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 Post subject: CHI Development
Unread postPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:46 pm


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I have a question about Chi Multipliers.
Do the multipliers not stack?
Do I maintain a Chi amount based on Style in use?
If Tien Hsueh and Snake Style both give a multiplier at level 4, does only one count for level four?
What about the skill Qi Gong (from Rifter) which gives Double Starting Chi?
What if I learned the martial art in game at a different starting level? Like I changed classes and got a new martial art.

The book says:
P.E., the character's Physical Endurance, is the main "battery" of Chi. The starting Chi is equal to the adjusted P.E. (after all Skill and Form bonuses have been added in). The next step is to add in the Chi bonus from any Martial Art Forms. Finally, if the character has either Aikido, Snake Style Kung Fu, or Tien-Hsueh, the final Chi should be multiplied by the form's Chi bonus. Note that no character can have more than one Chi multiplier.

If I have a Martial Artist that has Snake Style, Tien Hsueh, and Tai Chi Chuan all get multipliers. Just taking the forms; it states Double Normal Chi for 2 of the 3.
Tien Hseuh: Double Existing Chi at level four, level eight, and level fifteen.
Snake Style: Double Existing Chi at level four, level nine, and level fourteen.
Tai Chi Chuan: Double Existing Chi at level three, level seven, level eleven, and level fifteen.

Qi Gong
Pronouced "chi-gung." This is an intensive, meditative breathing art practiced widely in China. Similar in many ways to Tai Chi, though far more focused on the gathering of Chi in the body and focusing that energy in beneficial ways. Qi Gong does not increase the positive Chi in the body, so much as it increases both positive and negative Chi. Truth be known, negative Chi is not always a bad thing — after all, everything is required in perfect balance, and Qi Gong, with regular use, will hone and perfect this balance. It is this balance of positive and negative that can be seen, overall, as a positive thing. For game terms, however, consider a character with this skill to be a beacon of positive Chi.
Add +1 to all saving throws!
Double starting Chi.

Can someone please help me?

 Post subject: Re: CHI Development
Unread postPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:31 am

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First things first, dont forget snake style has a double chi bonus at level 1 listed under 'character bonus' instead of under 'level 1', so he gets 4 doubles just like tai chi guy, and in fact reaches the 4th doubling earlier than tai chi guy at level 14 instead of 15,

so your snake style line should read

Snake Style: Double Existing Chi at level ONE, four, level nine, and level fourteen.

But he's a bad guy so lets skip that for the moment.

I'm not in the habit of using stuff from the rifters, so I cant really speak to that, but there are some other chi multipliers floating about. I think the conversion book gave a mutant with the healing factor mutation a double chi multiplier, and obvoiusly if you somehow managed to gain levels in Tai Chi and Aikido for example, both of those martial arts contain multipliers, so the implication is that you're not doubling your chi every time something says to double your chi, and obviously tai chi is the best choice for maximizing your chi as it has 4 points where your chi doubles. So a character with pe 10 get 10 chi, and a 15th level tai chi character gets 10x2x2x2x2, but a character with tai chi AND aikido is still only getting the 10x2x2x2x2, not using the chi doubling bonuses that occur within the aikido level tree or being a healing factor mutant.The only time the doublings stack is when their origin is the same martial art.

Mystic China has a chi skill called chi overcharge which would allow the martial artist to medidate for an hour and double his maximum chi, and in this case I do believe the doubling stacks upon the characters existing already multiplied upper limit, since by all rights the chi overcharge skill was learned as a result of taking the martial art that's doubling all your chi in the first place, so its still under that same single martial art unifying umbrella.

So a 15th level tai chi grand master with a pe30 gets 30x2x2x2x2 with another x2 overcharge after his morning meditation, topping out at 960 chi... Which makes his open hand technique somewhat hillarious because he can shove someone 960 feet without even spending a point. And thats not the least of what they can do considering the other chi techniques they can pull off.

So I cant speak to if it's 'canon' or not since you know... Palladium... but the way I see it you only get the doubling instances from one thing, and a chi overcharge skill that results from a chi doubling martial art will indeed give you yet another doubling, but thats the only time such a thing would stack.

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