise head*
(21:53:18) ChatBot: (Cloud_last) rolls 1d6 and gets (5)=5.
(21:53:23) (Cloud_last): fails
(21:54:18) (GM_Cy): [So fresh inits, and two corners/supports of the building to take out in one round, two tops if you shoot them AS you crash into the building and let the hull take the initial brunt of the push through.]
(21:54:23) (Mondo_20): *looks at Anna, then back at targeting screen*
(21:54:32) ChatBot: (Cloud_last) rolls 1d20 and gets (4)-1=3.
(21:54:40) ChatBot: (Cloud_last) is now known as (Cloud_3).
(21:54:45) ChatBot: (Mondo_20) rolls 1d20 and gets (20)+3=23.
(21:54:46) ChatBot: (Anna_21) rolls 1d20 and gets (17)+5=22.
(21:54:52) ChatBot: (Anna_21) is now known as (Anna_22).
(21:55:04) ChatBot: (Mondo_20) is now known as (Mondo_23).
(21:55:10) (GM_Cy): [Also: Yeah, you wanna be using those plasma cannons here, Mondo. ;)]
(21:55:22) (GM_Cy): [Anna's got the nose gun from the pilot's seat.]
(21:55:44) (GM_Cy): [Without further ado: On 23, Mondo.]
(21:56:26) (GM_Cy): [Also, your target is LARGE, stationary, and directly in front of you so the auto-miss on 5 or less is temporarily waived, anything but a natural one is hitting.]
(21:56:42) (Mondo_23): *Mondo switches to plasma canons and attempt to take out the corners of the building*
(21:57:12) ChatBot: (Mondo_23) rolls 6d20 and gets (19,5,18,15,14,4)=75.
(21:57:22) (Mondo_23): (all actions)
(21:57:42) (GM_Cy): [Aiming one plasma cannon at each, then?]
(21:57:51) (Mondo_23): (yes)
(21:57:59) (GM_Cy): [kk, so first 3 I'll assign to left support, last 3 to right. Damage away.]
(21:59:02) ChatBot: (Mondo_23) rolls 18d6 and gets (5,3,2,3,3,2,3,6,3,2,4,2,3,1,2,3,2,5)=54.
(21:59:10) (Mondo_23): (left)
(21:59:19) ChatBot: (Mondo_23) rolls 18d6 and gets (1,3,5,6,5,5,1,3,2,4,4,4,6,3,4,2,6,6)=70.
(21:59:25) (Mondo_23): (right)
(22:00:13) (GM_Cy): *The superheated energy projectiles melt through the outer concrete and brick easily, striking the MDC building supports inside and making the steel glow cherry red. Anna's up.*
(22:01:18) (Anna_22): Anna fires twice at the left, then twice at the right with the ion turrets.
(22:01:25) (Anna_22): Rolling "1d20 +2" 4 times

1: 9 + 2 = 11
2: 16 + 2 = 18
3: 14 + 2 = 16
4: 7 + 2 = 9
(22:01:33) ChatBot: (Anna_22) rolls 8d6 and gets (3,3,6,5,1,6,1,5)=30.
(22:01:35) ChatBot: (Anna_22) rolls 8d6 and gets (4,5,3,4,2,2,4,2)=26.
(22:05:46) (Mondo_23): *Holds on for dear life*
(22:05:48) (Cloud_3): ((anything else going on...?))
(22:05:49) (GM_Cy): *The supports look like they're straining, the building is DEFINITELY leaning, but they're holding enough that it's not outright falling yet, so they're not broken yet.*
(22:06:23) (Anna_22): Anna curses and lays into each with another shot.
(22:06:33) (Anna_22): Rolling "1d20 +2" 2 times

1: 17 + 2 = 19
2: 9 + 2 = 11
(22:06:41) ChatBot: (Anna_22) rolls 4d6 and gets (5,3,4,4)=16.
(22:06:43) ChatBot: (Anna_22) rolls 3d6 and gets (5,6,2)=13.
(22:06:47) (Anna_22): argh,
(22:06:51) (Anna_22): ignore that second
(22:06:53) ChatBot: (Anna_22) rolls 4d6 and gets (3,1,1,4)=9.
(22:07:44) (Cloud_3): barely concious...fading fast in & out...gathers a quarter of her last remaining mana...
(22:09:01) (GM_Cy): *There's a horrible crunching, and the supports give out. The ground floor starts crumbling as the entire weight of the building lands on its' roof, but before it can collapse, the building's weight shifts, and it starts to fall. Imala, meanwhile, has suddenly climbed to her feet, and runs for the hatch (blown open earlier when the gang needed an emergency exit) and jumps out, glowing and changing into her demigoddess form as she does.*
[Cloud on 3]
(22:11:49) (Cloud_3): sees the Imala run out and does... nothing as her plan has now gone south...literally in this case.
"Bakka Justi..."
*reaches out and dumps her last remaining PPE..all of it... into the Invincible armour field*
(22:12:27) (Cloud_3): *and falls down useless and watches the what happens*
(22:13:08) (GM_Cy): *The Scarab's protection field comes online, and they're scant seconds from impact. Assuming the next round's actions are spent pumping energy ammunition into the building to clear a path?*
(22:13:27) (Mondo_23): (yes)
(22:13:37) ChatBot: (Cloud_3) is now known as (Cloud_outcold).
(22:17:03) (GM_Cy): *The Scarab's outrigger plasma guns and ion nose turret blast at their maximum refire rate, the heat-based weapons on either side causing their barrels to glow nearly white-hot... BUT despite the bangs, jarrs, and dents, they see open sky on the far side, the sun beginning to rise in the east a welcome sight indeed. The ship's optics give them a view of what's behind them, though the sound is more than enough to spell it out for them; a rumbling and crashing like an earthquake, accompanied by the enraged scream of an Apocalypse demon being buried under millions of pounds of concrete.*
(22:20:06) (GM_Cy): *The Scarab, like the crew, seems to breathe a sigh of relief as the guns stop firing and the cooling systems auto-activate. Jase, like Cloud, is unconscious, though the plainsman has the added bruises of being on the floor during all this, Albtraum has been hastily belted into a seat and is similarly KO'd, his skull still bleeding slightly. As for Imala, there's no sign just yet. Presumably, she jumped out to make sure Pestilence could not avoid the building... but then, that would mean she's still under it... :?*
(22:20:37) (GM_Cy): [Oh, and Briar was thrown inside too, so he's all banged up also.]
(22:20:52) (GM_Cy): *Anna and Mondo are the only two conscious to see the sunrise on their victory.*
(22:21:07) (Mondo_23): :)
(22:21:34) (Anna_22): Anna lets out a sigh and tries to relax a bit, but she can't quite do that, so she just keeps flying along.
(22:22:49) (Mondo_23): *loosens his grip on the gunner console, sweating profusely, and letting out a light laugh*
(22:23:08) ChatBot: (Cloud_outcold) rolls 1d6 and gets (6)=6.
(22:24:22) (Cloud_outcold): -AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH- :O
*wakes up with face red and blotchy, covered in psoriasis, cold sweat streaming from pores*
"did we..we...we"
(22:24:27) (GM_Cy): *Cruising along to the outskirts of town, Anna finds a sun-lit hill to rest on. The city looks so much less terrifying in the morning light, and without its' Apocalyptic inhabitant. Even the insects that remain are drifting away from the city now, in small clumps here and there, looking rather lost without their guiding force.*
(22:24:55) (Anna_22): "We made it."
(22:25:03) (Anna_22): "Sorry I didn't burn the place down like you wanted, boss."
(22:25:13) (Cloud_outcold): *scrabbles around for med kit... trying with bleary eyes to find the fever meds and anti-biotics*
(22:25:14) (Mondo_23): "but we lost Imala..."
(22:25:36) (Cloud_outcold): "She...she's tougher... than... uhhh... looks*
(22:25:41) (Mondo_23): *unstraps and helps look for the med kit*
(22:26:10) (GM_Cy): "That's the spirit Chief. Always keep an eye out for the silver lining."
(22:26:39) (Cloud_outcold): *looks around*
(22:27:35) (11_Imala): ((some days I just hate my life))
(22:28:20) (GM_Cy): *Standing in the open hatch-way is Imala, grinning, though not in a way the group is used to seeing her. Its' more feral, and just a little crazy. Her blue eyes are cracked silver, and her desert-hawk wings are a fiery crimson with silver decorations. She gives a bit of a wink, entering and folding her wings.*
"We made sure ol' Pestilence stayed put, and got back in one piece to boot." :D
(22:28:30) (Cloud_outcold): ((Imalla lept out into collapsing building; rock fell...only bugman died)
(22:29:12) (Mondo_23): *Blink...Blink...jaw drops*
(22:29:37) (GM_Cy): *Her voice is an odd hybrid, her usual tone but mixed with an echo of another, male voice.*
(22:29:50) (Cloud_outcold): "Ohh... good. Now, once I get some anti-biotics, saline IV and fever meds into me... I'm going to set the auto pilot to take us back home. We are scragged. There is no way I am taking us anywhere but to the nearest medical center and machine shop."
(22:30:47) (Cloud_outcold): *drags self slong the decking to the forward section and pats Anna on the foot in congrats*
(22:30:56) ChatBot: (Cloud_outcold) is now known as (Sick_Cloud).
(22:31:04) ChatBot: (11_Imala) is now known as (Imala).
(22:31:15) ChatBot: (Mondo_23) rolls 4d100 and gets (46,24,3,32)=105.
(22:31:42) (Anna_22): Anna glances down. "Uhh... want some help, boss?"
(22:31:43) ChatBot: (Anna_22) is now known as (Anna).
(22:31:54) (Mondo_23): *uses paramedic skill to do what he can for the others /55*
(22:31:57) (Imala): "We can help out with some of the sick, may not be able to knock out Pestilence stuff completely but a little easement to the ailment"
(22:32:03) ChatBot: (Mondo_23) is now known as (Mondo).
(22:32:30) (Sick_Cloud): *nods @ Anna*
(22:33:32) (Imala): *she moves over and kneels next to cloud* "Shall we bosslady?" *there's that grin a blended grin if ever one existed, as she reaches down and touches Cloud*
(22:33:50) (Sick_Cloud): *nods*
(22:34:07) (Imala): (cure illness on ya there cloud)
(22:34:15) (Anna): Anna looks to Imala, then Cloud, then Imala, and waits.
(22:34:21) (GM_Cy): *Cloud feels the magic course through her, a definite dose of Cure Illness. Her symptoms improve immediately, not vanishing altogether, but putting her SOUNDLY on the 'recovering' side of the sickness cycle.*
(22:34:40) (Sick_Cloud): *thumbs up*
(22:34:51) (Mondo): *still attending to the others*
(22:34:56) (Imala): "Who's next? Let's fire it up!"
(22:35:26) (GM_Cy): *Mondo bandages Albtraum's head, stopping the bleeding until his supernatural healing can take care of it. He also patches up some of Jase and Briar's nastier cuts and bruises.*
(22:36:12) (Sick_Cloud): Cloud doesn't bother asking questions; starts up auto-piloting.
(22:36:12) (Mondo): "What of the Lady Isis..."
(22:36:23) (Mondo): ?
(22:36:43) ChatBot: (Sick_Cloud) rolls 1d100 and gets (99)=99.
(22:36:48) (GM_Cy): *Glancing back into the rear of the crew compartment, they see Isis. Still meditating. Still oblivious. Doesn't even look like her hair's fallen out of place. Sheesh.*
(22:36:54) (Sick_Cloud): hits the landing lights
(22:37:08) (Imala): *moves over and touches Jase, knowing he had been ill* "Mother was meditating"
(22:37:17) (Sick_Cloud): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

