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Hi I am a rifts player just wondering what is the mechanoids?

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Larsen wrote:
Hi I am a rifts player just wondering what is the mechanoids?

The Mechanoids was one of Palladium's first products done back in '81. It was a sci-fi setting taking place on a backwater colony world far from any trouble. In this quiet and far-flung sector the colonists and a scattering of military and paramilitary types suddenly found themselves confronted by an ancient cybernetic and psionic race, The Mechanoids, with a pathological hatred of humanoid life. The colonists find themselves in a desperate struggle with an overwhelming foe (their command ship, one of many, the size of North America) bent on their eradication while they strip mine the planet, Gideon E, for resources. Mechanoid Invasion dealt with the struggle to fight these invaders. The Journey finds the colonists in their last days as The Mechanoids finish their work and dissect Gideon E to it's core for a new power core for their ship and the survivors launch a final assault on the mothership, waking up 200+ years later in a forgotten section of it's hull to continue their guerilla war against their old foes. Homeworld finds our heros at The Mechanoids 'homeworld' as the ship, along with many others, lies seemingly dead in space and they find another alliance of races, and The Mechanoids allies, picking over the remains of a dead world while The Mechanoids final plot works itself to completion.

It was a very dark setting full of despair but with great potential. All of us have waited in anticipation over the years for the promised continuation of the story and stuggle. If we shall ever see it beyond years of promises in The Rifter,...that like The Mechanoids final plan remains to be seen.

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Well MorganKeyes has summed it up nicely. Here's some more info that might be of interest.

The Original Mechanoids Trilogy

Rifts sourcebook 2: The Mechanoids

For your reading pleasure until Mechanoids Space comes out.



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On a side note for anyone who doesn't have the Mechanoids books yet, if you order any Heroes Unlimited books from the online catalog between now and August 31, you can get a free copy (you still pay shipping) of the Mechanoid Invasion Trilogy (or other select books).

See ... for details.

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:badbad: got tooth ache and so I desided to dredge up the past.... well the 2nd oldest post in the mechanoids area...

woot 2004 woot woot woot...

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The mechanoids are a lot of things, but perhaps most simply...

They are firmly in the top ten of my "Do Not **** With" list.

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