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Unread postPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 10:37 pm

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Supergyro wrote:
Jason Richards wrote:
I say this as someone with first hand knowledge. The new KS, or whatever platform is used, will be run by Pinnacle at the right time. Last year, Pinnacle ran KS campaigns in April, so that seems like a reasonable guess.

This was said about April... 2018...

I think now that it's January 2019, its fair to say this "reasonable guess" was not terribly accurate.

Right now the question is not whether there would be a delay, it's about what is *causing* a very obvious delay.

The change to the landscape was the announcement of the new Savage Worlds edition. The Savage Rifts release is being held back a bit to fall into line with the new rules. The line managers are actively playtesting it; they were at PAX South running games, in fact.

I'm always happy to provide whatever insight I can into these sorts of things, wherever I can. I don't check here THAT often because there isn't much traffic, but you can always email me, hit me up on Facebook or Twitter, or whatever. This just seems like another kinda passive aggressive post about a question that could easily have been answered, not just by me, but by almost anyone who follows Savage Worlds and/or Savage Rifts. Have a little faith! The new SR books are gonna be great (I really like what I have read of them, fwiw), and Pinnacle has done nothing as a publisher to give cause for doubt. They're the hottest non-Wizards guys/gals out there right now, and a big reason is because they deliver so reliably.



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Unread postPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:53 pm

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Jason Richards wrote:
This just seems like another kinda passive aggressive post about a question that could easily have been answered, not just by me, but by almost anyone who follows

But it was asked, and answered by you. Another answer was given by Kevin Simbeida in a weekly update later that year, one of his famous 'Don't quote me, but it's likely we'll see the Kickstarter by December 2018' answers. Just how many people are we supposed to get answers from?

It was answered repeatedly, and incorrectly.

I guess the thing is... can you take off your propaganda hat and just be honest for a change? If you're not involved and don't know anything, that's fair. If you're just doing playtesting but not in the loop on the higher level decisions, that's ok too. I'm sure we'd love to hear about whatever in your playtesting you can *honestly* tell us. Be honest in your statements on exactly how you're involved or not involved and speak to that. Vague claims of "First hand knowledge" or "From what I've read fwiw" are meaningless. More meaningful is.. exactly what have you read and why was it given to you to read? When was it given to you?

But please stop taking pages from The Kevin Simbeida "all vague enthusiasm no substance" book of publishing discussion and fan relations, that is a bad book to take advice from regarding these things.

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