(22:37:45) (Anna): Anna goes to sit near Albtraum, giving a heavy sigh.
(22:37:48) (GM_Cy): *The dose of magic does wonders for his breathing, his fever begins alleviating quickly and his unconsciousness becomes sleep.*
(22:37:53) (Sick_Cloud): *nods and starts up the wings taking it easy and sloooowwwwwly ascends*
(22:38:31) (GM_Cy): *The Scarab groans, its' hull torn in places, but it was built sturdy, and it does what it's told to do.*
(22:39:37) (Imala): *moves about to all that had been afflicted by Pestilence making sure each has been touched with the cure illness*
(22:40:02) (Sick_Cloud): "Is it DEAD?"
(22:41:11) (Imala): "Oh yeah, dead and buried" *snickers* "Gone for however long it takes before they can come back"
(22:41:55) (Sick_Cloud): "heh... so..why are you all double voiced now..." Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

w d
*does NOT vomit from airsickness*
(22:42:22) (Imala): "Because he came to help, we're here, together"
(22:42:49) (Imala): "But there isn't much time, and less time now..."
(22:42:52) (Mondo): *looks up* "huh?"
(22:42:57) (Sick_Cloud): "Oh...Kami, you are kidding me...? two hearts as one I thought was a figure of speach."
(22:44:17) (Sick_Cloud): "We can NOT go into hell... we are NOT. I refuse. We are broken and NOT up to the task at this point in time. The only way we could be is if I got in touch with Hope Brightlance and had her fire up Stellar 1... and I don't know if the reactor is even fueld yet."
(22:44:18) (Imala): "The connection we have is something that could never be duplicated by someone who has never had it. How I knew from the start about the clone. He came to help us, even though that energy will be spent. The feather will be nearly spent."
(22:45:16) (Sick_Cloud): "I'm sorry but on this point I stand firm; I will NOT kill my pack off in a useless gesture."
(22:45:51) (Sick_Cloud): "We get divine help or we go back... no two ways."
(22:45:51) (GM_Cy): "We know. And yeah, I was... a little reckless maybe, but... I felt Imala casting about for some way to beat Pestilence, and I knew what I had to do. I'm not letting you guys die if I can do anything about it, no matter what it costs me personally."
(22:46:21) (GM_Cy): *The male voice coming out a bit stronger this time. Woah that's weird. 8o*
(22:46:35) (Imala): "US...there is still us...there will still be US. If I have to go alone, there will still be US"
(22:46:42) (Sick_Cloud): "get those useless lumps of clay over on the Nile to put up or shut up."
(22:46:43) (Imala): (that time is was a bit more of the female)
(22:47:35) (GM_Cy): "You said we were headed home? We need to talk to Sahtalus, and the one watching our child can help us do this. We WILL have our divine intervention, Chief. Don't you worry about that."
(22:47:38) (Sick_Cloud): *though the fever still burns, her voice increases in strength* "You hear me "MOTHER" of the Nile!? WAKE UP!"
(22:48:14) (GM_Cy): *Cloud's words resound throughout the cabin. Isis sits... and sits... and... twitches?*
(22:48:26) (Sick_Cloud): *pushes the throttle on the Wings against the fire-wall*
(22:48:54) (Sick_Cloud): "Auto-pilot is set... how are you folks doing?" *to Mondo and Anna*
(22:49:15) (GM_Cy): *She stretches, yawning slowly, moving like a warrior-acrobat as she gets up nimbly and without seeming to notice the rapid acceleration. She blinks, rubbing at her eyes sleepily.* "Hmm?"
(22:49:41) (Anna): "Tired... achey, and in desperate need of a shower and some loose clothes."
(22:50:14) (Mondo): *wipes the sweat from his brow* "okay Commander, i think...i agree with Anna's sentiment."
(22:50:20) (Imala): *turning and moving to Isis giving a familial bow* "Great Mother, we greet you, Kyros, see through me, your mother, Isis, your son and his wife, as one"
(22:52:00) (GM_Cy): *She smiles.* "I do see. But we have not the time for that now. We must save Kyros' himself." *Turns to Cloud, and gives a ninety-degrees bow, a sign of utmost respect, and coming from a goddess no less.* "You have my sincere apologies, Commander Eris-Taggart. Had I waited to regain my powers, I may have been of some use in your contest with the Pestilence. I feel as though I owe you a great debt."
(22:53:25) (Sick_Cloud): "Good... Oh and you're up now... Nile Mother. Good. Relax and enjoy the ride." *turns back to the view out the cockpit*
"And you want to pay it? Get my pack home or speed us up if you can; we can get into the fight again, but NOT like this and not without getting our wounds licked."
(22:54:08) (Sick_Cloud): "Forgive my impertnance, but samurai politeness wnet out the window when 80% of my fighting force got dusted in less than 2 minutes."
(22:56:11) (Imala): "DO not forget we must contact that group and find out how they fared against famine and we must get the skull...sorry my list to do is still rather long"
(22:56:37) (Sick_Cloud): *head desk*
(22:56:55) (Sick_Cloud): "NO. FIX first THEN grocery list."
(22:57:01) (GM_Cy): "Certainly. My powers are mine again, such a thing is easily doable." *She utters three very old-sounding words, and her Torch, Bow and Sword appear on her person. She grips the sword, leans out the open hatch, and pulses with magic energy, slashing the blade through the air, using it as a focal point for her spell.*
"Prodigium!" [Portal, or Dimensional Portal for those of us who know English. Darn Latin translator. XD]
(22:57:17) (Sick_Cloud): *knuckles go white on the controls and eyes start going violet*
(22:57:45) (Mondo): *hurriedly straps in*
(22:58:00) (Sick_Cloud): *dives into the portal*
(22:58:10) (GM_Cy): *The sword cleaves the gateway from the air, and the Scarab passes through, appearing in the sky above Lazlo.*
(22:59:24) (Sick_Cloud): Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

