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Hi guys,
my usual problem when trying to organise a game, even a one shot, with this system is that there's barely any internet presence (nobody plays it on youtube, there's none of the extensive coverage and guides that D&D enjoys). potential players don't fancy learning the new system and reading through the, sometimes convoluted, extensive rulebook.
Previously I had been running through character creation at the beginning of sessions, though for one shots (the only thing I can get my usual group of D&D players to commit to) this takes up soooo much time.
In order to remedy this problem I got bored one day and created (read: Painfully birthed) this 40-something slide powerpoint to cover the basics that a player would need to construct a character on their own to play in a basic, one shot session.

It does rely on them keeping weapon selections relatively generic (from existing knowledge).for me to do much of the background work (dealing with ranges, specific movement rules etc.) and the characters existing for only a few, basic missions at most.

Also included are a few house rules for Suppression, Degrees of success/failure and "chaos dice" (my effort to make things like bad luck, exhaustion from carrying heavy loads, recklessness and dehydration into a streamlined system) as well as an adaptation of "real" radio procedure for MFC and FAC fire missions (hopefully walking the line between realism and being simple enough for a normal person to grasp quickly).

Please give it a look, tell me what you think, and if its something you think you could use feel free to download and mess with it for your own games. Hopefully the link works, its my first time using Google Docs: ... sp=sharing


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Well, that is a lot of work and I really hope that you get some players. For a high lethality combat game, Recon is awesome.
I like the work you put into it and it is easy to understand just on a quick readthrough.
You might want to put "basic skills" with the rest of the skills section.

If you have some players that are used to playing Palladium games, but not Recon, there is a conversion area on page 119 of the Deluxe Revised Recon if they might use that instead.

I don't think anyone other than some prior military dudes and dudettes will want to go through the whole call for fire procedure, just like a lot of players don't want that much detail in their games. It is good to have if anyone wants it, but I wouldn't get my feelings hurt if they say no.
I like your suppression/pluck rule.
Degrees of success and failure are good, and is definitely easy to use.

Good luck!


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