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 Post subject: Phase Ball combinations
Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:02 pm

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I have a question regarding the combination of Control Rods that can be inserted into a Phase Ball. We know that three rods must be inserted in order to function the device, and that the following combinations produce these effects:

Silver + Titanium + Carbon = Out of Phase
Silver + Carbon + Zirconium = Half Phase
Titanium + Carbon + Zirconium = Command Mode

But what about Silver + Titanium + Zirconium?

I was thinking that since "Out of Phase" made you invisible and intangible, and "Half Phase" made you invisible but still tangible, then perhaps there is a mode in which you are visible but intangible?

Or maybe the combination does nothing? Opinions?

I searched the Mechanoids Trilogy book, and even purchased an original copy of the Mechanoids book, in the hopes that it had been left out (A LOT of stuff got cut, but unfortunately not that). Any advice would be much appreciated.

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