*wings over towards the Casa and brings it in to land IN the garden*
(23:00:32) (Sick_Cloud): (Radio); "Lampshade...this is Eris Commander. Medical emergency, and require immediate technical support on vehicle. Get the Krios sisters to be ready on standby."
(23:00:58) (Imala): "Have you contacted the good doctor?"
(23:01:03) (GM_Cy): *The Scarab sets down in the garden, Stormglider poking his head out from his nest in the stable as Alice, Legion and the other occupants of the Casa poke their heads out the myriad doors and windows to see huh???'s up. The RaMen are also in a near panic from the sudden 'invasion', though Jaglon is drilling them back into a line, as he recognizes the craft that's landed.*
(23:01:23) (GM_Cy): [Oh, 'cept Legion then, he knows. XD]
(23:01:37) (Anna): Legion is going to rouse the sisters.
(23:01:55) (Sick_Cloud): "Tahlor will know to come looking for us once she's back awake."
(23:02:09) ChatBot: (Sick_Cloud) rolls 1d100 and gets (95)=95.
(23:02:41) (Mondo): *unstraps, and sets about prepping the wounded for transport to the infirmary*
(23:02:54) (Imala): "Perhaps, being that there is a good number of us that are ill, that we have Alice take Evangeline away from possible exposure? OR we stay here until cleared of the disease?"
(23:03:07) (Sick_Cloud): "Please Sal-kess... they have disappeared and I can not contact them. Also I can not control your vessel as he is very stobborn...swetteness? Moon of my life?"
(23:03:30) (GM_Cy): *Isis strides out of the Scarab, the RaMen going from controlled ranks to prostrate with a mass cry of "Lady Isis!"*
(23:03:56) (GM_Cy): [Standing in ranks to kissing the floor in .5 seconds or less... now THAT'S discipline. ;)]
(23:04:00) (Imala): *a very sleepy kitty wakes* "Mrrrrr?? Stubborrrrn...oh...." *cat stretch*
(23:04:19) (Sick_Cloud): "Good idea you two" *doesn't blink at the weirdness of that* "Full level 4 medical protocols everyone..FULL SEALED SUITS YOU RANK ROOKIES! Look lively now." *to the crowd*
(23:04:57) (Imala): *follows out behind Isis, but not leaving from the Scarab* "Ummm..." *blinks a couple times* "Nice"
(23:04:58) (GM_Cy): [I need to jaunt to the loo, gang's got the reins for a tick, get yourselves on the road to re-outfitted. :D]
(23:05:46) (Sick_Cloud): "Oh praise the shadows! *nips an ear affectionately* I have been monitoring their battle. It did not go well, but I think they MAY have returned back to Lazlo. The Shyaer-Kai was adressing a 'Nile Mother' before they vanished."
(23:06:23) (Anna): The sisters are out and ready to assist in getting people to the infirmary - while protected of course.
(23:07:03) (Anna): Or whatever else may need doing.
(23:07:04) (Imala): *purrs softly* "Hmmm? Nile Motherrr?...oh that must be the lady Imala had me help...she was in a verrrry bad place...." *yawns* "Ok...I can fly..."
(23:07:56) (Imala): *seems a bit torn as to leaving the scarab, not leaving the scarab, not wanting to infect anyone*
(23:07:57) (Sick_Cloud): *nods and gets back into co-pilot seat* "Course plotted; just need you to make this wonderful machine take us there."
(23:08:44) (Imala): *she laughs soflty as she caresses the controls*
(23:08:49) ChatBot: (Imala) rolls 1d100 and gets (96)=96.
(23:09:04) (Imala): ((whoops wrong controls 8o ))
(23:09:23) ChatBot: (Imala) is now known as (Imala/Persia).
(23:09:26) (Sick_Cloud): some poor defensless sea monster just got novaed ;)
(23:10:06) (Imala/Persia): "Hmmm...perrrhaps I should trrry some stimulants..."
(23:10:13) (Sick_Cloud): "heh... Mondo; I am soooo gonna get you re-kitted."
(23:10:34) ChatBot: (Imala/Persia) rolls 1d100 and gets (40)=40.
(23:10:39) (Mondo): *sets to enacting quarantine protocols, mumbling* "shower, pizza, armor..."
(23:10:45) (Sick_Cloud): "Oh Anna; once you're certified as non-infectious? Get your bolter cleaned and re-armed."
(23:10:46) ChatBot: sbpayne77 enters the channel.
(23:11:17) ChatBot: sbpayne77 leaves the channel.
(23:11:24) (Mondo): *smiles at the thought of new toys, hearing the Commander*
(23:11:33) (Imala/Persia): 40/71 crate gets moving LOL
(23:11:39) (GM_Cy): [And back, apologies.]
(23:11:47) (Anna): "I think I need a spare suit of armor too, ma'am. But right away."
(23:11:53) (Anna): Anna takes off to re-arm her bolter and clean it out.
(23:12:50) (GM_Cy): *Isis turns back to Cloud.* "Jaglon can have the RaMen ready to march within half an hour, immediately if you do not mind their camp remaining on your lands for the time being."
(23:13:55) (Sick_Cloud): *Grins* "Not at all. In fact that suits perfectly. I kinda got used to them being around... Pharoness."
(23:14:20) (Sick_Cloud): "Oh...Imalla? Question; will you be needing your Templar suit?"
(23:14:32) (Imala/Persia): *she walks up by Cloud* "Actually was thinking about using it...why?"
(23:14:54) (Sick_Cloud): "Okay. double voice?"
(23:15:06) (Imala/Persia): ((wrong color my bad))
(23:15:10) (Sick_Cloud): *looks around* "damn... he's gone back hasn;t he."
(23:15:45) (Imala/Persia): *she walks up by cloud* "Actually not yet, but soon...and Jase's feather will be near gone. The rose is the last of our time gauges"
(23:15:54) ChatBot: (Sick_Cloud) is now known as (Cl/Ho/Ta).
(23:16:28) (GM_Cy): "For someone I owe a debt to, Isis is all that is required, Commander Eris-Taggart." *She smiles.* "And I will contact the Pantheon to ready our frontal assault. If my daughter-in-law's plan comes to fruition, we will be prepared to attack my traitorous brother head-on to draw his attention from your forces attacking from the hidden portal."
(23:17:46) (Cl/Ho/Ta): "My thanks then Isis-dono."
To Imalla
"Okay...well let him go now; he's gonna need his strength." *Looks to the medics* "Pick it up people; we're not dead but we may soon be if we don't get flushed."
(23:17:56) (Imala/Persia): *nods* "As soon as I am considered disease free I will speak with Alice to contact Sahtalus about our using the portal, as to the location, I believe Laday Rhada will be of assistance in that matter. May mean a little chill there Cloud"
(23:18:30) (Imala/Persia): *looking to Cloud* "It is already energy spent, why not use all the time if already paid for it?"
(23:19:37) (Cl/Ho/Ta): "CHILL I can deal with after raosting in my own juices and body heat :P "
(23:19:58) (GM_Cy): *Imala's eyes flash emerald for a moment as he ruffles Cloud's hair a bit.* "Don't be TOO anxious to get rid of me, Chief. S'been a long six months hanging out with Set and his crowd, and let me tell you, I'm spitting the travel agent that booked me on that cruise from both ends."
(23:20:12) (Cl/Ho/Ta): -sigh- "fair enough... And tell Alice I still want to finish our dance..." *winks*
(23:21:14) (Imala/Persia): *raises an eyebrow*
(23:21:43) (GM_Cy): "I WOULD like to see our daughter before I have to go though."
(23:22:07) (Mondo): *Sets to stripping gear for quarantine and decontamination, mumbles* "shower, pizza, weapons, armor,..."
(23:22:17) (Cl/Ho/Ta): Hope; "Matriarchs? *bows; hand to 'heart'* I appologize for interupting. May I and my counterpart be of service in this crusade?"
(23:23:20) (Cl/Ho/Ta): Cloud nods at Hope and waves Imalla to the deccontamination shower. "Git sister. Go get cleaned and see your kid. We'll be okay here."
(23:23:42) (Imala/Persia): *nods and looks to Isis and bows to her before heading off to get cleaned*
(23:24:12) (GM_Cy): *Isis turns, regarding Hope.* "You seem an accomplished warrior. I for one would welcome your aid. But it is not my place to say." *Smiles at Cloud.* "Then we may stand together on the field of battle. It has been far too long since I fought a proper battle."
(23:24:41) (Cl/Ho/Ta): Cloud to Hope; "Just maybe, yeah. isis Dono? Got any room for a displaced amazonian gynoid ambassador / warrior?"
(23:25:34) (Cl/Ho/Ta): Hope loolks like a school girl wiating to see if she's going to prom; twisting fingers nervously like her anteanae.
(23:26:22) (Imala/Persia): *stops and looks back* "Hey, before I go and enjoy this shower a whole lot...something to think about...there was something overheard between Set and Gaphion. There were seven..." *tilts head curious* "Ok, shower time"
(23:26:26) (GM_Cy): *She smiles.* "Always. I believe a cousin of mine has a favoured people of similar warriors. It would ease my mind to know I had a warrior of that type on the field of battle with us."
(23:29:59) (Cl/Ho/Ta): *roosters head to one side and antenae stand straight out."Simmilar? and Honoured...? 8o...:D" *goes to one knee and hand to heart and head* "Honour is mine to serve a sister to the lightbringer and the Goddess. Shem-Har-kahl!"
(23:31:40) (Cl/Ho/Ta): Cloud smiles as she leans back into her stretcher...and looks up at the sky. "You watching puppy? Better step up if you don't want to be upstaged." B)
(23:32:29) (GM_Cy): *Isis smiles softly, showing her title as All-mother.* "Ah, you know of Shemmaria as well. What is your name, child?"
*'Imala' heads inside to get cleaned up while the Casa becomes a bustling hub of activity. Anna finds herself a spare set of armour, as of yet unmarked, and has her bolter re-outfitted, while Albtraum regains consciousness and confines himself to a room, a 'Back in 30 or less!' sign on the doorknob, and the rest of the team seperates to get their preparations done.*
(23:33:31) (Mondo): *sets to getting that shower, pizza, weapons, armor...*
(23:34:26) (Imala/Persia): *after shower and checked for non transmittal diseasieness, goes to find Alice and Evangeline*
(23:35:13) (Cl/Ho/Ta): "Hope Brightlance; first progen child to the Tribe of Hawkmoon...warrior scholar of the free Shemarrian peoples."
(23:36:55) (Anna): Anna changes into a simple suit without the blazer as she normally wears for a little bit, just to have some freedom while everyone does their preparations.
(23:37:02) (Cl/Ho/Ta): (Radio) "DART command, this is Aileet Tahlor. We are inbound. ETA 20 minutes."
(23:37:05) (GM_Cy): *She smiles kindly.* "Then it is good to meet you, Hope Brightlance. I hope this battle will be one you may tell your sisters of for many years to come, and receive the respect your are due for participating in it. My son's life depends on it."
(23:37:26) (GM_Cy): [you are due*]
(23:39:16) (Cl/Ho/Ta): "Even males are precious to the tribe. We do not forsake them, and I will do my best to be worthy of song."
*bows a third time and then goes to outfit 'Stormglider'
(23:40:33) (GM_Cy): *Isis smiles, a little sadly, and turns back to organizing the RaMen, then sits cross-legged on the grass to commune with her pantheon and organize the 'divine intervention' Cloud wanted. ;)*
(23:42:31) (GM_Cy): *The Scarab, meanwhile, is quickly taken in for work by Legion and other helpers, Caesar arriving to put his new bionics to use, welding the tears in the metal and even managing to get some new paint on. :D*
(23:42:59) ChatBot: (Imala/Persia) rolls 5d30 and gets (17,15,14,23,11)=80.
(23:43:14) (Cl/Ho/Ta): Cloud turns to the Briar and smirks. "hey kid; we have some time. Want me to teach ya some mojo?"
(23:44:28) (Cl/Ho/Ta): ..and looks at the multiple I.V. drips going into her.
"oh joy...back to day 3 of Dragoon conditioning. :P "
(23:46:30) (Cl/Ho/Ta): ((brb))
(23:47:18) (Imala/Persia): *it is some time before Imala comes back out, eyes a little puffy as if she may have shed some tears, but she has a smile on her face, and she seeks out Jaglon*
(23:47:48) (GM_Cy): *When examined, the group sees the feather Jase was carrying has burned away to literally a tiny plume that is little more than a tuft attached to the nib of the feather. It burns away at about a millimeter every day, but there are less than three millimeters of it left to begin with, so they have about two and a half days TOPS to get Kyros rescued. Not nearly as much time as they hoped for... BUT more than they feared they would have, at least.*
(23:48:04) (Cl/Ho/Ta): ((bak))
(23:50:27) (GM_Cy): *The tiger-striped RaMan is seated near Lady Isis, though not close enough as to in any way invade her space. Ever the vigilant guard.*
(23:51:06) (GM_Cy): *Meanwhile, in the Casa, Anna feels a light, almost hesitant, tap on her shoulder.*
(23:51:12) (Cl/Ho/Ta): (Phone to Anna) -rinnngggggle rinnnggggggle-
(23:51:33) (GM_Cy): *The ringing causes said tapper to jump like a foot in the air. Nervous, whoever it is. XD*
(23:52:12) (Anna): Anna answers. "H'lo?"
(23:52:15) (Imala/Persia): "Jaglon" *Imala smiles and bows her head respectfully to the leader of the Ra-men* "I apologize for not being able to have warned you about the doublecross and arrival of the clone. You and your squad have done a wonderful job here and I appreciate your desire to take the fight to them."
(23:53:30) (Cl/Ho/Ta): "Hey Anna? BAD news. we've got 24 hours down time. That's it. You wanna come by when you have the chance and see to Alb'y? I think he may be sitting this jaunt out."
(23:53:54) (Cl/Ho/Ta): *looks around for the chimera*
(23:53:55) (GM_Cy): *The feline warrior smiles grimly.* "I fear I do not share your generous assessment of our performance, Majesty. We have accomplished little during our stay here, and failed in the task assigned to us. Each of us would gladly give our lives to return your Lord husband to you to atone for our failure."
(23:54:46) (Anna): Anna turns to face the tapper as Anna responds. "Will be sure to, thanks Chief."
(23:55:32) (Cl/Ho/Ta): " did well. Thanks again for getting us OUT."
(23:55:38) (Cl/Ho/Ta): -clik-
(23:56:05) (GM_Cy): *Anna sees a VERY nervous looking young man in jeans and a too-loose green t-shirt. He has dirty silver hair which darkens towards the roots to a near-black, and his eyes are a pale green.*
(23:56:16) (Imala/Persia): "You may get the chance, I won't sugar coat it, but I will tell you this. You won't be out there alone. I fight with you."
(23:56:34) (Anna): Anna blinks and stares. "Caaaaan I help you?"
(23:57:02) (Mondo): *reappears showered, shaved, and with half a pizza slice sticking out his mouth, carrying his embattled armor (its still good). Heads to the Ship, to help with restocking supplies and such*
(23:57:32) (GM_Cy): "Oh, uhm, no, I'm sorry." *Blinks a few times, realizing his mouth is moving without his brain's consent.* "Uh... ignore that. I... Do you..." *Wow. Talk about tripping over one's tongue. Poor guy. :?*
(23:58:20) (GM_Cy): *Jaglon nods.* "We never expected you to sit at the sidelines, Majesty. You are... well, I suppose the best way to put it would be 'highly proactive'."
(23:58:47) (Cl/Ho/Ta): @ the robo-phoenix; "I know it will weigh you down, but we can not afford to go into battle with our hands bound. Railsguns AND Plasma casters. I would insist on the glide bomb as well, but since our hosts do not have any in the armoury at present... Oh do shut up and stand still while I get your port gun locked."
(23:58:55) (Anna): "Out with it man." Anna smirks a bit. "Whatcha need?"
(23:59:34) (Mondo): (brb, bio)
(23:59:55) (GM_Cy): "Y-y-your opinion...?" *Almost questioningly.* "I m-mean, if y-you don't l-like me looking like this, I can change it... I think? Maybe not, but I'd try, at least."
(00:00:00) (Imala/Persia): *laughs softly* "That's a good way to put it yes, I fight for what I believe in, always have...of course at one time that was the letter of the law and I doled it out as only Justice knew how, cold. Now it's something...more"
(00:00:10) (Cl/Ho/Ta): Cloud sticks her toung out at Mondo as he scarfs down the pizza. The thought of food making Cloud ill.
(00:00:22) (Anna): Anna pauses... then her jaw drops, and she goes wide eyed. "... A-Alb?"
(00:00:35) (GM_Cy): *Decides its' better to just shut up, he nods.*
(00:01:24) (GM_Cy): *Jaglon smiles less grimly.* "Life is about learning. That much I have never doubted."
(00:01:34) (Anna): "I... /wow/." She blinks a few times, and steps closer, looking him over closely. "Holy ****... you look..." She pauses to choose the next bit carefully.
(00:01:57) (GM_Cy): *Those pale green eyes watch her with enormous concern.*
(00:02:30) (Anna): "... **** words." And Anna has her arms around the very-human-looking Alb's neck for a smooch.
(00:03:50) (Imala/Persia): *nods* "This is so very true. I have some things to finish off with, I look forward to you and your squad at my side in the coming battle" *bowing respectfully and then smiles at Isis and nods towards her knowing that she is meditating and heads off to gather her things and thoughts*
(00:04:14) (GM_Cy): *He blushes deeply, but doesn't protest a bit. Active participation does not require protesting. O:-D*
(00:05:03) (GM_Cy): *And so our heroes have come home to sleep off their fatigue, re-arm, re-armour, and ready themselves to storm the very gates of the Egyptian underworld itself. Destination: Kyros, Taut, and all the myriad hordes at Set's disposal. This is going to get ugly. But the question is... for who? >:-D*

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Slight change in the battle line. Tahlor most likely will stay behind to hold down the side-real 'verse end of things, while Cloud will be leading from the rear (for once). Hope Brightlance and Stormglider will have the van this time.

Bind the body to the opened mind
Bind the body to the opened mind

I dream of towers in a world consumed
A void in the sentient sky
I dream of fissures across the moon
Leaves of the lotus rise

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I still can't believe that little beetle was still alive...stupid beetle.

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Monkra wrote:
I still can't believe that little beetle was still alive...stupid beetle. badly did you personally get hosed by the supposedly dead beetle?

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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taalismn wrote:
Monkra wrote:
I still can't believe that little beetle was still alive...stupid beetle. badly did you personally get hosed by the supposedly dead beetle?

I think it was less to do with how badly the bug bit him, and more to do with how persistent it was in following him around TRYING to bite him. :lol:
And well, those beetle-minions Pestilence summons from his staff ARE reasonably durable, 120 MDC apiece. :angel:

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Cytibor wrote:
taalismn wrote:
Monkra wrote:
I still can't believe that little beetle was still alive...stupid beetle. badly did you personally get hosed by the supposedly dead beetle?

I think it was less to do with how badly the bug bit him, and more to do with how persistent it was in following him around TRYING to bite him. :lol:
And well, those beetle-minions Pestilence summons from his staff ARE reasonably durable, 120 MDC apiece. :angel:

Which makes them, what, HALF as durable as Manhatten cockroaches?

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

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taalismn wrote:
Cytibor wrote:
taalismn wrote:
Monkra wrote:
I still can't believe that little beetle was still alive...stupid beetle. badly did you personally get hosed by the supposedly dead beetle?

I think it was less to do with how badly the bug bit him, and more to do with how persistent it was in following him around TRYING to bite him. :lol:
And well, those beetle-minions Pestilence summons from his staff ARE reasonably durable, 120 MDC apiece. :angel:

Which makes them, what, HALF as durable as Manhatten cockroaches?

Probably. :angel: Still, the roaches don't have massive mandibles that can parry swords and bite you in half once they get you out of your armour. :lol:

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Cytibor wrote:
[Probably. :angel: Still, the roaches don't have massive mandibles that can parry swords and bite you in half once they get you out of your armour. :lol:

Nah. Manhatten cockroaches take your wallet and credit cards then sell your identity online(it's the credit card companies that bite you in half when you try to cancel your cards).

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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taalismn wrote:
Cytibor wrote:
[Probably. :angel: Still, the roaches don't have massive mandibles that can parry swords and bite you in half once they get you out of your armour. :lol:

Nah. Manhatten cockroaches take your wallet and credit cards then sell your identity online(it's the credit card companies that bite you in half when you try to cancel your cards).

I had always wondered how those loan sharks got around on land. :D NOW it makes sense. ;)
Have to remember never to just assume I happened to drop my wallet next to a large body of water... :angel:

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Shall have the update posted tomorrow; but for now, a preview.

Rest was had, armour was mended, guns were procured.
Deals were struck, a bet was made, a soul put on the line.
A gateway leading to a familiar Hell, in pursuit of a backdoor to the Egyptian underworld.
The Nile War, waged by the gods of the Pantheons of Ra and Taut, is coming to a head, with a fierce battle being waged on the fields and through the dunes of Ma'ip, sacred home of the Nile gods of both pantheons, while a desperate rescue attempt is mounted from within to save Kyros and reclaim the pieces of Osiris.

It's time to storm the gates of Taut.

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Cytibor wrote:
Shall have the update posted tomorrow; but for now, a preview.

Rest was had, armour was mended, guns were procured.
Deals were struck, a bet was made, a soul put on the line.
A gateway leading to a familiar Hell, in pursuit of a backdoor to the Egyptian underworld.
The Nile War, waged by the gods of the Pantheons of Ra and Taut, is coming to a head, with a fierce battle being waged on the fields and through the dunes of Ma'ip, sacred home of the Nile gods of both pantheons, while a desperate rescue attempt is mounted from within to save Kyros and reclaim the pieces of Osiris.

Its' time to storm the gates of Taut.

So...a trip to the bait shop for worms before a summer weekend fishing for Lord of the Deep?

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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taalismn wrote:
Cytibor wrote:
Shall have the update posted tomorrow; but for now, a preview.

Rest was had, armour was mended, guns were procured.
Deals were struck, a bet was made, a soul put on the line.
A gateway leading to a familiar Hell, in pursuit of a backdoor to the Egyptian underworld.
The Nile War, waged by the gods of the Pantheons of Ra and Taut, is coming to a head, with a fierce battle being waged on the fields and through the dunes of Ma'ip, sacred home of the Nile gods of both pantheons, while a desperate rescue attempt is mounted from within to save Kyros and reclaim the pieces of Osiris.

Its' time to storm the gates of Taut.

So...a trip to the bait shop for worms before a summer weekend fishing for Lord of the Deep?

If anyone named 'Paul' or 'Usul' shows up, I'm leaving... :frust: :thwak:

Bind the body to the opened mind
Bind the body to the opened mind

I dream of towers in a world consumed
A void in the sentient sky
I dream of fissures across the moon
Leaves of the lotus rise

~Dream Again By Miracle of Sound

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That's The Last Time I Book a Trip With an Infernal Travel Agent...

February 5th: With their preparations wrapping up, the D.A.R.T. had only to wait for their route to be secured to head out, with Imala contacting Supreme Lord Dyval, Sahtalus, to negotiate passage through his realm with the assistance of Alice/Dyrella.

Imala had hoped that by informing Sahtalus that Set had cheated their bargain by omitting a portal connecting Dyval with Taut and Hades, the infernal king would be sufficiently angered to the point where he would assist her (and the D.A.R.T.) in exacting revenge upon the treacherous Set. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The Supreme Lord Dyval had also received a blood-signed contract from Set, which, when invoked, allowed Sahtalus to command any one thing of Set, barring ending his own life or abdicating his position as primary god of his pantheon. This single contract, to Sahtalus, was valuable enough to overlook the omission of even such an important portal, for should the demons of Hades ever invade, he could command Set (and by extension, the pantheon of Taut) into action against them, increasing Dyval's effective combat strength several times over simply by dint of counting more deities amongst their forces.

Shaken, but determined, Imala asked if Sahtalus would re-consider, and the infernal king offered a single compromise he would be willing to accept: the blood-signature of Ra to replace that of Set, for should the group be successful in their raid on Taut, it was likely Osiris would be revived, and the pantheon of Taut's power broken. The only replacement for a blood-signed contract bearing the name of a primary god, in Sahtalus' eyes, was the blood-signature of another primary god. Taken aback, Imala realized that this was something she could not promise, as she had no power or authority to command Ra to do such a thing. Even Isis' offer of using her signature in Ra's place would not change Sahtalus' mind.

With the prospects for the group's plan of attack looking ever-bleaker, Sahtalus offered a slight modification to his original compromise;
"You will get Ra's signature for me in seven days, or you will forfeit your soul to me. One unconditional favour from Ra, or the rest of your life as my servant.....

Do we have a deal?"

Imala cringed at the offer, for the risk to herself and the pantheon she had married into was enormous, but she saw no other way to succeed in their mission to retrieve her husband... and so she agreed. With the contract signed, in blood (of course), Sahtalus granted the D.A.R.T. passage through Dyval, even going so far as to offer them a guide to speed them on their way, and then broke off the connection. Alice/Dyrella tried to offer Imala some comfort, but decided it was better she simply prepare the portal for the group's transit to Dyval. Jase, having overheard the conversation, was unhappy about the outcome, but said little as he felt it was not his place. Cloud, rousing from her recovery-bed, opted not to hear the exact details of how Imala secured them their permission to pass through Dyval until AFTER the rescue was done.

And so, with their final preparations taken care of, the group passed through Alice/Dyrella's portal and into Dyval Prime, where they were met by Lady Hel, Sahtalus' wife and Lady in charge of the first layer of Dyval. Using her ability to manipulate her realm, she bent the distance between the Gate and the facsimile of Lady Rhada's chateau-like Citadel, where the group passed from Dyval Prime directly to Tundra to meet with the Ice Queen they had freed on their previous visit. Rhada was pleased to see them, and agreed to escort them to the portal in question, being familiar with it as Ammit (one of Set's pantheon) had agreed to run messages between herself and Abdul-Ra, the Demon Lord she had fallen in love with, by making use of the portal. Forming an icy... well, slide, she leaped from the mountain and slid down its' side, the group following with markedly more alarm. :angel: It wasn't long before they saw the portal looming ahead, it's not long now...

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And the chat log.
(20:22:45) (GM_Cy): *When we last left our heroes, they had returned to Lazlo with the assistance of Lady Isis, Allmother of the Pantheon of Ra, as well as Imala's mother-in-law. The group has begun gathering their forces and re-outfitting themselves for the imminent raid on the Egyptian underworld of Taut to rescue Kyros, their long-time comrade (though Briar and Mondo haven't actually met him yet, as his clone doesn't exactly count :P) from his uncle (and primary god of the Pantheon of Taut) Set Typhon-Tanis. But before the rescue can even begin, they need to secure a number of advantages crucial to their plan. Here's hopin' they can pull it off, for Kyros' sake as well as their own. Failure, in this case, could very well have consequences far worse than death...*
(20:25:55) (Cloud_semiafk): Raises bed...all the better to look out the transparrent plastic on the preparations.
"Hey -kaff koff- be careful out there!"
(20:26:41) (Mondo): *sets about restocking the scarab with supplies*
(20:26:43) (Imala): *walks into the room with Cloud and places a hand on her shoulder and pushes her back to the bed* "You be careful here, Sister. You took a lot of abuse from Pestilence"
(20:28:03) (GM_Cy): *It is now the 5th of February, the day after the group's return from Africa. Briar and Jase are in the med-bay with Cloud learning diligently, as well as fetching things for the recovering dragoon. Mondo has been informed he will be receiving a new weapon, and Anna is, of course, with the now-human-looking Albtraum, who is helping her get into (and accustomed to) her new suit of Sororitas plate.*
(20:28:44) (Anna): "Alb?" Anna says in an amused tone.
(20:29:53) (Imala): "I'm going to be talking to Alice about contacting Sahtahlus, I do need to speak with him on some information. I want to know you will be doing everything you can to get healthy" *concern in her voice*
(20:30:09) (GM_Cy): "Yes?" *Blinking, tilting his head despite the fact that he now DOES have a face and can show embarrassment in a more normal way. And yeah, he's still extremely self-conscious about the whole 'human' thing. ;)*
(20:30:36) (Cloud_semiafk): "Yeah -kaff- no foolin...Oh..Justi? :? I'm sorry wolfs...but...this is the last time. I can't keep putting my pack in danger on behalf of divine or infernal."
(20:30:53) (Anna): "Your hands should be working on helping me get into the armor." She grins and pokes his nose.
(20:31:02) (Imala): "Understood" *nods and walks out of the room*
(20:31:49) (GM_Cy): *He blinks.* "Uhm, sure, just tell me where to put them. To help you. With getting into your armour. ...YouknowwhatImeant!"
(20:32:51) (Anna): "I was just teasing." She grins, then hugs him. "Are the buckles all done?"
(20:33:53) (Cloud_semiafk): "...damn..."
(20:34:25) (Imala): *heads off to find Alice*
(20:34:36) (Cloud_semiafk): Tahlor sets about securing the side-real bridgehead
(20:34:41) ChatBot: JennieRae enters the channel.
(20:34:58) (GM_Cy): *He blushes fiercely, but nods.* "Oh, uhm, yes. Are they too tight?"
(20:35:00) JennieRae: [Sorry I'm late. I'm going to be in and out for a few minutes, but I'm here now.]
(20:35:08) (GM_Cy): [kk, glad you made it]
(20:35:18) ChatBot: JennieRae is now known as (Briar_Croup).
(20:35:31) (Anna): "No no, I'm good." She smiles, then tries to walk around. "Alright, perfect. Now hug me."
(20:35:32) (Cloud_semiafk): Cloud; "Mondo...The Scarab is staying PUT... we're taking ground transport. Look in the hanger, it should be at the back of the building... the big wolf shaped combat machine." -kaff kaff kaff-
(20:35:58) (GM_Cy): *Blushing fiercely with head tilting to boot. But hugs abound. ;)*
(20:36:42) (Mondo): *looks up* "Copy that Commander, will head to the hanger."
(20:37:44) (Jase): **Jase blows his noise rather loudly after Clouds last sentence* "Sorry about that..." *He says somewhat sheepishly.* "Shall I go find something to kit Mondo and Briar out with?"
(20:37:44) (GM_Cy): *Imala finds Alice minding Evangeline in her office in the study, the little girl seemingly unbothered with her nanny being of infernal origin.*
(20:38:30) (Mondo): *heads to the hanger, post haste, mumbles* "I think we'll need all the firepower we can muster."
(20:38:47) (Imala): *leans agains the door frame watching a smile on her face before clearing her throat softly* "Alice? Got a moment?"
(20:41:09) (Cloud_semiafk): "I've already looked at Mondo's training -sigh kaff- he's NOT traine din slug throwers so -koff hack- ... a bolter is right out. Wilks pulse laser rifle. and a twin barrel Wilks las-pistol for Briar. -sigggghhhh- and make sure the young spell tosser LEARNS that spell."
(20:41:20) (GM_Cy): *She looks up, eyes violet. She's been more comfortable with letting her infernal self show through a bit, her hair having shifted from brown to black, and her eyes a mix of Alice's blue and Dyrella's red.* "Oh, Imala. Sure, what's up?"
(20:42:33) (Jase): "I'll make sure it gets squared away inside his head, don't worry. As for the weapons, Shall I go pick them up?"
(20:42:39) (Imala): *slipping in scooping up Evangeline as she sits on the floor cross-legged style* "I need to speak with Sahtahlus. I have some information I wish to trade with him for some help. Might you be able to assist with this?"
(20:44:06) (Cloud_semiafk): "Talk to Ali about getting enough creds from the ... team funds..."
(20:45:00) (Mondo): *seeks out Tahlor, and offers his assistance*
(20:45:39) (GM_Cy): *She blinks.* "Certainly I can. Though I must admit I haven't spoken to Lord Sahtalus as often as I once did, outside of my mandatory reports. Fortunately... the clone stealing the pieces of Osiris I had in my keeping along with yours provides us an easy explanation for their absence."
(20:46:36) (Jase): "Will do" *He bends over and gives her a kiss on the forehead* "Now, unless you have something else you need me to pick up I'll get out of here and let you rest."
(20:48:16) (Cloud_semiafk): "Ah Shyaen Mondo. Good to see you managed to avoid getting plague ridden in that last battle. Ah *notices the Cyberknight's dusty hands* If you could assist me and the maintenece droids in locking the troop pods to the side of Shayer-kai Eris' machine, that would be of great help."
(20:48:50) (Cloud_semiafk): "Nah stud...I'll be a good girl. I won't even nip the nure for cahnging my I.V."
(20:49:09) (Imala): *nods* "I understand about that. I appreciate your help in this matter. I know you don't have to."
(20:49:17) ChatBot: (Imala) is now known as (Imala/Persia).
(20:49:24) (Mondo): "I am at your service Master Tahlor." *sets about doing as instructed/ learning, learning, learning*
(20:49:57) (Jase): *Jase flashes one mroe smile to his ill sweetheart before seeking out Alice's office*
(20:50:15) (Imala/Persia): Persia: *as if on cue she walks in to the room and up to the side of Cloud* "Well, I'll take care of that rrright now...and I bite back Ms. Cloud" *grins her toothy feline grin*
(20:51:06) (Cloud_semiafk): The void black skinned humanoid (in velvet vest?! While doing grunt work?) directs Mondo in hooking up the hoist chains and what cable needs to connect to what socket.
(20:52:40) (Mondo): *Happily follows as instructed, and soon is covered in sweat and grime*
(20:55:49) (Imala/Persia): ((test))
(20:55:57) (Cloud_semiafk): Hope meanwhile has disappeared for short period of time; when she returns, a long nearly 5ft. long "lance" rifle is slung over her shoulder.
(20:56:18) (GM_Cy): *Jase arrives as Alice begins establishing the connection to Sahtalus, using a large mirror in the room as the scrying point. It is not long before the surface of the mirror clouds and darkens, and Sahtalus' voice can be heard, as silken (and as dangerous) as ever.* "Ah... Dyrella. I see you have company. Unusual, given that you are meant to be posing as an ordinary human."
"Ah, well, yes, Master, but you see, there are... circumstances you are not aware of. The pieces of Osiris in my keeping have been stolen by a third party, and the Darts share a dislike with the individual in question, as well as his master, so I have revealed myself in the hopes of better punishing those responsible. Also, Master... one of the Darts wishes to speak with you, if you will allow it?"
*There's a pause as the Supreme Lord Dyval mulls this information over.* "Very well. Speak."
(20:58:34) (Imala/Persia): *moving forward she gives a respectful nod* "Greetings Lord Sahtahlus. I am Imala Sebhest. It is I that wishes to speak with you. I have need of your aid in a movement we are preparing against a certain, deity."
(20:58:56) (Jase): *Jase waits at the door for the exchange to end*
(20:58:58) (Cloud_semiafk): *Finishing the last connection to the side of the Wolf-mech* "There.* *tuggs a few times with full strength* They should not move until the mission is finished."
(21:02:44) (GM_Cy): *Imala can almost see Sahtalus raising an eyebrow through the murky depths of the mirror.* "An attack against a divine power, and you come to the master of the greatest infernal realm for aid? I suppose I can see the logic that brought you to this conclusion, but it is intriguing nevertheless. I assume you have already taken into account the political ramifications attacking a god typically carries, and have something to make it worthy my while?"
(21:03:30) (Mondo): *steps back and looks at the beautiful piece of iron-mongery before him, impressed* "I still think we'll need more fire-power."
(21:04:01) (Imala/Persia): "Perhaps, I have information. The god in question recently had an agreement with you. One I believe he may have cheated a bit on"
(21:05:52) (GM_Cy): "I deal with few gods, so I assume you are referring to Set of Taut? I am aware of your history with him, and I warn you now: do not attempt to deceive me into an ill-conceived offensive simply because of your dislike for him. I do not tolerate treachery that costs me valuable time or assets."
(21:06:52) (Imala/Persia): "I am not planning any deceit. I understand the cost of your handing my husband over to him was a list of all the portals connected to your Dyval, yes?"
(21:07:32) (GM_Cy): "That is correct. Your point being?"
(21:07:57) (Imala/Persia): "I believe there may have been one he left off. It is of this certain portal that I wish to negotiate your assistance with"
(21:08:09) (Cloud_semiafk): "Shyaen Mondo...this has quite a bit of fire power. Unfortunately my Sal-kess' 'Killing moon' would have great difficulty in tranbsfering over to where you are going. And I think the Shyaer-kai's 'Stellar 1' is MUCH too large."
(21:08:29) (GM_Cy): "I could hardly assist you with a portal I am unaware of, and have no proof exists at all. Do enlighten me further."
(21:11:01) (Mondo): *looks at Tahlor* "for an operation of this magnitude my friend, one could always use more firepower, considering our opposition." *winks*
(21:11:35) (Cloud_semiafk): Hope (as quietly as an 8ft. tall nearly 600lbs amazon can) tip toes past most of the preparations, in search of the Sisters Krios... a certain small blonde one in particular.
(21:12:48) (GM_Cy): *Hope finds Anna spending time with a slightly awkward, blushing (but smiling) young man with dirty silver hair and pale green eyes.*
(21:12:54) (Cloud_semiafk): "It is not may fault you are not trained in the Artemis-pattern bolt-gun that the Shyaer-kai seems to favour for her warriors."
(21:14:08) (Cloud_semiafk): -knock knock- "Excuse me warrior Krios-Anna... I do not mean to intrude." *bows quickly, hand over 'heart'*
(21:14:10) (Imala/Persia): *taking a deep breath* "Let us discuss first what it is I am looking for. Shall we?"
(21:14:38) (Anna): "Hm? Oh!" Anna bows in response. "What's up?"
(21:14:43) (Anna): How formal, Anna.
(21:14:59) (GM_Cy): "I think that may be best. After all, I must contemplate what it will cost you."
(21:15:22) (Jase): *Jase watches with increasing intensity, but he still remains silent by the door*
(21:15:59) (Cloud_semiafk): "I am just curious; will you be taking your own vehicle, riding along with Matriarch Eris, or do you require...I think the term I am looking for 'A ride'?"
(21:16:16) (Mondo): "true, but i am an avid student, and i gather, learning the weapon would not take long. i shall rectify that once we accomplish our mission. :)"
(21:16:56) (Imala/Persia): "I want to take a force through Dyval to use this portal, without assault by your dyvalian inhabitants."
(21:18:15) (Cloud_semiafk): *nods* "Alas, yet again my skills are of no use to the battle at hand. If one needed a certain invidual quietly removed or doors discretely opened? services and skills would be most ideal. Frontal assault on a realm of dark gods? No."
(21:19:45) (GM_Cy): "A complex matter indeed, considering your organization is bound by blood-contract not to enter Dyval without my express permission, just as I may not interfere with Lazlo. The expiration for this contract is years away."
(21:20:30) ChatBot: (Cloud_semiafk) is now known as (C/H/T).
(21:20:47) (Anna): "Uhh... I'm not really sure. I guess I'll be riding with the Commander."
(21:22:56) (C/H/T): "Oh..."
*looks like grade-schooler told that they won't be going on the field trip*
"Very well then...Some other time then."
"Fight well little sister, and do your matriarch proud. Blessings of the Lightbringer and the souls of the ten be upon you."
(21:23:58) (Imala/Persia): "I believe then that it is permission for the DARTs that I am asking for, use of the portal, no assault from dyvalians. I would be just as happy to show up and pass through said portal spending as little time in your realm as possible. NO offense to you, but I am on a time schedule and honestly, it is not you nor your realm that is my target."
(21:23:59) (Jase): "Umm, that is sort of why this conversation is taking place is it not? To get your permission and your aid in going through the portal." *Jase asks from the doorway*
(21:23:59) (Anna): "Oh, wait. Did you... wanna ride with me or something? I could take my own vehicle, I guess."
(21:25:05) (Imala/Persia): *keeps her face schooled so as to not show that this was not expected*
(21:25:16) (Mondo): *turns to the Wolf-Mech* "maybe, but against an adversary such as Set, all the skills one can offer would be useful. that includes subterfuge and expedient manslaughter...:D"
(21:26:07) (C/H/T): *raises a perfectly manicured white eye brow at Mondo*
(21:26:46) (C/H/T): "No..I was wondering of you would care to join me upon Stromglider." :)
(21:26:52) (C/H/T): of = if
(21:27:02) (Anna): "Oh!" Pause. "Sure! That'd be pretty awesome."
(21:27:28) (C/H/T): Hope = :D
(21:27:33) (Imala/Persia): *persia continues to care for Cloud, changing the IV, shooting her up with some drugs after runnign a few tests then, after all is finished packs up her toys*
(21:28:18) (C/H/T): *glomps the tiny blonde to her silver armoured bosom* "OH THIS IS GLORIOUS! It has been ages since I have had a sister to share battle with!"
(21:28:35) (GM_Cy): *Sahtalus is silent for a few moments.* "Your request is a complicated one. You see, the price of your husband being handed to Set was that I received the ability to 'call in a favour', as you humans put it. I can command Set to do virtually anything short of ending his own life, and he cannot refuse. If your plan is to invade his realm and rescue your husband, retrieving the stolen pieces of Osiris as you do so, then if you are successful the Lawgiver will soon return, and Set's power will likely diminish to a ghost of what it was. This, as you can doubtless realize, robs me of one of the most valuable things I have in my keeping."
(21:28:46) (GM_Cy): "Therefor... I have a proposal."
(21:28:56) (Mondo): *turns gaze back to Tahlor* " least that is my observation. :D"
(21:29:23) (Imala/Persia): *raises an eyebrow* "I'm listening"
(21:29:31) (Briar_Croup): *Briar sits at the dining room table, polishing his gun and trying to stay out of the way of people who seem to know what they are doing, because he certainly doesn't.*
(21:30:14) (GM_Cy): "If you can guarantee me that my blood-contract will be signed by Ra himself, lord and master of your associated pantheon, I will allow your friends passage through my realm, unharmed, and you may use the portal so long as you inform me of its' location."
(21:31:06) (GM_Cy): "One undefined favour from the head deity of a pantheon can only be replaced by a favour from the head deity of another pantheon."
(21:31:48) (C/H/T): Cloud sticks her tounge out at Doc persia one more time and then politely...passes right out.
(21:33:23) (GM_Cy): *Alice cringes noticeably, but says nothing and keeps herself off to the side of the exchange, doubtless minding some protocol observed in Dyval.*
(21:33:24) (Jase): *Jase's eyebrows raise a few degrees, he looks to Imala to see what her reaction to this is.*
(21:33:44) (C/H/T): Hope lets go the flustered Krios sib, and almost skips down the hallway past Briar..humming an obscure (possibly elven) tune; "On the merry month of May..."
(21:34:23) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum blinks at Hope's back.* "She's... not nearly as scary as I first thought she was, is she? Or is it only when she's pointing a gun at your head?"
(21:34:43) (Anna): "I have... no idea."
(21:34:53) (Briar_Croup): *Briar watches, bemused, as Hope goes past. He smiles, shakes his head, and goes back to pretending he knows what he's doing.*
(21:37:00) (Imala/Persia): *she breathes slowly, thinking things over*
(21:39:29) (Anna): "... I'm mildly frightened and at the same time pretty happy. It's kinda cool to have someon /want/ to ride with you."
(21:39:43) (Imala/Persia): "I am unable to speak and therefore guarrantee anything for anyone else, BUT, I may have someone else that would be willing to negotiate something with you in respect to that"
(21:40:04) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum looks bemused, but nods.* "And I must admit I feel a little better knowing you'll be sticking near to someone else. Better chance of you getting back in one piece." :D
(21:40:15) (Anna): "Not coming with this time?"
(21:40:51) (GM_Cy): *He shakes his head.* "I'm afraid of becoming a liability. If Set were to capture me, he could hobble you and mother with a fresh hostage." :?
(21:41:17) (GM_Cy): "Oh? Do explain."
(21:41:24) (Anna): "Mmm... true..." She goes to hug Albtraum again. "I guess you and Lampshade'll get along well."
(21:41:49) (Imala/Persia): "Lady Isis"
(21:42:10) (GM_Cy): *Returns the embrace.* "I'll do my best. I think maybe I'll see how my new face is received around town, too."
(21:42:13) (Imala/Persia): ((whoa, just had my allergy meds release, everything went wobbly...*giggles*))
(21:42:28) (Anna): "Careful. You might get pounced."
(21:44:52) (C/H/T): Cloud dreams...for some reason though as a small girl back in Takamatsu, chasing after a white furred puppy covered in red markings.
(21:46:22) (Imala/Persia): *Persia having collected her things, heads off from the sleeping cloud's room and finds her way to Tahlor's side quietly*
(21:46:53) (Briar_Croup): *Briar leans back in his chair and closes his eyes.*
(21:46:55) (GM_Cy): *There's a contemplative pause.* "The All-Mother herself, hmm? An interesting offer. But she does not have the influence of Ra, and I am not slave to my infernal nature to the point of agreeing simply because she is a beauty I could exploit. No, she will not do. There is, however, an alternative arrangement I may accept: You give your word, and blood seal, now that you will secure Ra's signature within seven days of Set's downfall. If you fail to do so... you will forfeit your soul to my keeping, making you my eternal servant whenever I may have need of you." *All said with 'dead-serious' voice in place.*
(21:48:32) (GM_Cy): *Albtraum nods.* "Well, hopefully no one will know who I am. But from what I've heard from Legion and Tahlor, something's up in town and I want to see if I can find out what it is. I smell a rat, but I've yet to see it."
(21:48:34) (Mondo): *surprised at Persia's sudden appearance* "Greetings, good doctor. how is the Commander?"
(21:49:10) (C/H/T): "Sal-kess *nuzzles the felinoid* Shyaen Mondo and I were just discussing the coming mission they are embarking on....well that and gettin the Shyaer-Kai's machine ready."
(21:50:27) (Anna): "Alright, well be safe, alright? If I come back in one piece and you're not? I'll put you back together and kill you, then bring you back to life and kill you again, and then bring you back to life and hug you until you die."
(21:50:35) (Imala/Persia): P: "She is sleeping soundly, as she needs to be to heal. I gave herrr strrrong dosages of medications that werrre tranquilizing as well as healing, no harrrrm done, just a choice made." *she returns the nuzzles back to the black skinned living shadow*
(21:51:04) (GM_Cy): *She can see him counting the deaths off on his fingers, looking perplexed, but smiles.* "I'll stay in one piece, then." O:-D
(21:51:15) (Anna): "Good."
(21:52:04) (Jase): "Imala, I know it isn't my place to say this, but I believe you shouldn't agree to this without first contacting Ra in some fashion. If you do, and you're unable to get Ra to agree, We'll end up going through all of this once again, only Kyros will be the one standing here trying to save you."
(21:53:29) (GM_Cy): *Outside, the Ra-Men begin rallying, marching around the grounds while Lady Isis knocks on the front door, hoping someone will hear.*
(21:54:27) (Briar_Croup): *Briar is roused by the sound of knocking and goes to see who it is, glad of something at least semi-useful to do.*
(21:54:44) (C/H/T): *pokes head out* "OH...Isis. *big smile on her otherwise stern contenance* Everyone is inside."
(21:55:08) (C/H/T): "Brair, if you could show the mother around..thank you."
(21:55:24) (Imala/Persia): *she looks to the floor out of his view and then back* "Seven days after Set's fall to obtain Ra's signature or my soul is yours? Is this the price then?" *looking directly at him* "Seven days is vague. Different realms have different movements and measurements of time. Terran time? For the seven days?"
(21:55:29) (C/H/T): *goes skipping out to the barn / hanger / garrage*
(21:56:24) (Briar_Croup): *Briar smiles shyly at Isis.* "Uh, are you looking for anyone in particular, ma'am, or did you just want the general tour?"
(21:56:35) (GM_Cy): *Briar, upon opening the door, finds himself in the presence of Lady Isis, a silver-haired beauty with bovine-like horns and large black wings dressed in battle armour. Isis smiles at Hope, nodding as she leaves, then turns back to Briar.* "I wished to convey to your Commander that I am taking the Ra-Men back to Ma'ip. The attack will begin within the next few hours, and I wish you all luck with your portion of the strategy."
(21:57:38) (GM_Cy): "Do you honestly believe I would rather your soul than Ra's signature? Yes, seven days as you understand it, one Terran week."
(21:59:28) (Briar_Croup): *Briar nods.* "Right, well, Eris is sort of a little bit out of it, right now, but I can show you where she is." *Briar motions for Isis to follow him to the sickbay.* [Or whatever it is we call that, the word seems to escape me at the moment.]
(22:00:07) (GM_Cy): *She nods, seeming to shrink as she stoops, suddenly fitting within the confines of the hallway, and she follows Briar.*
(22:01:08) (GM_Cy): *Briar finds the door to the medical wing closed, with a sign reading 'The doctor is out' hanging on the knob.*
(22:01:16) (Imala/Persia): "Very well, Sahtalus, I shall acquire Lord Ra's signature for you within 7 days of Set's fall, or my soul is exchange for our unassailed passage through Dyval and use of the portal. I will also give you the information as to the location of this portal...of which I know you are going to definitely want to watch as I know that it connects your realm with Taut and Hades."
(22:02:29) (Briar_Croup): *Briar shrugs and turns back to Isis.* "Seems she's more out of it than I thought. Uh, did you want to wait for her, or should I just relay the message?"
(22:03:01) (Jase): *Jase shakes his head silently in the door way, a look of worry on his face*
(22:03:05) (GM_Cy): *A piece of parchment appears on the mirror, appearing as though it is pressed against the glass. A pen with a bladed nib appears on the desk.* "Your signature, please." *A line is drawn across the bottom of the page, below the agreement, a red x marking the line.*
(22:04:23) (GM_Cy): "I think perhaps it would be best if you relay the news once she wakes. I have much to prepare for the upcoming battle, and Lord Ra requires my assistance. The fighting will be fierce, and our casualties will be substantial. I pray you and your friends will succeed with all haste."
(22:04:45) (C/H/T): In the dreamtime Cloud trips as she almost grabs the puppies tail...falling face forward into puddle...that transforms into a very large pond.
(22:06:00) (Briar_Croup): *Briar nods.* "I'll do that. Thank you for your help, Lady." *He shows her back to the door.* "And good luck yourself."
(22:06:04) (Imala/Persia): *taking up the pen and breathing slowly and deeply, taking on every bit of the hand she has been dealt, then reading the contract to verify nothing added or subtracted before signing, looking for fine print*
(22:08:05) (GM_Cy): *She nods.* "Thank you. And may I say, your etiquette in the presence of a goddess is pleasing. It is becoming rare nowadays to encounter those who sincerely try to be respectful, without going too far." *Nods once more, and strides to the Ra-Men, gripping her blade as she prepares to open a portal.*
(22:09:15) (Briar_Croup): *Briar's cheeks burn from the goddess' compliment as he watches her go about her business.*
(22:10:19) (Imala/Persia): *having checked it over well enough she signs the contract*
(22:11:09) (Mondo): *turns to Tahlor* "Master Tahlor, do we have that capability of silver plating weapons? I have a vibro-sword, i wish to get plated."
(22:11:35) (Mondo): (that=the)
(22:11:56) (C/H/T): "Legion is the one you would need to speak to. He is the one in charge of the machine shop and forges when the Shyaer-Kai is not available."
(22:12:20) (GM_Cy): *The contract, and pen, vanish in a puff of smoke upon her completing her signature in blood.* "Very well, then. You may pass through Dyval to this portal unmolested. I will be awaiting the information as to its' location with great interest."
(22:13:01) (Mondo): *bows* "Then by you and the good doctor's leave, i shall find Master Legion." *heads off to look for Legion*
(22:13:25) (Imala/Persia): "Thank you, Lord Sahtahlus" *gives him a respectful nod of her head as her origin dictates* "I shall get you that which you require."
(22:14:05) (GM_Cy): "I expect nothing less. Do satisfy me on one thing more; why is it that Dyrella has been allowed to stay now that she has revealed herself?"
(22:14:12) (Imala/Persia): P: *she purrs softly while leaning against Tahlor* "Oh, do not let me keep you frrrrom what you need doing"
(22:14:32) (Mondo): *makes his way to the machine shop*
(22:14:34) (C/H/T): if on cue; the dream of nearly drowning..and the panicked sound of barking wolf-cub in the dream shocks Cloud awake only a few hours later. Strangely, the few hours forced rest seems to have allowed her preternatural immune system to restore itself; albeit, enough to allow her to move, though NOT fight as she noramlly does.
"Unnnngh... bad dream...drugs bad."
(22:14:40) (GM_Cy): *Alice stiffens, paling noticeably. Clearly this isn't quite so nonchalant a question.*
(22:14:54) (Briar_Croup): *Briar wanders around, sort of looking for Jase, figuring he'd better tell someone what Isis told him before he forgets part of it.*
(22:15:10) (GM_Cy): *Briar finds Jase at the doorway of the study.*
(22:15:23) (C/H/T): "I am to remain behind Sal-kess. The Kai's orders." *shrugs*
(22:16:26) (Imala/Persia): *smiles* "Well, she's a part of DART as any of the rest of us. If not in the field here at the Casa."
(22:16:47) (C/H/T): *Dressed in bathrobe, leaning on study room door*
"I miss a memo or sumpin?"
(22:16:47) (Jase): "I would make light of the choice to do so and say it was all based around Cloud's complete distaste for anything resembling paper work, but that is truly only half of the reason, the rest is as she said"
(22:16:58) (Imala/Persia): P: "I have not spoken with herrr as to what I am to be doing."
(22:17:26) (C/H/T): The medical center is...empty ;)
(22:17:59) (C/H/T): "Oh.. Lord of Dyvall... hi. Um, what's this I hear about Alice?"
(22:18:17) (Briar_Croup): *Briar, about to tap Jase on the shoulder, catches sight of Cloud.* "Oh, good, you're up. Um, I have a message from Isis."
(22:18:24) (Imala/Persia): *turns to see Cloud* "She could answer that question more appropriately than I but I believe she will agree with me in her remaining with us here."
(22:18:55) (C/H/T): *nods to Brair...splitting her attention to her AND the converastion she's blundered into*
(22:19:00) (GM_Cy): "Intriguing. You allow my agent within your midst willingly simply because her disguise necessitated she become your comrade. Fascinating indeed, though I will not condemn it. A group willing to be spied upon is a rare thing." *Pauses.* "Ah, the Commander herself. And nothing at all, my semi-infernal friend. The matter is resolved in my eyes. I must take my leave of you now. I await news of the portal." *The mirror clears.*
(22:19:06) (C/H/T): ((HIm rather))
(22:20:03) (C/H/T): "...Ali...spill it. You too Briar. I may not be able to swing a sword but I can still giv eyou both glares of doom."
(22:20:36) (Briar_Croup): "Isis said she was taking the Ra-men back to Ma'ip and that the attack would begin in a few hours and that she wishes us good luck."
(22:21:00) (Jase): "Right then, Alice, I'm going to need to dip into our groups funds slightly to kit out briar and Mondo." *Jase evidently wanting to be gone before Eris finds out what Imala just agreed to*
(22:21:03) (C/H/T): I would assume sal-kess... you would be given the task of being ready to assist in healing the demi-god we are all preparing to save."
(22:21:24) (Imala/Persia): *shakes head and looks at Jase* "I have a great deal to do" *looks to Dyrella* "Evangeline likes you and you do well with her, I thank you." *smiles at her, a bit of a weight to her eyes and then she turns to Cloud* "I have finalizations to do. We need to mobilize as quickly as possible. I need to get to Tundra." *with that she will head out*
(22:21:28) (GM_Cy): *Alice blinks, looking a bit helpless.* "Uhm, well, Lord Sahtalus didn't exactly know that I was revealed, so I sort of made it out that I approached you for help in getting revenge on Set for stealing the pieces of Osiris in my keeping. Even though they weren't anymore." *Smiles sheepishly.*
(22:22:20) (GM_Cy): *Alice nods and springs up, scurrying to the cash box, dishing out the group fund's money that Jase requires.*
(22:22:36) (C/H/T): "Thank you Briar..and have you memorized the spell yet. I mean memorized AND been able to cast without it going -pff-?"
*watches Justice go off*
"I'm out of it a few hours and already stuff is falling apart..." *leans back against door jamb and massages forhead*
(22:23:20) (GM_Cy): *Alice looks crestfallen.* "I know what you mean. I feel bad for Imala. I mean... she made quite a costly bet with my lord and master." :?
(22:23:21) (Imala/Persia): ((brb gotta get foodstuff))
(22:23:33) (Imala/Persia): ((*headdesk*))
(22:23:41) (GM_Cy): "I wish I could have helped more."
(22:23:44) (Jase): "Much appreciated." *He gives Eris a kiss as he walks out of the room* "It was falling apart before you were out my darling, this is all just kind of ****."
(22:23:50) (Briar_Croup): *Briar scuffs his foot on the floor.* "I haven't tried it. I'll go practice now, Commander."
(22:24:43) (Jase): "Nope, you'll follow me and practice as we get you a new gun." *He gestures out of the door*
(22:24:44) (C/H/T): "Ali... Lady Dyrella. YOU are part of my pack until further notice. YOU and Lord muckty muck of HELL can deal with that. As for What Justi has or has NOT done...I'll spank her later AFTER we get Lawman back and I can armwrestle the information out of her... NO..I dun wanna hear it now. I have an attack to plan-out."
(22:25:48) (GM_Cy): *She nods.* "Of course. From what Imala was saying, she intends to journey to Dyval and go to Tundra. I can assist in getting you there, we Nexus Dyvalians are accomplished dimensional travelers."
(22:25:49) (Briar_Croup): *Briar follows Jase.* "What sort of gun? What's wrong with my gun?"
(22:27:22) (C/H/T): "GOOD; make sure it's at least a good 20 by 20. Taking my wolf out for a run ;) I need to go and shower and get my pilot suit ready. 2 hours Ali. See you outside." *gives the infernal in mortal form a peck on the nose and staggers upstairs to find the showers*
(22:27:55) ChatBot: (C/H/T) is now known as (Cloud&Hope).
(22:28:39) (Jase): "Whats wrong with your gun is the fact that it's useful for fighting someone in light body armour or none at all, wihch is not what we're doing. We're fighting gods, and gods can take a bit of a beating, so you need a little more punch. Although the fact that you can only use a pistol is somewhat of a hinderance to that end."
(22:29:06) (GM_Cy): *Alice blinks, blushing slightly and looking very embarrassed about doing so.* "Every time... why do I blush? Honestly... Hundreds of years old, I start getting embarrassed NOW? Sheesh..."
(22:29:19) (GM_Cy): *Heads outside to get preparations for portal-opening underway.*
(22:29:36) ChatBot: (Imala/Persia) is now known as (Imala).
(22:29:39) (Mondo): *as he searches the casa for Legion, Mondo comes across Jase and Briar*
(22:30:18) (Jase): "Oi, Mondo, you doing anything semi important right now?"
(22:30:26) (Mondo): *waves* "Greetings friends, have you seen Master Legion? I wish to ask him something."
(22:30:26) (Briar_Croup): *Briar glares a bit.* "Well, where would you expect me to have learned how to use anything else? You should be glad that I learned to use a pistol at all." *He realizes what he's saying and tries to fix it.* "Um, but, I mean, I could always learn to use a different sort of gun, if someone taught me. I'm a good learner."
(22:31:11) (Cloud&Hope): Hope sits astride the red & gun-metal blue robotic phoenix; her hair flowing in the light breeze, one hand upon her Laser lance.
(22:31:15) (Mondo): *looks around* "not that important, at the moment.
(22:31:23) (Mondo): "
(22:31:30) (GM_Cy): *Alice gives her a quick wave, then starts drawing symbols in the dirt.*
(22:32:44) (Jase): "considering you live in a city? it's not a stretch to think you learned how to defend yourself. And I'm sure we can teach you to use something else, but for now this should be enough.
(22:33:12) (Jase): "Want to come with us while we get you a gun with a little more omph?"
(22:33:23) (GM_Cy): [Shall we jump forward a bit? Kind of want to get this trip underway. ;)]
(22:33:26) (Imala): *gathers up her gear, looking to the rose and silver star that rest on her table* "how far I have I can't dwell on that now..." *and then goes to ready her Templar suit, a bag of gear with her, three swords in hand*
(22:33:27) (Briar_Croup): *Briar shrugs and mutters something about his mother not liking guns.*
(22:33:47) (Mondo): *ecstatic* "You have read my mind Master Jase." :D
(22:34:15) (Mondo): (i'm ok with it)
(22:34:36) (Briar_Croup): [Go 'head]
(22:35:18) (Imala): (go for it)
(22:35:39) (Cloud&Hope): Cloud waits within the cockpit of the Stryke-wulf beast-mecha. two half-hexagonal 'pods' slung on either flank, with a horizontal slit about 2ft wide interspresed in 3 places with vertical slats for firing-ports. Inside each pod are 3 seats set in shock-absorbing spring rigs, with 5-point harneses.
(22:35:56) (Jase): "Your mother will understand, and besides this way we're a lot less likely to die! So that's good, now, about that spell..." *jase proceeds to school briar as the walk, useing Mondo as a target*
(22:36:25) (Briar_Croup): *Briar nods and listens/watches carefully.*
(22:36:31) (Mondo): *walks with psi-shield active*
(22:37:06) (Jase): [fo for the skip by the by]
(22:39:30) (Cloud&Hope): (Over PA); "Mount up DART's... Anna? I hear you're with Hope. I need a gunner up here while we go in."
(22:40:13) (Anna): [Radio] "On way, Commander. Be there asap."
(22:42:00) (Jase): *After a omment of static Jase's voice comes over the radio* "we're a minute out and they've both got shinny new guns."
(22:42:23) (Mondo): *loads gear into the beast mech, mumbles* "should have got that sword silver plated..."
(22:42:39) (Cloud&Hope): "Execllent. Jase? I know you still ahte riding in metal, but if you could partner with Briar?"
(22:43:47) (Anna): Anna heads up behind Hope with her bolter at the ready. "Alright so, uhh... I guess I'll be the gunner for this?"
(22:43:56) (Imala): *Imala arrives dressed in a native american style leather warrior's outfit, leggings, and top, all dyed black. Two silver and white pistols at her hips, and she has three swords with her, as she gets loaded up, no armor apparant* "Ok, Sister? Yeah was going to bring the Templar, it doesn't seem to work right with me any more...the connection Sorry..."
(22:44:07) (Cloud&Hope): "And Justi? You stay with Mondo. That way I both sides covered." have"
(22:44:23) (Cloud&Hope): ((sigh have both sides covered I mean))
(22:44:38) (Imala): "Got it"
(22:44:40) (Mondo): *radio* "Copy that Commander."
(22:45:01) (Jase): "No problem." *Jase says with feigned confidence*
(22:45:04) (Cloud&Hope): "Behind me little sister. There are clamps for your armour and be sure your visor is closed. We will be flying quite fast."
(22:46:04) (Anna): Anna nods and sets to clamping herself down before plopping the helmet on and locking it on.
(22:46:19) (GM_Cy): *Alice has the symbols ready, and Albtraum is there to see them off also.*
(22:46:59) (Briar_Croup): *Briar sticks close to Jase, then.*
(22:47:02) (Cloud&Hope): Hope's hair moves slightly as her two antenae reach behind her head and snake into two cable receptacles set into her saddle on Stromglider. Both her and the robotic steeds eyes flash breifly.
(Both together) "Spark bond complete."
(22:47:07) (Mondo): *straps in*
(22:48:25) (Cloud&Hope): Cloud looks at the group and sighs as she notice sthe 3 that will be raimining behind.
Saluting the trio of non-humans, she lowers her own visor and begins to toggle the switche sto bring the Stryke-Wulf to life.
(22:50:07) (Imala): P: "Be carrreful team. I am unabl to help you wherrre you arrre going. Come back with yourrr husband, Imala" *giving a salute to the team, as she stands next to Tahlor*
(22:50:15) (GM_Cy): *Alice moves to the portal etchings, and awaits the signal.*
(22:50:45) (Jase): *Jase climbs into the pod showing briar where he'll be seated and how to strap in*
(22:51:27) (Briar_Croup): *Briar follows Jase's instructions, looking just a little pale.*
(22:53:47) (Cloud&Hope): activates the ""eyes" and sends out an electronic growl.
"On wings of steel, we shall bring death from above."
(22:55:30) (Imala): ((k back))
(22:56:47) (GM_Cy): *Alice nods, and charges her symbols with mystic energy, opening a large gateway, of sufficient size for both the Strike-wolf and Stormglider.*
(22:57:24) (Imala): "Thank you, Alice, mind Evangeline for me, and we will see you again"
(22:59:22) (Cloud&Hope): In an almost life-like burst, the mecha-beast sprints forwards just like a running wolf; the passengers in the side pods hardly feeling the wolf-lope stride.
Leaning forwards, and seating her lance in the provided clamp, Hope uses her gestalt to tak eto the air on wings of metal, with the slight hum of A-G fields...the acceleration is steady bbut rapid, wind streaking past both hers and anna's faces.
(22:59:24) (GM_Cy): *She nods.* "Good luck, to all of you. I would not be at all surprised if Lord Sahtalus sends someone to expedite your passage through his realms, he dislikes disruptions in his works. So if you see someone coming towards you, remember you have been promised safe passage."
(23:00:38) (Imala): "Thank you again" *as the wolf lopes forward*
(23:04:52) (GM_Cy): *As they pass through the portal, the group find themselves amongst the verdant forests of Dyval Prime. Those who have been here before remember all too well how deceptive the beautiful foliage and flower-filled fields of this summer-time paradise can be, however.*
(23:04:58) (Cloud&Hope): (radio) "Little sister? is your battle plate able to aether-link with other machines? I mean, can you use your helms "eyes" to see what others wish you to see from their view-point?"
(23:06:36) (GM_Cy): *As they enter, they see a woman sitting on a smooth stone nearby. She's striking, particularly given that she is apparently divided exactly in half (straight down the middle from top to bottom), with one side appearing angelic, and the other demonic, complete with a feathered wing on one side, and a devil's wing on the other. Her eyes are blue and red, respectively, and her fair features are matched by her dark beauty on the other side. She watches them with slight interest.*
(23:06:57) (Cloud&Hope): (Radio to those on the sides of the wolf) "Com check. Mamma-wulf here. Sensors singing sweetly and lots of motion and heat signatures. Be cautious. Just cuz the lord of Hell said we had free passage doesn't mean the wildlife will listen if they're hungry."
(23:08:02) (Jase): "You're good Eris"
(23:08:13) (Jase): "And We will be."
(23:08:37) (Imala): "We shall be unassailed by Dyvalian inhabitants, but I agree, with you Sister wolf, stay vigilant....and of course, that may be our guide..."
(23:08:47) ChatBot: (Cloud&Hope) rolls 1d100 and gets (11)=11.
(23:09:02) (Anna): "Uhh, it's not, no. I don't think so anyway."
(23:09:07) (Cloud&Hope): *slows down and rests the mecha on it's haunches*
(23:09:48) (Anna): "I can only see what I can see, unless there's something in here that I haven't figured out yet."
(23:10:38) (GM_Cy): *The lady stands, dusting herself off.* "Welcome to my realm for the second time, members of the D.A.R.T. My husband has requested I see you to Lady Rhada's chateau within Dyval Prime, so you may arrive directly at your destination."
(23:11:11) (Imala): *blink blink*
(23:11:55) (Cloud&Hope): "Thank you... Hel. Please lead on."
(23:12:22) (Mondo): *familiarizes himself with the pod layout, and takes in the sinister beauty that is Dyval*
(23:12:43) (Cloud&Hope): does a slow lazy circle in the air.
(23:12:55) (GM_Cy): *She stands, spreading her mis-matched wings, and rises off the group, turning to the south-west, flying just slow enough for the group to keep up.*
(23:13:13) (Briar_Croup): *Briar whispers* "Do we trust her? She looks...questionable to me."
(23:13:33) (GM_Cy): [group = ground -sigh-]
(23:14:28) (Jase): "Of course she does, she's the wife of the prime lord of dyval, but we can trust her, for now at least."
(23:15:05) (Briar_Croup): *Briar looks uncertain but nods. He grips the seat, his knuckles white.*
(23:15:52) (GM_Cy): *The land passes them by unusually quickly, those who passed through Dyval Prime before recognizing it as Lady Hel's ability to warp her own realm as she sees fit, making a distance of dozens of miles become only a few.*
(23:16:04) (Cloud&Hope): (speakers mounted in head rests) "Last time she was trying to kill us, now she's under her husbands orders to let us by. All in a days work."
*sets up auto-run to fullstride 90mph*
(23:16:11) (Mondo): *comms* "copy that commander, can't wait to try this baby out."
(23:17:34) (Cloud&Hope): ( twinned voices) "We see many creatures in the forrests, and this...infernal. Nothing seems to be hunting you."
"Anna? anything behind us?"
(23:18:02) (Anna): Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

20 Perception
(23:18:27) (GM_Cy): *The ground is soon laden with a light, powdery snow, and they see the (much smaller) replica of Lady Rhada's chateau up in the hills ahead. Lady Hel hovers in mid-air, gesturing them on.* "I trust you can go the rest of the way yourselves?"
(23:19:01) (Anna): "We're good."
(23:19:57) (Cloud&Hope): "...outstanding..."
(23:20:11) (Cloud&Hope): *nods the wolf head*
(23:20:41) (GM_Cy): *Taking that as all the agreement she needs, Hel changes course and flies back to the north, doubtless towards her own citadel.*
(23:20:47) (Cloud&Hope): *after the lady of Dyval prime leaves*
"Justi...just WHAT did you...'ner mind. Ask AFTER we get your man back."
(23:21:06) ChatBot: (Cloud&Hope) rolls 1d100 and gets (75)=75.
(23:23:03) (Cloud&Hope): The metalic paws slide of the underlayer of ice but after engaging the vibro claws, traction is regained and the trip is quickly accomplisshed.
Hope/Stromglider moves the metalic feathers and flexes the wings to prevent ice build up and flies in to land just to the side of the others as they approach the minature ice-citidel.
(23:23:56) (Mondo): *whistles at the structure*
(23:26:25) (GM_Cy): *Upon reaching the replica chateau, they see a large, flat stone resting in the snow, with a hand-print on it.*
(23:27:28) (Cloud&Hope): "You're up Justi. Mondo? Cover her."
(23:28:30) (Cloud&Hope): *Unlinks and snatches up her laser-lance; Nodding to Anna to bring up her own weapon.*
(23:29:05) (Imala): *slips out of the wolf and goes to the stone in the snow to check it out*
(23:29:22) (Mondo): *unstraps and follows Imala, weapon at the ready, scanning the surroundings for anything.*
(23:29:31) (GM_Cy): *It appears to be a simple activation stone, likely triggering the dimensional transfer from the replica chateau to the actual Citadel in Tundra.*
(23:29:49) (Anna): Anna hoists up the bolter, ready to fire as the safety comes off.
(23:30:25) (Imala): "It is an activation stone, is everyone close up and ready to go?"
(23:32:09) (Imala): *once everyone is close enough will place her hand on the stone to activate the stone*
(23:33:11) (Cloud&Hope): all 3 blondes and their charges are at the stone ;)
(23:33:37) (GM_Cy): *The snow billows up around them in a mini-blizzard, and when it clears, the chateau is much, much larger, and the air MUCH colder. The endless, stark-white expanses of Tundra stretch out all around the hill-top citadel. The doors open, and strides out, a sword across her back and a slight smile bringing a slight warmth to the icy features of Lady Rhada.*
(23:34:34) (Mondo): (oooh...pretty)
(23:35:13) (Briar_Croup): *Briar's jaw drops.*
(23:35:17) (Cloud&Hope): "Rhada-sama."
(23:35:25) (Imala): *steping forward to greet her with an air of having met before* "Lady Rhada" *she nods respectfully and smiles to the woman* "Freedom looks great on you"
(23:35:44) (Cloud&Hope): *bows the mechanical head*
*nods politely from atop her mount*
(23:36:34) (GM_Cy): "Greetings once more, my friends. I was not expecting you, but you are welcome here. Can I offer you a place to stay during your visit?"
(23:37:08) (Imala): "Your hospitality is greatly appreciated, but our visit will be short lived I'm afraid."
(23:37:34) (Jase): *Jase nods respectfully.*
(23:38:05) (Cloud&Hope): "What my sister says; Lawman is in a LOT of trouble. Justi can tell you better than me. I'm just support this time through."
(23:38:13) (Mondo): *recovers, and bows slightly, eyes scanning for any trouble*
(23:38:41) (GM_Cy): "Ah. This is regrettable." *Listens.* "Your husband has been taken from you? I had not heard... I assume, then, that you have come to me for assistance, then?"
(23:38:41) (Briar_Croup): *Briar just sort of looks on, slack-jawed.*
(23:39:20) (Cloud&Hope): *turns to Anna* "Why does our matriarch insist on calling all of you by other names? 'Lawman'? :?
(23:40:36) (Imala): *nods* "Yes Lady, more than six months ago he was taken, a deal forged between Set and well you get the picture...anyway, a deal has been made by myself to ensure my group and myself free movement through Dyval to find a portal that the Lord of Dyval is unaware of that will gain us entrance to Taut. I thought perhaps to see if you could aid in locating this portal as i beleive it may be here."
(23:40:40) (Anna): "I think it's just her way of showing affection. Kinda like how my sisters and myself insult each other."
(23:41:16) (Cloud&Hope): "Insults as affection..." *antenae twist in complex patterns* "I...see."
(23:41:47) (Anna): "It's just a weird thing people do. We don't mean the insults, it's just for fun and joking around. If anyone ever got insulted we'd stop."
(23:42:02) (Cloud&Hope): "But what the Matriarch-eris says is NOT insulting... Humans and your close kin. You are such odd beings."
(23:42:05) (GM_Cy): "A portal? I will certainly help if I am able, but there are several hidden doors within my realm, you will need to be more specific."
(23:42:44) (Imala): "This particular portal is one that Ammit used, to carry messages for you. Connecting Taut, Hades, Dyval"
(23:43:33) (GM_Cy): *Her concern vanishes and she smiles.* "Ah, and I had feared that I would perhaps be unable to help. Yes, I know where that portal is."
(23:44:26) (Cloud&Hope): *robotic wolf head comes to attention as the legs gather under the torso*
(23:44:52) (Imala): "I do have to let you know that part of the deal I made with the Lord of Dyval is to let him know the location of this portal. I am sorry about this, Lady." *leaning in to her to whisper*
(23:44:58) (Anna): "Oh no, yeah, the Commander doesn't tend to do that, but I mean like... It's hard to explain. You're right, we're pretty weird."
(23:45:48) (GM_Cy): *She smiles.* "That is fine. I am honestly surprised he did not know already, given its' connection to the realm of our greatest rivals and enemies."
(23:45:52) (Cloud&Hope): "Such are the mysteries of the megaverse. Thank you for your insight, Sister Krios-Anna."
(23:46:38) (Cloud&Hope): *re-sockets the laser lance, not seeing battle being imminent any time soon.*
(23:46:52) (Anna): "Not a problem." Anna nods, and seeing the lance socketed, flicks the safety back on.
(23:47:50) (Imala): "He probably knows of all others, but I believe this one was deliberately left out. I greatly appreciate your assistance, Lady Rhada. There is a great battle about to begin and we are going in from behind the lines"
(23:48:19) (GM_Cy): "A battle, you say? Against who, if I may ask?"
(23:49:07) (Imala): "Set. He's the one that took Kyros, and I want to get him back. It's been building for some time, but the time has come, Kyros will be rescued."
(23:49:35) (Cloud&Hope): (to Briar and Jase); "I hate to keep nagging; but you have that spell in yer minds yet? I think we're about ready to step in it soon and i don't want you getting nailed by a lucky strike past my own rides shields and the armour-plas."
(23:50:24) (Jase): "We both do, don't worry."
(23:51:00) (GM_Cy): "Hmm... I see. That will be a difficult battle indeed. I would accompany you if I was able, but my status among the other Lords and Ladies of Dyval remains shaky, I fear an attack on another deific realm may jeopardize my position once more."
(23:51:43) (Imala): "I would not ask that of you. Your aid in getting to the portal is more than enough."
(23:52:10) (Cloud&Hope): "Kinda hard not to... still stinging after Africa and that bugman..."
(23:53:33) (GM_Cy): *She nods.* "Then we shall waste no time." *Strides to the edge of the hill, draws her blade, and carves a large circle (big enough for the Strike-wolf, even) in the air, which freezes almost instantly. She turns, smiles softly, and jumps onto the ice, and holds her blade point-down, forming ice in front of her as she begins to tip forward, creating a spontaneous ice-slide down the mountain-side.*
(23:54:30) (GM_Cy): [and oddly.. THIS is the only music I have in my head for this: ]
(23:54:44) (Imala): *returns to the wolf* "That's our cue, let's get going"
(23:54:56) (Cloud&Hope): "Oh goody...everyone, get your starps tightened. HOPE!? Grab onto the dorsal. This is gonna be a doozey."
(23:55:29) (Mondo): *follows Imala back into the Wolf and straps in*
(23:55:52) (Jase): *Jase hops back into his seat, making a note that Briar is strapped in as well*
(23:56:37) (Briar_Croup): *Briar follows. He's good at following.*
(23:56:55) (Cloud&Hope): Stromglider hops onto the Wulfs back and hunkers down
"Ready...steady? GOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
Result of the throw of dice "1d100" :

w dd
Powerslide...WOLF style!
(23:57:48) (GM_Cy): *The group holds on for dear life as the Strike-wolf follows the descending path of Rhada's ice-slide, accelerating rapidly as they plummet at a near-vertical angle down the side of the mountain, kept from smashing into the icy ground below only by the rapid leveling-out of the slide. For lack of a better word, they are luge-ing in a beast-mech. As they rocket across the landscape, Rhada 'skating' just ahead of them, they behold a stone altar in the frozen trees ahead, and a carved gateway. Destination in sight, and the battle awaiting on the other side. >:-D*
(23:57:53) (GM_Cy): and that's game ;)

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Cytibor wrote:
And so, with their final preparations taken care of, the group passed through Alice/Dyrella's portal and into Dyval Prime, where they were met by Lady Hel, Sahtalus' wife and Lady in charge of the first layer of Dyval. Using her ability to manipulate her realm, she bent the distance between the Gate and the facsimile of Lady Rhada's chateau-like Citadel, where the group passed from Dyval Prime directly to Tundra to meet with the Ice Queen they had freed on their previous visit. Rhada was pleased to see them, and agreed to escort them to the portal in question, being familiar with it as Ammit (one of Set's pantheon) had agreed to run messages between herself and Abdul-Ra, the Demon Lord she had fallen in love with, by making use of the portal. Forming an icy... well, slide, she leaped from the mountain and slid down its' side, the group following with markedly more alarm. :angel: It wasn't long before they saw the portal looming ahead, it's not long now...

"Slip slidin' away
Slip slidin' away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you're slip slidin' away...."

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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